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Sanctity of St. Alberic; Molsmes vs. Citeaux; borthers. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
Sanctity [Audio] Merton, Thomas2006
Sanctity [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Satisfaction, the end of the ascetical life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/07/02
Save me, o God, from the barrage of words which inwardly afflict me / Martin Laird, OSA [Audio] Laird, M. S. (Martin S.)2011
The search for wholeness [Audio] Merton, Thomas2013
The Search for wholeness [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Second Century apologist (Tertullian) [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/06/06
Secular Signs, Ceremony for Edward Dahlberg and other poems. Thoughts for Trinity Sunday sermon. Listen to an excerpt. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/05/20
Seeds of contemplation / by Thomas Merton [Audio] Merton, Thomas198-
Seeing the world in a grain of sand : Thomas Merton on poetry; introduced by Michael W. Higgins [Audio] Merton, Thomas2013
Seeing with the heart : David Whyte interviewed by Michael Toms [Audio] Whyte, David1990
Seeking and finding God [Audio] Merton, Thomas1995
Seeking and finding God / Thomas Merton. [Audio] Merton, Thomas2006
Seeking God : the way of the monk / Marron Productions [Video] 2004
Selections from cables to the ace / Thomas Merton, set to the music and sound design of Roger Gregg [Audio] Merton, Thomas2011
Self assertion and Cassian - conference 14. (Christian philosophy) continued. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/04/27
Self assertion and Cassian - conference 14. (Christian philosophy). [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/04/21
Serious life of prayer. Sufi psychoanalysis. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968/02/04
Sermon: Feast of Immaculate Conception. 1962. "The Light." [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
Sermon for Mass at Nothern Ohio Merton Festival, Nov. 12, 1972 (Side 1); Informal discussion with Nouwen (Side 2). [Audio] Nouwen, Henri J. M.1972
A service in memory of Thomas Merton [Audio] Shipps, Howard Fenimore, 1903-19921969
The seven mountains of Thomas Merton (interview about his book, February 1, 1985) [Audio] Mott, Michael1985
The seven storey mountain (oversize box) [Audio] 1992
The seven storey mountain [abridged] [Audio] Merton, Thomas2006
The seven storey mountain [Audio] Merton, Thomas1992
The seven storey mountain / by Thomas Merton. Read by Wolfram Kandinsky. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1984
The seven storey mountain / Nate Wooley, Paul Lytton, David Grubbs [Audio] Wooley, Nate, 1974-2007
The Shakers : hands to work, hearts to God / a film by Ken Burns, a Florentine Films production [Video] 1996
The Shakers / an Interteam Munich production ; written and directed by Hatto Kurtenbach [Video] 1994
Sharing the experience of the divine light : Thomas Merton's path to interreligious understanding [Audio] Griffith, Sidney Harrison, 1938-2008
Short segment of talk by Thomas Merton. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/04/22
Side 2 of original tape. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968
The significance of the firewatch quilt. interview by Richard Sisto of Fred Hicks and Penny Sisto. [Audio] Sisto, Richard198-
Silence and its importance for the retreat. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/01/19
Silence and making signs. The interior word behind speech. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/12/04
Silence [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Silence / Thomas Merton. [Audio] Merton, Thomas2006
The silent one and the poetics of unity Merton's last poem [Audio] Higgins, Michael W.1983
Simone Weil. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/03/04
Simplicity of early Cistercians. Poverty in life of prayer and common life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/05/29
The sins against poverty [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Sins against the vow of obedience. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/07/15
Sr. Elaine Bane, OSF, first Sister-In-Charge in the Cloister, describes the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany’s early contemplative life, as well as how she began her correspondence with Thomas Merton [Audio] Bane, Elaine, Sr., O.S.F.2017
Sixth degree of humility: Disrespect of others, real or imagined. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
Solitary life - life without care. (Departing address.) Listen to an excerpt. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/08/20
Solitude and love / Robert Grip, Rose AnnetteLiddell. [Audio] Grip, Robert1993
Solitude and maturity / A.M. Allchin, Patrick F. Guyton. [Audio] Allchin, A. M.1993
Solitude and resurrection [Audio] Merton, Thomas2006
Solitude and resurrection [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Solitude and service : spiritual activism / with Sister Helen Prejean, Jonathan Montaldo, Blessing Finca and others [Audio] Prejean, Helen2001
Solitude and service : spiritual activism / with Sister Helen Prejean, Jonathan Montaldo, Blessing Finca and others [Audio] Prejean, Helen2001
Solitude and togetherness / Thomas Merton; introduced by Anthony Ciorra [Audio] Merton, Thomas2012
Solitude : breaking the heart [Audio] Merton, Thomas2006
Solitude : breaking the heart [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Solitude, way to reality : reflections on Merton's 'Philosophy of solitude' / William H. Shannon. [Audio] Shannon, William Henry, 1917-1993
Some aspects of the cenobitic life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/05/31
Some background to reading the bible. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/04/22
Some English recluses. Abelard. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/03/07
Some points about the new directory. Xenitera. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/12/28
Some points from the Birmingham non-violence movement. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/06/10
Some points on Father Alphonse and comments on visitation and study. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/04/24
Some points on silence. Advent thoughts. Sins against stability. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/12/11
Some problems of obedience. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/08/05
Some propositions on obedience. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/03/04
Something understood : remembering Merton / Mike Wooldridge and Rowan Williams [Audio] BBC2008
Soul searching the journey of Thomas Merton / written and produced by Morgan Atkinson. [Video] 2007
Soul searching: the journey of Thomas Merton / interview broadcast on the Diane Rehm Show [Audio] Atkinson, Morgan C.2008
Sources and resources. (From the Springs of Compassion). [Audio] Burnham, Christopher C. (Christopher Charles), 1950-1997
Speaking of faith: Brother Thay: a radio pilgrimage with Thich Nhat Hahn. Minnesota Public Radio, host Krista Tippett. [Audio] Minnesota Public Radio2003
Speaking of faith: the spiritual audacity of Abraham Joshua Heschel. Minnesota Public Radio, host Krista Tippett [Audio] Minnesota Public Radio2008
The spirit of poverty [Audio] Merton, Thomas1995
Spirit of St. Stephen Harding, 12th century England. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
Spiritual awakening [Audio] Merton, Thomas1996
Spiritual classics II: Bede Griffiths and Thomas Merton / Rachael Kohn [Audio] 2007
The spiritual combat; illusions of self. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/02/13
Spiritual direction and meditation / Thomas Merton ; read by Adam Kochlin. [Audio] 1986
Spiritual direction: growth and development. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968/06/30
Spiritual direction. Personal, particular perfection. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/10
Spiritual direction [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
A spiritual masters retreat with Fr. Donald Goergen, O.P. [Audio] Goergen, Donald2011
Spirituality and civil rights [Audio] LaFayette, Bernard2002
Spirituality and the city [Audio] Sheldrake, Philip2012
Spirituality of the Our Father [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
The spirituality of Thomas Merton [Audio] O'Connell, Patrick F.2001
Spontaneity, Community, Religion. Cruelty in the community life. Contemplation. [Audio] Merton, Thomasnone
Springboard address with a response by Rabbi Michael Lerner (Revelation of Justice - Revolution of Love) [Audio] Wallis, Jim; and Michael Lerner, 1943-2005
Springboard session of the Sixth General Conference of the International Thomas Merton Society. [Audio] Paguio, Erlinda1999
Sr. Elena Malits, C.S.C.: Merton talk while working on her dissertation. Loretto Motherhouse, Nerinx, KY, July 1971. [Audio] Malits, Elena1971
Sr. Therese Lentfoehr: Thomas Merton as poet, Renascence meeting, New York (side a); Dom Christopher Davis, O.S.B.: Response to Sr. Therese (side b). [Audio] 1970
St Augustine: de doctrina Christiana [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
St. Aelred and the memory of God. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/05/07
St. Anselm and the ontological argument for God. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/06/24
St. Anselm : reasonable faith [Audio] Merton, Thomas1992
St. Anselm. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/07/16
St. Anselm's letter on stability. Selections from Mahalia Jackson. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/12/08
St. Augustine [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
St. Basil. [Audio] Bamberger, John Eudes1963/09/15
St. Basil's "moralia" as a rule for both ascetics and lay people. [Audio] Bamberger, John Eudes1963/09/22
St. Bernard and De Conversione. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/05/23
St. Bernard and the purification of the memory. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/06/13
St. Bernard: Guigo the Carthusian and truth, happiness. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/03/09
St. Bernard: Guigo the Carthusian's meditations on truth as a weapon. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/03/02
St. Bernard: letter II on love being the law of God. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/05/18
St. Bernard on perfect love. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/05/04
St. Bernard on the love of God - God's grace in man. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/07/20
St. Bernard on the love of God. Signs. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/07/13
St. Bernard: purity of heart. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/05/11
St. Bernard, Mariology. What it means to be loved by Mary. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/02/02
St. Bernard. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/01/05
St. Bernard. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/01
St. Bernard. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/08/26
St. Bernard; Cistercian theology of love. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/02/09
St. Bernard; his letter to Guigo the Carthusian. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/04/20
St. Bernard; man made in image of God; thirst for living water. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/02/23
St. Bernard's "De Conversione". [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/05/16
St. Bernard's "De Diligendo Deo" - on the love of God. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/05/25
St. Bernard's "De Diligendo Deo" - reasons for loving God. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/06/22
St. Bernard's "De Diligendo Deo" dignitas, sirentra and virtus. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/06/15
St. Bernard's conversion to the monastic life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/06/27
St. Bernard's De Conversione. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/05/30
St. Bernard's degrees of love. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/08/31
St. Bernard's epiphany sermon - wedding at Cana. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/01/04
St. Bernard's letters. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/08/08
St. Bernard's life according to William of St. Thiery. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/06/20
St. Chrysostom; 10th century patrology [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/10
St. Emilie Rodat of France. St. Jerome. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/12/01
St. Ephrem and prayer. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/10/25
St. Ephrem. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/09/20
St. Ephrem. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/10/18
St. Ephrem. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/12/20
St. Ephrem. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/02/14
St. Ephrem's View of Paradise [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/01/03
St. Gregory the Great. [Audio] Connor, James1963/09/23
St. Jerome, God's grouch [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
St. Jerome; writings. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
St. Melanie of Jerusalem. New directory and its treatment of stability. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/12/29
St. Pachomius - danger of neglect in monastic life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/06/23
St. Pachomius and the Shenoute [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/08/18
St. Robert of Molesme; Citeaux. History reinterpreted in later writings. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
St. Thomas: importance of every created thing in God's eye. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/04/03
St. Thomas; goodness of all beings. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/03/13
St. Thomas; the goodness of God and forgiveness of others and penance. Refers to Adolf Eichmann trial and Arendt's work. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/03/27
St. Thomas; thoughts on the justice of God. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/03/20
St.Pachomius - the monk and the world. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/06/30
St.Pachomius - the monk, the world and last judgement. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/07/14
St.Pachomius and cenobitism. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/07/21
State of Affairs: Interview with Albert Raboteau. [Audio] Raboteau, Albert J.2008
State of Affairs: Interview with Albert Raboteau. / WFPL [Video] 1998/12/10
State of Affairs: Interview with Barbara Ann Holmes. [Audio] Holmes, Barbara Ann, 1943-2009
State of Affairs: Interview with Vincent Harding. [Audio] Harding, Vincent2007
State of Affairs: personal epiphanies. With Tom Williams, Paul M. Pearson, Don Vish, Pam Platt, Christopher 2X, Joe Reagan. [Audio] WFPL2008
State of Affairs: professional morality. Interview with Barry L. Padgett and David Callahan. [Audio] WFPL2009
State of Affairs: Thomas Merton: soul searching. With Morgan C. Atkinson, James Conner, Paul Quenon and Richard Sisto. [Audio] WFPL2007
State of Affairs: Thomas Merton. Interview with Brother Patrick Hart, Erlinda Paguio and Paul M Pearson. [Audio] WFPL2003
State of Affairs: Thomas Merton. Interview with Dick Sisto, Dianne Aprile and Christine Bochen / WFPL [Video] 1998
State of Affairs, December 10, 1998; interview with Dianne Aprile and Christine Bochen. [Audio] WFPL1998
Storytelling : Merton and stories from the desert tradition / Kelby Cotton. (A huge chorus of living beings.) [Audio] Cotton, Kelby1991
The Straight way - Sufism. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/05/21
The straight way [Audio] Merton, Thomas1995
Studio 619: Thomas Merton epiphany. Paul M. Pearson interviewed by Stephanie Sanders. [Audio] Pearson, Paul M.2008
Sue Monk Kidd interview / Super Soul Sunday: Oprah Winfrey and Book Club Author Sue Monk Kidd on the Sould of a Writer. [Audio] 2014
Sufi - sense of loss in one's way, in one's identity. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/10/15
Sufi: patience. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/10/08
Sufi principles for a time of change. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/06/18
Sufism - heart. Love speaks in creatures. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968/01/01
Sufism - love of God. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/12/03
Sufism - mystic life, also Christian mysticism. Things interfering with prayer. Awareness. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/11/19
Sufism - mystical life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/11/12
Sufism: Awareness of love in an awake heart. (Remarks on Martin Luther King funeral.) [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968/04/15
Sufism: God in creation. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/05/14
Sufism: Introduction. Various branches of Islam and Muslim society. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/04/23
Sufism: Knowledge of God. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/04/30
Sufism: knowledge of God [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Sufism: longing for God [Audio] Merton, Thomas1995
Sufism: the desire for God [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Summing up of the essence of Christian life - some aspects of poverty. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/07/24
Summoned to explore the heart: Do not disturb: Thomas Merton at St. Bonaventure. [soundrecording] / Michael Mott. [Audio] Mott, Michael1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Editing the Merton letters / Christine M. Bochen, Robert E. Daggy, Patrick Hart, and William H. Shannon. [Audio] 1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Eros and agape / Jacques Goulet. [Audio] Goulet, Jacques1995
Summoned to explore the heart: First timers orientation. [Audio] Bochen, Christine M.1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Harvesting new fruits: Merton's message to poets. [Audio] Cunningham, Lawrence1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Makers of a new language / George Kilcourse, Monica Weis, SSJ. [Audio] 1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Makers of extraordinary possibilites / Leonard Calabrese, Richard Fournier. [Audio] 1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Makers of personal conviction / David D. Cooper, Kenneth M. Voiles. [Audio] 1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Makers who point beyond all objects / JonathanMontaldo, Bonnie Thurston. [Audio] 1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and art / Margaret Betz, Donna Kristoff,Mary Murray. [Audio] Betz, Margaret1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and East-West conversation / Robert L. Faricy, Timothy Fullerton, Erlinda G. Paguio. [Audio] Faricy, Robert L., 1926-1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and Franciscan spirituality / Kathleen Deignan, Michael Downey, Sean Kinsella. [Audio] Deignan, Kathleen, 1947-1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and inner transformation / Patrick Guyton, Bradford T. Stull, John Wu, Jr. [Audio] Guyton, Patrick1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and inner truth / Christopher Burnham, Walt Chura and Gary P. Hall. [Audio] 1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and literature / David Belcastro, RossLabrie, John S. Porter. [Audio] Belcastro, David1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and the Chinese connection. [Audio] Lee, Cyrus1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and the environment / Thomas Donlin-Smith, Christopher Nugent, Andrew P. Stewart. [Audio] 1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and the scriptures / Paul Quenon, OCSO,Johan Seynnaeve, Stephen J. Wolf. [Audio] Quenon, Paul1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and the theologians / John CharlesCooper, Marie Goldstein, RSHM, E. Glenn Hinson. [Audio] Cooper, John Charles1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton and young people / Fred Herron, JeffreyT. Kiernan, John E. King. [Audio] Herron, Fred.1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton as a prophet for the 21st century. [Audio] Conner, James1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton at St. Bonaventures / Thomas Del Prete,Lynn Elwell, Paul M Pearson. [Audio] Del Prete, Thomas1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton in our dreams and poetry: workshop /Rose Gordy. [Audio] Gordy, Rose1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Merton's secular journal: workshop. / Victor A.Kramer, Paul Wise. [Audio] Kramer, Victor A.1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Robert Lax: roundtable discussion / AnthonyBannon, Arthur W. Biddle, Marcia Marcus Kelly, Richard Marcusand Paul Spaeth. [Audio] 1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Teaching Merton: roundtable discussion / Robert Grip, Elena Malits, CSC, Donald P. St. John, Gervaise White,OFM. [Audio] 1995
Summoned to explore the heart: Thomas Merton and the new world kairos [Audio] Grinberg, Miguel1995
Summoned to explore the heart: What Merton's prophetic challenge means to me. [soundrecording] / Mary K. Stanford, Frank X. Tuoti. [Audio] Stanford, Mary K.1995
Sunday worship: marking the 40th anniversary of the death of Thomas Merton / Michael Ford [Audio] BBC2008
Surrender to God [Audio] Merton, Thomas1995
Surrender to God [Audio] Merton, Thomas2004
Swami in yoga teaching. [Audio] Hindu Swami1963/07/04
Swami in yoga teaching. [Audio] Hindu Swami1963/07/03
Sweet irrational worship : the Niles-Merton songs opus 171 & 172 performed by Chad Runyon and Jacqueline Chew [Audio] Niles, John Jacob, 1892-2006
Symbolism in poetry. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/03/11
The symbolism of chastity [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Syrian monastic traditions. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/07/19
Syrian monasticism: Theodoret on spiritual life. Hilarion. Traditions. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/10
Syrian monasticism, 5th and 6th century, Dionysius. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/10/27
Syrian monasticism. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/06/28
Syrian monasticism. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/06/21
Syrian monks. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/08/09
Syrian monks. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/07/12

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