The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Annual - Volume 17

  • Kramer, Victor A. "Introduction: A Simplicity of Wonder: Merton's Honor for the Particular Extending Outward." 7-13.
  • Burton, Patricia A. "Editorial Note Concerning Thomas Merton's Peace in the Post-Christian Era." 14-15.
  • Merton, Thomas. "Christian Perspectives in World Crisis." 16-26.
  • Burton, Patricia A. "Forbidden Book: Thomas Merton's Peace in the Post-Christian Era." 27-57.
  • Szabo, Lynn R. "Thomas Merton's Sacred Landscapes: Perspectives from the Vancouver Conference." 58-60.
  • Kehoe, Deborah Pope. "Early Reflections in a 'Nothing Place': Three Gethsemani Poems." 61-75.
  • Stuart, Angus F. "The Geography of Solitude: Inner Space and the Sense of Place." 76-87.
  • Matthews, Gray. "Reality as a Sacred Place: The Parallel Insights of Thomas Merton and Henry Bugbee." 88-119.
  • Dart, Ron. "Thomas Merton and George Grant: Hawk's Dream, Owl's Insight." 120-136.
  • Kaplan, Edward K. "'A Humanly Impoverished Thirst for Light': Thomas Merton's Receptivity to the Feminine, to Judaism, and to Religious Pluralism." 137-152.
  • Leigh, David, S.J. "Firewatch in the Belly of the Whale: Imagery of Fire, Water and Place in The Sign of Jonas." 153-165.
  • Bludworth, Patrick. "Desert Fathers and Asian Masters: Thomas Merton's Outlaw Lineage." 166-194.
  • Raab, Joseph Quinn. "Madhyamika and Dharmakaya: Some Notes on Thomas Merton's Epiphany at Polonnaruwa." 195-205.
  • Burridge, Kenelm. "Merton, Cargo Cults and Lograire." 206-215.
  • Dekar, Paul R. "What the Machine Produces and What the Machine Destroys: Merton on Technology." 216-234.
  • Burton, Patricia A. "Index to The Merton Annual, Volume 1-16." 286-340.
  • Söring, Jens. Rev. of The Inner Experience: Notes on Contemplation by Thomas Merton. 341-343.
  • Foreman, Mary. Rev. of Seeking Paradise: The Spirit of the Shakers by Thomas Merton. 343-345.
  • Crider, Glenn. Rev. of The Vision of Thomas Merton Edited by Patrick F. O'Connell. 345-348.
  • O'Connell, Patrick F. Rev. of Seek the Silences with Thomas Merton: Reflections on Identity, Community and Transformative Action by Charles R. Ringma. 348-352.

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