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#AUDIO & VIDEO copies of the following titles:
1.A book of hours : at prayer with Thomas Merton. Deignan, Kathleen, 1947-.
2.A brevity / words by Thomas Merton, music by Peter R. Hallock. Merton, Thomas.
3.A call to prayer and peace. Malits, Elena.
4.A call to prayer and peace. Zahn, Gordon Charles, 1918-.
5.A child is born : a chant Christmas. Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani (Trappist, Ky.). Choir.
6.A companion to prayer / Notre Dame Folk Choir and the Monastic Schola of Gethsemani Abbey.. .
7.A hidden wholeness : the Zen photography of Thomas Merton. Pearson, Paul M..
8.A huge chorus of living beings : Synthetic listening / M. Basil Pennington. (A huge chorus of living beings.). Pennington, M. Basil.
9.A journey into faith : the spirituality of Thomas Merton.. Bamberger, John Eudes.
10.A portrait of Thomas Merton the compline talks of Father Matthew Kelty / Matthew Kelty.. .
11.A prisoner of necessity. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Padovano, Anthony T..
12.A prophecy of paradise : Thomas Merton's lectio of Genesis. Deignan, Kathleen, 1947-.
13.A retreat with Thomas Merton : Becoming who we are. Padovano, Anthony T..
14.A spiritual masters retreat with Fr. Donald Goergen, O.P.. Goergen, Donald.
15.A taste of Gethsemani : Trappist monks remember Merton.. .
16.A Thomas Merton and Abraham Joshua Heschel panel / Edward K. Kaplan, Martin Kavka, and Shaul Magid, introduced by Lynn Szabo.. .
17.A Thomas Merton birthday celebration, January 31, 1973, with Sr. Mary Madelaine Abdelnour, Robert Preston, Ron Seitz and John Howard Griffin. .
18.A visit with the Pope. .
19.A vow of conversation : Merton's journal at a pivotal moment / Dewey W. Kramer, Victor A. Kramer.. Kramer, Dewey W..
20.A vow of conversation, excerpts, November 1964 through January 1965, read by Chris McDonnell. Merton, Thomas.
21.A wild and desolate solitude.. Burton-Christie, Douglas.
22.A Zen life : D.T. Suzuki / produced and directed by Michael Goldberg ; co-producer John Wittmayer.. .
23.Abbatial election. Sufism - heart.. Merton, Thomas.
24.Abbot Ammonas and the grief in a monk's life. Merton, Thomas.
25.Abbot meeting (afternoon) continued.. Merton, Thomas.
26.Abbot meeting (afternoon) continued.. Merton, Thomas.
27.Abbot meeting (afternoon).. Merton, Thomas.
28.Abbot meeting (morning) continued.. Merton, Thomas.
29.Abbot meeting.. Merton, Thomas.
30.Abbot. Pasternak's letters.. Merton, Thomas.
31.Abelard and Heloise. Merton, Thomas.
32.Abelard and his lack of spiritual insight. William of St.Thierry.. Merton, Thomas.
33.Abelard and obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
34.Abelard and the offices of the monastery.. Merton, Thomas.
35.Abelard and the question of freedom.. Merton, Thomas.
36.Abelard's loving criticism. Merton, Thomas.
37.Acts of faith : interfaith leadership in a time of global religious crisis / Eboo Patel. .
38.Address to Sisters of Loretto about the religious life following on from discussions (Includes section on Camus). Part 3 of 4.. Merton, Thomas.
39.Address to Sisters of Loretto about the religious life following on from discussions. Part 1 of 4.. Merton, Thomas.
40.Address to Sisters of Loretto about the religious life following on from discussions. Part 2 of 4.. Merton, Thomas.
41.Address to Sisters of Loretto about the religious life following on from discussions. Part 4 of 4.. Merton, Thomas.
42.Address to Veritas Society, Bellarmine University / by Dom Timothy Kelly, O.C.S.O.. .
43.Advent Candlelight Concert (Part 1): "From Darkness to Light." Cathedral of the Assumption, December 12, 1976, 7:00pm.. .
44.Advent Candlelight Concert (Part 2): "From Darkness to Light." Cathedral of the Assumption, December 12, 1976, 7:00pm.. .
45.Advent sermons of Bl. Guerric.. Merton, Thomas.
46.Advent sermons of Bl. Guerric.. Merton, Thomas.
47.Advent sermons of Blessed Guerric.. Merton, Thomas.
48.Aetheria's pilgrimage.. Merton, Thomas.
49.African monasticism. Philoxenus and vocation.. Merton, Thomas.
50.Ahimsa: non-violence as a way of life, March 12, 1973. Forest, Jim (James H.).
51.Alaska conferences (1 of 4) - "This is God's work" from a workshop at the Convent of the Precious Blook, Eagle River; and "The life that unifies" from a day of recollection for sisters.. Merton, Thomas.
52.Alaska conferences (2 of 4) - Day of recollection (corresponds to first 32 minutes of Archive Tape #206, Track 1).. Merton, Thomas.
53.Alaska conferences (3 of 4) - Day of recollection (corresponds to last 16 minutes of Archive Tape #206, Track 1); and two workshops for the Convent of the Precious Blood, Eagle River, "Prayer, Personalism, and the Spirit" and "Prayer and Conscience.". Merton, Thomas.
54.Alaska conferences (4 of 4) - Conclusion of "Prayer and Conscience" lecture given for the Convent of the Precious Blood, Eagle River (continued from MC004/CD0160); and an unknown conference.. Merton, Thomas.
55.Alexander Schmemann: an interview with George Kilcourse, March 8, 1980. Kilcourse, George, 1947-.
56.All saints - sanctity.. Merton, Thomas.
57.Already one : Becoming what we are (1 of 3) / The third general meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society, Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 10 - 13, 1993. International Thomas Merton Society. General Meeting (3rd : 1993 : Colorado Springs, Co.).
58.Already one : Becoming what we are (2 of 3) / The third general meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society, Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 10 - 13, 1993. International Thomas Merton Society. General Meeting (3rd : 1993 : Colorado Springs, Co.).
59.Already one : Becoming what we are (3 of 3) / The third general meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society, Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 10 - 13, 1993. International Thomas Merton Society. General Meeting (3rd : 1993 : Colorado Springs, Co.).
60.Alternate route. Beal, Jeff.
61.An hour to dance : choral music of Gwyneth Walker. Walker, Gwyneth, 1947-.
62.An introduction to bridges to contemplative living with Thomas Merton. .
63.An introduction to Thomas Merton (The Wisdom of the Mystics series) / written, directed and produced by Doug Fisher.. .
64.An optimist notes the dusk / David Grubbs. Grubbs, David, 1967-.
65.An oratorio based on Thomas Merton's Seeds of Contemplation (Copy 1) / score by Don Murray.. Murray, Don.
66.An oratorio based on Thomas Merton's Seeds of Contemplation (Copy 2) / score by Don Murray.. Murray, Don.
67.An oratorio based on Thomas Merton's Seeds of Contemplation, performed for Christ Church Cathedral's 50th year / musical score by Don Murray.. Murray, Don.
68.Analysis of a poem. John Donne - "Nocturnal on St. Lucy's Day.". Merton, Thomas.
69.Ancient monastic text of prayer and ascetic life.. Merton, Thomas.
70.Angela of Foligno. (Philoxenus.). Merton, Thomas.
71.Angels, St. Basil and his rule.. Merton, Thomas.
72.Anne Braden : racial justice organizer / producer, Rachel E. Harding.. .
73.Announcements, visitations. Abelard.. Merton, Thomas.
74.Anti-poetry - some by Fr. Louis ("Hopeless and Felons" and #20a, 32, 42, 48, 70, and 82 from Cables to the Ace). [The Present State of Poetry.] Bob Dylan and The Beatles.. Merton, Thomas.
75.Aphraates and monasticism.. Merton, Thomas.
76.Aphraates and Syrian spirituality.. Merton, Thomas.
77.Applying effort in monastic life the right way.. Merton, Thomas.
78.Architecture - Philoxenus and simplicity.. Merton, Thomas.
79.Art and Artists. Relationship between nuns and monks. Dominican nuns. Humility and peace.. Merton, Thomas.
80.Art and beauty.. Merton, Thomas.
81.Ascension. Coltrane, John, 1926-1967.
82.Asceticism and gluttony.. Merton, Thomas.
83.Asceticism, celibacy and eschatology.. Merton, Thomas.
84.Aus der stille heraus der welt zugewandt : der Trappistenmönch Thomas Merton. Ehl, Hans Michael.
85.Authentic friendship. Merton, Thomas.
86.Authentic friendship. Merton, Thomas.
87.Awakening the heart. Merton, Thomas.
88.Awakening the heart. Merton, Thomas.
89.Background of Rule: St. Martin of Tours and St. Anthony.. Merton, Thomas.
90.Background of rule; Desert Fathers as sources.. Merton, Thomas.
91.Background to St. Benedict's rule; early monasticism, St. Paulinus of Nola.. Merton, Thomas.
92.Background to St. Bernard's "de conversione" to Paris Students.. Merton, Thomas.
93.Bangkok conference - lecture titled "Marxism and monastic perspectives" (Merton's last lecture) delivered December 10, 1968.. Merton, Thomas.
94.Bantu philosophy.. Merton, Thomas.
95.Baptized in life (Ibn Al Arabi). Madness and civilization. Camus and Augustine.. Merton, Thomas.
96.Beards. Refectory reading. Liturgy. Peace, chastity and prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
97.Beauty and art. Merton, Thomas.
98.Beauty is from God. Merton, Thomas.
99.Beauty is from God. Merton, Thomas.
100.Becoming our true self. Merton, Thomas.
101.Becoming our true self. Merton, Thomas.
102.Becoming who you are : insights on the true self from Thomas Merton and other saints. Martin, James, S.J..
103.Beginnings of European monasticism. Merton, Thomas.
104.Beginnings of European monasticism (cont'd) Dunstan.. Merton, Thomas.
105.Beginnings of European monasticism. Boethius, Cassiodorus. Merton, Thomas.
106.Bellarmine Merton Seminar, 1967?. Hinson, E. Glenn.
107.Bells of Gethsemani and Children of the 80's (2 songs). Baez, Joan.
108.Belonging to God. Merton, Thomas.
109.Benedictine humility. Merton, Thomas.
110.Benedictine schema on religious life. St. Ephrem on virginity and marriage.. Merton, Thomas.
111.Bernard; three types of love. (Attraction, reconcilliation, fullfillment).. Merton, Thomas.
112.Betrachtungen über die Liebe / Thomas Merton. Gesprochen von Horst Warning. Merton, Thomas.
113.Bible - the name of Yahweh.. Merton, Thomas.
114.Bible - Yahwism in the Old Testament.. Merton, Thomas.
115.Bonhoeffer : Pastor, pacifist, Nazi resister / Journey Films presents ; a film by Martin Doblmeier.. .
116.Bonnie Thurston on Thomas Merton. Thurston, Bonnie Bowman.
117.Bourges cathedral and its stained glass windows. St. Pachomius.. Merton, Thomas.
118.Br. Antoninus on poetry. William Everson.. Everson, William, 1912-1994 (Br. Antoninus).
119.Bride spirit songs of the beloved. Deignan, Kathleen, 1947-.
120.Buddhist sand painting (sand mandala) at the Thomas Merton Center and Buddhist prayer service at the Cathedral of the Assumption. .
121.Building community.. Merton, Thomas.
122.Bultmann: his essays on Christianity and humanism. Aetheria's pilgrimage.. Merton, Thomas.
123.Burial service of Thomas Merton, monks cemetery, Gethsemani.. Merton, Thomas.
124.C.S. Lewis Beyond Narnia / Faith and Values Media presents a Windborne Production in association with Lightworks Producing Group ; producer, Karen Pascal ; written and directed by Norman Stone.. Stone, Norman.
125.Calcutta conference - retreat for the Feast of Christ the King. Merton, Thomas.
126.Camus and Augustine. (Repeats tape #212:3). Merton, Thomas.
127.Camus and Kafka. Comments on general chapter. Second part repeats 217:4 - Comments on book by Brian Wicker, Toward a Contemporary Christianity.. Merton, Thomas.
128.Candled seasons : music for advent, Christmas,epiphany, candlemas / directed by Steven C. Warner.. Notre Dame Folk Choir.
129.Candled seasons : music for advent, Christmas,epiphany, candlemas / directed by Steven C. Warner.. Notre Dame Folk Choir.
130.Cargo movements. (cults). Merton, Thomas.
131.Cargo movements. (cults). Merton, Thomas.
132.Cargo movements. (cults). Merton, Thomas.
133.Carmelites in Louisville, continued.. Merton, Thomas.
134.Carmelites in Louisville.. Merton, Thomas.
135.Cassian : disposition for prayer. Merton, Thomas.
136.Cassian : trials and belief. Merton, Thomas.
137.Cassian 3 - renunciation which leads to contemplation.. Merton, Thomas.
138.Cassian and monastic theology - active life and mobility of mind.. Merton, Thomas.
139.Cassian on prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
140.Cassian on prayer. Disposition to prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
141.Cassian on prayer. Does God hear?. Merton, Thomas.
142.Cassian on prayer. Four kinds of prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
143.Cassian on prayer. Four Kinds of prayer. Meditation.. Merton, Thomas.
144.Cassian on prayer: ecumenism. Merton, Thomas.
145.Cassian on the humanity of Christ in prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
146.Cassian on the Our Father. Merton, Thomas.
147.Cassian.. Merton, Thomas.
148.Catechesis: the Didache. Merton, Thomas.
149.Catholicism / creator and host Robert E. Barron. .
150.Celebration, an aspect of the church in the world.. Merton, Thomas.
151.Chastity - real and particular friendships.. Merton, Thomas.
152.Chastity and celibacy. (First 6 minutes) Poems for hospital. (Repeats tape #175a:1) Readings from journals about Niels Bohr, genetics, evolution, war, Nietzsche. (Repeats tape #175a:2). Merton, Thomas.
153.Chastity, continued.. Merton, Thomas.
154.Chastity.. Merton, Thomas.
155.Chastity.. Merton, Thomas.
156.Chastity: A martyrdom. Merton, Thomas.
157.Chastity: Definition of St. Thomas. Merton, Thomas.
158.Chastity: mortification of the senses. Merton, Thomas.
159.Chastity: sacra virginitas. Merton, Thomas.
160.Chinese landscape painting.. Merton, Thomas.
161.Chinese philosophy and Greek tragedy.. Merton, Thomas.
162.Chinese symbol of Chung.. Merton, Thomas.
163.Chinese thought : and The Chinese symbol of Chung. Merton, Thomas.
164.Chinese thought.. Merton, Thomas.
165.Choirs of millions : Thomas Merton and God's creatures / Robert E. Daggy. (A huge chorus of living beings.). Daggy, Robert E..
166.Christian hope and relatedness.. Merton, Thomas.
167.Christianity and communism.. Merton, Thomas.
168.Christmas Day mass at Merton's hermitage. Celebrant Fr. Dan Walsh.. Walsh, Daniel Clark, 1907-1978.
169.Cistercian history; 12th and 13th centuries. Why and how of collapse.. Merton, Thomas.
170.Cistercians in 12th century England.Problems all economic.. Merton, Thomas.
171.Citizen king. .
172.Classicism. [A Classical Consciousness.]. Merton, Thomas.
173.Clement of Alexandria- Origen. Merton, Thomas.
174.Closer Look Includes Merton Center Story January 19, 1992. .
175.Closing liturgy / William H. Shannon.. .
176.Closing prayer at the first spiritual summit conference in Calcutta.. Merton, Thomas.
177.Colleen O'Callaghan's Birthday Picnic with footage of Thomas Merton, Robert Lax, Betty Carpenter and Libby Starks. .
178.Come, thou fount : thoughts on the Shakers. Maloney, Christopher.
179.Coming home : the story of Thomas Merton / compiled by Monica Furlong, presented by Chris Kay with Kenneth Nelson as Thomas Merton.. BBC.
180.Coming home : the story of Thomas Merton / compiled by Monica Furlong, presented by Chris Kay with Kenneth Nelson as Thomas Merton.. BBC.
181.Commentary on Dom Eusebius' talk. Reasons for vow of obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
182.Comments of general chapter.. Merton, Thomas.
183.Comments on Nietzsche.. Merton, Thomas.
184.Comments on the abbots conference and St. Ephrem's poems.. Merton, Thomas.
185.Communications schema of Vatican Council. St.Anselm's idea of stability.. Merton, Thomas.
186.Communism vs. Capitalism. Merton, Thomas.
187.Community and the Christian life. Merton, Thomas.
188.Community and transformation. Merton, Thomas.
189.Community life.. Merton, Thomas.
190.Community life. LSD and youth culture. Marshall McLuhan.. Merton, Thomas.
191.Community. Eberhard Arnold.. Merton, Thomas.
192.Comparative religion. Kimball, Charles.
193.Comparative religion. Kimball, Charles.
194.Compassion. .
195.Compassion : the journey from loneliness to solitude in Thomas Merton's life and writings. Ruttle, Paul, C.P., 1953-.
196.Compassion and the unspeakable : keynote address. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Douglass, James W..
197.Compline - 7.30 pm. Merton, Thomas.
198.Computers - Marxism. The "no-dialogue" kind.. Merton, Thomas.
199.Concept of vocation in Philoxenus.. Merton, Thomas.
200.Conclusion of workshop at Precious Blood Monastery, part 3, part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
201.Conference on abbot general's election.. Merton, Thomas.
202.Conrad Fleischmann / produced by Morgan Atkinson.. .
203.Conscience and Prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
204.Consolations of the choir novitiate. Early monasticism, Lerins. Origen.. Merton, Thomas.
205.Contemplation and the modern man. [Christlikeness. Sufism: proper attitude toward life.]. Merton, Thomas.
206.Contemplative life today.. Merton, Thomas.
207.Contemplative life today. The Contemplative Life So-Called.. Merton, Thomas.
208.Contemplative life today. Part 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
209.Contemplative life today. Part 1 of 2. Monasticism and Contemplation.. Merton, Thomas.
210.Contemplative life today. Part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
211.Contemplative life today. Part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
212.Contemplative life today. Poverty continued from the library.. Merton, Thomas.
213.Contemplative life today. Poverty continued from the library.. Merton, Thomas.
214.Contemplative life today. Poverty continued from the library.. Merton, Thomas.
215.Contemplative life today. Poverty continued.. Merton, Thomas.
216.Contemplative photography and Thomas Merton. Bannon, Tony.
217.Contemplative prayer / by Thomas Merton ; read by Jonathan Montaldo. Merton, Thomas.
218.Continuation from #1 and imagination in the life of prayer - Religious Virginity and Communal Love - The Institutionalized Church. Merton, Thomas.
219.Continuation from track #1.. Merton, Thomas.
220.Continuation of #1: Contemplative life today.. Merton, Thomas.
221.Continuation of #1: thoughts on the contemplative life.. Merton, Thomas.
222.Continuation of above: St. Chrysostom.. Merton, Thomas.
223.Continuation of renewal and prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
224.Continuation of the discussion of St. John of the Cross.. Merton, Thomas.
225.Continuation of the liturgy schema explanation.. Merton, Thomas.
226.Continuation of theology of prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
227.Continues from Merton archive tape 175a.. Merton, Thomas.
228.Conversations with Jean Feraco. Montaldo, Jonathan.
229.Conversion. Merton, Thomas.
230.Conversion in Christ. Merton, Thomas.
231.Conversion of manners. Merton, Thomas.
232.Conversion of manners. Merton, Thomas.
233.Conversion of manners - what it means to renounce the world.. Merton, Thomas.
234.Conversion of manners and early monks.. Merton, Thomas.
235.Conversion of manners and what makes a monk.. Merton, Thomas.
236.Conversion of manners.. Merton, Thomas.
237.Conversion of manners.. Merton, Thomas.
238.Conversion of manners.. Merton, Thomas.
239.Conversion of manners.. Merton, Thomas.
240.Conversion of manners: discretion. Merton, Thomas.
241.Conversion of manners: goodness. Merton, Thomas.
242.Conversion of manners: salvation, monastic laws. Merton, Thomas.
243.Conversion of manners: the passions. Merton, Thomas.
244.Conversion of manners: the spirit of the conversion of manners. Merton, Thomas.
245.Convert Augustine. Gromko, Sarah.
246.Cosmic order is a dance. Romanticism and classicism contrasted. [The Classical Outlook.]. Merton, Thomas.
247.Council's schema on religious.. Merton, Thomas.
248.Created for love. Merton, Thomas.
249.Created for love. Merton, Thomas.
250.Creation of man in Ibn Al Arabi.. Merton, Thomas.
251.Creative writing. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
252.Creativity and Transformation, a candlelight concert at the Cathedral of the Assumption, August 17, 1974. Cathedral Chamber Consort of Louisville.
253.Crisis of monasticism. Talk to novice masters at Gethsemani, June 18, 1968, continued.. Merton, Thomas.
254.Crisis of monasticism. Talk to novice masters at Gethsemani, June 18, 1968, continued. (Comment on effects of technology.). Merton, Thomas.
255.Crisis of monasticism. Talk to novice masters at Gethsemani, June 18, 1968.. Merton, Thomas.
256.Crumbs from St. Ephrem.. Merton, Thomas.
257.Current events - Vietnam. St. Berndard's apologia for Cistercians.. Merton, Thomas.
258.Damaged care / Paramount Network Television Productions ; Winer Company ; producer, David Roessell ; writer, Ilene Chaiken ; director, Harry Winer.. .
259.Dancemakers Promovideo #1. .
260.Dangers of solitude / David Belcastro, PatrickEastman.. Belcastro, David.
261.Day of recollection for sisters Anchorage, Alaska, continued.. Merton, Thomas.
262.Day of recollection for sisters Anchorage, Alaska.. Merton, Thomas.
263.Day of recollection. (Alaska - see 206). Merton, Thomas.
264.Day of Reflection October 19, 1988 - Mary Luke Tobin & Robert Daggy. .
265.De conversione. Merton, Thomas.
266.Death of Martin Luther King. The mystic life in Cleveland, Ohio. Zen. Spiritual points for Easter time. The monastic vision as seen in Hebrews 1-5.. Merton, Thomas.
267.Decision in the religious life and in the Christian life.. Merton, Thomas.
268.Dedication in the religious life.. Merton, Thomas.
269.Dedication of the Thomas Merton Studies Center (Part 1), Nov. 9, 1969, 8:00 pm., New Science Theater, Bellarmine College.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
270.Dedication of the Thomas Merton Studies Center (Part 2), Nov. 9, 1969, 8:00 pm., New Science Theater, Bellarmine College.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
271.Degrees of humility; interior peace, laughter. View of Christmas decorating.. Merton, Thomas.
272.Description of a Buddhist monk visiting from Vietnam.. Merton, Thomas.
273.Desert Fathers. Showing Christ to the world.. Merton, Thomas.
274.Desert fathers; prayer according to John of Lycopolis; Egyptian Cenobium.. Merton, Thomas.
275.Desert hospitality.. Merton, Thomas.
276.Desert spirituality and contemporary ministry /Henri J.M. Nouwen.. Nouwen, Henri J. M..
277.Developing a conscience. Merton, Thomas.
278.Developing a conscience. Merton, Thomas.
279.Devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary / Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 7, Benedictine Humility. Merton, Thomas.
280.Dialog on prayer, continued.. Merton, Thomas.
281.Dialog on prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
282.Dialog on prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
283.Dialogue with Marxism. Merton, Thomas.
284.Dialogue with Marxism.. Merton, Thomas.
285.Dionysius - St. John Climacus.. Merton, Thomas.
286.Discussion of a chant week in a daughter house. Vow of stability.. Merton, Thomas.
287.Discussion of general chapter and abbot general's election.. Merton, Thomas.
288.Discussion of morning Gospel - stability and love in community.. Merton, Thomas.
289.Discussion of some of Dom Adrien Nocent's points. Monasticism of Pachomius.. Merton, Thomas.
290.Discussion of St. Bernard's letter to his nephew Robert.. Merton, Thomas.
291.Discussion of the Yogi.. Merton, Thomas.
292.Discussion on a visiting Sufi. Classicism. Albert Camus - rebel as classicist. John Milton.. Merton, Thomas.
293.Discussion with a group of Baptist ministers. Merton, Thomas.
294.Discussion with a group of Baptist ministers, concluded. Merton, Thomas.
295.Discussion: apostolate of the contemplative. Suenen's book Nun in the World. Merton, Thomas.
296.Distractions in prayer and the desert fathers' remedy. Irish monasticism.. Merton, Thomas.
297.Doctrine of Abelard.. Merton, Thomas.
298.Does God hear our prayer?. Merton, Thomas.
299.Does God hear our prayer?. Merton, Thomas.
300.Dom Adrien Nocent from Maredsous - talk in novitiate on the liturgy.. Nocent, Adrien.
301.Dom Adrien Nocent from Maredsous on the liturgy.. Nocent, Adrien.
302.Dom Aelred Graham. Graham, Aelred, 1907-1984.
303.Dom Bede Griffiths - novitiate talk.. Griffiths, Bede, 1906-1993.
304.Dom Bede Griffiths in chapter.. Griffiths, Bede, 1906-1993.
305.Dom Colomban to novices and juniors.. Bissey, Colomban, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1912-.
306.Dom Damasus Winzen, O.S.B.: The spirituality of monasticism as revealed in the writings of Thomas Merton, Renascence meeting, New York (side a); Fr. Field: Response to Dom Damascus Winzen (side b).. .
307.Dom De Rance and his conversion.. Merton, Thomas.
308.Dom Gabriel. St. Jerome and a letter against vigilantius.. Merton, Thomas.
309.Dom John Eudes Bamberger / produced by Morgan Atkinson.. .
310.Dom Vital. Technological society.. Merton, Thomas.
311.Dorothy Day : Don't call me a saint / a One Lucky Dog Productions ; writer, director and producer, Claudia Larson. .
312.Dr. Clark's Kentucky treasures / produced by KET. .
313.Dreams. Doctrine of Abbot Ammonas continued. Merton, Thomas.
314.Early Celtic art. Machine age and monastic culture.. Merton, Thomas.
315.Early Christian apologetics. Other literary forms in the early church.. Merton, Thomas.
316.Early Christian apologists. Merton, Thomas.
317.Early Christian apologists. Merton, Thomas.
318.Early church - apocrypha. Merton, Thomas.
319.Early cistercian days, XI century, Molesme, Citeaux.. Merton, Thomas.
320.Early Cistercian history - two exordia.. Merton, Thomas.
321.Early Cistercian history: Citeaux and St. Robert. Reasons for foundation.. Merton, Thomas.
322.Early Cistercian history; 12th century; active period.. Merton, Thomas.
323.Early Cistercian history; Stephen of Lexington (saint or oddball?).. Merton, Thomas.
324.Early Cistercian history; the college of St. Bernard.Pro and Con.. Merton, Thomas.
325.Early Cistercian saints. Inquisition attitudes.. Merton, Thomas.
326.Early eastern monastic spirituality.. Merton, Thomas.
327.Early eastern monasticism. Thodret. Syrian. Indian. Russian.. Merton, Thomas.
328.Early European monasticism: Cluny 10th - 12th centuries.. Merton, Thomas.
329.Early Irish monastic art.. Merton, Thomas.
330.Early monastic fathers; St. Jerome, a personal introduction.. Merton, Thomas.
331.Early monastic rites for monks in danger of death.. Merton, Thomas.
332.Early monastic signs of Cluny.. Merton, Thomas.
333.Easter homily of Blessed Guerric.. Merton, Thomas.
334.Easter homily.. Merton, Thomas.
335.Eco-monasticism : Thomas Merton's vision and challenege. Deignan, Kathleen, 1947-.
336.Ecumenical pilgrims - the Churches of the Catholic tradition at the crossroads, panel: Fr. Constantelos, Rt. Rev. David B. Reed, Rev. Eugene L. Zoeller, Pastor Robert L Lesher, Rev. John Wade Payne, March 10, 1979.. .
337.Edmund Muir: metaphysical intuition in poetry.. Merton, Thomas.
338.Elena Malits: Merton, religious commitment as continuing conversation, November 24, 1972 (Side 1); Raymond Bailey: Studying Merton, November 25, 1972 (Side 2). Merton Festival of Northern Ohio.. .
339.Eleventh century hermits.. Merton, Thomas.
340.Eliot's definition of the classical. [Eliot on Milton: What Is a Classic?]. Merton, Thomas.
341.Engaging racism : Thomas Merton, the church and the ongoing quest for justice. Massingale, Bryan N..
342.English monasticism - 10th century; ritual and customs.. Merton, Thomas.
343.Entertaining angels : the Dorothy Day story / Paulist Pictures ; produced by Ellwood E. Kieser ; directed by Michael Ray Rhodes ; written by John Wells.. .
344.Evenings upstairs : a meeting of angels : Thomas Merton and the Shakers / Paul M Pearson.. .
345.Exile and homecoming in Thomas Merton. Grayston, Donald.
346.Experimental jazz meditation.. Merton, Thomas.
347.Explanation of Good Friday. Section on mental illness.. Merton, Thomas.
348.Explanation of Holy Thursday.. Merton, Thomas.
349.Extemporaneous remarks speaking of monks at the first spiritual summit conference in Calcutta.. Merton, Thomas.
350.Faces on faith. / An interview with Huston Smith. .
351.Facing the truth of life. Merton, Thomas.
352.Facing the truth of life / Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
353.Faith and prayer. Merton, Thomas.
354.Faith and prayer. Merton, Thomas.
355.Father Gregory Borgstedt, O.S.B. Novice master at Mount Saviour. Borgstedt, Gregory.
356.Father Stephen. Muir: Mythical imagination.. Merton, Thomas.
357.Fathers: Sacred Heart: African Fathers. Classical Roman Literature.. Merton, Thomas.
358.Faulkner: Classical values in Faulkner.. Merton, Thomas.
359.Feast of St. Robert (partial). Merton, Thomas.
360.Feast of the circumcision. The new directory how to determine God's will.. Merton, Thomas.
361.Feast of the Presentation - oriental tenents.. Merton, Thomas.
362.Final integration for Merton through interreligious dialogue / James Conner, OCSO, introduced by Robert G. Grip.. .
363.Final script of Merton, a film biography. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
364.Fire side chat, February 2, 1968.. Merton, Thomas.
365.Firewatch ; the life of Thomas Merton / pre-film by Stephen Frank. .
366.First Kansas Merton Conference - Question and revelation : Thomas Merton's Recovery, Ground of Birth. Daggy, Robert E..
367.First Kansas Merton Conference : November 12-14, 1993. .
368.For the living of these days / Kate Campbell with Spooner Oldham. Campbell, Kate, 1961- Performer..
369.Forgetting Ourselves on Purpose : Vocation and the Ethics of Ambition - Brian J. Mahan lecture. Mahan, Brian.
370.Formation of conscience. Merton, Thomas.
371.Four exterior degrees of humility. (8-12). Merton, Thomas.
372.Fourth degree of humility. Merton, Thomas.
373.Fr. Adam Schall. Carthage - the Punic Wars.. Merton, Thomas.
374.Fr. Dan Berrigan first talk to choir novices. Berrigan, Daniel.
375.Fr. Dan Berrigan's last talk to the novices. Berrigan, Daniel.
376.Fr. Eudes.. Bamberger, John Eudes.
377.Fr. Eudes.. Bamberger, John Eudes.
378.Fr. Flavian Burns, O.C.S.O., presentation on Dan Walsh, August 28, 1976. Burns, Flavian.
379.Fr. John Boyd, S.J.: Christian patterns in the poetry of Thomas Merton, Renascence meeting, New York (side a); Fr. Bernard McMahon: Response to Fr. John Boyd (side b).. .
380.Fr. John Loftus memorial and Thomas Merton memorial (side a); Jack Birdwhistle- Thomas Merton and Karl Bart (side b), January 30, 1976. .
381.Fr. Kilcourse on Thomas Merton. .
382.Fr. Kilcourse on Thomas Merton. .
383.Fr. Kilcourse on Thomas Merton. .
384.Fr. Matthew Kelty. Kelty, Matthew.
385.Frederic Collins / produced by Morgan Atkinson.. .
386.Freedom and spontaneity.. Merton, Thomas.
387.Freedom in Epictetus. Rilke - "The Donators".. Merton, Thomas.
388.Freedom in Sartre vs Christian freedom in Marcel.. Merton, Thomas.
389.French country and children's songs. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
390.French lecture with interpreter.. Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968?.
391.Friends of Merton 4 ; audio recordings and readings [undated]. .
392.Friendship in the monastery - particular friendships.. Merton, Thomas.
393.Friendship.. Merton, Thomas.
394.From here (and now) to eternity : the wisdom of Thomas Merton. Culliford, Larry.
395.From outside in to inside out: a psycho-spiritual journey of connection. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Fournier, Rich.
396.Future of Tibet.. .
397.General Session. Catherine de Hueck Doherty Roundtable : Lorene Hanley Duquin, Fr. Patrick McNulty and Bonnie Staib.. .
398.Gerard Manley Hopkins.. Merton, Thomas.
399.German poets after world war II and hagiography.. Merton, Thomas.
400.Gethsemani / produced by Morgan Atkinson.. .
401.Gethsemani [videorecording] / written and produced by Morgan Atkinson. .
402.Gethsemani 100th Celebration. .
403.Gethsemani meetings: Contemplative life and the resurrection. Non violence. Part 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
404.Gethsemani meetings: Contemplative life and the resurrection. Non violence. Part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
405.Gethsemani meetings: peace movements continued. Community life and renewal, hermits. Part 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
406.Gethsemani meetings: Prophetic life. Part 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
407.Gethsemani meetings: Prophetic life. Part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
408.Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
409.Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
410.Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
411.Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
412.Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
413.Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
414.Gethsemani meetings: silence - peace movements. Part 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
415.Gethsemani meetings: silence - peace movements. Part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
416.Gethsemani meetings: Thoughts and reflections. Part 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
417.Gethsemani meetings: Thoughts and reflections. Part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
418.Gnosis Alexandrian spirituality. Clement.. Merton, Thomas.
419.God is dead theology - theology in its last gasp. Marxism and its aim toward action and revolution.. Merton, Thomas.
420.God's love, dynamic in our lives.. Merton, Thomas.
421.Grace.. Merton, Thomas.
422.Greek tragedy.. Merton, Thomas.
423.Greek tragedy.. Merton, Thomas.
424.Greek tragedy.. Merton, Thomas.
425.Greek Tragedy.. Merton, Thomas.
426.Greek tragedy.. Merton, Thomas.
427.Gregory of Nyssa and the origin of our thoughts.. Merton, Thomas.
428.Growing up in society (beyond the social world). Tree of life. Loss of self.. Merton, Thomas.
429.Guest speaker, orthodox Ivan Englesicvich, fugate?. Englesicvich, Ivan.
430.Guigo on celebrating the sabbath; fear and desire versus love and freedom.. Merton, Thomas.
431.Guigo, the Carthusian: on love.. Merton, Thomas.
432.Gurus and Jesus ; The Jesus prayer. Merton, Thomas.
433.Gurus and Jesus.. Merton, Thomas.
434.Hassidism: the prophetic vision continued.. Merton, Thomas.
435.He who is blessed / a joint production of Tutto Buono and The Shaking Ray Levi Society.. .
436.Healing powers of tone and chant / Don G. Campbell and Tim Wilson. Campbell, Don.
437.Hearing voices. Thomas Merton.. .
438.Hegel's criticism of interiority.. Merton, Thomas.
439.Henri Nouwen and Thomas Merton : Kindred spirits.. Whitney-Brown, Carolyn.
440.Here am I, send me : the journey of Jonathan Daniels / produced by Lawrence Benaquist and William Sullivan.. .
441.Here am I, send me : the journey of Jonathan Daniels / produced by Lawrence Benaquist and William Sullivan.. .
442.Heretic blood : an audiobiography of Thomas Merton / produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.. .
443.Hermits: Breaking the heart. N.C.R.. Merton, Thomas.
444.Heroes and heroines / an Ikonographics production ; a Franciscan Communications DVD ; directed & produced by Jim Cronin ; written by Doug Fisher.. .
445.He's plenty near A musical work featuring the voice of Thomas Merton 1915-1968 / Produced, written,performed, and recorded by Nick Hogarth.. Merton, Thomas.
446.His Holiness the Dalai Lama; excerpts from a documentary.. .
447.His name is John / Anthony T. Padovano.. .
448.History of Cistercian order.. Merton, Thomas.
449.History of the examination of conscience and its use in monastic life.. Merton, Thomas.
450.Holy Ghost: Pentecost. Faith in the world today.. Merton, Thomas.
451.Holy rule. Merton, Thomas.
452.Holy rule, humility, conversion of manners, 4th degree. Merton, Thomas.
453.Holy rule: 1st degree of humility. Merton, Thomas.
454.Holy rule: 5th degree of humility. Interior openness with superiors.. Merton, Thomas.
455.Home Movie of Thomas Merton (same as Colleen O'Callaghan's Birthday Picnic but without extra baby footage at the end). .
456.Honoring the Merton legacy / Sr. Mary Luke Tobin. Tobin, Mary Luke, 1908-.
457.How do we enter the heart and what do we find after entering / Kallistos Ware, Orthodox Bishop of Diokleia.. .
458.Hromadka, God is dead theology. Forms of dialectical thought.. Merton, Thomas.
459.Hromadka: a Christian theologian under communism.. Merton, Thomas.
460.Humility - 4th degree.. Merton, Thomas.
461.Humility, 7th degree; self-degradation.. Merton, Thomas.
462.Humility: the 4th degree. Psychological aspects of heroic humility.. Merton, Thomas.
463.'I spoke most of prayer:' Thomas Merton on prayer : September 11, 1968 - October 11, 1968.. Thurston, Bonnie Bowman.
464.Idealization, an obstacle to God. Love in concrete.. Merton, Thomas.
465.Ideas on use of audio tape.. Merton, Thomas.
466.Ideas on virginity. The Castle by Kafka.. Merton, Thomas.
467.Idolatry.. Merton, Thomas.
468.Il testamento di Thomas Merton (footage of Thomas Merton's last day in Bangkok with commentary in Italian). .
469.Imagination in the life of prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
470.Imitating God according to St. Thomas; likeness versus imitation.. Merton, Thomas.
471.Impressions of Giverny : for Thomas Merton / composed and performed by John Hood. Hood, John.
472.In the arms of God. Merton, Thomas.
473.In the arms of God. Merton, Thomas.
474.In the Dark before Dawn: Thomas Merton, Poet - 'A ray of that truth which enlightens all': Thomas Merton, poetic language and inter-religious dialogue. Thurston, Bonnie Bowman.
475.In the Dark before Dawn: Thomas Merton, Poet - 'Following the echo': Merton's mystical poetics. Szabo, Lynn.
476.In the Dark before Dawn: Thomas Merton, Poet - 'Once more relish versing': the strange islands and Merton's 'return' to poetry. O'Connell, Patrick F..
477.In the Dark before Dawn: Thomas Merton, Poet - Panel of poets who knew Thomas Merton - Jonathan Greene, Paul Quenon and Ron Seitz.. Smock, Frederick.
478.In the Dark before Dawn: Thomas Merton, Poet - Poetry and contemplation in Thomas Merton. Labrie, Ross.
479.In the Dark before Dawn: Thomas Merton, Poet - Vectors on Lograire: lamentation as liberation. Kilcourse, George, 1947-.
480.In the footsteps of Thomas Merton : the great problem, alienation from self; silence and solitude; prayer and contemplation; message of contemplatives. .
481.In the image of God. Merton, Thomas.
482.Inner and outer poverty. Merton, Thomas.
483.Insert L.S.T. 4 Chastity. Temperance.. Merton, Thomas.
484.Interior solitude, May 4, 1973. Leclercq, Jean, 1911-1993.
485.International Thomas Merton Society Chapter Meeting, Houston, Texas, April 28, 1988 (Part 1 of 2). .
486.International Thomas Merton Society Chapter Meeting, Houston, Texas, April 28, 1988 (Part 2 of 2). .
487.Interpreting the holy rule.. Merton, Thomas.
488.Interview at the Hermitage, Gethsemani, Ky. with Carrington Fox, Sarah Lansdell, Bill Mann and Patrick Hart. Nov. 6, 1969.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
489.Interview of Richard Marcus, nephew of Robert Lax : memories of Lax and Thomas Merton (undated). Marcus, Richard.
490.Interview with James Morissey, reporter for the Courier-Journal who wrote "Talks with and about Thomas Merton: Man, Monk, Myth." 1966/01/23. .
491.Interview with Sr. Mary Madeline Abdelnour regarding Merton; WHAS "Your Catholic Visitor" with Fr. John Morgan, December 12, 1971. Abdelnour, Mary Madeline, Sr., S.C.N..
492.Interview with Sr. Therese Lentfoehr by Wade Hall; April 9, 1978, Louisville, KY. Lentfoehr, Thérèse, 1902-.
493.Interviews from Georges Linieres, Naomi Burton Stone, Robert Giroux, and Rosemary Ruether. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
494.Into a more perfect order. .
495.Into great silence [videorecording] = Le grand silence = Die grosse Stille / Philip Gröning ; Zeitgeist Films... [et al.]. .
496.Introduction of novice brothers to classes.. Merton, Thomas.
497.Introduction to Church fathers : introduction to the Church fathers. Merton, Thomas.
498.Introduction to the Church Fathers. Merton, Thomas.
499.Introduction to the life and thought of Thomas Merton - lecture by Fr. Patrick Reardon, "Merton's understanding of the Church," March 20, 1972. .
500.Introduction to the life and thought of Thomas Merton - lectures by Glenn Hinson, "Many Faces of Merton," February 21, 1972; and Ron Seitz, "Merton's Poetry," February 28, 1972. .
501.Introduction to the life and thought of Thomas Merton - lectures by Raymond Bailey, "Merton's Spiritual Legacy," March 6, 1972; and Fr. Eugene Zoeller, "Merton's Theology," March 13, 1972. .
502.Introduction to the life and thought of Thomas Merton - reading Merton's poetry from Selected poems at Bellarmine, February 28, 1972. Seitz, Ron.
503.Introduction: return to the source: St. Jerome.. Merton, Thomas.
504.Introductory remarks by W. H. Ferry (see Thomas Merton speaks of his upcoming trip to Asia).. Ferry, Wilbur Hugh "Ping", 1910-1995.
505.Irenaeus, redemption and resurrection. The essence of Christian theology.. Merton, Thomas.
506.Irish art.. Merton, Thomas.
507.Irish monks on mystic life.. Merton, Thomas.
508.Irish monks on mysticism. Merton, Thomas.
509.Irish monks. Points on the mystic life in the Far East, Nirvana.. Merton, Thomas.
510.Is monasticism Christian? - A lay theologian's attack. Time in "The Sound and the Fury." [The Sound and the Fury: The Sense of Time.]. Merton, Thomas.
511.Isaac of Stella on hesychastic prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
512.Jacqueline Roberts sings the music of John Jacobs Niles : including poetry by Thomas Merton. Niles, John Jacob, 1892-.
513.James Laughlin memorial, January 9, 1998. .
514.James Laughlin speech in Fiction Room of the library at Bellarmine. Laughlin, James, 1914-.
515.Jewish book on unity - Martin Buber's The Way of Man.. Merton, Thomas.
516.Jewish Hasidism - mysticism, existentialism. (Tension.). Merton, Thomas.
517.Jewish mysticism, March 22, 1972. Goldman, Albert, Rabbi.
518.John Howard Griffin, The meaning of Thomas Merton (part 1 of 2), Oberlin College, Ohio, November 13, 1972; Merton Festival of Northern Ohio.. .
519.Journey of the heart : the life of Henri Nouwen / a presentation of WTTW/Chicago ; producer/director, Karen Pascal ; writers, Will Finlay, Karen Pascal ; produced by Windborne Productions.. .
520.Joyce - Dubliners.. Merton, Thomas.
521.Joyce - Dubliners. Three possible directions for future monasticism.. Merton, Thomas.
522.Joyce - Introduction - Aesthetics.. Merton, Thomas.
523.Julian Sabbas, Syrian monk and liturgical prayer. Discovery of America.. Merton, Thomas.
524.Justice for all of creation. Merton, Thomas.
525.Karl Jaspers and ideas on God's existence. Aetheria's Pilgrimage.. Merton, Thomas.
526.Kentucky friends remember Thomas Merton / Thomas Merton Center Foundation.. .
527.Kentucky friends remember Thomas Merton / Thomas Merton Center Foundation.. .
528.Keynote address by Myriam Dardenne for the Seventh General Meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society.. International Thomas Merton Society. General Meeting (7th : 2001 : Louisville, Ky).
529.King [videorecording] : man of peace in a time of war / Passport International Entertainment ; executive producer, Dante J. Pugliese ; producer, Steve Stoliar. .
530.L.S.T. #3 Christian learning. Background of monastic living. Augustine.. Merton, Thomas.
531.L.S.T. philo-Greek philosopher. Merton, Thomas.
532.La Abadía Cisterciense de Sta. María de Viaceli 1909-2009 [electronic resource]. .
533.Lampton Farm, Merton Center, July 21, 1996. .
534.Large view of early European Cistercians.. Merton, Thomas.
535.Laudate Dominum. Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani (Trappist, Ky.). Choir.
536.Laudate Dominum. Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani (Trappist, Ky.). Choir.
537.Laudate Dominum. Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani (Trappist, Ky.). Choir.
538.Laudate Dominum. Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani (Trappist, Ky.). Choir.
539.Laudate Dominum. Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani (Trappist, Ky.). Choir.
540.Laudate Dominum - Sung by the Trappist Monks of the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani : Program notes by Thomas Merton (Father Louis) on slipcase. .
541.Laudate Dominum - Sung by the Trappist Monks of the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani : Program notes by Thomas Merton (Father Louis) on slipcase. .
542.Lecture by Dan Walsh.. Walsh, Daniel Clark, 1907-1978.
543.Lecture by Huston Smith on Meeting Thomas Merton in India, 1968. Smith, Huston.
544.Lecture by Jim Forest at the Passionist Seminary, March 19, 1972. Forest, Jim (James H.).
545.Lecture given June 27, 1998. Chittick, William C..
546.Lectures and discussions in Abell Board Room and Frazier Hall, March 23, 1999.. Milosz, Czeslaw.
547.Lectures by Fr. Gregory Baum - "The God Problem," and "Man Becoming," February 15, 1972. Baum, Gregory, 1923-.
548.Lenten fast. Abelard's theology.. Merton, Thomas.
549.Letter of St. Bernard to Robert. Peter the Venerable's letter of defence.. Merton, Thomas.
550.Liberal arts in the middle ages. Origin of books. Cassiodorus.. Merton, Thomas.
551.Library change. Gospel of the man born blind. Religious obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
552.Life and afterlife : Tape 1. Merton, Thomas.
553.Life and afterlife : Tape 2. Merton, Thomas.
554.Life and celebration. Merton, Thomas.
555.Life and community. Merton, Thomas.
556.Life and contemplation. Merton, Thomas.
557.Life and God's love. Merton, Thomas.
558.Life and God's love : Tape 1. Merton, Thomas.
559.Life and God's love : Tape 2. Merton, Thomas.
560.Life and God's love : Tape 3. Merton, Thomas.
561.Life and holiness / read by Mark Taheny. Merton, Thomas.
562.Life and prayer: journey in Christ. Merton, Thomas.
563.Life and prayer: the desert source. Merton, Thomas.
564.Life and prayer: the Jesus prayer. Merton, Thomas.
565.Life and prophecy. Merton, Thomas.
566.Life and solitude. Merton, Thomas.
567.Life and the Holy Spirit. Merton, Thomas.
568.Life and truth. Merton, Thomas.
569.Life and work. Merton, Thomas.
570.Life at Gethsemani : The tradition continues.. .
571.Life of prayer. Opportunities for self sufficiency in the cloistered community.. Merton, Thomas.
572.Life of silence : Merton and Nouwen as brothers / Julia Upton, RSM. Upton, Julia.
573.Life of silence : Merton and Nouwen as brothers / Michael J. Christensen. Christensen, Michael J..
574.Life of the early cistercian brothers.. Merton, Thomas.
575.Literature and theology. James Joyce.. Merton, Thomas.
576.Liturgical constitution of the Vatican council.. Merton, Thomas.
577.Liturgical schema of the Vatican council.. Merton, Thomas.
578.Liturgy. Blake's poetry.. Merton, Thomas.
579.Live at the Curran Theater / Lenny Bruce.. Bruce, Lenny.
580.Live at the Curran Theater / Lenny Bruce.. Bruce, Lenny.
581.Living Bread / [Thomas Merton] ; read by Cynthia Spiatt. Merton, Thomas.
582.Living the rule today : Merton's response to Benedict's obedience as the paradox of freedom. Kramer, Dewey W..
583.Living the story : the civil rights movement in Kentucky / Kentucky Oral History Commission ; a program of the Kentucky Historical Society in Education, Arts and Humanities Council.. .
584.Lou Silverman: Merton, a Judaic appreciation, December 1, 1972 (side 1); Frederick Kelly: Merton's social criticism (side 2), November 30, 1972. Merton Festival of Northern Ohio.. Silberman, Lou H..
585.Louisville life. No. 309. .
586.Love and hope : Tape 1. Merton, Thomas.
587.Love and hope : Tape 2. Merton, Thomas.
588.Love and purity of heart. Merton, Thomas.
589.Love and purity of heart. Merton, Thomas.
590.Love and the search for God. Merton, Thomas.
591.Love casts out fear. Merton, Thomas.
592.Love casts out fear. Merton, Thomas.
593.Love for the world.. Merton, Thomas.
594.Love is enough. Merton, Thomas.
595.Love is enough. Merton, Thomas.
596.Love of the law and the law of love : personal epiphanies and powerful stories of Louisville attorneys and civic leaders / Narrated by Donald H. Vish.. .
597.Loving kindness and active peace / with H.H.The Dalai Lama and H.E. Tai Situpa.. Bstan-'dzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935-.
598.Loving kindness and active peace / with H.H.The Dalai Lama and H.E. Tai Situpa.. Bstan-'dzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935-.
599.Lucien Miller on Thomas Merton. .
600.Lyric Poetry. Merton, Thomas.
601.Lyric poetry. Merton, Thomas.
602.Madness and civilization by Michel Foucault. Cargo cults.. Merton, Thomas.
603.Madness and civilization.(Repeats tape #212:3). Merton, Thomas.
604.Make your life count: the practice of revolutionary nonviolence from Jesus to Merton to ourselves, September 17, 1998 / Rev. John Dear, S.J.. .
605.Man alive: Monk on the run [videorecording]. .
606.Martin E. Marty interview / Interviewed by Vaughn Fayle. Marty, Martin E., 1928-.
607.Marxism and the monk - church decrees on Marxism.. Merton, Thomas.
608.Mary: light and temple. Merton, Thomas.
609.Mary: light and temple. Merton, Thomas.
610.Mary's message from the angel. Grace. Heaven according to St. Anselm.. Merton, Thomas.
611.Mass communication.. Merton, Thomas.
612.Maturity in religious life. Merton, Thomas.
613.Me and my shadow, a play about Thomas Merton. Stewart, Bruce.
614.Meaning of "Trappist"; St. Climacus; De Rance and drama.. Merton, Thomas.
615.Meaning of monastic spirituality. Merton, Thomas.
616.Meaning of monastic spirituality / Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
617.Meaning of solitude / Esther De Waal, John E.King.. De Waal, Esther.
618.Meditation in daily life. Finley, James J..
619.Meditation in daily life : a Merton based spirituality. Finley, James J..
620.Meditations with Merton. Vandergrift, Nicki Verploegen.
621.Meditations with Merton. Vandergrift, Nicki Verploegen.
622.Meeting Thomas Merton in India, 1968 : lecture by Huston Smith. Smith, Huston.
623.Meinrad Craighead : Praying with images / Meinrad Craighead.. .
624.Memories of Thomas Merton, All Things Considered on National Public Radio, December 22, 1979. .
625.Memory and reconstruction : the Scylla and Charybdis of the spiritual diarist (a riff on Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen). Higgins, Michael W..
626.Mercy within Mercy within Mercy : presidential address for the Seventh General Meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society.. International Thomas Merton Society. General Meeting (7th : 2001 : Louisville, Ky).
627.Merton - the friend. Wygal, James.
628.Merton - the philospher. Walsh, Daniel Clark, 1907-1978.
629.Merton : a film biography / producers, Paul Wilkes and Audrey Laurine Glynn ; director, Paul Wilkes.. .
630.Merton : a story of conversion. Ruttle, Paul, C.P., 1953-.
631.Merton : aspects of his life / Arthur W.Biddle, Sheila M. Hempstead.. .
632.Merton : international insights / FernandoBeltran Llavador, Paul M. Pearson, Catharina Stenqvist.. .
633.Merton ; a film biography / producers, Paul Wilkes and Audrey Laurine Glynn ; director, Paul Wilkes.. .
634.Merton 101 : a beginner's guide / Robert E. Daggy.. Daggy, Robert E..
635.Merton and compassion. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Burrus, Barry G..
636.Merton and continental writers. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Pearson, Paul M..
637.Merton and Eastern thinkers. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Griffith, Sidney Harrison, 1938-.
638.Merton and ecology. O'Hara, Dennis.
639.Merton and economics / Joan Combs and Stephen J. Wolf. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Combs, Joan.
640.Merton and education / J.T. Ledbetter ; Gloria Kitto Lewis ; Bonnie Bowman Thurston. (A huge chorus of living beings.). .
641.Merton and ethics / Deborah Anderson, JimHartz, Kenneth M. Voiles.. .
642.Merton and evangelical traditions. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Maddox, Sylvia Hutcherson.
643.Merton and Friends at Merton's Ordination. .
644.Merton and Friends at Merton's Ordination with commentary by Patrick Hart (commentary date unknown). .
645.Merton and his dreams : a creative dream groupworkshop / Rose Gordy.. Gordy, Rose.
646.Merton and his writings / Arthur W. Biddle ; Edward R. Heidt ; Patrick F. O'Connell. (A huge chorus of living beings.). .
647.Merton and hope. Fullerton, Tim.
648.Merton and Islam : a conversation with Merton's correspondent and friend, Herbert Mason / Herbert Mason, introduced and interviewed by Sidney Harrison Griffith.. .
649.Merton and Medieval roots. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Pennington, M. Basil.
650.Merton and multiculturalism / Sidney H. Griffith, Patrick F. O'Connell, J.S. Porter.. .
651.Merton and mysticism / Thomas Del Prete, MarieGoldstein, Donald Nugent.. .
652.Merton and other poets / Christian Hempstead,Michael W. Higgins, J.T. Ledbetter.. .
653.Merton and patterns of wholeness. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Mayer, Elsie F., 1930-.
654.Merton and social responsibility. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Goulet, Jacques 1933-.
655.Merton and southern writers : George Kilcourse, Raymond Wilkie and Lynne Elwell. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Kilcourse, George, 1947-.
656.Merton and spirituality / Robert Hale ; Bill Koch; Ray Wilkie. (A huge chorus of living beings.). .
657.Merton and stability / Christine M. Bochen, Jonathan Montaldo, Raymond Wilkie.. Bochen, Christine M..
658.Merton and the Bible. Apel, William.
659.Merton and the East. Chura, Walt.
660.Merton and the end of nature : a panel discussion / Thomas Donlin-Smith, Donald P. St. John, Monica Weis.. .
661.Merton and the feminine : re-reading Merton'srelationship with 'M'. Bochen, Christine M.; and Suzanne Zuercher.
662.Merton and the human community / John Dear ; Sidney H. Griffith ; William H. Shannon. (A huge chorus of living beings.). .
663.Merton and the natural world / Sheila M. Hempstead ; Donald P. St. John ; Monica Weis. (A huge chorus of living beings.). .
664.Merton and the Quiz Show scandal : America's loss of innocence. Daggy, Robert E..
665.Merton and the theologians / Michael W. Higgins; Richard W. Kropf; Karl A. Plank. (A huge chorus of living beings.). .
666.Merton and the visual world / Dorothy Bosch Keller ; Donna Kristoff. (A huge chorus of living beings.). .
667.Merton and time before : Ross Labrie, Monica Weis and Walt Chura. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Labrie, Ross.
668.Merton and transcultural identity / Cyrus Lee,Erlinda G. Paguio, N.S. Xavier.. .
669.Merton and writers / David Belcastro ; Christine M. Bochen ; Robert E. Daggy. (A huge chorus of living beings.). .
670.Merton and youth. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Kiernan, Jeffrey T..
671.Merton as spiritual director / James Conner.. Conner, James.
672.Merton beyond boundaries. Belcastro, David.
673.Merton on birds. Experimental reading - Samuel Beckett. Reads some of his own new poetry.. Merton, Thomas.
674.Merton Project ; interview with Gladys Lax Marcus. .
675.Merton Project Sample. .
676.Merton reads his own poetry - The Originators; A Round and a Hope for Smith Girls; A Carol; What Troubles I have Seen in Birdlegged Spring.. Merton, Thomas.
677.Merton reads his poetry from the prologue to The Geography of Lograire - The Endless Description - and from the North Canto - Queens Tunnel.. Merton, Thomas.
678.Merton Research Institute Conference, Marshall University (West Virginia) - Tape 1 of 4 - Robert Daggy and Ermel Stepp. .
679.Merton Research Institute Conference, Marshall University (West Virginia) - Tape 2 of 4 - Alan Altany and Ken Craven. .
680.Merton Research Institute Conference, Marshall University (West Virginia) - Tape 3 of 4 - Bonnie Thurston. .
681.Merton Research Institute Conference, Marshall University (West Virginia) - Tape 4 of 4 - James Conner, O.C.S.O.. .
682.Merton sings Eastertide chants.. Merton, Thomas.
683.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
684.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
685.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
686.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
687.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
688.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
689.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
690.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
691.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
692.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
693.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
694.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
695.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
696.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
697.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
698.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
699.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
700.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
701.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
702.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
703.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
704.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
705.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
706.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
707.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
708.Merton sings Gregorian chant.. Merton, Thomas.
709.Merton the literary figure / Christine JensenHogan, Elsie F. Mayer, Mary Murray.. .
710.Merton the poet. O'Connell, Patrick F..
711.Merton the teacher and teaching Merton / Jeffrey T. Kiernan, Gloria Kitto Lewis, Sylvia Hutcherson Maddox.. .
712.Merton, a film biography (Merton project) - Wild track at Cambridge lawn party; and Oakham, flute and organ. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
713.Merton, JFK and the unspeakable. Douglass, James W..
714.Merton, Monasticism, and Our Work in the World / Parker Palmer (40th Anniversary of Merton Collection Lectures). .
715.Merton, some governing images / Erlinda G.Paguio ; Paul M. Pearson ; Kenneth M. Voiles. (A huge chorus of living beings.). .
716.Merton, some literary comparisons / Ross Labrie; Elena Malits ; J. S. Porter. (A huge chorus of living beings.). .
717.Merton: an enneagram profile. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Zuercher, Suzanne.
718.Merton's America. Labrie, Ross.
719.Merton's Columbia crossroad. Callaghan, Michael J..
720.Merton's East-West reflections / Anne E. Carr. (A huge chorus of living beings.). Carr, Anne E..
721.Merton's holographic notebooks on William Faulkner / James Y. Holloway ; Mark Saderholm. (A huge chorus of living beings.). Holloway, James Y., 1927-.
722.Merton's path to wholeness. Goulet, Jacques, 1933-.
723.Merton's Peace Symphony being a celebration of the life and writings of Thomas Merton / by George Philip Koonce. Koonce, George Philip.
724.Merton's poetry / Bill Koch, Paul Quenon, Johan Seynnaeve.. .
725.Merton's reflections on the meetings.. Merton, Thomas.
726.Merton's sense of place. Pearson, Paul M..
727.Message of contemplatives to modern men. "Man to man." Part 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
728.Message of contemplatives to modern men. "Man to man." Part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
729.Message to Loretto nuns on life of prayer centered on God - Balance and grace. Merton, Thomas.
730.Mid-Winter poetry reading - J. T. Ledbetter. .
731.Mississippi racial problems. St. Ephrem.. Merton, Thomas.
732.Modern ascetism as contrasted with that in St. Bernard's time.. Merton, Thomas.
733.Monastic community.. Merton, Thomas.
734.Monastic community.. Merton, Thomas.
735.Monastic doctrine of Abelard.Vow of obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
736.Monastic education. Prayers - letters.. Merton, Thomas.
737.'Monastic in his own way' : Thomas Merton and Leonard Cohen / Donald Grayston, introduced by Paul M. Pearson.. .
738.Monastic renewal, monastic reform. Taize.. Merton, Thomas.
739.Monastic renewal. Introduction by W. H. Ferry, followed by Merton's talk and discussion. Unedited version of #190 tracks 1 and 2.. Merton, Thomas.
740.Monastic spirituality / Citeaux. Merton, Thomas.
741.Monastic spirituality /Citeaux / Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
742.Monastic spirituality : Part II. Merton, Thomas.
743.Monastic spirituality at founding of Citeaux.. Merton, Thomas.
744.Monastic spirituality II / Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
745.Monastic spirituality, it's meaning.. Merton, Thomas.
746.Monastic spirituality.. Merton, Thomas.
747.Monastic spirituality; life as a journey.. Merton, Thomas.
748.Monastic spirituality; love overcoming evil.. Merton, Thomas.
749.Monastic spirituality; the way.. Merton, Thomas.
750.Monastic spirituality; true and false self in St. Paul.. Merton, Thomas.
751.Monastic tradition.. Merton, Thomas.
752.Monk's panel 2006 : ITMS scholars retreat - James Conner, Paul Quenon and Chrysogonus Waddell.. .
753.Monk's panel 2008 : ITMS scholars retreat - Michael Cassagram, James Conner, Patrick Hart and Paul Quenon.. .
754.Monk's panel 2010 : ITMS scholars retreat - James Conner, Patrick Hart, Matthew Kelty and Paul Quenon.. .
755.Morality of human acts.. Merton, Thomas.
756.More on Kafka.. Merton, Thomas.
757.Morning mass text - Saturday before passion Sunday.Abelard and Bernard.. Merton, Thomas.
758.Mr. Guy Owen: Author of "Ballad of the Flim Flam Man" talks about his poetry and novels. First lecturer in the Thomas Merton Seminar Series. Feb. 12, 1971.. Owen, Guy, 1925-.
759.Mr. Tony Walsh choir novitiate. Walsh, Anthony, 1899-1994.
760.My life with the saints / James Martin ; read by the author. Martin, James, S.J..
761.My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going: an interactive reflection on Thomas Merton's famous prayer. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Jackson, Augustine.
762.Mystic life.. Merton, Thomas.
763.Mystic self annihilation.. Merton, Thomas.
764.Mystical union in the global community : Thomas Merton's radical interiority. Lanzetta, Beverly.
765.Natural contemplation. Merton, Thomas.
766.Natural experience of God - St. Basil.. Merton, Thomas.
767.Need of modern man to be "turned on". LSD.. Merton, Thomas.
768.Nel fragoroso silenzio di Dio. Poeta, Marco.
769.New Mexico Merton Society inaugural lecture, January 28, 1994 : Ground of birth. Daggy, Robert E..
770.New morning - television program, show #237, 2002, Merton's death anniversary in show's almanac. .
771.New Seeds of Contemplation (abridged). Merton, Thomas.
772.New seeds of contemplation / Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
773.New seeds of contemplation / Thomas Merton.]. Merton, Thomas.
774.No man is an island / Thomas Merton ; read by Jonathan Montaldo.. Merton, Thomas.
775.Non-violence. Bettelheim, non-violent behavior in concentration camps.. Miller, William Robert, 1927-1970; and Paul Peachey.
776.Norman monasticism XI century.. Merton, Thomas.
777.Notes on Brian Wicker and on Leslie Dewart's book The Future of Belief. Merton, Thomas.
778.Notes on Sufi Ibn Al Arabi and Shoshonean Indians.. Merton, Thomas.
779.Notes on Sufi Ibn Al Arabi.. Merton, Thomas.
780.Novices under Merton ; interview with Br. Harold, Br. Paul Quenon and Fr. Matthew Kelty. .
781.Nuclear test ban. Peter the Venerable's reply concerning Benedictine life.. Merton, Thomas.
782.Nuclear testing. Merton, Thomas.
783.Nuclear war. White, Patrick, 1912-.
784.Obedience : a means of letting go. Merton, Thomas.
785.Ocean of wisdom: the life of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama.. .
786.Of gods and men / director: Xavier Beauvois. .
787.Of thanks and wonder / Kathleen Deignan, CND with Anima Schola. Schola.
788.On Cassian. Merton, Thomas.
789.On cassian, the Our Father. Perfect prayer. Highest degree of prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
790.On Cassian: belief. Merton, Thomas.
791.On chastity. Merton, Thomas.
792.On chastity. Merton, Thomas.
793.On chastity. Renunciation of human surrender.. Merton, Thomas.
794.On chastity. Sublimation. St. Therese of Liseux.. Merton, Thomas.
795.On chastity: Christian virginity. Merton, Thomas.
796.On humility. Merton, Thomas.
797.On humility in the monastic life. Merton, Thomas.
798.On prayer - Cassian. Merton, Thomas.
799.On Thomas Merton. Bourgeault, Cynthia.
800.Organically yours. Kent Hill and Friends.
801.Origen: his spiritual doctrine. Merton, Thomas.
802.Origin of philosophy in the West. Lecture by Dan Walsh.. Walsh, Daniel Clark, 1907-1978.
803.Origin of the book, history of the written manuscript and the printing press. Merton, Thomas.
804.Origin of vow of Chastity: marital chastity. Fragment of conference.. Merton, Thomas.
805.Original child bomb : meditations on the origin of the atomic age / an Unquiet project ; director, Carey Schonegevel ; producer, Holly Becker ; co-producers, Ayana Osada ; Carey Schonegevel.. .
806.Original child prophet : Merton and the nuclear menace. Grayston, Donald.
807.Origins of Celtic monasticism.. Merton, Thomas.
808.Our Father : perfect prayer. Merton, Thomas.
809.Our Father : perfect prayer. Merton, Thomas.
810.Our relation to God: The quality of our response. Merton, Thomas.
811.Our true nature is already enlightened (lecture with question and answer period); Professor Robert Thurman. .
812.Our vow of poverty - private property. Separation of "church" and "priest.". Merton, Thomas.
813.Our vows: their significance. Merton, Thomas.
814.Over population.. Merton, Thomas.
815.Padovano respondents : Michael Higgins and Thomas Del Prete. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Higgins, Michael W..
816.Palladius of Galatia, Lausiac History, and the Syriac desert fathers. De Rance and Mabillon.. Merton, Thomas.
817.Palm Sunday liturgy; Easter homily of Bl. Guerric of Igny.. Merton, Thomas.
818.Panel discussion on the Christology of Merton's poetry, December 7, 1978. Kilcourse, George, 1947-.
819.Part 3 of Workshop at Precious Blood Monastery.. Merton, Thomas.
820.Part of a record on the Shakers. "The singing nun.". Merton, Thomas.
821.Particular friendship.. Merton, Thomas.
822.Particular friendships: their treatment. Merton, Thomas.
823.Particular friendships: types of. Merton, Thomas.
824.Patience. Merton, Thomas.
825.Patrology - "Lactantius". Merton, Thomas.
826.Patrology continued; St. Jerome; prayer and solitude.. Merton, Thomas.
827.Patrology. Ancient monastic rules. Merton, Thomas.
828.Patrology: humanism and virginity. St. Ambrose. Merton, Thomas.
829.Patrology: St. Chrysostom. Merton, Thomas.
830.Patrology: the Our Father.. Merton, Thomas.
831.Patrology; Cassiodorus.. Merton, Thomas.
832.Patrology; St. Gregory the Great; love of God and neighbor.. Merton, Thomas.
833.PBS - Denver February 1997 on Thomas Merton. .
834.Penance and fasting.. Merton, Thomas.
835.Pentecost and Holy Spirit. Prayer, the person of Christ. St. Pachomius.. Merton, Thomas.
836.Pentecostalism. Cassian. (Why come to the monastery.) Purity of heart. Merton, Thomas.
837.Permanent conversion to God. Merton, Thomas.
838.Peter of Celles and monastic silence.. Merton, Thomas.
839.Philoxenus and degrees of Christian life.. Merton, Thomas.
840.Philoxenus and Lot's wife.. Merton, Thomas.
841.Philoxenus and simplicity.. Merton, Thomas.
842.Philoxenus on chastity.. Merton, Thomas.
843.Philoxenus.. Merton, Thomas.
844.Philoxenus. Advice to novices. Lot's wife.. Merton, Thomas.
845.Philoxenus: the monk, church and the world.. Merton, Thomas.
846.Place of a spiritual father in the life of a monk. Preparation for death.. Merton, Thomas.
847.Planetary smile Earthy God songs / Susan Cady, scribe of the mystics. Cady, Susan.
848.Pleasant Hill : remembered, restored, revisited. .
849.Poem in cargo movement.. Merton, Thomas.
850.Poems for hospital.. Merton, Thomas.
851.Poems for hospital. (Repeats tape #175a:1). Merton, Thomas.
852.Poems of Blake.. Merton, Thomas.
853.Poems of Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
854.Poetry - John Donne.. Merton, Thomas.
855.Poetry and imagination. Merton, Thomas.
856.Poetry and religious experience. Merton, Thomas.
857.Poetry and scripture. Merton, Thomas.
858.Poetry of paradise. Merton, Thomas.
859.Poetry of revelation. Merton, Thomas.
860.Poetry of Thomas Merton. .
861.Poetry reading. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Quenon, Paul.
862.Poetry, the Angelic Realm. Merton, Thomas.
863.Poetry.. Merton, Thomas.
864.Poetry.. Merton, Thomas.
865.Poetry. (Auden and Blake.). Merton, Thomas.
866.Poetry. (Peguey's Poem of Pilgrimage to Chartres). Merton, Thomas.
867.Poetry. (W. H. Auden and Blake.). Merton, Thomas.
868.Poetry. 16th century love poem - "Go, lovely rose." Edmund Waller.. Merton, Thomas.
869.Poetry. Songs. William Blake. Emily Dickinson.. Merton, Thomas.
870.Poetry. Theodore Roethke. Continuation of "Go, lovely rose." Dante Gabriel Rossetti - "Sudden Light.". Merton, Thomas.
871.Points concerning feud between Cistercians and Benedictines of the 12th C.. Merton, Thomas.
872.Poverty according to the Cistercian ideal.. Merton, Thomas.
873.Poverty according to the Cistercians - place of brothers in our life.. Merton, Thomas.
874.Poverty and religious experience. Merton, Thomas.
875.Poverty for the novice. Rules. Legal aspect.. Merton, Thomas.
876.Poverty in clothes and food.. Merton, Thomas.
877.Poverty in regards to culture and exceptions in monastic life.. Merton, Thomas.
878.Poverty in work.. Merton, Thomas.
879.Poverty.. Merton, Thomas.
880.Poverty. Eschatological movement.. Merton, Thomas.
881.Poverty. Eschatological movement. Cloistered living.. Merton, Thomas.
882.Poverty. Problem areas. Poverty equals efficiency.. Merton, Thomas.
883.Poverty: community/personal in the sixth degree of humility.. Merton, Thomas.
884.Poverty: the vocation of work. Merton, Thomas.
885.Prayer - our free time and what we do with it.. Merton, Thomas.
886.Prayer and action in Merton : the unbreakable connection. Tobin, Mary Luke, 1908-.
887.Prayer and commitment in Thomas Merton. Tobin, Mary Luke, 1908-.
888.Prayer and commitment in Thomas Merton. Tobin, Mary Luke, 1908-.
889.Prayer and meditation on the meaning of life.. Merton, Thomas.
890.Prayer and self growth. Merton, Thomas.
891.Prayer and self growth (prayer and self-growth). Merton, Thomas.
892.Prayer and spiritual direction.. Merton, Thomas.
893.Prayer and the active life. Merton, Thomas.
894.Prayer and the active life. Merton, Thomas.
895.Prayer and the yoke of Christ. Merton, Thomas.
896.Prayer and the yoke of Christ. Merton, Thomas.
897.Prayer at 10:04: A meditation inspired by the Asian Journal [of Thomas Merton] as a gift for the Dalai Lama by Morgan Atkinson. .
898.Prayer of Jesus.. Merton, Thomas.
899.Prayer workshop / Theophane Boyd.. Boyd, Theophane.
900.Prayer, the response of a creature. Merton, Thomas.
901.Prayer, the search for inner rest. Merton, Thomas.
902.Prayer: The search for inner rest. Merton, Thomas.
903.Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; evaluation of feasts/traditions.. Merton, Thomas.
904.Presidential address : [the heresy ofindividualism] / Bonnie B. Thurston. Sufi dancing / NeilDouglas.. Thurston, Bonnie Bowman.
905.Presidential address. (From the Springs of Compassion).. O'Connell, Patrick F..
906.President's death. St. Bernard's apologia.. Merton, Thomas.
907.Private cells: finding a place in spiritual life.. Merton, Thomas.
908.Profile of a Trappist yogi : a Tibetan Buddhist perspective / Judith Simmer-Brown, introduced by Donald Grayston.. .
909.Prophecy and commitment in Thomas Merton. Tobin, Mary Luke, 1908-.
910.Prophecy and commitment in Thomas Merton. Tobin, Mary Luke, 1908-.
911.Prophetic vision. Part 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
912.Prophetic vision. Part 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
913.Prophets. Sin and judgement.. Merton, Thomas.
914.Prophets.Prophetic life, spiritual trifling.. Merton, Thomas.
915.Prose and poetry on the passion.. Merton, Thomas.
916.Psalmus humanus and six prayers / text written and spoken by Albert Szent-Gy÷rgyi.. Szent-Györgyi, Albert, 1893-1986.
917.Pure love. Merton, Thomas.
918.Pure love. Merton, Thomas.
919.Purity and degrees of love according to Bernard and William of Thierry.. Merton, Thomas.
920.Quiz show / Hollywood Pictures presents a Wildwood Enterprises/Baltimore Pictures Production ; a Robert Redford film.. .
921.Qumran community.. Silberman, Lou H..
922.R.J. Zwi Werblowsky on St. John of the Cross.. Werblowsky, R. J. Zwi (Raphael Jehudah Zwi), 1924-.
923.Rabbi L. Silberman Dead Sea Scrolls. Silberman, Lou H..
924.Race situation. St. Basil, ascetical discourse.. Merton, Thomas.
925.Racism and Civil Rights. Alverno College, March 11, 1964. First lecture of the Sr. Jutta Lecture Series.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
926.Racism, 1st lecture and of the series, January 22, 1973.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
927.Racism, 2nd lecture and of the series, January 23, 1973.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
928.Racism, 3rd lecture and of the series, January 24, 1973.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
929.Racism, 4th lecture and of the series, January 26, 1973.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
930.Racism, 5th lecture and of the series, January 29, 1973.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
931.Racism, 6th lecture and of the series (final), January 30, 1973.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
932.Racism, lecture to high school students, January 26, 1973. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
933.Radio New Zealand Christmas service from Christ's College, Christchurch, New Zealand : commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Death of Thomas Merton / Raymond Schmack and Bosco Peters. Schmack, Raymond.
934.Raphael Prendergast / produced by Morgan Atkinson.. .
935.Reading from Geography of Lograire: The Ranters and Their Pleads (London); Fragments from South (Mexico) [8 min mark]; Fragments from East (South Seas), Cargo Cults [17]; Prologue to Boom! [52]; new poems [57]; Cables to the Ace Prologue-#22 [65 min-].. Merton, Thomas.
936.Reading from Reading from Cables to the Ace continued: #30, 32, 35-69 (French), 74, 85.. Merton, Thomas.
937.Reading, writing, realization. Nugent, Don..
938.Readings from journals about Niels Bohr, genetics, evolution, war, Nietzsche.. Merton, Thomas.
939.Readings from journals about Niels Bohr, genetics, evolution, war, Nietzsche. (Repeats tape #175a:2). Merton, Thomas.
940.Readings from The Geography of Lograire continued: Selections from "Queens Tunnel" (draft of Part I, 31-50).. Merton, Thomas.
941.Readings from The Geography of Lograire: "Notes for a New Liturgy" and selections from "Queens Tunnel" (draft of Part I, 1-30).. Merton, Thomas.
942.Readings on monastic life.. Merton, Thomas.
943.Readings: Faulkner. "The Deluge" and "The Wild Palms." [The Wild Palms: Theological Reflections.]. Merton, Thomas.
944.Reads from his journal for May 14, 1967 - Pentecost Sunday - and May 18. Eschatology.. Merton, Thomas.
945.Real meaning of holy week liturgy. Abbot Ammonas.. Merton, Thomas.
946.Reception of Thomas Merton's body in the community cloister - 1.15 pm, 12/17/1968.. Merton, Thomas.
947.Recruiting Merton : conjectures on ecological ethics. O'Hara, Dennis Patrick.
948.Redwoods. Cassian: renunciation of our own desires and own will.. Merton, Thomas.
949.Reflections by Merton's confreres on Merton as a teacher of faith and nonviolence (Revelation of Justice - Revolution of Love). Bamberger, John Eudes; Paul Quenon; and James Finley.
950.Reflections on Dom Flavians election.. Merton, Thomas.
951.Reflections on Thomas Merton : a conversation with Fr. Matthew Kelty.. .
952.Reform of Benedict of Aniane.. Merton, Thomas.
953.Relation of God to nature in Ibn Al Arabi. Union with God. Masao Abe and the dialogue between Buddhists and Christians. Martin Buber.. Merton, Thomas.
954.Relevance of Merton's ideas on racism to race relations inAustralia. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Goodwin-O'Neal, Beth.
955.Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. .
956.Religion and racism : Thomas Merton's insights for the twenty-first century. Phelps, Jamie T. (Jamie Therese), 1941-.
957.Religious obedience as freedom.. Merton, Thomas.
958.Religious obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
959.Religious principles of Greek tragedy. Merton, Thomas.
960.Religious renewal. Comments on book by Brian Wicker, Toward a Contemporary Christianity.. Merton, Thomas.
961.Religious renovation following the religious schema.. Merton, Thomas.
962.Religious schema.. Merton, Thomas.
963.Religious Silence.. Merton, Thomas.
964.Religious virginity.. Merton, Thomas.
965.Remarks on Cistercian Studies L.S.T. #8 Lactantius (cont.). Merton, Thomas.
966.Remarks on coming changes. Patrologia: St. Ephrem.. Merton, Thomas.
967.Remembering Thomas Merton : the man, the mystic, the social activist. .
968.Renewal. Camus - realist humanism.. Merton, Thomas.
969.Renunciation and contemplation. Merton, Thomas.
970.Renunciation and contemplation. Merton, Thomas.
971.Renunciation of desire and will. Merton, Thomas.
972.Repentance and conversion throughout the spiritual life.. Merton, Thomas.
973.Resurrection service in "The Sound and the Fury." [The Sound and the Fury: Resurrection.]. Merton, Thomas.
974.Retreat (day of recollection) given to the sisters at Anchorage.. Merton, Thomas.
975.Rev. Dan Berrigan S.J. "Poverty". Berrigan, Daniel.
976.Rev. Dan Berrigan S.J. "Poverty" concluded. Berrigan, Daniel.
977.Revelation as dialogue. Poetry - Blake.. Merton, Thomas.
978.Revelation of Justice - Revolution of Love / Christianity: a living and perpetual revolution.. Hobday, José, Sr., O.S.F..
979.Review of "Thomas Merton, Monk." Spalding College book review series, November 18, 1975.. Crews, Clyde F..
980.Revision of life and its place in monasticism.Revision of life.. Merton, Thomas.
981.Revision of life.. Merton, Thomas.
982.Richard Bassett interview / Interviewed by Robert E. Daggy and Rusty Moe.. .
983.Richard Bassett interview / Interviewed by Robert E. Daggy and Rusty Moe.. .
984.Rilke - "Inseeing".. Merton, Thomas.
985.Rilke - poetry and imagination.. Merton, Thomas.
986.Rilke and his search for God.. Merton, Thomas.
987.Rilke. Duino Elegies.. Merton, Thomas.
988.Rilke. Duino Elegies.. Merton, Thomas.
989.Rilke: The simple things of life.. Merton, Thomas.
990.Rilke's spiritual influence. "The Panther", "The Unicorn".. Merton, Thomas.
991.Rites for the ejection of a leper.. Merton, Thomas.
992.Rites for the extrusion of a leper. (Finished version.). Merton, Thomas.
993.Rivalry between Citeaux and Cluny.. Merton, Thomas.
994.Robert Giroux interview / Interviews by Dick Cavett and Jonathan Montaldo. Giroux, Robert.
995.Robert Grip (Mobile, Alabama) Interview with Henri Nouwen. .
996.Role of memory in the early Cistercians and St. Augustine.. Merton, Thomas.
997.Romero / a John Duigan film ; Paulist Pictures.. .
998.Roundtable discussion : Merton and the east. .
999.Roundtable discussion : the Merton journals. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Bochen, Christine M..
1000.Ruby Sales : Episcopalian seminarian and SNCC organizer / producers, Rachel Elizabeth Harding, Sudarshan Kapur.. .
1001.Rule: sharing joys and sorrows and being real with our brothers.. Merton, Thomas.
1002.Run to the mountain. Merton, Thomas.
1003.Run to the mountain / Read by Michael Toms. Merton, Thomas.
1004.Rundown on Christian-Marxist relations. Basic Marxist concepts.. Merton, Thomas.
1005.Russian monks, monasticism and prayer. Christmas decorations.. Merton, Thomas.
1006.Russian monks.. Merton, Thomas.
1007.Russian monks; the startzi. Leonid, Marcarius, Gogal, Ambrose.. Merton, Thomas.
1008.Ruysbroeck.. Merton, Thomas.
1009.Sanctity. Merton, Thomas.
1010.Sanctity. Merton, Thomas.
1011.Sanctity of St. Alberic; Molsmes vs. Citeaux; borthers.. Merton, Thomas.
1012.Satisfaction, the end of the ascetical life.. Merton, Thomas.
1013.Save me, o God, from the barrage of words which inwardly afflict me / Martin Laird, OSA. Laird, M. S. (Martin S.).
1014.Second Century apologist (Tertullian). Merton, Thomas.
1015.Secular Signs, Ceremony for Edward Dahlberg and other poems. Thoughts for Trinity Sunday sermon. Listen to an excerpt.. Merton, Thomas.
1016.Seeds of contemplation / by Thomas Merton. Merton, Thomas.
1017.Seeing with the heart : David Whyte interviewed by Michael Toms. Whyte, David.
1018.Seeking and finding God. Merton, Thomas.
1019.Seeking and finding God / Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
1020.Seeking God : the way of the monk / Marron Productions. .
1021.Selections from cables to the ace / Thomas Merton, set to the music and sound design of Roger Gregg. Merton, Thomas.
1022.Self assertion and Cassian - conference 14. (Christian philosophy).. Merton, Thomas.
1023.Serious life of prayer. Sufi psychoanalysis.. Merton, Thomas.
1024.Sermon for Mass at Nothern Ohio Merton Festival, Nov. 12, 1972 (Side 1); Informal discussion with Nouwen (Side 2).. Nouwen, Henri J. M..
1025.Sermon: Feast of Immaculate Conception. 1962. "The Light.". Merton, Thomas.
1026.Sharing the experience of the divine light : Thomas Merton's path to interreligious understanding. Griffith, Sidney Harrison, 1938-.
1027.Short segment of talk by Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
1028.Side 2 of original tape.. Merton, Thomas.
1029.Silence. Merton, Thomas.
1030.Silence / Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
1031.Silence and its importance for the retreat.. Merton, Thomas.
1032.Silence and making signs. The interior word behind speech.. Merton, Thomas.
1033.Simone Weil.. Merton, Thomas.
1034.Simplicity of early Cistercians. Poverty in life of prayer and common life.. Merton, Thomas.
1035.Sins against the vow of obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
1036.Sixth degree of humility: Disrespect of others, real or imagined.. Merton, Thomas.
1037.Solitary life - life without care. (Departing address.) Listen to an excerpt.. Merton, Thomas.
1038.Solitude : breaking the heart. Merton, Thomas.
1039.Solitude : breaking the heart. Merton, Thomas.
1040.Solitude and love / Robert Grip, Rose AnnetteLiddell.. Grip, Robert.
1041.Solitude and maturity / A.M. Allchin, Patrick F. Guyton.. Allchin, A. M..
1042.Solitude and resurrection. Merton, Thomas.
1043.Solitude and resurrection. Merton, Thomas.
1044.Solitude and service : spiritual activism / with Sister Helen Prejean, Jonathan Montaldo, Blessing Finca and others. Prejean, Helen.
1045.Solitude and service : spiritual activism / with Sister Helen Prejean, Jonathan Montaldo, Blessing Finca and others. Prejean, Helen.
1046.Solitude, way to reality : reflections on Merton's 'Philosophy of solitude' / William H. Shannon.. Shannon, William Henry, 1917-.
1047.Some aspects of the cenobitic life.. Merton, Thomas.
1048.Some background to reading the bible.. Merton, Thomas.
1049.Some English recluses. Abelard.. Merton, Thomas.
1050.Some points about the new directory. Xenitera.. Merton, Thomas.
1051.Some points from the Birmingham non-violence movement.. Merton, Thomas.
1052.Some points on Father Alphonse and comments on visitation and study.. Merton, Thomas.
1053.Some points on silence. Advent thoughts. Sins against stability.. Merton, Thomas.
1054.Some problems of obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
1055.Some propositions on obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
1056.Something understood : remembering Merton / Mike Wooldridge and Rowan Williams. BBC.
1057.Soul searching the journey of Thomas Merton / written and produced by Morgan Atkinson.. .
1058.Soul searching: the journey of Thomas Merton / interview broadcast on the Diane Rehm Show. Atkinson, Morgan C..
1059.Sources and resources. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Burnham, Christopher C. (Christopher Charles), 1950-.
1060.Speaking of faith: Brother Thay: a radio pilgrimage with Thich Nhat Hahn. Minnesota Public Radio, host Krista Tippett.. Minnesota Public Radio.
1061.Speaking of faith: the spiritual audacity of Abraham Joshua Heschel. Minnesota Public Radio, host Krista Tippett. Minnesota Public Radio.
1062.Spirit of St. Stephen Harding, 12th century England.. Merton, Thomas.
1063.Spiritual awakening. Merton, Thomas.
1064.Spiritual direction. Merton, Thomas.
1065.Spiritual direction. Personal, particular perfection.. Merton, Thomas.
1066.Spiritual direction: growth and development.. Merton, Thomas.
1067.Spirituality and civil rights. LaFayette, Bernard.
1068.Spirituality and the city. Sheldrake, Philip.
1069.Spirituality of the Our Father. Merton, Thomas.
1070.Spontaneity, Community, Religion. Cruelty in the community life. Contemplation.. Merton, Thomas.
1071.Springboard address with a response by Rabbi Michael Lerner (Revelation of Justice - Revolution of Love). Wallis, Jim; and Michael Lerner, 1943-.
1072.Springboard session of the Sixth General Conference of the International Thomas Merton Society.. Paguio, Erlinda.
1073.Sr. Elena Malits, C.S.C.: Merton talk while working on her dissertation. Loretto Motherhouse, Nerinx, KY, July 1971.. Malits, Elena.
1074.Sr. Therese Lentfoehr: Thomas Merton as poet, Renascence meeting, New York (side a); Dom Christopher Davis, O.S.B.: Response to Sr. Therese (side b).. .
1075.St Augustine: de doctrina Christiana. Merton, Thomas.
1076.St. Aelred and the memory of God.. Merton, Thomas.
1077.St. Anselm : reasonable faith. Merton, Thomas.
1078.St. Anselm and the ontological argument for God.. Merton, Thomas.
1079.St. Anselm.. Merton, Thomas.
1080.St. Anselm's letter on stability. Selections from Mahalia Jackson.. Merton, Thomas.
1081.St. Augustine. Merton, Thomas.
1082.St. Basil.. Bamberger, John Eudes.
1083.St. Basil's "moralia" as a rule for both ascetics and lay people.. Bamberger, John Eudes.
1084.St. Bernard and De Conversione.. Merton, Thomas.
1085.St. Bernard and the purification of the memory.. Merton, Thomas.
1086.St. Bernard on perfect love.. Merton, Thomas.
1087.St. Bernard on the love of God - God's grace in man.. Merton, Thomas.
1088.St. Bernard on the love of God. Signs.. Merton, Thomas.
1089.St. Bernard, Mariology. What it means to be loved by Mary.. Merton, Thomas.
1090.St. Bernard.. Merton, Thomas.
1091.St. Bernard.. Merton, Thomas.
1092.St. Bernard.. Merton, Thomas.
1093.St. Bernard: Guigo the Carthusian and truth, happiness.. Merton, Thomas.
1094.St. Bernard: Guigo the Carthusian's meditations on truth as a weapon.. Merton, Thomas.
1095.St. Bernard: letter II on love being the law of God.. Merton, Thomas.
1096.St. Bernard: purity of heart.. Merton, Thomas.
1097.St. Bernard; Cistercian theology of love.. Merton, Thomas.
1098.St. Bernard; his letter to Guigo the Carthusian.. Merton, Thomas.
1099.St. Bernard; man made in image of God; thirst for living water.. Merton, Thomas.
1100.St. Bernard's "De Conversione".. Merton, Thomas.
1101.St. Bernard's "De Diligendo Deo" - on the love of God.. Merton, Thomas.
1102.St. Bernard's "De Diligendo Deo" - reasons for loving God.. Merton, Thomas.
1103.St. Bernard's "De Diligendo Deo" dignitas, sirentra and virtus.. Merton, Thomas.
1104.St. Bernard's conversion to the monastic life.. Merton, Thomas.
1105.St. Bernard's De Conversione.. Merton, Thomas.
1106.St. Bernard's degrees of love.. Merton, Thomas.
1107.St. Bernard's epiphany sermon - wedding at Cana.. Merton, Thomas.
1108.St. Bernard's letters.. Merton, Thomas.
1109.St. Bernard's life according to William of St. Thiery.. Merton, Thomas.
1110.St. Chrysostom; 10th century patrology. Merton, Thomas.
1111.St. Emilie Rodat of France. St. Jerome.. Merton, Thomas.
1112.St. Ephrem and prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
1113.St. Ephrem.. Merton, Thomas.
1114.St. Ephrem.. Merton, Thomas.
1115.St. Ephrem.. Merton, Thomas.
1116.St. Ephrem.. Merton, Thomas.
1117.St. Ephrem's View of Paradise. Merton, Thomas.
1118.St. Gregory the Great.. Connor, James.
1119.St. Jerome, God's grouch. Merton, Thomas.
1120.St. Jerome; writings.. Merton, Thomas.
1121.St. Melanie of Jerusalem. New directory and its treatment of stability.. Merton, Thomas.
1122.St. Pachomius - danger of neglect in monastic life.. Merton, Thomas.
1123.St. Pachomius and the Shenoute. Merton, Thomas.
1124.St. Robert of Molesme; Citeaux. History reinterpreted in later writings.. Merton, Thomas.
1125.St. Thomas: importance of every created thing in God's eye.. Merton, Thomas.
1126.St. Thomas; goodness of all beings.. Merton, Thomas.
1127.St. Thomas; the goodness of God and forgiveness of others and penance. Refers to Adolf Eichmann trial and Arendt's work.. Merton, Thomas.
1128.St. Thomas; thoughts on the justice of God.. Merton, Thomas.
1129.St.Pachomius - the monk and the world.. Merton, Thomas.
1130.St.Pachomius - the monk, the world and last judgement.. Merton, Thomas.
1131.St.Pachomius and cenobitism.. Merton, Thomas.
1132.State of Affairs, December 10, 1998; interview with Dianne Aprile and Christine Bochen.. WFPL.
1133.State of Affairs: Interview with Albert Raboteau.. Raboteau, Albert J..
1134.State of Affairs: Interview with Albert Raboteau. / WFPL. .
1135.State of Affairs: Interview with Barbara Ann Holmes.. Holmes, Barbara Ann, 1943-.
1136.State of Affairs: Interview with Vincent Harding.. Harding, Vincent.
1137.State of Affairs: personal epiphanies. With Tom Williams, Paul M. Pearson, Don Vish, Pam Platt, Christopher 2X, Joe Reagan.. WFPL.
1138.State of Affairs: professional morality. Interview with Barry L. Padgett and David Callahan.. WFPL.
1139.State of Affairs: Thomas Merton. Interview with Brother Patrick Hart, Erlinda Paguio and Paul M Pearson.. WFPL.
1140.State of Affairs: Thomas Merton. Interview with Dick Sisto, Dianne Aprile and Christine Bochen / WFPL. .
1141.State of Affairs: Thomas Merton: soul searching. With Morgan C. Atkinson, James Conner, Paul Quenon and Richard Sisto.. WFPL.
1142.Storytelling : Merton and stories from the desert tradition / Kelby Cotton. (A huge chorus of living beings.). Cotton, Kelby.
1143.Studio 619: Thomas Merton epiphany. Paul M. Pearson interviewed by Stephanie Sanders.. Pearson, Paul M..
1144.Sufi - sense of loss in one's way, in one's identity.. Merton, Thomas.
1145.Sufi principles for a time of change.. Merton, Thomas.
1146.Sufi: patience.. Merton, Thomas.
1147.Sufism - heart. Love speaks in creatures.. Merton, Thomas.
1148.Sufism - love of God.. Merton, Thomas.
1149.Sufism - mystic life, also Christian mysticism. Things interfering with prayer. Awareness.. Merton, Thomas.
1150.Sufism - mystical life.. Merton, Thomas.
1151.Sufism: Awareness of love in an awake heart. (Remarks on Martin Luther King funeral.). Merton, Thomas.
1152.Sufism: God in creation.. Merton, Thomas.
1153.Sufism: Introduction. Various branches of Islam and Muslim society.. Merton, Thomas.
1154.Sufism: knowledge of God. Merton, Thomas.
1155.Sufism: Knowledge of God.. Merton, Thomas.
1156.Sufism: longing for God. Merton, Thomas.
1157.Sufism: the desire for God. Merton, Thomas.
1158.Summing up of the essence of Christian life - some aspects of poverty.. Merton, Thomas.
1159.Summoned to explore the heart: Do not disturb: Thomas Merton at St. Bonaventure. [soundrecording] / Michael Mott.. Mott, Michael.
1160.Summoned to explore the heart: Editing the Merton letters / Christine M. Bochen, Robert E. Daggy, Patrick Hart, and William H. Shannon.. .
1161.Summoned to explore the heart: Eros and agape / Jacques Goulet.. Goulet, Jacques.
1162.Summoned to explore the heart: First timers orientation.. Bochen, Christine M..
1163.Summoned to explore the heart: Harvesting new fruits: Merton's message to poets.. Cunningham, Lawrence.
1164.Summoned to explore the heart: Makers of a new language / George Kilcourse, Monica Weis, SSJ.. .
1165.Summoned to explore the heart: Makers of extraordinary possibilites / Leonard Calabrese, Richard Fournier.. .
1166.Summoned to explore the heart: Makers of personal conviction / David D. Cooper, Kenneth M. Voiles.. .
1167.Summoned to explore the heart: Makers who point beyond all objects / JonathanMontaldo, Bonnie Thurston.. .
1168.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and art / Margaret Betz, Donna Kristoff,Mary Murray.. Betz, Margaret.
1169.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and East-West conversation / Robert L. Faricy, Timothy Fullerton, Erlinda G. Paguio.. Faricy, Robert L., 1926-.
1170.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and Franciscan spirituality / Kathleen Deignan, Michael Downey, Sean Kinsella.. Deignan, Kathleen, 1947-.
1171.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and inner transformation / Patrick Guyton, Bradford T. Stull, John Wu, Jr.. Guyton, Patrick.
1172.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and inner truth / Christopher Burnham, Walt Chura and Gary P. Hall.. .
1173.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and literature / David Belcastro, RossLabrie, John S. Porter.. Belcastro, David.
1174.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and the Chinese connection.. Lee, Cyrus.
1175.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and the environment / Thomas Donlin-Smith, Christopher Nugent, Andrew P. Stewart.. .
1176.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and the scriptures / Paul Quenon, OCSO,Johan Seynnaeve, Stephen J. Wolf.. Quenon, Paul.
1177.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and the theologians / John CharlesCooper, Marie Goldstein, RSHM, E. Glenn Hinson.. Cooper, John Charles.
1178.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and young people / Fred Herron, JeffreyT. Kiernan, John E. King.. Herron, Fred..
1179.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton as a prophet for the 21st century.. Conner, James.
1180.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton at St. Bonaventures / Thomas Del Prete,Lynn Elwell, Paul M Pearson.. Del Prete, Thomas.
1181.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton in our dreams and poetry: workshop /Rose Gordy.. Gordy, Rose.
1182.Summoned to explore the heart: Merton's secular journal: workshop. / Victor A.Kramer, Paul Wise.. Kramer, Victor A..
1183.Summoned to explore the heart: Robert Lax: roundtable discussion / AnthonyBannon, Arthur W. Biddle, Marcia Marcus Kelly, Richard Marcusand Paul Spaeth.. .
1184.Summoned to explore the heart: Teaching Merton: roundtable discussion / Robert Grip, Elena Malits, CSC, Donald P. St. John, Gervaise White,OFM.. .
1185.Summoned to explore the heart: Thomas Merton and the new world kairos. Grinberg, Miguel.
1186.Summoned to explore the heart: What Merton's prophetic challenge means to me. [soundrecording] / Mary K. Stanford, Frank X. Tuoti.. Stanford, Mary K..
1187.Sunday worship: marking the 40th anniversary of the death of Thomas Merton / Michael Ford. BBC.
1188.Surrender to God. Merton, Thomas.
1189.Surrender to God. Merton, Thomas.
1190.Swami in yoga teaching.. Hindu Swami.
1191.Swami in yoga teaching.. Hindu Swami.
1192.Sweet irrational worship : the Niles-Merton songs opus 171 & 172 performed by Chad Runyon and Jacqueline Chew. Niles, John Jacob, 1892-.
1193.Symbolism in poetry.. Merton, Thomas.
1194.Syrian monastic traditions.. Merton, Thomas.
1195.Syrian monasticism, 5th and 6th century, Dionysius.. Merton, Thomas.
1196.Syrian monasticism.. Merton, Thomas.
1197.Syrian monasticism.. Merton, Thomas.
1198.Syrian monasticism: Theodoret on spiritual life. Hilarion. Traditions.. Merton, Thomas.
1199.Syrian monks.. Merton, Thomas.
1200.Syrian monks.. Merton, Thomas.
1201.T.S. Eliot and prayer. Merton, Thomas.
1202.T.S. Eliot.. Merton, Thomas.
1203.T.S. Eliot.. Merton, Thomas.
1204.T.S. Eliot. (Eliot the man.). Merton, Thomas.
1205.Talk on Merton to the Smith Group at Faith Baptist Church, Bardstown, KY, March 1971.. O'Callaghan, Tommie.
1206.Talk on yoga by the Swami.. Hindu Swami.
1207.Talk to novices and juniors by Dom Colomban. (Gaps.). Bissey, Colomban, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1912-.
1208.Talks on Merton to the Smith Group at Broadway Baptist Church, March 3, 1971 (Side 1); and to class of Sr. Mary Madelaine at the King Center, Bardstown, KY, March 1971.. O'Callaghan, Tommie.
1209.Taste of Gethsemani : Trappist monks remember Merton.. .
1210.Teaching Thomas Merton / Jacques Goulet ; Patrick F. Guyton ; Jeffrey T. Kiernan. (A huge chorus of living beings.). .
1211.Temptations of thought. Merton, Thomas.
1212.Tertullian. Merton, Thomas.
1213.Tertullian: the pater noster, spiritual nourishment. Merton, Thomas.
1214.The (almost) final days of Thomas Merton : a conversation with Harold Talbott.. .
1215.The (almost) final days of Thomas Merton: A Conversation with Harold Talbott / Thomas Merton Center Foundation.. .
1216.The Abbey of Gethsemani 1948 (from colorized slide stills, narrated by Robert Bailey, November 1998). .
1217.The abbey of Gethsemani: a school of the Lord's service as told by the monks who live there / written and produced by Morgan Atkinson.. .
1218.The ABC of the ER. Hanlon, Vincent 1952-.
1219.The Architectural heritage of the Shakers at Pleasant Hill. .
1220.The atomic café / the Archives Project ; produced and directed by Kevin Rafferty, Jayne Loader, Pierce Rafferty. .
1221.The Bangkok conference. Merton, Thomas.
1222.The Bear. Merton, Thomas.
1223.The Bear: A pattern of development in hunting and in the spiritual life. [Faulkner's "The Bear": Spiritual Formation and Mystical Union.]. Merton, Thomas.
1224.The beginnings of Benedictine monasticism #1. Merton, Thomas.
1225.The Bellarmine Players present: "An evening with Thomas Merton;" includes "The tower of Babel," "Chant to be used around a site with furnaces," and "Original child bomb," November 17, 1972.. .
1226.The call of solitude : introduction to the life and work of Thomas Merton. Daggy, Robert E..
1227.The captives : for chorus and orchestra / words by Thomas Merton, music by Richard Felciano. Merton, Thomas.
1228.The Carnegie Hall concert. Bruce, Lenny.
1229.The Christian in the world. Discussion of LSD.. Merton, Thomas.
1230.The church fathers : Tertullian and Cassian. Merton, Thomas.
1231.The church fathers : Tertullian and Cassian. Merton, Thomas.
1232.The Church fathers: early Christian spirituality. Merton, Thomas.
1233.The coherent life. Merton, Thomas.
1234.The commitment to conversion. Merton, Thomas.
1235.The compline talks of Father Matthew Kelty / Matthew Kelty.. .
1236.The contemplative call. Merton, Thomas.
1237.The contemplative call. Merton, Thomas.
1238.The Contemplative journey, Volume One. Keating, Thomas.
1239.The Contemplative journey, Volume Two. Keating, Thomas..
1240.The cross : victory over death. Merton, Thomas.
1241.The deluge. Merton, Thomas.
1242.The desert God. Merton, Thomas.
1243.The desert God. Merton, Thomas.
1244.The door of paradise. Merton, Thomas.
1245.The door of paradise. Merton, Thomas.
1246.The Doris Humphrey legacy: The Shakers. .
1247.The everyday : Benedictine life at Mount Saviour Monastery / a film by Matthew Kells and Sean McGinn ; written, produced and directed by Matthew Kells and Sean McGinn.. .
1248.The Fathers: St. Augustine. Merton, Thomas.
1249.The fully human being. Merton, Thomas.
1250.The fully human being. Merton, Thomas.
1251.The future of Christian philosophy / Etienne Gilson.. Gilson, Etienne, 1884-1978.
1252.The geography of nowhere : living beyond boundaries.. Del Prete, Thomas.
1253.The God of peace is never glorified by human violence (Revelation of Justice - Revolution of Love). Dear, John, 1959-.
1254.The heart alive with love. Merton, Thomas.
1255.The heart alive with love. Merton, Thomas.
1256.The holy rule - on humility. Merton, Thomas.
1257.The holy rule (cont'd): degrees of humility. Augustinian.. Merton, Thomas.
1258.The human way out: An implied need for the contemplative dimension within Americanfiction, 1900-1945 / Victor A Kramer. Poetry and the meditative method / Maria Assunta Werner, CSC.. Kramer, Victor A..
1259.The human way out: Closing session. .
1260.The human way out: Contemplation reconsidered: the human way in /Parker J. Palmer.. Palmer, Parker J..
1261.The human way out: Ecountering God in the desert:..apophatic spirituality in Edward Abbey and Thomas Merton by Andrew Steward; and Letting go and letting God: Merton's nonviolent alternative and the ecofeminist theology of earth healing by Jim Walsh. Stewart, Andrew P..
1262.The human way out: friendship as a counter-cultural practice / Paul Wadell, CP.. Wadell, Paul.
1263.The human way out: Letters of protest and letters of reconciliation: Thomas Merton'sengagement with contemporary history / VivianLigo. Human way out: the contemplative dimension of public life/ John A. Ostenburg.. Ligo, Vivian.
1264.The human way out: Merton and the rediscovery of an ancient wisdom / Patrick Eastman. Thomas Merton and Confucian rites / John Wu,Jr.. Eastman, Patrick.
1265.The human way out: No-news narratives and the search for transformative communities: contemporary woman writers on natural religion by Claire Badorocca; and By their metaphors shall you know them: Merton's contribution to church life by Paul M. Pearson. Badorocca, Claire.
1266.The human way out: the contemplative dimension of care ofhospital patients by non-medical volunteers /Kenneth F. Lott. Art and activism / Kenneth M. Voiles.. Lott, Kenneth F..
1267.The human way out: The contemplative dimension of family life within the domestic church / Thomas C. Abel. The role of thecontemplation in Thomas Merton's own healing journey from hischildhood woundedness / Richard Fournier.. Abel, Thomas C..
1268.The human way out: The contemplative, the artist, and the child /Christine Jensen Hogan. A call to contemplation: the drawingsof Thomas Merton / Dorothy Bosch Keller.. Hogan, Christine Jensen.
1269.The human way out: The unfinished journey of Thomas Merton /Madonna C. Kolbenschlag, HM.. Kolbenschlag, Madonna C..
1270.The human way out: Thomas Merton as guru: Merton's contribution to a spirituality ofhigher education / Roy D. Fuller. Humanizingthe university: adding the contemplative dimension / JuliaUpton.. Fuller, Roy D..
1271.The human way out: Zen and the birds of appetite: after twenty-five years / Matthias Neuman, OSB. Thomas Merton'scontemplative intuition and Nishida Kitaro's directexperience / Erlinda G. Paguio.. Neuman, Matthias.
1272.The impact of divine love. Morneau, Robert F., 1938-.
1273.The impact of Thomas Merton on my life and thought. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Hinson, E. Glenn.
1274.The intimate Merton : his life from his journals [soundrecording] / by Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
1275.The intimate Merton : his life from his journals [soundrecording] / by Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
1276.The Irish tradition of mysticism. Merton, Thomas.
1277.The Jesus prayer. Merton, Thomas.
1278.The journey of Thomas Merton : discovery of the real self. Daggy, Robert E..
1279.The liberal arts good or bad? Cassiodorus cf Bp Hurley. John XXIII. Merton, Thomas.
1280.The life and legacy of Thomas Merton (Ideas that Matter series) / by Lawrence S. Cunninghamand Patrick Hart, O.C.S.O.. Cunningham, Lawrence.
1281.The life and legacy of Thomas Merton (Ideas that Matter series) / by Lawrence S. Cunninghamand Patrick Hart, O.C.S.O.. Cunningham, Lawrence.
1282.The life you save may be your own : an American pilgrimage. Elie, Paul.
1283.The life you save may be your own : an American pilgrimage. Elie, Paul.
1284.The life you save may be your own : an American pilgrimage. Elie, Paul.
1285.The listeners by William Parker. Parker, William, 1943-1993.
1286.The Lord is my song : music from the Cleveland Carmel. Cleveland Carmel.
1287.The lover and the beloved. Talbot, John Michael.
1288.The Man who loved wisdom : the story of Jacques Maritain. .
1289.The meaning of Thomas Merton, Oberlin College (part 2 of 2), Question and Answer; Oberlin College, Ohio, November 13, 1972; Merton Festival of Northern Ohio.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
1290.The modern cult of efficiency. Merton, Thomas.
1291.The monastic fathers. Merton, Thomas.
1292.The Monastic Worldview - Contemporary Religious Ferment (Part 2 continued and Part 3). Capps, Walter H..
1293.The Monastic Worldview - Contemporary Religious Ferment (Parts 1 and 2). Capps, Walter H..
1294.The most dangerous man in America [videorecording] : Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon papers / Kovno Communications, Insight Productions and the Independent Television Service ; produced and directed by Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith. .
1295.The Mystic Life 1. Merton, Thomas.
1296.The Mystic Life 10. Merton, Thomas.
1297.The Mystic Life 11. Merton, Thomas.
1298.The Mystic Life 2. Merton, Thomas.
1299.The Mystic Life 3. Merton, Thomas.
1300.The Mystic Life 4. Merton, Thomas.
1301.The Mystic Life 5. Merton, Thomas.
1302.The Mystic Life 6. Merton, Thomas.
1303.The Mystic Life 7. Merton, Thomas.
1304.The Mystic Life 8. Merton, Thomas.
1305.The Mystic Life 9. Merton, Thomas.
1306.The mystical life. Merton, Thomas.
1307.The mystical life and its significance today, December 3, 1973. Dupré, Louis K., 1925-.
1308.The need of a new Christianity, September 16, 1971 (side a); The rights of nature, September 17, 1971 (side b). Cobb, John B..
1309.The Niles - Merton Songs, Op. 171 and 172 / Poems by Thomas Merton; set to music by John Jacob Niles. Niles, John Jacob, 1892-.
1310.The Niles - Merton Songs, Op. 171 and 172 / poems by Thomas Merton; set to music by John Jacob Niles; Jacqueline Roberts, soprano, accompanied by Nancy Field. Niles, John Jacob, 1892-.
1311.The Niles - Merton Songs, Op. 171 and 172 / poems by Thomas Merton; set to music by John Jacob Niles; Jacqueline Roberts, soprano, accompanied by Nancy Field. Niles, John Jacob, 1892-.
1312.The Niles-Merton Song Cycle, performed by Barbara Staropoli, voice, and Louise Morrice, accompaniment. Niles, John Jacob, 1892-.
1313.The non-violence of Thomas Merton : from playboy seeker to contemplative prophet. Mahon, J. Patrick.
1314.The original child bomb.. Merton, Thomas.
1315.The original child bomb.. Merton, Thomas.
1316.The origins of monastic rules, St. Basil, feast of St. Stephen. Merton, Thomas.
1317.The Our Father : Tape 1. Merton, Thomas.
1318.The Our Father : Tape 2. Merton, Thomas.
1319.The Our Father continued: forgive us our trespasses. Merton, Thomas.
1320.The paradox of joy and sorrow. Merton, Thomas.
1321.The paradox of joy and sorrow. Merton, Thomas.
1322.The patience of conversion. Merton, Thomas.
1323.The poems of Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
1324.The poems of Thomas Merton.. Merton, Thomas.
1325.The poems of Thomas Merton. Read by Richard Gray.. Merton, Thomas.
1326.The poetry of a soul : a monk's story : the spiritual journey of Fr. Matthew Kelty / produced by Morgan Atkinson. .
1327.The poetry of Merton : a reading / Ron Seitz.. Seitz, Ron.
1328.The prodigal son's long road home : Merton's mapping of the route. Russell, Kenneth C..
1329.The Prophets. Merton, Thomas.
1330.The Prophets - 3 CD set. Merton, Thomas.
1331.The Prophets I. Merton, Thomas.
1332.The Prophets II. Merton, Thomas.
1333.The Prophets III. Merton, Thomas.
1334.The Psalms.. Silberman, Lou H..
1335.The Quest : The quest for the grail and Conversion of manners. Merton, Thomas.
1336.The Quest : The quest for the grail and Conversion of manners. Merton, Thomas.
1337.The religious intuition. Merton, Thomas.
1338.The religious meaning of chastity. Merton, Thomas.
1339.The Search for wholeness. Merton, Thomas.
1340.The seven mountains of Thomas Merton (interview about his book, February 1, 1985). Mott, Michael.
1341.The seven storey mountain. Merton, Thomas.
1342.The seven storey mountain (oversize box). .
1343.The seven storey mountain / by Thomas Merton. Read by Wolfram Kandinsky.. Merton, Thomas.
1344.The seven storey mountain / Nate Wooley, Paul Lytton, David Grubbs. Wooley, Nate, 1974-.
1345.The seven storey mountain [abridged]. Merton, Thomas.
1346.The Shakers / an Interteam Munich production ; written and directed by Hatto Kurtenbach. .
1347.The Shakers : hands to work, hearts to God / a film by Ken Burns, a Florentine Films production. .
1348.The significance of the firewatch quilt. interview by Richard Sisto of Fred Hicks and Penny Sisto.. Sisto, Richard.
1349.The silent one and the poetics of unity Merton's last poem. Higgins, Michael W..
1350.The sins against poverty. Merton, Thomas.
1351.The spirit of poverty. Merton, Thomas.
1352.The spiritual combat; illusions of self.. Merton, Thomas.
1353.The spirituality of Thomas Merton. O'Connell, Patrick F..
1354.The straight way. Merton, Thomas.
1355.The Straight way - Sufism.. Merton, Thomas.
1356.The symbolism of chastity. Merton, Thomas.
1357.The thirst for God. Merton, Thomas.
1358.The Thomas Merton retreat 2002: spirituality and the environment public forum 1. Thomas Merton Foundation.
1359.The Thomas Merton retreat 2002: spirituality and the environment public forum 2. Thomas Merton Foundation.
1360.The tragedy of Thomas Merton. Von Hildebrand, Alice.
1361.The tragedy of Thomas Merton / by Alice Von Hildebrand.. Von Hildebrand, Alice.
1362.The true and false self. Merton, Thomas.
1363.The true and false self. Merton, Thomas.
1364.The uses of chastity. Merton, Thomas.
1365.The veil of the Virgin - face of the virgin. Cyprian, Tertullian.. Merton, Thomas.
1366.The Virgin Mary. Merton, Thomas.
1367.The Virgin Mary. Merton, Thomas.
1368.The Virtue of Temperance. Merton, Thomas.
1369.The Virtue of Temperance I. Merton, Thomas.
1370.The Virtue of Temperance II. Merton, Thomas.
1371.The voice of Thomas Merton on ascetism and solitude. Merton, Thomas.
1372.The voice of Thomas Merton on love. Merton, Thomas.
1373.The voice of Thomas Merton on prayer : part 1. Merton, Thomas.
1374.The voice of Thomas Merton on prayer : part 2. Merton, Thomas.
1375.The voice of Thomas Merton on self actualization. Merton, Thomas.
1376.The vow of chastity: the spirit of purity. Merton, Thomas.
1377.The vow of conversion. Merton, Thomas.
1378.The vow of poverty. Merton, Thomas.
1379.The vows. Remarks on renewal problems.. Merton, Thomas.
1380.The vows; idea of community.. Merton, Thomas.
1381.The vows; religious profession.. Merton, Thomas.
1382.The way of St. Basil. Merton, Thomas.
1383.The Ways of God : Tape 1. Merton, Thomas.
1384.The Ways of God : Tape 2. Merton, Thomas.
1385.The Ways of God : Tape 3. Merton, Thomas.
1386.The Wild Palms: Theme of the deluge. [The Wild Palms: Man Against Destiny.]. Merton, Thomas.
1387.The work of angels : the Book of Kells. .
1388.The worship of the whole creation : Merton and the Eastern fathers / A.M. Allchin. (A huge chorus of living beings.). Allchin, A. M..
1389.Theology of dialogue. Sufi: poverty.. Merton, Thomas.
1390.Theology of prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
1391.Theology of prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
1392.Theology of prayer.. Merton, Thomas.
1393.Theology of the vow of stability. Some aspects of a foundation.. Merton, Thomas.
1394.Theology, medieval times and now. (Superstitions and other "realities").. Merton, Thomas.
1395.There is no charity without justice (Revelation of Justice - Revolution of Love). Brenner, Antonia.
1396.Thirst for God. Merton, Thomas.
1397.This I believe / Introduced by Gan Gediman.. .
1398.Thomas Merton. Schramm, John.
1399.Thomas Merton (part 1 of 2), St. John the Divine Cathedral, New York, January 28, 1973. Berrigan, Daniel.
1400.Thomas Merton (part 2 of 2), St. John the Divine Cathedral, New York, January 28, 1973. Berrigan, Daniel.
1401.Thomas Merton / Judy Valente, Morgan C. Atkinson, Paul M. Pearson and Paul Quenon.. .
1402.Thomas Merton : a personal reminiscence. Laughlin, James, 1914-.
1403.Thomas Merton : a retrospective by Jack Ledbetter and Molly Lloyd-Wilson. .
1404.Thomas Merton : a spiritual guide for the twenty-first century. Ciorra, Anthony.
1405.Thomas Merton : activism of the spirit / Jonathan Montaldo. Montaldo, Jonathan.
1406.Thomas Merton : activism of the spirit / Jonathan Montaldo. Montaldo, Jonathan.
1407.Thomas Merton : man, monk, and myth : a spiritual concert / by Patrick Collins ; video by Harold Cottrell.. .
1408.Thomas Merton : man, monk, and myth : a spiritual concert / by Patrick Collins ; video by Harold Cottrell.. .
1409.Thomas Merton : Man, Monk, Mystic ; Chalice of Salvation series - interview with Naomi Burton Stone ; presented by Theresa Pat Kane, SSJ. .
1410.Thomas Merton : Seeder of radical action. Chittister, Joan.
1411.Thomas Merton and Bede Griffiths. Douglas, John P..
1412.Thomas Merton and centering prayer, December 3, 1988. Pennington, M. Basil.
1413.Thomas Merton and Czeslaw Milosz panel (Revelation of Justice - Revolution of Love). Faggen, Robert; Lillian Vallee; and Paul J. Contino.
1414.Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day : a special friendship. Forest, Jim (James H.).
1415.Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen : Living with God in modern America. Bamberger, John Eudes.
1416.Thomas Merton and Henry Thoreau. Daggy, Robert E..
1417.Thomas Merton and his mountains. Daggy, Robert E..
1418.Thomas Merton and Judaism Panel discussion. .
1419.Thomas Merton and other North Americans / Steven Payne. Payne, Steven, 1950-.
1420.Thomas Merton and racial reconciliation. Raboteau, Albert J..
1421.Thomas Merton and Renewal, Christian and Jewish An interview with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi / Thomas Merton Center Foundation.. .
1422.Thomas Merton and Renewal, Christian and Jewish An interview with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi / Thomas Merton Center Foundation.. .
1423.Thomas Merton and social justice / Joan Chittister. (A huge chorus of living beings.). Chittister, Joan.
1424.Thomas Merton and the concern for peace. Daggy, Robert E..
1425.Thomas Merton and the inner experience. Bamberger, John Eudes.
1426.Thomas Merton and the inner experience John Eudes Bamberger.. .
1427.Thomas Merton and the mystic north. Leddy, Mary Jo.
1428.Thomas Merton and the non-Christian contemplative tradition.. Finley, James J..
1429.Thomas Merton and the Seven storey mountain. Daggy, Robert E..
1430.Thomas Merton and the spirituality of the Eastern Orthodox Church. .
1431.Thomas Merton as poet. Modern poetry class at Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH, January 7, 1969.. Snyder, Urban.
1432.Thomas Merton Center Dedication with Canon A. M. Allchin - Archdiocese Today. .
1433.Thomas Merton commemoration, "Vital voices," December 5, 1978. .
1434.Thomas Merton commemoration, December 3, 1978. Burns, Flavian.
1435.Thomas Merton commemoration, December 6, 1978. Greeley, Andrew M., 1928-.
1436.Thomas Merton on contemplation. Schramm, John.
1437.Thomas Merton remembered : Dialogues with various people who knew him.. .
1438.Thomas Merton remembered : Dialogues with various people who knew him.. .
1439.Thomas Merton Seeder of radical action / Joan Chittister, OSB.. .
1440.Thomas Merton speaks of his upcoming trip to Asia.. Merton, Thomas.
1441.Thomas Merton speaks of his upcoming trip to Asia. (Continued from track #1: 190-Tr-2.). Merton, Thomas.
1442.Thomas Merton Studies Center, collection and appointment as Director; talks to Bellarmine Women's Council (October 5, 1971) and to Men's Civic Council (March 17, 1972).. Bailey, Raymond, 1938-.
1443.Thomas Merton Studies Center, collection and appointment as Director; talks to Bellarmine Women's Council (October 5, 1971) and to Men's Civic Council (March 17, 1972).. Bailey, Raymond, 1938-.
1444.Thomas Merton the man / with Ron Seitz.. Seitz, Ron.
1445.Thomas Merton the man / with Ron Seitz.. Seitz, Ron.
1446.Thomas Merton workshop '82. Shannon, William Henry, 1917-.
1447.Thomas Merton, a life for our times / Dr.Anthony T. Padovano.. Padovano, Anthony T..
1448.Thomas Merton, and the joy of being Catholic. Finley, Mitch.
1449.Thomas Merton, contemplative monk : his life and writings. Schramm, John.
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1451.Thomas Merton, non-violence and me. Berrigan, Daniel.
1452.Thomas Merton, Nonviolence and Me / Fr. Daniel Berrigan, S.J. (40th Anniversary of Merton Collection Lectures). .
1453.Thomas Merton, Nonviolence and Me / Fr. John Dear, S.J. (40th Anniversary of Merton Collection Lectures). .
1454.Thomas Merton, Peace Through Non-violence. Merton Festival of Northern Ohio, November 27, 1972.. Forest, Jim (James H.).
1455.Thomas Merton, Poet. Merton Festival of Northern Ohio, November 14, 1972.. Lentfoehr, Thérèse, 1902-.
1456.Thomas Merton, prophet. Merton Festival of Northern Ohio, December 2, 1972.. Reardon, Patrick, Fr..
1457.Thomas Merton, the contemplative in search of peace. Merton Festival of Northern Ohio, November 15, 1972.. Douglass, James W..
1458.Thomas Merton: an introduction for the common man, fifth lecture, November 8, 1973. Abdelnour, Mary Madeline, Sr., S.C.N..
1459.Thomas Merton: an introduction for the common man, first lecture, October 11, 1973. Abdelnour, Mary Madeline, Sr., S.C.N..
1460.Thomas Merton: an introduction for the common man, second lecture, October 18, 1973. Abdelnour, Mary Madeline, Sr., S.C.N..
1461.Thomas Merton: an introduction for the common man, sixth lecture, November 14, 1973. Abdelnour, Mary Madeline, Sr., S.C.N..
1462.Thomas Merton: an introduction for the common man, third lecture, October 25, 1973. Seitz, Ron.
1463.Thomas Merton: man as believer, 1st and 2nd lectures of the series, January 23, 1973.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
1464.Thomas Merton: man as believer, 3rd lecture of the series, January 24, 1973.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
1465.Thomas Merton: man as believer, 4th lecture of the series, January 29, 1973.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
1466.Thomas Merton: man as believer, 5th lecture of the series, January 30, 1973.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
1467.Thomas Merton: man as believer, 6th lecture and of the series (final), January 31, 1973.. Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980.
1468.Thomas Merton’s Dialogical Legacy: Accepting the Challenge / Riffat Hassan and Paul Knitter (40th Anniversary of Merton Collection Lectures). .
1469.Thomas Merton's conferences on The sound and the fury, including William Faulkner's own reading from "Time and Unburdening and the Recollection of the Lamb: The Easter Service". .
1470.Thomas Merton's dream and individuation process. Haden, Bob.
1471.Thomas Merton's last day - Thomas Merton's last talk in Bangkok. .
1472.Thomas Merton's last day - Thomas Merton's last talk in Bangkok. .
1473.Thomas Merton's Path to the palace of nowhere : the essential guide to the contemplative teachings of Thomas Merton. Finley, James J..
1474.Thomas Merton's Path to the palace of nowhere The essential guide to the contemplative teachings of Thomas Merton / James Finley. Finley, James J..
1475.Thomas Merton's romance with Asia. Wu, John.
1476.Thomas Merton's shift: critical and transformative spirituality.. Rohr, Richard.
1477.Thomas Merton's solitude: seeds of compassion. (From the Springs of Compassion).. Hope, Harriet.
1478.Thomas Merton's spirituality / Anthony T. Padovano.. Padovano, Anthony T..
1479.Thomas Merton's theology of self. Carr, Anne E..
1480.Thomas Merton's vision of the kingdom / Patrick F. O'Connell. .
1481.Thoughts in a monk's life.. Merton, Thomas.
1482.Thoughts on Eastern monastic history of the tenth century.. Merton, Thomas.
1483.Thoughts on the contemplative life.. Merton, Thomas.
1484.Tibet Comes to Kentucky; interview with José Cabezon and Gray Henry on WFPK radio / Bellarmine October 21, 1991. .
1485.Tibet: a culture in exile.. .
1486.Time and prayer, vocation. The Redwoods conference, continued.. Merton, Thomas.
1487.Time and prayer, vocation. The Redwoods conference.. Merton, Thomas.
1488.Time in the garden: life at the Abbey of Gethsemani / produced by Morgan Atkinson.. .
1489.Time. Philoxenus.. Merton, Thomas.
1490.Tommie O'Callaghan interview / Interviewed by Marilyn Hendricks with Francis Cusack, CP. .
1491.Tommie O'Callaghan interviewed by Jonathan Montaldo, February 11, 2000.. .
1492.Trappist / WTVI-Charlotte Public Television and Paulist Media Works ; written and directed by Robert G. Maier; Robert G. Maier and John Geaney, co-producers.. .
1493.Trappist / WTVI-Charlotte Public Television and Paulist Media Works ; written and directed by Robert G. Maier; Robert G. Maier and John Geaney, co-producers. .
1494.Trinity Sunday high mass at Gethsemani - Dan Walsh celebrant.. Walsh, Daniel Clark, 1907-1978.
1495.Trinity Sunday sermon by Thomas Merton. Mass continues.. Merton, Thomas.
1496.Trinity Sunday thoughts continued.. Merton, Thomas.
1497.True freedom. Merton, Thomas.
1498.True freedom. Merton, Thomas.
1499.Turning toward the planet : Thomas Merton's ecological conversion. Weis, Monica, 1942-.
1500.Uncommon vision [videorecording] : the life and times of John Howard Griffin/ written and produced by Morgan C. Atkinson. .
1501.Unity in the community and love of the brethren.. Merton, Thomas.
1502.Unseen rain / Ginger Baker with Jens Johansson and Jonas Hellborg. Baker, Ginger.
1503.Vancouver Symposium: A dark and empty way - Thomas Merton and apophatic tradition, May 13, 1978. Teahan, John Francis, 1945-.
1504.Vancouver Symposium: Autobiography and theology: the once and future Merton, May 12, 1978. Grayston, Donald.
1505.Vancouver Symposium: Erich Fromm and Thomas Merton: two mystics in search of freedom, May 12, 1978. Graf, William.
1506.Vancouver Symposium: Expansive Catholicism: ecumenical perceptions of Thomas Merton, May 13, 1978. Hinson, E. Glenn.
1507.Vancouver Symposium: Inwardness and prophetic action: Thomas Merton's implicit dialogue with Judaism, May 12, 1978. Kaplan, Edward K., 1942-.
1508.Vancouver Symposium: Merton and the lifestyle of the lay contemplative: explicit statements and refracted light, May 12, 1978. Russell, Kenneth C..
1509.Vancouver Symposium: Merton and the year 3000 - the task of the next millenium, May 13, 1978. Richardson, Herbert Warren.
1510.Vancouver Symposium: Merton's anticipation of contemporary spirituality, May 12, 1978. Capps, Walter H..
1511.Vancouver Symposium: Merton's contribution to a transcultural consciousness, May 12, 1978. Thompson, William M., 1943- (William Thompson-Uberuaga).
1512.Vancouver Symposium: Merton's integral concept of ethical religion, May 13, 1978. Bierwiler, Kay.
1513.Vancouver Symposium: Mysticism and Thomas Merton, May 12, 1978. Chakravarty, Amiya Chandra.
1514.Vancouver Symposium: Nonviolent transformation in an end-time, May 12, 1978. Douglass, James W..
1515.Vancouver Symposium: Plenary session, Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, May 11, 1978. .
1516.Vancouver Symposium: session one - wrap-up, May 13, 1978. .
1517.Vancouver Symposium: Sources and resources: news of the Merton industry, May 12, 1978. Daggy, Robert E..
1518.Vancouver Symposium: The discovery of the real self in Thomas Merton, May 12, 1978. Shannon, William Henry, 1917-.
1519.Vancouver Symposium: The gyrovague and the quest for integration, May 13, 1978. Higgins, Michael W..
1520.Vancouver Symposium: The tower of Babel, a reading, May 14, 1978. .
1521.Vancouver Symposium: The Zen-mystical poetry of Thomas Merton, May 13, 1978. Lentfoehr, Thérèse, 1902-.
1522.Vancouver Symposium: Thomas Merton and Flannery O'Connor - The urgency of vision, May 12, 1978. Weaver, Mary Jo.
1523.Vancouver Symposium: Thomas Merton and peace, May 13, 1978. Zahn, Gordon Charles, 1918-.
1524.Vancouver Symposium: Thomas Merton: the role of the artist, May 12, 1978. Labrie, Ross.
1525.Vancouver Symposium: Wallace Stevens and Thomas Merton: a study in the religious imagination, May 12, 1978. Griffin, Ernest G..
1526.Vancouver Symposium: William Nicholls and Ian Kent - Merton and identity, May 13, 1978. .
1527.Vespers and funeral mass of Thomas Merton - 3:30 pm, 12/17/1968, continued.. Merton, Thomas.
1528.Vespers and funeral mass of Thomas Merton - 3:30 pm, 12/17/1968.. Merton, Thomas.
1529.Virtue and Affluence ; a lecture by John C. Haughey, S.J.. .
1530.Virtue of temperance.. Merton, Thomas.
1531.Virtues: temperance.. Merton, Thomas.
1532.Vis cogitativa. Merton, Thomas.
1533.Visit of the Dalai Lama to Louisville - WAVE TV Sunrise, Luncheon and Speech (incomplete). .
1534.Vow of chastity.. Merton, Thomas.
1535.Vow of chastity.. Merton, Thomas.
1536.Vow of chastity.. Merton, Thomas.
1537.Vow of conversion of manners - conversio and conversation.. Merton, Thomas.
1538.Vow of conversion of manners.. Merton, Thomas.
1539.Vow of conversion of manners.. Merton, Thomas.
1540.Vow of conversion of manners.. Merton, Thomas.
1541.Vow of conversion of manners.. Merton, Thomas.
1542.Vow of conversion of manners.. Merton, Thomas.
1543.Vow of conversion of manners.. Merton, Thomas.
1544.Vow of conversion of manners.. Merton, Thomas.
1545.Vow of obedience - obedience not of a slave or child.. Merton, Thomas.
1546.Vow of obedience and the change of habit.. Merton, Thomas.
1547.Vow of obedience likened to Christ's obedience in his passion.. Merton, Thomas.
1548.Vow of obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
1549.Vow of obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
1550.Vow of obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
1551.Vow of obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
1552.Vow of obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
1553.Vow of obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
1554.Vow of obedience.. Merton, Thomas.
1555.Vow of obedience. Lee Oswald.. Merton, Thomas.
1556.Vow of poverty, ornamentation and beauty.. Merton, Thomas.
1557.Vow of poverty, sins against.. Merton, Thomas.
1558.Vow of poverty, technical details.. Merton, Thomas.
1559.Vow of poverty. (Cont.). Merton, Thomas.
1560.Vow of poverty: ownership.. Merton, Thomas.
1561.Vow of poverty: proprietorship.. Merton, Thomas.
1562.Vow of poverty; attachments. Sociological, psychological, patrological view.. Merton, Thomas.
1563.Vow of poverty; community and individual views.. Merton, Thomas.
1564.Vow of poverty; distribution of goods.. Merton, Thomas.
1565.Vow of poverty; interior and exterior characteristics.. Merton, Thomas.
1566.Vow of poverty; little exordium.. Merton, Thomas.
1567.Vow of stability - perseverance.. Merton, Thomas.
1568.Vow of stability.. Merton, Thomas.
1569.Vow of stability.. Merton, Thomas.
1570.Vow of stability.. Merton, Thomas.
1571.Vow of stability. Cases of sickness or greater spiritual good.. Merton, Thomas.
1572.Vows. Community life; respect; unity of purpose.. Merton, Thomas.
1573.Vows: certainty in regard to making vows.. Merton, Thomas.
1574.Vows: different acts of will.. Merton, Thomas.
1575.Vows: effects of will, importance of consent; place of hope in life.. Merton, Thomas.
1576.Vows: the mutual obligations involved.. Merton, Thomas.
1577.Vows; fidelity on the psychological and theological plane.. Merton, Thomas.
1578.Vows; positive view of vows.. Merton, Thomas.
1579.Vows; poverty.. Merton, Thomas.
1580.Vows; real meaning of vows.. Merton, Thomas.
1581.Vulnerability: The Power of Choice and the Choice of Power / Elaine Prevallet (40th Anniversary of Merton Collection Lectures). .
1582.Water conservation. Poetry. Hindu divine.. Merton, Thomas.
1583.WAVE 3 Close-Up Thomas Merton. .
1584.WAVE 3 Close-Up Thomas Merton. .
1585.What is a church? (Architecture) Philoxenus.. Merton, Thomas.
1586.What Merton means to me / B. Cliff Stoodley,Frank X. Tuoti.. .
1587.Who cares about the saints? / with James Martin, S.J. ; produced by Javier Ruisanchez.. .
1588.Why America needs a spiritual left (Revelation of Justice - Revolution of Love). Lerner, Michael, 1943-.
1589.Why should I buy a bed when all that I want is sleep? : Robert Lax on Patmos 1993-1999 / a film by Nicolas Humbert & Werner Penzel ; produced by Cine Nomad and Bayerischer Rundfunk ; H÷rspiel und Medienkunst.. .
1590.Why should I buy a bed when all that I want is sleep? : Robert Lax on Patmos 1993-1999 / a film by Nicolas Humbert & Werner Penzel ; produced by Cine Nomad and Bayerischer Rundfunk ; Hörspiel und Medienkunst.. .
1591.Why should I buy a bed when all that I want is sleep? : Robert Lax on Patmos 1993-1999 / a film by Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel ; produced by Cine Nomad and Bayerischer Rundfunk ; Hörspiel und Medienkunst.. .
1592.Why Thomas Merton? Prophet-Symbol-Mystic?. Daggy, Robert E..
1593.Why Zen Buddhism and not Hinduism : the Asias of Thomas Merton's voyage east / Rachel Fell McDermott, introduced by Bonnie B. Thurston.. .
1594.Wilkes Film - Dalai Lama interview. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
1595.Wilkes Film - Ernesto Cardenal interview. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
1596.Wilkes Film - Flavian Burns interview. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
1597.Wilkes Film - Flavian Burns interview continued. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
1598.Wilkes Film - Georges Linieres interview. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
1599.Wilkes Film - Gladys Marcus interview. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
1600.Wilkes Film - James Forest interview. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
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1608.Wilkes Film - John Eudes Bamberger interview continued. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
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1612.Wilkes Film - Maurice Flood interview continued. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
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1616.Wilkes Film - Richard Loomis interview continued. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
1617.Wilkes Film - Robert Giroux interview. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
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1621.Wilkes Film - Wilbur H. "Ping" Ferry interview. Wilkes, Paul, 1938-.
1622.William Faulkner reading. Faulkner, William, 1897-1962.
1623.William Parker Performs Vocal Works By Ernst Bacon, Robert Evett, Charles Tomlinson Griffes, Lee Hoiby, John Jacob Niles, Ned Rorem. Parker, William, 1943-1993.
1624.Winter rain : six images of Thomas Merton / written by Anthony Padovano ; a CP Films Production.. .
1625.With hands and hearts. .
1626.Woman of the cloth [videorecording] : fabric artist Penny Sisto / director/producer, Caroline Nellis. .
1627.Women in the church: the prophetic vision continued. 1 of 2. Merton, Thomas.
1628.Women in the church: the prophetic vision continued. 2 of 2. Merton, Thomas.
1629.Women who knew Merton / Thomas Merton Center Foundation.. .
1630.Women who knew Merton [videorecording] / Thomas Merton Foundation. .
1631.Work. (Shaker precepts.). Merton, Thomas.
1632.Working beyond class and race. Cohen-Kiener, Andrea.
1633.Workshop - contemplative life.. Merton, Thomas.
1634.Workshop at Precious Blood Monastery continued.. Merton, Thomas.
1635.Workshop at Precious Blood Monastery, part 3.. Merton, Thomas.
1636.World affairs. Explanation of a picture of Pope John. St.Pachomius.. Merton, Thomas.
1637.World events. Abelard and the problem of meaning.. Merton, Thomas.
1638.Yahwism - the desert ideal.. Merton, Thomas.
1639.Yoga: the prophetic vision continued. 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
1640.Yoga: the prophetic vision continued. 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
1641.Zalman M. Schachter.. Schachter, Zalman, 1924-.
1642.Zalman Schachter and Rabbi L. Silberman. Schachter, Zalman, 1924-.
1643.Zen, Hassidism: the prophetic vision continued. 1 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.
1644.Zen, Hassidism: the prophetic vision continued. 2 of 2.. Merton, Thomas.