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Miscellaneous Merton Center Collections

Sub-Section H.18: Patrick Samway Papers, Editing the Robert Giroux and Thomas Merton Correspondence

This Sub-Section includes papers related to a book edited by Patrick Samway, S.J., The Letters of Robert Giroux and Thomas Merton. Samway made copies of a substantial number of letters from other collections between Giroux and Merton, Naomi Burton Stone, Dom James Fox, James Laughlin, T.F. Burns, and many others related to the publication of Merton's books. Source collections include the archives of Harcourt Publishers in Orlando, the New York Public Library, and Loyola University New Orleans. The papers also include manuscripts and proofs of Samway's book, original essays by Giroux about Merton (some are temporarily restricted until they can be published), sales figures for some of Merton's books, and background research and published materials on Giroux and on Merton.

This Sub-Section is divided into records series. Correspondence between Merton and Giroux and between Merton and others were copied for inclusion in Section A of the Merton Papers, but Samway's copy has been retained in his papers as filed.

Materials were accessioned August 2015.

1 Correspondence between Robert Giroux and Thomas Merton
2 Manuscripts and Proofs of The Letters of Robert Giroux and Thomas Merton
3 Letters of Permission and General Correspondence
4 Essays about Robert Giroux and Thomas Merton, and Essays by Robert Giroux about Thomas Merton
5 Photographic Prints and Negatives
6 Correspondence between Robert Giroux and Various People
7 Restricted Unpublished Memoirs by Robert Giroux