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Miscellaneous Merton Center Collections

Sub-Section H.7: Hart Working Files

This collection contains working files and some correspondence related to book publication of Br. Patrick Hart, O.S.C.O., secretary for Thomas Merton in 1968. Accession 2 contains some original correspondence from or to Thomas Merton which was collected in the course of editing The School of Charity, a small number of photographic prints, and a number of photocopies of letters and manuscripts not previously housed in the Merton Center Collection. In cases where there were original Merton correspondence or photographs, a copy was made and placed in the original order of this collection, but the original letter or photograph was transferred to Sections A and F respectively. Br. Patrick has written and edited books about Merton. He was the general editor for the seven volumes of Merton's journals and continues to serve as an authority on Merton on behalf of the Abbey of Gethsemani. (Source: The Thomas Merton Encyclopedia, edited by Shannon, Bochen and O'Connell [Maryknoll, NY: Obis, 2002], pp. 193-4.)

Original order of files maintained but new groupings of folders were created where identifiable groupings of files were kept together. Some full issues of periodicals were removed from Accession 1 (reference copied and in file) and transferred to Sub-Section D.7.

1 Accession 1.
2 Accession 2.