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Background of Rule: St. Martin of Tours and St. Anthony. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/02/17
Background of rule; Desert Fathers as sources. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/02/24
Background to St. Benedict's rule; early monasticism, St. Paulinus of Nola. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/02/03
Background to St. Bernard's "de conversione" to Paris Students. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/01/11
Bangkok conference - lecture titled "Marxism and monastic perspectives" (Merton's last lecture) delivered December 10, 1968. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968
The Bangkok conference [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
The Bangkok conference [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Bantu philosophy. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/07/11
Baptized in life (Ibn Al Arabi). Madness and civilization. Camus and Augustine. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/05/03
The Bear: A pattern of development in hunting and in the spiritual life. [Faulkner's "The Bear": Spiritual Formation and Mystical Union.] [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/01/01
Beards. Refectory reading. Liturgy. Peace, chastity and prayer. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/10/27
The Bear [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Beauty and art [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/08/12
Beauty comes from God [Audio] Merton, Thomas2012
Beauty is from God [Audio] Merton, Thomas2006
Beauty is from God [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Becoming our true self [Audio] Merton, Thomas2006
Becoming our true self [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Becoming who you are : insights on the true self from Thomas Merton and other saints [Audio] Martin, James, S.J.2011
The beginnings of Benedictine monasticism #1 [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/09/07
Beginnings of European monasticism (cont'd) Dunstan. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
Beginnings of European monasticism. Boethius, Cassiodorus [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/09
Beginnings of European monasticism [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/09
Bellarmine Merton Seminar, 1967? [Audio] Hinson, E. Glenn1967
The Bellarmine Players present: "An evening with Thomas Merton;" includes "The tower of Babel," "Chant to be used around a site with furnaces," and "Original child bomb," November 17, 1972. [Audio] 1972
Bells of Gethsemani and Children of the 80's (2 songs) [Audio] Baez, Joan1980
Belonging to God [Audio] Merton, Thomas1995
Benedictine humility [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/08/28
Benedictine schema on religious life. St. Ephrem on virginity and marriage. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/03/07
Bernard; three types of love. (Attraction, reconcilliation, fullfillment). [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/02/16
Betrachtungen ├╝ber die Liebe / Thomas Merton. Gesprochen von Horst Warning [Audio] Merton, Thomas1990
Beyond Dialogue: Christogenesis and Conscious Evolution [Audio] Delio, Ilia, O.S.F.2015
Beyond Dialogue: Christogenesis and Conscious Evolution [Video] Delio, Ilia, O.S.F.2015
Bible - the name of Yahweh. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/04/29
Bible - Yahwism in the Old Testament. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/05/06
Bill Barnes interviewed by his brother Jack Barnes regarding meeting Philip and Daniel Berrigan with Thomas Merton at Gethsemani Abbey [Audio] Barnes, William2017
Bonhoeffer : Pastor, pacifist, Nazi resister / Journey Films presents ; a film by Martin Doblmeier. [Video] 2003
Bonnie Thurston on Thomas Merton [Video] Thurston, Bonnie Bowman2002
A book of hours : at prayer with Thomas Merton [Audio] Deignan, Kathleen, 1947-2009
Bourges cathedral and its stained glass windows. St. Pachomius. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/06/16
Br. Antoninus on poetry. William Everson. [Audio] Everson, William, 1912-1994 (Br. Antoninus)1964/11/14
A brevity / words by Thomas Merton, music by Peter R. Hallock [Audio] Merton, Thomas2005
Bride spirit songs of the beloved [Audio] Deignan, Kathleen, 1947-1999
Bryan N. Massingal. Plenary lecture for the 14th General Meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society, June 5th, 2015, Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. [Audio] Massingale, Bryan N.2015
Buddhist sand painting (sand mandala) at the Thomas Merton Center and Buddhist prayer service at the Cathedral of the Assumption [Video] 2001/01/30
Building community. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968/09
Bultmann: his essays on Christianity and humanism. Aetheria's pilgrimage. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/01/12
Burial service of Thomas Merton, monks cemetery, Gethsemani. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968/12/17

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