The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Annual - Volume 18

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  • Zalot, Charlotte Anne. "A Merton Connection: Frank Kacmarcik, OblSB, Monk and Artist. (1920-2004)." 33-58.
  • Hollas, Eric; Daniel Durken; and Stefanie Weisgram. "Three Comments about Benedictine Monastic Community Reading." 59-64.
  • Cardenal, Ernesto. "Remarks Following a 2004 Poetry Reading." Transcribed and Edited by Dennis Beach with an Introduction by Patrick Hart and a Note by Corey Shouse. 65-71.
  • Feuerstein, Anthony. "A Discovery: Thomas Merton's Poetry As Art Song; Compositions by Bryan Beaumont Hays, OSB: A Bibliographical Note." 72-76.
  • Kramer, Victor A., and Glenn Crider. "'Unadorned Ideal': An Interview in Two Parts with Methodius Telnack." 77-95.
  • Kramer, Dewey Weiss. "Contemporary Architectural Witness to the Lived Cistercian Ideal: The Abbey Churches of Gethsemani and Conyers." 96-108.
  • Griffith, Michael. "Thomas Merton on William Blake: 'To Look Through Matter Into Eternity'." 109-126.
  • Cooper, Jeffrey A., CSC. "Divining the Inscaped-Landscape: Hopkins, Merton and the Ascent to the True Self." 127-139.
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  • Various authors. Additional reviews by Christine M. Bochen, Joy A. Schroeder, Dana Greene, Glenn Crider, Angus F. Stuart and William H. Shannon. 355-370.

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