The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Annual - Volume 20

  • Kramer, Victor A. "Introduction: To Pray Contemplatively is to Work Mysteriously Toward the Center." 7-15.
  • Merton, Thomas. "Authentic Identity is Prayerful Existence." 16-24.
  • Kardong, Terrence G. "'Simply Go In And Pray!': St. Benedict's Oratory In RB 52." 25-37.
  • Hoffman, Kathy. "Praying The Psalms: A Layperson's Path to Contemplation." 38-61.
  • Egan, Keith J. "Thomas Merton's Approach to St. John of the Cross." 62-78.
  • Hinson, E. Glenn. "Ignatian and Puritan Prayer: Surprising Similarities; A Comparison of Ignatius Loyola and Richard Baxter on Meditation." 79-92.
  • Hauser, Richard J., SJ. "From Thomas Merton's 'Contemplation' to Ignatius of Loyola's 'Contemplation to Obtain Love': A Personal Prayer Journey." 93-108.
  • Thurston, Bonnie B. "'Rising Up Out of the Center': Thomas Merton on Prayer." 109-122.
  • Belcastro, David Joseph. "Praying the Questions: Merton of Times Square, Last of the Urban Hermits." 123-150.
  • Bourgeault, Cynthia. "Centering Prayer and Attention of the Heart." 151-163.
  • Farge, Emile J. "Thomas Merton and Paramahansa Yogananda: Two Prayerful Mergings of Cult and Culture." 164-184.
  • Thompson, Phillip M. "Prayer in a High Tech World." 185-202.
  • Wells, Harry. "In Memoriam: 'We Are Life, Its Shining Gift.'" 203-205.
  • Corless, Roger. "The Christian Exploration of Non-Christian Religions: Merton's Example of Where it Might Lead Us." 206-224.
  • Poks, Malgorzata. "The Meeting of Strangers: Thomas Merton's Engagement with Latin America." 225-242.
  • Davis, Robert Leigh. "Sacred Play: Thomas Merton's Cables to the Ace." 243-264.
  • McDonnell, Kilian. "An Interview with Fr. Kilian McDonnell, O.S.B." Conducted by Victor A. Kramer. 265-277.
  • Pedrizetti, Raymond. "An Interview with Fr. Raymond Pedrizetti, O.S.B." Conducted by Victor A. Kramer. 278-291.
  • Kramer, Victor A. "'Living and Learning with Merton for Decades': An Interview with Victor A. Kramer, Editor." Conducted by Glenn Crider. 292-298.
  • Various authors. Additional reviews by Glenn Crider, Patrick F. O'Connell, Robert H. King, Catherine Crosby, Martha Gross, Dana Greene, Dewey W. Kramer, Paul Quenon, Wendy M. Wright, and Kimberly Boykin. 363-398.

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