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Merton Manuscript Collections Results

Alaskan journal of Thomas Merton
Articles du procès informatif de béatification et canonisation du serviteur de Dieu, Marie-Joseph Cassant : moine et prêtre de l'Abbaye Cistercienne Sainte-Marie du Désert, …
Asian journal of Thomas Merton, The
Attente dans le silence, L' : le père Marie-Joseph Cassant, O. Cist. S. O., by Etienne Chenevière. Preface.
Courage for truth, The : the letters of Thomas Merton to writers / selected and edited by Christine M. Bochen
Dancing in the water of life : seeking peace in the hermitage / Thomas Merton; edited by Robert E. Daggy
Day of a stranger
Elegy for Father Stephen (also titled "Elegy for a Trappist")
Entering the silence : becoming a monk and writer / Thomas Merton; edited by Jonathan Montaldo
Exile ends in glory; the life of a Trappistine, Mother M. Berchmans, O.C.S.O.
Gethsemani customs (dormitory rules, clothing and supplies, bathing and shaving)
Learning to love : exploring solitude and freedom / Thomas Merton; edited by Christine M. Bochen
Meditation in the woods
Merton : a biography / Monica Furlong
Meyer, Dennis, Fr., O.C.S.O. Notes for a eulogy.
Notes on Fr. Vincent de Paul Merle and the Abbey of Petit Clairvaux, Nova Scotia
Other side of the mountain, The : the end of the journey / Thomas Merton; edited by Patrick Hart
Road to joy, The : The letters of Thomas Merton to new and old friends / selected and edited by Robert E. Daggy
Run to the mountain : the story of a vocation / Thomas Merton; edited by Patrick Hart
Schedule of work days, Sundays, and feast days at Gethsemani Abbey choir noviate (ca. 1963)
School of charity, The : the letters of Thomas Merton on religious renewal and spiritual direction / selected and edited by Patrick Hart
Song for nobody : a memory vision of Thomas Merton / Ron Seitz
Survival or prophecy? : the letters of Thomas Merton and Jean Leclercq / edited by Patrick Hart; foreword by Rembert G. Weakland
Thomas Merton / by Victor A. Kramer
Thomas Merton : boy, man and monk / written and illustrated by Gregory Ryan and Elizabeth Ryan
Thomas Merton : poet, prophet, priest / Jennifer Fisher Bryant
Thomas Merton in search of his soul : a Jungian perspective / Robert G. Waldron
Thomas Merton, my brother : his journey to freedom, compassion, and final integration / essays by M. Basil Pennington
Trappists go to Utah, The
Trappists make silent martyrs. Excerpt from The waters of siloe.
Trappists, Working
Turning toward the world : the pivotal years / Thomas Merton; edited by Victor A. Kramer
Wateren van Siloë, De.
Waters of Siloe, The
Waters of Siloe, The. Dutch/Netherlandic. [De Wateren van Siloë]
What are these wounds? : The life of a Cistercian mystic, Saint Lutgarde of Aywières
Witness to freedom : the letters of Thomas Merton in times of crisis / selected and edited by William H. Shannon


Other Merton-Related Collection Results

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