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Harpo and the Clown of God: The Seven-Storied Friendship of Thomas Merton and Robert Lax, a plenary lecture by Michael N. McGregor at the Fifteenth General Meeting of the ITMS at St. Bonaventure University, June 16, 2017 [Video] McGregor, Michael N.2018/01/23
Hassidism: the prophetic vision continued. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968
He who is blessed / a joint production of Tutto Buono and The Shaking Ray Levi Society. [Video] 2005
Healing powers of tone and chant / Don G. Campbell and Tim Wilson [Audio] Campbell, Don1990
Hearing voices. Thomas Merton. [Audio] 1980
The heart alive with love [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
The heart alive with love [Audio] Merton, Thomas2006
Hegel's criticism of interiority. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1966/08/04
Henri Nouwen : a spirituality for the wounded / by Michael W. Higgins [Video] Higgins, Michael W.2013
Henri Nouwen and Thomas Merton : Kindred spirits. [Audio] Whitney-Brown, Carolyn1999
Here am I, send me : the journey of Jonathan Daniels / produced by Lawrence Benaquist and William Sullivan. [Video] 2000
Here am I, send me : the journey of Jonathan Daniels / produced by Lawrence Benaquist and William Sullivan. [Video] 2003
Heretic blood : an audiobiography of Thomas Merton / produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. [Audio] 1998
Hermits: Breaking the heart. N.C.R. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968/01/28
Heroes and heroines / an Ikonographics production ; a Franciscan Communications DVD ; directed & produced by Jim Cronin ; written by Doug Fisher. [Video] 1995
He's plenty near A musical work featuring the voice of Thomas Merton 1915-1968 / Produced, written,performed, and recorded by Nick Hogarth. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1996
A hidden wholeness : the Zen photography of Thomas Merton [Audio] Pearson, Paul M.2008
His Holiness the Dalai Lama; excerpts from a documentary. [Video] 1990
His name is John / Anthony T. Padovano. [Video] 1986
History of Cistercian order. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
History of the examination of conscience and its use in monastic life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/09/08
Hit and Stay A History of Faith and Resistance / produced, written and directed by Joe Tropea and Skizz Cyzyk [Video] 2014
Holy Ghost: Pentecost. Faith in the world today. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/05
The holy rule - on humility [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
The holy rule (cont'd): degrees of humility. Augustinian. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/09
Holy rule: 1st degree of humility [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/09/07
Holy rule: 5th degree of humility. Interior openness with superiors. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
Holy rule, humility, conversion of manners, 4th degree [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/07
Holy rule [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/07/11
Home Movie of Thomas Merton (same as Colleen O'Callaghan's Birthday Picnic but without extra baby footage at the end) [Video] 1968/06/00
Home Movie of Thomas Merton (same as Colleen O'Callaghan's Birthday Picnic but without extra baby footage at the end) [Video] 1968/06/00
Honoring the Merton legacy / Sr. Mary Luke Tobin [Audio] Tobin, Mary Luke, 1908-1988
An hour to dance : choral music of Gwyneth Walker [Audio] Walker, Gwyneth, 1947-2007
How do we enter the heart and what do we find after entering / Kallistos Ware, Orthodox Bishop of Diokleia. [Video] 2001
Hromadka: a Christian theologian under communism. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1966/07/24
Hromadka, God is dead theology. Forms of dialectical thought. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1966/07/31
A huge chorus of living beings : Synthetic listening / M. Basil Pennington. (A huge chorus of living beings.) [Audio] Pennington, M. Basil1991
The human way out: An implied need for the contemplative dimension within Americanfiction, 1900-1945 / Victor A Kramer. Poetry and the meditative method / Maria Assunta Werner, CSC. [Audio] Kramer, Victor A.1994
The human way out: Closing session [Audio] 1994
The human way out: Contemplation reconsidered: the human way in /Parker J. Palmer. [Audio] Palmer, Parker J.1994
The human way out: Ecountering God in the desert:..apophatic spirituality in Edward Abbey and Thomas Merton by Andrew Steward; and Letting go and letting God: Merton's nonviolent alternative and the ecofeminist theology of earth healing by Jim Walsh [Audio] Stewart, Andrew P.1994
The human way out: friendship as a counter-cultural practice / Paul Wadell, CP. [Audio] Wadell, Paul1994
The human way out: Letters of protest and letters of reconciliation: Thomas Merton'sengagement with contemporary history / VivianLigo. Human way out: the contemplative dimension of public life/ John A. Ostenburg. [Audio] Ligo, Vivian1994
The human way out: Merton and the rediscovery of an ancient wisdom / Patrick Eastman. Thomas Merton and Confucian rites / John Wu,Jr. [Audio] Eastman, Patrick1994
The human way out: No-news narratives and the search for transformative communities: contemporary woman writers on natural religion by Claire Badorocca; and By their metaphors shall you know them: Merton's contribution to church life by Paul M. Pearson [Audio] Badorocca, Claire1994
The human way out: the contemplative dimension of care ofhospital patients by non-medical volunteers /Kenneth F. Lott. Art and activism / Kenneth M. Voiles. [Audio] Lott, Kenneth F.1994
The human way out: The contemplative dimension of family life within the domestic church / Thomas C. Abel. The role of thecontemplation in Thomas Merton's own healing journey from hischildhood woundedness / Richard Fournier. [Audio] Abel, Thomas C.1994
The human way out: The contemplative, the artist, and the child /Christine Jensen Hogan. A call to contemplation: the drawingsof Thomas Merton / Dorothy Bosch Keller. [Audio] Hogan, Christine Jensen1994
The human way out: The unfinished journey of Thomas Merton /Madonna C. Kolbenschlag, HM. [Audio] Kolbenschlag, Madonna C.1994
The human way out: Thomas Merton as guru: Merton's contribution to a spirituality ofhigher education / Roy D. Fuller. Humanizingthe university: adding the contemplative dimension / JuliaUpton. [Audio] Fuller, Roy D.1994
The human way out: Zen and the birds of appetite: after twenty-five years / Matthias Neuman, OSB. Thomas Merton'scontemplative intuition and Nishida Kitaro's directexperience / Erlinda G. Paguio. [Audio] Neuman, Matthias1994
Humility - 4th degree. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/10
Humility: the 4th degree. Psychological aspects of heroic humility. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
Humility, 7th degree; self degredation. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962

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