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Call of the desert, The; by Peter Frederick Anson
Day of a stranger
Eremitism. Comment on L'Eremetisme a la Catalunya Nova, by Eufemià Fort I Cogul.
For a renewal of eremitism in the monastic state
Franciscan eremitism
Hermits of the 11th century, The. Notes.
Hermit's preferences, A
Letter on the hermit life, A (to Dom Anthony Chassagne, O.C.S.O., Mepkin Abbey)
Life free from care, A; transcription of a taped conference on the occasion of Merton's retirement to the Hermitage, 20 August 1965
Manual de ermitanos, Un; by Garcia M. Columb√°s. Yermo 3 (1965).
Meditation in the woods
Mount Athos
Old Uncle Tom; poem by Thomas Merton with a note by Robert E. Daggy.
Philoxenus of Mabbugh. Notes.
Problems and orientations of monachism, by Dom Jean Leclercq, O.S.B. [Etudes, May 1964]. Translated into English by Thomas Merton.
Project for a hermitage. Fall 1964.
Renewal of hermit life within the religious state. Notes.
Sacred theology : hermit life
Solitary life in the shadow of a Cistercian monastery
Solitary life, The
Solitary life, The : a letter of Guido [I, Prior of the Grande Chartreuse, 1083?-1136]
Solitary life. Notes.
Solitary ones, The : monks of the desert
Some guidelines for monastic hermits
Toward a renewal of eremitism. Appendix III.
Wisdom in emptiness : a dialogue between Daisetz T. Suzuki and Thomas Merton