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Miscellaneous Merton Center Collections

Sub-Section C.7: Royalties Statements and Sales Summaries for Books by Merton, 1958-1969

This Sub-Section includes royalties earned on Thomas Merton's books. Some come in the form of an invoice, spreadsheet, or other document; and some are within the body of a letter. Most correspondence is between Dom James Fox, Abbot of Gethsemani Abbey, and publishers or literary agents.

This sub-group is divided into series based on ranges of years for royalties with later files split between foreign and domestic and a separate file made for summary statements. Another range of series is broken into royalties by language and country. Series names and arrangement are based on the filing method from Gethsemani Abbey.

1 Book Royalties, 1950 and 1958
2 Book Royalties, 1959
3 Book Royalties, 1960
4 Book Royalties, 1961
5 Book Royalties, 1962-1967; and "Miscellaneous" (includes correspondence)
6 U.S. Book Royalties, 1966-1967
7 Royalties Summaries, 1953-1967
8 Italian Royalties in Italy
9 French Royalties in France, 1962-1968
10 Spanish Royalties in South America
11 Portuguese Royalties in South America
12 German Royalties in Germany and Switzerland
13 Dutch Royalties in Belgium
14 Spanish Royalties in Spain
15 Dutch Royalties in the Netherlands
16 English Royalties in England
17 Multiple Countries Royalties: Danish (Denmark) and Japanese (Japan) [folder lists but does not seem to contain: Flemish (Belgium), Portuguese (Portugal), Catalan (Spain), Czech, Chinese (Taiwan), Norwegian (Norway), Swedish (Sweden) and rights in Scotland
18 Correspondence with Bruce Publishing (Milwaukee)
19 French Royalties in France, 1966-1969
20 Engish Royalties in the U.S. (in folders by publisher)