The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Annual - Volume 19

  • Kramer, Victor A. "The Continuing Tradition of Prayer and Continuing Social Awareness Sustain the Vision of Thomas Merton." 7-12.
  • Merton, Thomas. "To Father Thomas Fidelis (Francis) Smith, O.C.S.O." 13-14.
  • Smith, Thomas Francis. "The Context of Thomas Merton's Letter Concerning 'The Jesus Prayer'." 15-16.
  • Kramer, Dewey Weiss. "Complementary Approaches Illuminate Merton's Continuing Relevance for Today's Broken World." 17-.
  • Bamberger, John Eudes, OCSO. "Thomas Merton, Monk and Prophet of Peace: The Opening Address at the 2005 International Thomas Merton Society General Meeting." 18-23.
  • Dear, John. "The God of Peace is Never Glorified by Human Violence: Keynote Address to the International Thomas Merton Society, June 2005." 24-38.
  • Belcastro, David Joseph. "Thomas Merton's Revelation of Justice and Revolution of Love: Perspectives from the San Diego Conference." 39-42.
  • Hunter, Judith. "No Solution in Withdrawal - No Solution in Conforming: Merton, Teilhard, Kung and Curran." 43-90.
  • Sobocinski, Michael. "The Psychology of Hatred and the Role of Early Relationships in Discovering Our True Self." 91-113.
  • Herron, Fred W. "A Bricoleur in the Monastery: Merton's Tactics in a Nothing Place." 114-127.
  • Weis, Monica, SSJ. "Kindred Spirits in Revelation and Revolution: Rachel Carson and Thomas Merton." 128-141.
  • Miller, Lucien. "The Thomas Merton - John C.H. Wu Letters: The Lords as Postman." 142-161.
  • Collins, John P. "From the 'Political Dance of Death' to the 'General Dance': The Cold War Letters of Thomas Merton." 162-177.
  • O'Connell, Patrick F. "Landscapes of Disaster: The War Poems of Thomas Merton." 178-233.
  • Harford, James. "Lax, Merton and Rice on War and Peace." 234-254.
  • Raab, Joseph Quinn. "Comrades for Peace: Thomas Merton, The Dalai Lama and the Preferential Option for Nonviolence." 255-266.
  • Dekar, Paul R. "The Spirit of Simplicity: Thomas Merton on Simplification of Life." 267-282.
  • Wu, John, Jr. "Centennial Vignettes in Homage to My Father." 283-310.
  • Adams, Daniel J. "Han Yong-Un and Thomas Merton: Brothers in Different Guises." 311-339.
  • Ellsberg, Robert. "Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, and the Living Gospel." 340-354.
  • Glenn Crider. "Interview with James Finley: Cultivating a Contemplative Lifestyle." 355-368.
  • King, David A. Rev. of Original Child Bomb produced by Holly Becker and directed by Carey Schonegevel. 407-410.
  • Various authors. Additional reviews by John Smith, Theresa Schumacher, Richard Parry, Harry Wells, Mark Dannenfelser, Cathy Crosby, Dewey W. Kramer and Anthony Feurstein. 420-443.

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