The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Annual - Volume 16

  • Kramer, Victor A. "Introduction: Merton's Contemplative Presence Within Contemporary Society." 7-12.
  • Crider, Glenn; and Victor A. Kramer. "An Editorial Note Concerning the Tape 'The Irish Tradition of Mysticism' and 'About Contemplative Life Today'." 13-.
  • Merton, Thomas. "About Contemplative Life Today." 14-16.
  • Bruteau, Beatrice. "Eating Together: The Shared Supper and the Covenant Community." 17-26.
  • Tuoti, Frank X. "Contemplative Prayer: Antidote for an Ailing Generation." 27-40.
  • Egan, Keith J. "Harvesting Seeds of Contemplation." 41-55.
  • Carrere, Daniel, OCSO. "Standing Before God: Merton's Incarnational Spirituality." 56-72.
  • King, David A. "Merton's New Novices: The Seven Storey Mountain and Monasticism in a Freshman Seminar." 73-84.
  • Shannon, William H. "From Faith to Joy: Studying the Church and Thomas Merton: An Interview with William H. Shannon" conducted by Christine M. Bochen and Victor A. Kramer, and edited and transcribed by Glenn Crider. 85-110.
  • Day, Dennis and Patricia Day. "The Associates of the Iowa Cistercians Sowing New Seeds of Contemplation." 111-128.
  • Eyerman, Fred. "Thomas Merton has Influenced Our Lives." 129-147.
  • Sommerville, James M. "Merton as Voluntary Prisoner." 148-151.
  • Söring, Jens. "The Kenotic Convict: A Divertissement on Contemporary Contemplative Spirituality in its Social Context." 152-171.
  • Apel, William. "Mystic as Prophet: The Deep Freedom of Thomas Merton and Howard Thurman." 172-187.
  • Fitzpatrick-Hopler, Gail. "The Spiritual Network of Contemplative Outreach Limited." 188-196.
  • Coff, Pascaline, OSB. "The Universal Call to Contemplation: Cloisters Beyond the Monastery." 197-220.
  • Kardong, Terrence G. Rev. of Survival or Prophecy? The Letters of Thomas Merton and Jean Leclercq Edited by Patrick Hart, OCSO. 245-246.
  • Labrie, Ross. Rev. of The Thomas Merton Encyclopedia Edited by William H. Shannon, Christine M. Bochen and Patrick F. O'Connell. 246-250.
  • Del Prete, Thomas. Rev. of A Thomas Merton Curriculum Edited by Terrence A. Taylor. 250-255.
  • Kramer, Victor A. "Postscript: A Statement About the Publishing History of The Merton Annual." 267-269.
  • Kilcourse, George A., Jr. "Envoi." 270-271.

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