The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Annual - Volume 34

  • Merton, Thomas. "On Remembering Monsieur Delmas," edited with an introduction by Patrick F. O'Connell. 13-24.
  • Thurston, Bonnie B. "The 'Inward Stranger': Challenge, Coordinates, Consequences." 25-37.
  • Prevot, Andrew. "Contemplation in Times of Crisis." 38-53.
  • Oyer, Gordon. "Thomas Merton's Path toward Writing on Racial Concerns." 54-77.
  • Higgins, Michael W. "Après Kamloops, le Déluge: Institutional Church, Indigenous Oppression and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition." 78-91.
  • Pramuk, Christopher. "'The Grey Face of the Other': Sparks of the Divine in a Toppling World." 92-106.
  • Hall, Gary. "Up Close and Particular: Remembering Herman Hanekamp and Merton's Other Insights into Loving Strangers." 107-119.
  • Robinson, Jim. "'The Age of Rosemarys': Thomas Merton's Engagement with Rosemary Radford Ruether and Rosemary Haughton." 120-128.
  • Marshell, John. "Unpacking the 'Eastern Thing' of Thomas Merton." 129-151.
  • Stout, Huili (Kathy) "Thomas Merton and the Difficulty of Interreligious Dialogue." 152-171.
  • O'Connell, Patrick F. "Merton's Strange Archipelago: Poetic Responses to a Prosaic Journey." 172-194.
  • Whalen, Robert Weldon. "Noir, Hip, Beat, Cool: Thomas Merton and the Postwar, Trans-Atlantic, Existentialist Avant-Garde." 195-204.
  • Herron, Fred W. "Are We There Yet? Thomas Merton as Experience, Text and Event." 205-218.

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