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The Merton Annual

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Vol. 36 (2023) "Sophia Comes Forth, Reaching." Golemboski, David.
Vol. 35 (2022) "Introduction: A Society of 'Soul Friends'." Golemboski, David.
Vol. 35 (2022) "Thomas Merton's Engaged Christianity: A Bibliographic Review of 2021." Kehoe, Deborah Pope.
Vol. 34 (2021) "Introduction: The Many Faces of the Stranger." Kehoe, Deborah Pope.
Vol. 34 (2021) "Extending the Frontier: A Bibliographic Review of 2020." Kehoe, Deborah Pope.
Vol. 33 (2020) "Introduction: Keeping the Faith and Keeping It Weird." Kehoe, Deborah Pope.
Vol. 32 (2019) "Finding Your Right Mind in This Mad Place: An Introduction." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 31 (2018) "Introduction: The Dead Say Only One Word." Kehoe, Deborah Pope.
Vol. 30 (2017) "Introduction: From Graduate School to Gethsemani – A Pilgrimage of Prophecy and Prayer." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 30 (2017) "Five Ways of Looking at a Monk: A Bibliographic Review of 2016." Kehoe, Deborah Pope.
Vol. 29 (2016) "Introduction: Thin Places and Thick Descriptions." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 29 (2016) "Relevance and Ambivalence: A Bibliographic Review of Thomas Merton’s Centenary (2015).” Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 28 (2015) "Introduction: Celebrating the Questions (and Answers)." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 28 (2015) "Address of the Holy Father to a Joint Session of the United States Congress – September 24, 2015." Pope Francis.
Vol. 28 (2015) "Thomas Merton’s Conversatio Morum 2014 Bibliographic Review Essay." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 27 (2014) "Introduction: An International Centenary Celebration of Merton’s Vision of the World Redeemed by Christ." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 27 (2014) "2013 Bibliographic Review Essay: The Grandeur of God in a Picture of Hell." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 26 (2013) "Introduction: Sophia’s Romancing." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 26 (2013) "James Laughlin and Thomas Merton: 'Louie, I Think This Is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship'." Fox, Peggy L.
Vol. 26 (2013) "An Interview with James Laughlin about Thomas Merton," conducted by Paul Wilkes, transcribed and edited by Paul M. Pearson. Laughlin, James.
Vol. 26 (2013) "More Than Scribe: James Laughlin, Thomas Merton and The Asian Journal." MacNiven, Ian S.
Vol. 26 (2013) "From Downtown Louisville to Buenos Aires: Victoria Ocampo as Thomas Merton's Overlooked Bridge to Latin America and the World." Meade, Mark C.
Vol. 26 (2013) "2012 Bibliographic Review Essay: Thomas Merton, Escape Artist." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 25 (2012) "Introduction: The Ineffable Desert and the City or What We Call Home." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 25 (2012) "2011 Bibliographic Review: Pointing Fingers at the Calm Eye of the Storm." Raab, Joseph Quinn.
Vol. 24 (2011) “2010 Bibliographic Review: Fire Watch When the Web Goes Down.” Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 23 (2010) "‘A Dedication to Prayer and a Dedication to Humanity’: An Interview About Thomas Merton with James Conner, OCSO.” Conducted and edited by Paul M. Pearson. Pearson, Paul M.
Vol. 23 (2010) "2009 Bibliographic Review: Beneath the Habit of Holiness.” Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 22 (2009) "Bibliographic Review: The Mystic's Hope: Thomas Merton's Contemplative Message to a Distracted World." Matthews, Gray.
Vol. 21 (2008) "The Myth of the Fall from Paradise: Thomas Merton and Walker Percy." Collins, John P.
Vol. 21 (2008) "Standing to the Side and Watching: An Introduction and Remembrance about Interviewing Walker Percy." Kramer, Victor A., and Dewey Weis Kramer.
Vol. 21 (2008) "An Interview with Walker Percy about Thomas Merton." Conducted by Victor A. Kramer and Dewey Weis Kramer in May 1983. Edited by Paul Pearson. Kramer, Victor A., and Dewey Weis Kramer.
Vol. 21 (2008) "A Vow of Conversation: Past, Present & Past-Present Thomas Merton Bibliographic Review 2007." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 20 (2007) "Week of a Stranger: Thomas Merton Bibliographic Review 2006." Grayston, Donald.
Vol. 19 (2006) "Return to Sources, Holy Insecurity and Life in a Tiny House: 2005 Bibliographic Essay." Matthews, Gray.
Vol. 18 (2005) "A Monk With the Spiritual Equipment of an Artist: The Art of Thomas Merton." Pearson, Paul M.
Vol. 18 (2005) "Do I Want A Small Painting? The Correspondence of Thomas Merton and Ad Reinhardt: An Introduction and Commentary." Lipsey, Roger.
Vol. 18 (2005) "Reading Merton from the (Polish) Margin: 2004 Bibliographic Survey." Poks, Malgorzata.
Vol. 17 (2004) "'A Very Disciplined Person' From Nelson County: An Interview with Canon A. M. Donald Allchin about Merton." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 17 (2004) "An Obscure Theology Misread: 2003 Bibliographic Review." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 16 (2003) "Merton's 'True Self' or a Calculated 'Official Pedestal'?" The Merton Annual 16 (2003): Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 15 (2002) "'Contemplation's Shadow and Merton's Act: Becoming a Saint Through Words': 2001 Bibliographic Review." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 14 (2001) "Inertia, Idiosyncrasy and Incubation: The Range of Current Merton Studies." Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 13 (2000) "Connecting the Spiritual and the Cultural: Patterns Within Merton's Writings. 1999 Bibliographic Review." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Introduction: Thomas Merton's Commitments to Community: The Needs for Courtesy, Exchange and Engagement." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Monastic Courtesy." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Monasticism and Thomas Merton, Monk-Priest and Author: His Contributions to a Wider Understanding of Spirituality." Bamberger, John Eudes, OCSO.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Thomas Merton: A Monk Who 'Succeeded': An Interview by Correspondence with Dom M. Laurence Bourget, OCSO." Conducted by Jonathan Montaldo. Bourget, Dom M. Laurence, OCSO.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Merton's Teaching on the 'Common Will' and What the Journals Tell Us." Casey, Michael, OCSO.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Learning to Love and Learning the Price: Thomas Merton and the Challenge of Celibacy." Wiseman, James A. OSB.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Thomas Merton: Seeder of Radical Action and the Enlightened Heart." Chittister, Joan D., OSB.
Vol. 12 (1999) "In the Company of Prophets? Merton's Engagement with the World." Kline, Francis, OCSO.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Thomas Merton's Wake-Up Calls: Aubades and Monastic Dawn Poems from A Man in the Divided Sea." O'Connell, Patrick F.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Wild Seeds: Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day." Stull, Bradford T.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day on Prayer, Conscience and Christian Social Responsibility: A Comparative Study." Sunderman, Marilyn, RSM.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Dorothy Day, Welfare Reform and Personal Responsibility." Murray, Harry.
Vol. 12 (1999) "Alternative Frameworks for Spirituality: The Frontier of Merton Studies." Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 11 (1998) "Introduction: The Religious Ethic at the Heart of Merton's Spirituality." Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 11 (1998) "Foreword to 'The Black Sheep.'" Pearson, Paul M.
Vol. 11 (1998) "The Black Sheep." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 11 (1998) "Our Lives, a Powerful Pentecost: Merton's Meeting with Russian Christianity." Allchin, A. M.
Vol. 11 (1998) "What, Then, Must We Do?" Berrigan, Daniel, SJ.
Vol. 11 (1998) "Compassion and the Unspeakable." Douglass, James W.
Vol. 11 (1998) "'Thomas Merton, My Brother': The Impact of Thomas Merton on My Life and Thought." Hinson, E. Glenn.
Vol. 11 (1998) "Solidarity and Reshaping Spirituality." Reiser, William, SJ.
Vol. 11 (1998) "Merton's Ethos in The Seven Storey Mountain: Toward a Rhetoric of Conversion." Burnham, Christopher C.
Vol. 11 (1998) "Merton and Time." Labrie, Ross.
Vol. 11 (1998) "Merton and Mysticism of the Mind." Faricy, Robert, SJ.
Vol. 11 (1998) "'Truly Seeking God . . . in Christ': An Interview about Thomas Merton with Chrysogonus Waddell, OCSO" conducted by Victor A. Kramer. Waddell, Chrysogonus, OCSO.
Vol. 11 (1998) "'Non-Public' Writing in Journal and Correspondence: A Core Radiating Outward. 1997 Bibliographic Review." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Introduction: Fragmentation and the Quest for the Spiritual in the Late Twentieth Century." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 10 (1997) "The School of the Spirit." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 10 (1997) "'What I Wear Is Pants': Monasticism as 'Lay' Spirituality in Merton's Later Life and Work." O'Connell, Patrick F.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Living Contemplatively." Wright, Wendy M.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Eucharistic Cosmos." Bruteau, Beatrice.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Thomas Merton's Poetic Incarnation of Emptiness." Altany, Alan.
Vol. 10 (1997) "'Abundant, Multiple, Restless': Levertov and Merton in the 1960s." Archer, Emily.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Thomas Merton and James Laughlin: Two Literary Lives in Letters." Cooper, David D.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Cultural Resistance and Literary Identity: Merton's Reading Notebooks." Badaracco, Claire Hoertz.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Metaphors and Allusions: The Theopolitical Essays of Thomas Merton." Stull, Bradford T.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Merton and Camus on Christian Dialogue with a Postmodern World." Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Merton's 'True Self' and the Fundamental Option." O'Keefe, Mark, OSB.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Merton, Moore, and the Carthusian Temptation." Seynnaeve, Johan.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Pleading for Sanity: Cosmic Heart in a Sea of Fire." Wu, John, Jr.
Vol. 10 (1997) "Spirituality, Scholarship and Biography: An Interview with Anthony T. Padovano" conducted by Jonathan Montaldo. Padovano, Anthony T.
Vol. 10 (1997) "A Haven for 'Homeless Religious Minds': 1996 Bibliographic Review." Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 9 (1996) "Introduction: News of a More Complex Merton Industry." Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 9 (1996) "He Is Risen." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 9 (1996) "Merton Lecture, Columbia University, November 15, 1995." Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien.
Vol. 9 (1996) "Harvesting New Fruits: Merton's 'Message to Poets.'" Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Vol. 9 (1996) "Merton and the American Romantics; Appendix: Letter from Robert Lax to Ross Labrie." Labrie, Ross.
Vol. 9 (1996) "Out of the Shadows: Merton's Rhetoric and Revelation." Burnham, Christopher C.
Vol. 9 (1996) "Thomas Merton in Search of His Heart: The Autobiographical Impulse of Merton's Bonaventure Novels." Pearson, Paul M.
Vol. 9 (1996) "'The Whole World . . . Has Appeared as a Transparent Manifestation of the Love of God': Portents of God as Eco-Theologian." O'Hara, Dennis Patrick.
Vol. 9 (1996) "Thomas Merton and Confucian Rites: 'The Fig Leaf for the Paradise Condition." Wu, John, Jr.
Vol. 9 (1996) "Thomas Merton and Zen." Faricy, Robert, SJ.
Vol. 9 (1996) "'Teaching is Candy': Merton as Teacher at Columbia and Bonaventure." Del Prete, Thomas.
Vol. 9 (1996) "The Abbey Center for the Study of Ethics and Culture Conference: To Develop a Just Peacemaking Theory." Long, Edward LeRoy, Jr.; Glen Stassen; and Ronald Stone.
Vol. 9 (1996) "A People's Movement as a Condition for the Development of a Just Peacemaking Theory." Friesen, Duane K.
Vol. 9 (1996) "'The Great Honesty': Remembering Thomas Merton - An Interview with Abbot Timothy Kelly, OCSO" conducted by George A. Kilcourse. Kelly, Timothy, OCSO.
Vol. 9 (1996) "Editing the Journals of Thomas Merton - A Postscript: Four Merton Journal Transcriptions: Two Missing Sheets of Merton Journal Discovered." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 9 (1996) "Posthumous Prolificacy: A Bibliographic Review Essay." Downey, Michael.
Vol. 8 (1995) "Collision Course 101: The Monastery, the Academy, and the Corporation." Downey, Michael.
Vol. 8 (1995) "A Balanced Life of Prayer." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 8 (1995) "Contemplation Reconsidered: The Human Way In." Palmer, Parker J.
Vol. 8 (1995) "The Human Way Out: The Friendship of Charity as a Countercultural Dimension." Waddell, Paul J., CP.
Vol. 8 (1995) "The Virtuous Teacher: Thomas Merton's Contribution to a Spirituality of Higher Education." Fuller, Roy D.
Vol. 8 (1995) "Humanizing the University: Adding the Contemplative Dimension." Upton, Julia Ann, RSM.
Vol. 8 (1995) "Learning to Live: Merton's Students Remember His Teaching." Lewis, Gloria Kitto.
Vol. 8 (1995) "Culture and the Formation of Personal Identity: Dilemma and Dialectic in Thomas Merton's Teaching." Del Prete, Thomas.
Vol. 8 (1995) "A Voice in the Postmodern Wilderness: Merton on Monastic Renewal." McKenna, Thomas F., CM.
Vol. 8 (1995) "Revisiting Zen and the Birds of Appetite after Twenty-Five Years." Neuman, Matthias, OSB.
Vol. 8 (1995) "Animated Outsiders: Echoes of Merton in Hampi, Norris, Dillard, and Ehrlich." Badaracco, Claire Hoertz.
Vol. 8 (1995) "Time of Transition: A Selection of Letters from the Earliest Correspondence of Thomas Merton and Ernesto Cardenal" edited by Christine Bochen. Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 8 (1995) "Daughter of Carmel; Son of Citeaux: A Friendship Endures - An Interview about Thomas Merton with Angela Collins, OCD" conducted by Michael Downey. Downey, Michael.
Vol. 8 (1995) "Thousands of Words: A Bibliographic Review." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 7 (1994) "Introduction: Solitude Leads Toward Apostolate in and for the World." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 7 (1994) "Editors Note to 'Vocations to the Lay Apostolate,' by Thomas Merton." O'Connell, Patrick F.
Vol. 7 (1994) "Vocations to the Lay Apostolate." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 7 (1994) "Dangers of Solitude." Eastman, Patrick.
Vol. 7 (1994) "Czeslaw Milosz's Influence on Thomas Merton's 'Notes for a Philosophy of Solitude.'" Belcastro, David Joseph.
Vol. 7 (1994) "Thomas Merton as Modernist Critic: The Influence of T. S. Eliot." Mayer, Elsie F.
Vol. 7 (1994) "The Fire Watch Epilogue and Life and Holiness: Opposing Rhetorics in the Writings of Thomas Merton." Murray, Mary.
Vol. 7 (1994) "Thomas Merton's Late Metaphors of the Self." Porter, J. S.
Vol. 7 (1994) "Thomas Merton and the Vocation of the Cultural Critic: Prophetic and Poetic Imagination." Morneau, Robert F.
Vol. 7 (1994) "Merton, Friend of God and Prophet." Schneiders, Sandra M., IHM.
Vol. 7 (1994) "Eight Freedom Songs: Merton's Sequence of Liberation." O'Connell, Patrick F.
Vol. 7 (1994) "'The Climate of Humor and Freedom': An Interview about Thomas Merton with Ron Seitz" conducted by George A. Kilcourse. Seitz, Ron.
Vol. 7 (1994) "'Easter Fugue' out of a 'Great Silence': 1993 in Merton Scholarship and Publication." Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 6 (1993) "Foreword." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 6 (1993) "Introduction: Spirituality After 'A Prayer Lip Stumbles.'" Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 6 (1993) "Rootedness in Tradition and Global Spirituality." Hinson, E. Glenn.
Vol. 6 (1993) "Notes on Conferences with Thomas Merton, February 1962." Steere, Douglas V.
Vol. 6 (1993) "Thomas Merton and Douglas V. Steere, Correspondence, 1962-1968." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 6 (1993) "The Fall of Babel: Reflections on the Abbey Center Conference." Haughton, Rosemary.
Vol. 6 (1993) "Monastic Values in an Alien World: One Person's Experience." Weakland, Rembert, OSB.
Vol. 6 (1993) "God Will Be Their Light: Reflections on the Abbey Center Conference." Kline, Francis, OCSO.
Vol. 6 (1993) "In Search of a Context for the Merton-Suzuki Dialogue." Corless, Roger.
Vol. 6 (1993) "Otherness Has a Face . . . and It Is Not a Pretty Face." Goizueta, Roberto S.
Vol. 6 (1993) "A Spirituality of Mercy: Aelred of Rievauxl." TePas, Katherine M.
Vol. 6 (1993) "'Although It Is Night': A Carmelite Perspective on Spirituality at the Juncture of Modernity and Postmodernity." Payne, Steven, OCD.
Vol. 6 (1993) "Standing on the Edge of the Abyss: A Postmodern Apocalyptic Spirituality." Pippin, Tina.
Vol. 6 (1993) "'Not Himself, but a Direction': An Interview with John (Jack) H. Ford" conducted by George A. Kilcourse. Ford, John H.
Vol. 6 (1993) "Critical Turn Ahead: 1992 in Merton Scholarship and Publication." Downey, Michael.
Vol. 5 (1992) "Introduction." Kramer, Victor A.
Vol. 5 (1992) "Editor's Note." Hart, Patrick, OCSO.
Vol. 5 (1992) "The Man in the Sycamore Tree: A Fragment of an Early Novel." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 5 (1992) "Remembering Merton and New York" edited by Paul Spaeth. Lax, Robert.
Vol. 5 (1992) "To Merton Through Augustine: Images, Themes and Analogies of Kinship." Albert, John, OCSO.
Vol. 5 (1992) "Merton of Gethsemani and Bernard of Clairvaux." Waddell, Chrysogonus, OCSO.
Vol. 5 (1992) "Thomas Merton's Gethsemani: Part II, The Formation Years." Clark, Benjamin, OCSO.
Vol. 5 (1992) "Merton's Quiet Influence: A Testimony of Continuing Conversion" an interview conducted by Victor A. Kramer. Collins, Frederic, OCSO.
Vol. 5 (1992) "The Worship of the Whole Creation: Merton and the Eastern Fathers." Allchin, A. M.
Vol. 5 (1992) "Blessed Are the Meek: The Nonviolence of Thomas Merton." Dear, John.
Vol. 5 (1992) "The Cardinal and the Monk: Literary and Theological Convergences in Newman and Merton." Higgins, Michael W.
Vol. 5 (1992) "Crying With a Live Grief: The Mysticism of Merton and Teilhard Compared." Knopf, Richard W.
Vol. 5 (1992) "Blazing in the Spark of God: Thomas Merton's References to Meister Eckhart." Paguio, Erlinda G.
Vol. 5 (1992) "Thomas Merton and the Celtic Monastic Tradition: Search for the Promised Land." Pearson, Paul M.
Vol. 5 (1992) "The Last Journals of Thomas Merton and Ana∩s Nin." Porter, J. S.
Vol. 5 (1992) "The Mother of All the Living: The Role of the Virgin Many in the Spirituality of Thomas Merton." Voiles, Kenneth M.
Vol. 5 (1992) "A Lovely Day for a Friendship: The Spiritual and Intellectual Relationship Between Thomas Merton and John Wu As Suggested in Their Correspondence." Wu, John, Jr.
Vol. 5 (1992) "Wandering in the Merton Dimension: A Survey of Scholarship and Publication in 1991." Daggy, Robert E.
Vol. 4 (1991) "Introduction." Daggy, Robert E.; Patrick Hart; Dewey Weiss Kramer; Victor A. Kramer.
Vol. 4 (1991) "The Neurotic Personality in the Monastic Life." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 4 (1991) "Merton's Vocation as Monastic and Writer: An Interview with John Eudes Bamberger, OCSO" conducted by Victor A. Kramer. Bamberger, John Eudes, OCSO.
Vol. 4 (1991) "Deep Geography: Nature and Place in The Sign of Jonas." St. John, Donald P.
Vol. 4 (1991) "The Sign of Jonas: A Jungian Commentary." Waldron, Robert G.
Vol. 4 (1991) "Recreated Innocence in The Sign of Jonas." Rukstelis, Michael, CO.
Vol. 4 (1991) "Penning Patterns of Transformation: Etty Hillesum and Thomas Merton." Downey, Michael.
Vol. 4 (1991) "'A Shy Wild Deer': The 'True Self' in Thomas Merton's Poetry." Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 4 (1991) "Thomas Merton's Journey Toward World Religious Ecumenism." Goulet, Jacques.
Vol. 4 (1991) "The Rain Speaks On: Contradiction in Thomas Merton's View of Peace." Roccaforte, Linell.
Vol. 4 (1991) "Sacred Arts Study: Thomas Merton's Guides for Art and Worship." Lewis, Gloria Kitto.
Vol. 4 (1991) "Contemporary Mystic Study: Thomas Merton as Supported by Evelyn Underhill's Stages of Mystical Development." Zynda, Mary Damian, CSSF.
Vol. 4 (1991) "Action at the Center" An Interview with W. H. Ping Ferry" conducted by Gregory J. Ryan. Ferry, Wilbur Hugh.
Vol. 4 (1991) "Thomas Merton's Gethsemani: Part 1, the Novitiate Years." Clark, Benjamin, OCSO.
Vol. 4 (1991) "'What They Say': 1990 in Merton Scholarship and Publication." Daggy, Robert E.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Introduction to 'A Monastic Correspondence with Jean Leclercq, OSB.'" Hart, Patrick, OCSO.
Vol. 3 (1990) "A Monastic Correspondence with Jean Leclercq, OSB." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Thomas Merton and St. Bernard of Clairvaux." Leclercq, Jean, OSB.
Vol. 3 (1990) "The Tension Between Solitude and Sharing in the Monastic Life of Thomas Merton." Conner, James, OCSO.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Of Moses' Mother and Pharoah's Daughter: A Model of Contemporary Contemplation." Chittister, Joan D., OSB.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Merton's Contribution as Teacher, Writer and Community Member: An Interview with Flavian Burns, OCSO" conducted by Victor A. Kramer. Burns, Flavian, OCSO.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Foundations for Renewal: An Analysis of the Shared Reflections of Thomas Merton and Ernesto Cardenal." Letson, Douglas R.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Thomas Merton and the Renewal of Religious Dialogue." McKenna, Thomas F., CM.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Thomas Merton and Hannah Arendt: Contemplation After Eichmann." Plank, Karl A.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Thomas Merton, Louis Massignon, and the Challenge of Islam." Griffith, Sidney H.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Merton and the Real Poets: Paradise Rebugged." Higgins, Michael W.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Thomas Merton: The Monk as a Critic of Culture." Cunningham, Lawrence S.
Vol. 3 (1990) "The Christian Mystic as Paganus Redevivus: A Hermeneutical Suggestion." Corless, Roger.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Social Involvement and Spirituality." Hinson, E. Glenn.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Thomas Merton and the Grey Man." Rukstelis, Michael, CO.
Vol. 3 (1990) "Week of a Visitor in a Stranger's House." Kocka, David.
Vol. 3 (1990) "The Continuing Tsunami: 1989 in Merton Scholarship and Publication." Daggy, Robert E.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Introduction." Daggy, Robert E.; Patrick Hart; Dewey Weiss Kramer; Victor A. Kramer.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Introduction." Hart, Patrick, OCSO.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Answers for Hernan Lavin Cerda." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Latin America and Spain in the Poetic World of Thomas Merton." Baciu, Stefan.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Letter to a Poet about Vallejo." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Shadows at the Redwoods: Merton Remembered." Quenon, Paul, OCSO.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Growing into Responsibility: An Interview" conducted by Dewey Weiss Kramer. Tobin, Mary Luke, SL.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Merton and the Tiger Lily." Waddell, Chrysogonus, OCSO.
Vol. 2 (1989) "List of Works Submitted for the Approval of the Most Reverend Fathers Capitular, OCSO., Meeting at Citeaux, May 1946." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 2 (1989) "'Light That is not Light': A Consideration of Thomas Merton and the Icon." Kristoff, Donna, OSU.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Three Prayers on Sacred Art." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 2 (1989) "On Discovering Divine Foolishness: Merton as Bridge-Person." Burrell, David. CSC.
Vol. 2 (1989) "The World in a Grain of Sand." Middleton, Arthur.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Thomas Merton and Education: The Theme of Self-Discovery." Del Prete, Thomas.
Vol. 2 (1989) "The Monk as a 'Marginal' Person." Kilcourse, George A., Jr.
Vol. 2 (1989) "'A Soft Voice Awakens Me': Merton's Spirituality of Human Communication." King, Marilyn, SM.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Prayer and the Cultivation of the Mind: An Examination of Thomas Merton and Chinul." Kang, Kun Ki.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Self, Sexuality and Solitude in John Cassian and Thomas Merton: Notes from a Retreat." Peake, Frank A.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Bells in Thomas Merton's Early Poetry, 1940-1946." Hempstead-Milton, Sheila M.
Vol. 2 (1989) "Merton and 1988: A Survey of Publications and Commemorations." Daggy, Robert E.
Vol. 1 (1988) "Introduction." Daggy, Robert E.; Patrick Hart; Dewey Weiss Kramer; Victor A. Kramer.
Vol. 1 (1988) "Introduction." Hart, Patrick, OCSO.
Vol. 1 (1988) "The Zen Insight of Shen Hui." Merton, Thomas.
Vol. 1 (1988) "Zen Influence on Thomas Merton's View of the Self." Thurston, Bonnie B.
Vol. 1 (1988) "Harpo's Progress: Notes Toward an Understanding of Merton's Ways." Lax, Robert.
Vol. 1 (1988) "Looking Back to Merton: Memories and Impressions: An Interview" conducted by Victor A. Kramer. Kelty, Matthew, OCSO.
Vol. 1 (1988) "Thomas Merton and the Living Tradition of Faith." Shannon, William H.
Vol. 1 (1988) "The Experience of God and the Experience of Nothingness in Thomas Merton." Conner, James, OCSO.
Vol. 1 (1988) "The Peacemaker: Merton's Critique and Model." Steindl-Rast, David, OSB.
Vol. 1 (1988) "Merton, Nonviolence and the Bishops' Pastoral." Dinter, Paul E.
Vol. 1 (1988) "The Geography of Solitude: Thomas Merton's 'Elias - Variations on a Theme'." O'Connell, Patrick F.
Vol. 1 (1988) "Thomas Merton's Understanding: The Claritas Strategy." Rukstelis, Michael, CO.
Vol. 1 (1988) "From Prophecy to Parody: Thomas Merton's Cables to the Ace." Cooper, David D.
Vol. 1 (1988) "The Pattern in Thomas Merton's Cables to the Ace." Ramshaw, Gail.
Vol. 1 (1988) "Merton's Journey from Seeds to New Seeds." Fox, Ruth M., OSB.
Vol. 1 (1988) "Lights Across the Ridge: Thomas Merton and Henry David Thoreau." Albert, John, OCSO.
Vol. 1 (1988) "The Merton Phenomenon in 1987: A Bibliographic Survey." Daggy, Robert E.