The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Annual - Volume 35

  • Forest, James H. "Letters to Tom (1961-1965)" edited with an introduction by Patrick F. O'Connell. 14-70.
  • Ruether, Rosemary. "Monks and Marxists: A Look at the Catholic Left" introduction by Patrick F. O'Connell. 71-84.
  • Main, John, OSB. "Letter from a Hermitage" introduction by Nicholas Scrimenti. 85-95.
  • Collins, Brendan. "From Monastic Studies to Monastic Renewal" an interview conducted by David M. Odorisio. 96-114.
  • Boedy, Matthew. "Merton, Kenosis and Rhetorical Invention." 115-127.
  • O'Connell, Patrick F. "Apocalypse Now? Thomas Merton as Post-War Poet." 128-150.
  • Van den Brink, Bret. "'Compassion's Sweet Poison', The Sources of Thomas Merton's 'Origen'." 151-162.
  • Raggio, Marcela. "'All Frogs in One Pond': An Approach to Thomas Merton's Monks Pond." 163-173.
  • Cronin, James G. R. "Disarming Discourse: Thomas Merton's Breakthrough to Peace, October 1961 - September 1962." 174-188.
  • Mendonça-Richards, Alicia. "The Relevance of New Seeds of Contemplation to Contemporary Pastoral Practitioners." 189-202.
  • Kerr, Aaron K. "The Earth Alive in the Third Space." 203-213.

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