The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Annual - Volume 26

  • Pramuk, Christopher. "'She Cannot Be a Prisoner': The Lure of Wisdom as Bearer of Hope." 54-73.
  • Kaplan, Edward K. "Personal Bridges, Spiritual Communities: The Correspondence of Thomas Merton and Zalman Schachter-Shalomi." 74-83.
  • Oyer, Gordon. "Louis Massignon and the Seeds of Thomas Merton’s 'Monastic Protest'." 84-96.
  • Plekon, Michael. "'The Immense Mercy of God Was upon Me': Thomas Merton’s Reading of the Russian Émigré Thinkers." 97-106.
  • O'Connell, Patrick F. "'The First Cistercian and the Greatest Trappist': Thomas Merton’s Poems on John the Baptist." 107-139.
  • Weis, Monica, SSJ. "'With My Hair Almost on End': Le Point Vierge and the Dawn Birds." 140-146.
  • Whalen, Robert Weldon. "Thomas Merton and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: 'The Dawning of Divine Light'." 147-156.
  • Gardner, Fiona. "Thomas Merton and the Concept of the Child-Mind: 'The Only One Worth Having'." 157-167.
  • Carr, Raymond. "Merton and Barth in Dialogue on Faith and Understanding: A Hermeneutics of Freedom and Ambiguity." 181-194.
  • O'Connell, Patrick F. Rev. of Thomas Merton on Contemplation; Finding True Meaning and Beauty; Thomas Merton's Great Sermons; Vatican II: The Sacred Liturgy and the Religious Life; Thomas Merton on Sufism; Ways of Prayer: A Desert Father’s Wisdom; Thomas Merton on the 12 Degrees of Humility; Solitude and Togetherness; The Prophet’s Freedom [CDs]. 220-232.
  • Weber, Richard (Columban), OCSO. Rev. of Thomas Merton: Monk on the Edge edited by Ross Labrie and Angus Stuart. 246-249.

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