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Individual Series View, Merton's Correspondence with:

Irenaeus, Br., O.C.S.O.

Series 3, Notes to Br. Irenaeus by those other than Merton.

Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: undated
Volume: 43 item(s); 73 pg(s)

Scope and Content

This file consists of brief notes, both handwritten and typed, from Thomas Merton and other monks, regarding clothing needs. Merton would contact Br. Irenaeus to arrange for a new habit for novices or to arrange for a suit to use on a visit to town.


Br. Irenaeus was a tailor at Gethsemani Abbey.

Usage Guidelines and Restrictions

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Series List

Series NumberSeries NameTotal Records
1 Typed notes to Br. Irenaeus by Merton. 9
2 Handwritten notes to Br. Irenaeus by Merton. 20
3 Notes to Br. Irenaeus by those other than Merton. 14

Container List

Series#DateFrom/ToFirst LinesPub ✓Notes
 y/m/dMerton Scan ✉ 
Series 3 #1.
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No.30 undated/no/no HNS from Various Please give F. Louis secular clothes Tuesday evening to be used early Wed. morning. [31 pages of handwritten and typed notes from various monks (other than Merton) to Br. Irenaeus] «detailed view»
Series 3 #2.
«All Series«
No.31 1963/01/19 HNS from Merton For the habit - Bro Giuseppe - Jan 26th. Bro Erie - Feb. 17th and a postulant coming, [note card, verso "I am sorry I missed your birthday"] «detailed view»
Series 3 #3.
«All Series«
No.32 1963/01/19? HNS from Merton Dear Fr Gerard - Bro Irenaeus. Thanks for letting us see this work of art. I'm convinced! [note card, verso "I am sorry I missed your birthday"] «detailed view»
Series 3 #4.
«All Series«
No.33 undated/no/no HNS from Merton I'll check with Rev Father today and see if he doesn't mind Mike wearing the old type habit. «detailed view»
Series 3 #5.
«All Series«
No.34 undated/no/no HNS from Merton #127 This is a "pair" Brother - I have no others to match. «detailed view»
Series 3 #6.
«All Series«
No.35 undated/no/no HNS from Merton A reminder - Bro Basil makes profession this Sunday (at 7) Thanks - in Jesu «detailed view»
Series 3 #7.
«All Series«
No.36 undated/no/no HNS from Merton Rev Father has no objections to the old "white" habit for our oblate so it is ok to go ahead with it «detailed view»
Series 3 #8.
«All Series«
No.37 undated/no/no HNS from Merton Just to let you know in plenty of time - Bro Basil is supposed to make simple profession October 7th «detailed view»
Series 3 #9.
«All Series«
No.38 undated/no/no HNS from Merton Bro Cyprian is making simple profession Thursday, F. of Dedication - I forgot to tell you regarding «detailed view»
Series 3 #10.
«All Series«
No.39 undated/no/no HNS from Merton Will you please ok the use of a shirt to go to town Wednesday - and permit Bro Irenaeus to issue one «detailed view»
Series 3 #11.
«All Series«
No.40 undated/no/no HNS from Merton A couple of weeks ago I turned in a pair of socks for repair - they evidently had no number on them «detailed view»
Series 3 #12.
«All Series«
No.41 undated/no/no TNS from Merton Dear Rev Father Would you please give Bro Irenaeus an ok for me to have secular clothes early «detailed view»
Series 3 #13.
«All Series«
No.42 undated/no/no HNS from Merton The zipper on these work pants does not stay closed. Thanks! In Jesu fr m Louis «detailed view»
Series 3 #14.
«All Series«
No.43 undated/no/no HNS from Merton You've got me! The only one planning anything for the chapter is Bro John Bosco who makes profession «detailed view»

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