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Merton Manuscript Collections Results

Awakening of a new consciousness in Zen, The; by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki. Review.
Christian looks at Zen, A. Introduction to The golden age of Zen, by Jingxiong Wu (John C. H. Wu).
Christianity and Zen. Notes.
Matter of Zen, The
Monastic Christianity encounters spirit of Zen
Mystics and Zen masters
Oriental, etc. Notes.
Recovery of paradise, The
Spiritual consciousness in Zen from a Thomistic theological point of view, by Augustin Hideshi Kishi
Study of Zen, The
Technique and personal devotion in the Zen exercise, by Heinrich Dumoulin, from Studies in Japanese culture (1963): pp. 17-40.
Transcendent experience
Who is it that has a transcendent experience?
Wisdom in emptiness : a dialogue between Daisetz T. Suzuki and Thomas Merton
Zen : sense and sensibility. Review of Zen Catholicism, by Aelred Graham, O.S.B.
Zen and Christian mysticism, by William Johnston, S. J.
Zen and existentialism. Notes on Zen Buddhism, selected writings of D. T. Suzuki; edited by William Barrett.
Zen and the birds of appetite
Zen Buddhism and psychoanalysis, by D. T. Suzuki, Erich Fromm, and Richard DeMartino
Zen Buddhist monasticism
Zen in Japanese art
Zen insight of Shen Hui, The
Zen Koan, The
Zen revival, The
Zen, weg zur erleuchtung
Zen. Notes.


Other Merton-Related Collection Results

D.7Periodicals, Journals, Pamphlets used by Merton (some with marginalia)Series 75:  Sermon on Zen [not by Merton] "Sermon on Zen."
D.7Periodicals, Journals, Pamphlets used by Merton (some with marginalia)Series 79:  Suzuki, D.T. "The Awakening of a New Consciousness in Zen."
D.7Periodicals, Journals, Pamphlets used by Merton (some with marginalia)Series 91:  VerdĂș , Alfonso . Monumenta Nipponica: studies in Japanese Culture., No's 1 - 2 (Sophia University - Tokyo)., Vol. XXI: 125-170.