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#AUDIO & VIDEO copies of the following titles:
1.A semi-hidden Merton: contemplation and action in the prefatory essays. King, John E..
2.Awareness, compassion, grand affirmation in Thomas Merton. Paguio, Erlinda.
3.Before and Through and Beyond All Time. Contact.
4.Black wool in the bramble : the meeting of Thomas Merton and Chogyam Trumpa. Hartz, Jim.
5.Buddhist ethics, Christian morality and logocentrism. Hartz, Jim.
6.Contemplation and compassion : Thomas Merton's Thoughts in solitude on the writing process. Lewis, Gloria Kitto.
7.Day with a stranger. Hope, Harriet.
8.Entering the silence : Merton leads us to new silences during retreats. King, John E..
9.Fr. Flavian Burns, O.C.S.O., presentation on Dan Walsh, August 28, 1976. Burns, Flavian.
10.From seeing an absolute object to absolute seeing : Merton, Dzogchen and nowness. Hartz, Jim.
11.Kathleen Norris, Dakota : living the legacy of Merton's silence. Koch, William.
12.Kentucky's nurture of Thomas Merton. Mattingly, Daniel; Brad Mattingly.
13.Knowing silence : knowing Merton's heart. Hope, Harriet.
14.Merton and Chinese wisdom. Lee, Cyrus.
15.Merton and earthly bread. Young, Gary.
16.Merton and the infernal machine deus ex machina. Young, Gary.
17.Merton, Moore, and the carthusian temptation. Sevnnaeve, Johan.
18.Merton's "the good news of the nativity" : eschatology in the light of the monastic experience. Koch, William.
19.Merton's impulse and the new monasticism. Young, Gary.
20.Merton's search for paradise and his integration of Sophia, Mary, and Ruth Merton. Hempstead, Sheila.
21.Merton's vision of the kingdom. O'Connell, Patrick F..
22.Merton's window and the principle of "...pars pro toto". Young, Gary.
23.Monasticism as lay spirituality in the thought of Thomas Merton. O'Connell, Patrick F..
24.Prophetic voice in Merton's poetry. Mayer, Elsie F., 1930-.
25.Question and revelation : Thomas Merton's recovery : ground of birth. Daggy, Robert E..
26.Reading Dante's Commedia in Merton's Seven storey mountain. Hempstead, Sheila.
27.Sacramentalism and the sacramentality in Thomas Merton's Thirty poems. O'Connell, Patrick F..
28.Seeds of contemplation from Meister Eckhart for Thomas Merton. Paguio, Erlinda.
29.Shared facts, different stories the mother of Thomas Merton. Hempstead, Sheila.
30.Simple and sincere accounts : Merton in our time. Fennell, Frank.
31.Stability and continuing renewal: Thomas Merton's commitment to Gethsemani. Montaldo, Jonathan.
32.The black sheep : Thomas Merton's challenge to marginality: an early autobiographical impulse. Daggy, Robert E..
33.The Inner Experience. Tuoti, Frank.
34.The paschal heart of Thomas Merton's spirituality. O'Connell, Patrick F..
35.The prophetic voice in Seeds of destruction. Koch, William.
36.Thomas Merton and James Moffett : complementary visions of the universal school house. Lewis, Gloria Kitto.
37.Thomas Merton and the Carmelite saints. Paguio, Erlinda.
38.Thomas Merton and the psalms. Paguio, Erlinda.
39.Thomas Merton and the quiz show scandal : America's loss of innocence. Daggy, Robert E..
40.Thomas Merton as sapiential teacher : perceptions of his students. Lewis, Gloria Kitto.
41.Thomas Merton's "hidden wholeness". Wilkie, Ray.
42.Thomas Merton's notion of contemplation for people in the world. Conner, James.
43.Thomas Merton's uncommon common sense. Koch, William.
44.Voice of the stranger : Merton's penetration of the mystery of the Maya. Ruttle, Paul, C.P., 1953-.
45.What does a dead monk have to say about peace and racism today. King, John E..
46.William Blake and his influence on Thomas Merton. Noble, Elizabeth.
47.Wisdom and prophecy : the two poles of Merton's mature thought. O'Connell, Patrick F..