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Sub-Section H.12: John Howard Yoder Papers: "The Spiritual Roots of Protest" retreat, 1964

Record Series: 13: Gethsemani '64

Series Description

Yoder's original notes from the 1964 conference, "The Spiritual Roots of Protest"; correspondence with Thomas Merton and Paul Peachey from 1964; draft transcripts of the notes; and articles and published materials serving as background to the notes.

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Arrangement and Processing Notes:

Files are loosely arranged by subject of file folder and divided thusly into series. Folder headings from original files.

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Box#-FF#Item#DateNotesFirst Lines
2 - 1 1 1985 Letter from Robert Daggy, Curator of the Merton Center, to Yoder. «I have received your letter of January 29, 1985, concerning the "November 1964 Retreat: and I must»
2 - 1 2 1993 Letter from Elizabeth Fedro of Peekskill, New York, Graymoor Ecumenical and Interreligious Institute, to Yoder. «Thank you for your inquiry dated May 18. I have forwarded your letter to Father Charles Murphy.»
2 - 1 3 1993 Letter from Yoder to the Graymoor Ecumenical Institute of Garrison, New York. «About ten years ago I was a guest of Graymoor for a conference about ethics and happened to meet one»
2 - 1 4 1981 «Fr. Charles Murphy 17 II 81 referred by Cornell reconstructing Gethsemani»
2 - 1 5 1981 «Tell Daggy about Chas Murphy»
2 - 2 1 1968 Time magazine article after Merton's death. «THOMAS MERTON "The scenario calls for a quiet death among concerned chipmunks," Thomas Merton once»
2 - 2 2 1964 «Jn 17 Gethsemane [sic] 20 xi 64 No explanation of Jn - only cross-indexing,»
2 - 2 3 1964 Lecture notes, November 18-20. «Wed PM Gethsemani 18-20 xi 64 Can Church hope to get ahold [sic] of technol. society to make it»
2 - 3 1 1993 Memorandum from Yoder to Lawrence Cunningham, professor at Notre Dame University. «Since midsummer when we first talked about the Merton deposit and the November 1964 "retreat" record»
2 - 3 2 undated Draft of Yoder's document, "Entities an people behind the narrative of the Nov 1964 Gethsemani 'retreat'". «Merton and entitled and people 1) IFOR - federation»
2 - 3 4 1974 Xerox of a book review from The Christian Century of Thomas Merton, Monk, edited by Patrick Hart. Reviewed October 2, 1974. «A Contemplative Life Thomas Merton, Monk: A Monastic Tribute. Edited by Patrick Hart.»
2 - 3 5 undated «What part of 294-7 is in MacNeal 125»
2 - 3 6 undated Photocopy of pages 283-301 from book of Merton's correspondence entitled, The Hidden Ground of Love. These pages contain letters from Merton to James Forest and begin after the 1964 Spiritual Roots of Protest retreat. «From November 18 to 20 a meeting took place at Gethsemani for leaders in the peace movement.»
2 - 3 7 undated Note on Chicago Hilton stationery. «693A 19 00 transcription 693 13 11 00 also»
2 - 3 8 1993 Letter to J. H. Yoder from W. H. Ferry. «I'm very glad to hear from you and wish that I could find something in my memory or papers»
2 - 4 1 1974 Xerox of book review by Tom Cornell of Thomas Merton on Peace, edited with an introduction by Gordon C. Zahn. The review is from the January 1974 issue of Fellowship magazine of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. «Peace in print THOMAS MERTON ON PEACE Edited, with an introduction by Gordon C. Zahn. 269 pages.»
2 - 4 2 1993 Correspondence from Judy DePalma of the Fellowship of Reconciliation to John Howard Yoder. «Enclosed, please find a copy of the article that you requested from the January 1974 issue»
2 - 4 3 1993 Correspondence from John Howard Yoder to the Archivist for Fellowship magazine of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. «I have never thrown away a copy of your magazine but somehow my collection is not all at one place.»
2 - 5 1 1993 «Background, editorial comments to the notes from the Gethsemane "retreat" of November 1964,»
2 - 5 2 1993 Letter from Lawrence Cunningham to John Howard Yoder. «I took a few minutes to skim the materials you sent me; they are very interesting.»
2 - 5 3 1993 «Memo from J H Yoder to L Cunningham 23 july 1993 Re: State of the file concerning Gethsemane Nov»
2 - 5 4 1993 Letter from J. H. Yoder to Professor Marjorie Procter-Smith of the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. Yoder references Merton's view that the waning of the Shaker community did not constitute failure of the movement, and he asks Procter-Smith if the Shaker movement discussed "the notion of success or of gratuitous validity?" «I am sorry to bother you with this kind of question, but I suspect it may have some interest for you»
2 - 5 5 undated «Content Hidden - after the fact no notes yet 26 II 65 Shannon 86»
2 - 5 6 1993 Letter from J. H. Yoder to James Forest. «Enclosed you will find, not yet for quotation, my draft transcriptions and other background comments»
2 - 5 7 1982 Letter from Paul [possibly Paul Dinter of Columbia University Campus Ministry] to Elena [Malits, C.S.C., St. Mary's College] «I have never before resorted to this kind of less-than-personal letter, but I thought that it was»
2 - 5 8 undated Last page of a letter, not fully extant, signed by Paul Peachey. «[…] Elkhart, we were asked to convey that wish of the group to you, with the understanding that Dave»
2 - 5 9 1983 Letter from Elena Malits to participants in Merton Conference. Includes handwritten note to John [Howard Yoder?]. «I have had many calls about the conference, even though we did not ask for preregistration.»
2 - 5 10 undated «Gethsemane XI 64 MacNeal 129»
2 - 5 11 1964 Xerox of handwritten notes and a typed transcription of these notes from the 1964 conference. These differ from Yoder's notes and are likely those taken by James Forest as referenced in a letter from Yoder to Forest of July 23, 1993 (located in this folder). «Gethsemani Retreat (The Spiritual Roots of Protest): Nov. 1964: Introductory conference»
2 - 5 12 undated «Gethsemane "who spoke up" write up the event»
2 - 5 13 1980 Letter from Yoder to Elena Malits regarding a letter from Merton that had been discovered. «One more piece of Mertoniana surfaced in a file on the Just War. a) Copy it if you wish»
2 - 5 14 1985 Letter from Robert Daggy of the Merton Center to J. H. Yoder. «Your letter arrived yesterday. I realize that it may be too early to project the literary form but,»
2 - 5 15 undated Note by Elena [Malits?]. «Back to Merton at Gethsemani for Rita sometime»
2 - 5 16 1993 Letter from J. H. Yoder to Paul Peachey. «From several quarters, pressure is rising on me to try to write something retrospective»
2 - 5 17 undated Brochure for books regarding Thomas Merton published by Orbis Books. «"I am in a condition of ecstacy over the human race." -Thomas Merton Griffin, author of»
2 - 5 18 1993 Letter from J. H. Yoder to Jim Forest. «In conversation with Larry Cunningham, I am execting to go back to my notes on the meeting we had»
2 - 5 19 undated Note about Merton's gift of a copy of his book Seeds of Destruction to those participating in the 1964 retreat. «Was Seeds his gift? Mott 407 yes»
2 - 5 20 1993 Letter from Lawrence Cunningham to J. H. Yoder. «Thanks for the Mertoniana. If you have no objection, I'll keep it in my collection but will let Bob»
2 - 5 21 1984 Memorandum from J. H. Yoder to Elena Malits. «I have just been given a copy of the book, Who Spoke Up? by Zaroulis and Sullivan (Doubleday»
2 - 5 22 undated Notes for J. H. Yoder regarding citations in Michael Mott's biography, The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton. Notes attached to two photocopied pages. «9-11 John- the cit from the Mott biography- Rita K»
2 - 6 1 1964 Letter from Paul Peachey [to J. H. Yoder?]. «Please return For the past year a few of us (John Heidbrink, Thomas Merton and I) have talked»
2 - 6 2 1964 «Return to Faculty Member John Howard Yoder has been granted leave from the campus for the period»
2 - 6 3 1964 Letter from J. H. Yoder to Thomas Merton. «Having tentatively accepted the invitation orally by Paul Peachey to visit Gethsemani next week,»
2 - 6 4 undated Letterhead of the Catholic Peace Fellowship with a sidebar of names of co-chairmen and sponsors. Extra information about sponsors is hand written on the side. «the Catholic Peace Fellowship An educational service conducted by Catholic members»
2 - 7 1 1974 Letter from James Forest to J. H. Yoder. «Just a quick note of thanks for your review of the Eller and Gish books, which safely arrived this»
2 - 7 2 undated Letter from J. H. Yoder to Elena Malits. «I just ran into my old stack of materials which T. Merton send me between 64 and 68; your're welcome»
2 - 7 3 1965 Letter from Paul Peachey to J. H. Yoder. «In reply to yours of February 16, we wanted something other than merely a theological statement»
2 - 7 4 1964 Letter from J. H. Yoder to James Forest. «Thank you for your note, received November 30, looking back on the meeting at Gethsemani.»
2 - 7 5 1964 Letter from Paul Peachey to J. H. Yoder, copied to Thomas Merton and Daniel Berrigan. «Apparently there will not be too much coordination on the arrangements for the Gethsemani Retreat.»
2 - 7 6 1964 Merton's outline for the "Spiritual Roots of Protest" retreat, November 1964. «We are hoping to reflect together during these days on our common grounds for religious»
2 - 7 7 1986 Letter from J. H. Yoder to Tom Del Prete. «Thank you for your letter of 22 September. I am not sure that I can be of much help in view of your»
2 - 7 8 1986 Letter from Tom Del Prete to J. H. Yoder. «I recently spent a week of research at the Thomas Merton Studies Center as part of my preparation»
2 - 7 9 1985 Letter from J. H. Yoder to Robert Daggy. «I have some progress to report in the concern for the story of the strategic meeting with Merton.»
2 - 7 10 1985 Letter from J. H. Yoder to Robert Daggy. «Thank you very much for your letter of 14 February. Sister Elena and I were thinking»
2 - 7 11 1985 Letter from J. H. Yoder to Robert Daggy. «Thank you for your prompt response of 5 February to my question about the 1964 meeting.»
2 - 7 12 1985 Letter from J. H. Yoder to Robert Daggy. «It seemed to Sister Elena Malitz [sic] and me that it would be asking your counsel concerning one»
2 - 8 1 undated See also copies of this manuscript in Sub-Section E.1, "Commonweal, to the editors of the." «TO THE EDITORS OF THE COMMONWEAL: I must apologize for aiming another salvo in the direction»
2 - 8 2 1965 See also copies of this manuscript in Sub-Section E.1, "Schema XIII : an open letter to the American hierarchy." «SCHEMA THIRTEEN AN OPEN LETTER TO THE AMERICAN HIERARCHY Thomas Merton July 1965»
2 - 9 1 undated «Merton Conjecture 21 join all churches by joining mystics of all kinds»
2 - 9 2 1993 Memorandum from J. H. Yoder to Lawrence Cunningham with Cunningham's handwritten reply on the same page. «For other reasons as well as your interest in the 1964 Gethsemani meeting, I've been leafing back»
2 - 9 3 1993 Letter from J. H. Yoder to James Forest. «Enclosed you will find, not yet for quotation, my draft transcriptions and other background comments»
2 - 9 4 1993 Letter from J. H. Yoder to W. H. Ferry. «My department chairman, Lawrence Cunninham, with whom you have in the past been in touch concerning»
2 - 10 1 1967 Xerox of October 1967 issue of Motive magazine with an interview with Merton by Thomas P. McDonnell. «An Interview With Thomas Merton By Thomas P. McDonnell MCDONNELL: Let's start»
2 - 10 2 1969 Merton's article, "Terror and the Absurd: Violence and Nonviolence in Albert Camus," copied from the February 1969 issue of Motive magazine. «Despite his keen sense of tragedy, Camus was one the more hopeful voices of his generation.»
2 - 10 3 1993 Page from the 12 February 1993 issue of Commonweal with a book review of William H. Shannon's biography, Silent Lamp: The Thomas Merton Story. «Of books about Merton there seems to be no end. Michael Mott's The Seven Mountains of Thomas»

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