The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Annual - Volume 27

  • Lipsey, Roger. "Christ Crucified: A Note on the Cover Image." 15-21.
  • Milosz, Czeslaw. "Merton." 22-24.
  • O'Donnell, Angela Alaimo. "Poetry, Friendship and the Communion of Saints: Thomas Merton and Czeslaw Milosz." 25-34.
  • Merton, Thomas. "Aesthetic and Contemplative Experience - James Joyce," transcribed and edited by Paul M. Pearson. 35-44.
  • Goss-Mayr, Hildegard. "A Conversation with Hildegard Goss-Mayr about Thomas Merton," conducted by Detlev Cuntz, translated by Linda Maloney. 45-56.
  • Pramuk, Christopher. "Rumours of Glory: Walking in the Dark Half-Light of Faith." 57-71.
  • Gardner, Fiona. "Internal Countries: Where the Self Redeemed by Christ Becomes the World Redeemed by Christ." 72-82.
  • Poks, Malgorzata. "'Love Wins Because It Is Bad Business': The World Redeemed by Christ in Eighteen Poems." 83-98.
  • Rosman, Artur. "'How Could I Not Think of This?' Milosz's Thomistic Challenge to Merton." 99-106.
  • Higgins, Michael W. "Finding Christ in the East." 107-121.
  • Thurston, Bonnie B. "'An Entirely New Spiritual Reality': Thomas Merton on Life in Christ." 122-132.
  • Beltrán Llavador, Fernando. "Landscapes of Redemption: Thomas Merton's Vision of the World from the Mount." 133-148.
  • Labrie, Ross. "Merton on Art as Truth." 149-164.
  • Loughrey, Glenn. "Speaking Out for Those in Exile." 165-174.
  • O'Connell, Patrick F. "Redeeming the Time from Destruction." 175-200.
  • O'Connell, Patrick F. Rev. of Seeing the World in a Grain of Sand: Thomas Merton on Poetry; "God Speaks to Each of Us": The Poetry and Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke; Thomas Merton on William Faulkner and Classical Literature; "All the Living and the Dead": The Literature of James Joyce; Prayer and Growth in Christian Life; "Man to Man": A Message of Contemplatives to the World (1967); Living Contemplatively: Address to the Carmelite Sisters of Savannah (1967); The Search for Wholeness [CDs]. 220-232.
  • O'Connell, Patrick F. Rev. of Mystics, Muslims, and Merton by Sidney H. Griffith [DVDs/CDs]. 234-238.

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