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R.J. Zwi Werblowsky on St. John of the Cross. [Audio] Werblowsky, R. J. Zwi (Raphael Jehudah Zwi), 1924-1963/08/02
Rabbi L. Silberman Dead Sea Scrolls [Audio] Silberman, Lou H.1962/08
Race situation. St. Basil, ascetical discourse. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/10/20
Racism and Civil Rights. Alverno College, March 11, 1964. First lecture of the Sr. Jutta Lecture Series. [Audio] Griffin, John Howard, 1920-19801964
Racism, 1st lecture and of the series, January 22, 1973. [Audio] Griffin, John Howard, 1920-19801973
Racism, 2nd lecture and of the series, January 23, 1973. [Audio] Griffin, John Howard, 1920-19801973
Racism, 3rd lecture and of the series, January 24, 1973. [Audio] Griffin, John Howard, 1920-19801973
Racism, 4th lecture and of the series, January 26, 1973. [Audio] Griffin, John Howard, 1920-19801973
Racism, 5th lecture and of the series, January 29, 1973. [Audio] Griffin, John Howard, 1920-19801973
Racism, 6th lecture and of the series (final), January 30, 1973. [Audio] Griffin, John Howard, 1920-19801973
Racism, lecture to high school students, January 26, 1973 [Audio] Griffin, John Howard, 1920-19801973
Radio New Zealand Christmas service from Christ's College, Christchurch, New Zealand : commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Death of Thomas Merton / Raymond Schmack and Bosco Peters [Audio] Schmack, Raymond2008
Raphael Prendergast / produced by Morgan Atkinson. [Video] 2004
Reading from Lograire continued. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/10/15
Reading from Lograire. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/10/15
Reading Merton in the Rain, a plenary lecture by Scott Russell Sanders at the 15th General Meeting of the ITMS, held at St. Bonaventure University, Olean, NY, June 16, 2017. [Video] Sanders, Scott Russell2018/01/23
Reading, writing, realization [Audio] Nugent, Don.1999
Readings: Faulkner. "The Deluge" and "The Wild Palms." [The Wild Palms: Theological Reflections.] [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/01/29
Readings from journals about Niels Bohr, genetics, evolution, war, Nietzsche. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/06/03
Readings from journals about Niels Bohr, genetics, evolution, war, Nietzsche. (Repeats tape #175a:2) [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/06/03
Readings from Lograire continued. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/08/20
Readings from The Geography of Lograire. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/08/20
Readings on monastic life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/09/22
Reads from his journal for May 14, 1967 - Pentecost Sunday - and May 18. Eschatology. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/05/14
Real meaning of holy week liturgy. Abbot Ammonas. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/03/15
Reception of Thomas Merton's body in the community cloister - 1.15 pm, 12/17/1968. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968/12/17
Recruiting Merton : conjectures on ecological ethics [Audio] O'Hara, Dennis Patrick2010
Redwoods. Cassian: renunciation of our own desires and own will. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968/07/07
Reflections by Merton's confreres on Merton as a teacher of faith and nonviolence (Revelation of Justice - Revolution of Love) [Audio] Bamberger, John Eudes; Paul Quenon; and James Finley2005
Reflections on Dom Flavians election. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968/01/14
Reflections on Thomas Merton : a conversation with Fr. Matthew Kelty. [Video] 2005
Reform of Benedict of Aniane. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/09/13
Relation of God to nature in Ibn Al Arabi. Union with God. Masao Abe and the dialogue between Buddhists and Christians. Martin Buber. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/04/30
Relevance of Merton's ideas on racism to race relations inAustralia. (From the Springs of Compassion). [Audio] Goodwin-O'Neal, Beth1997
Religion and Ethics Newsweekly [Video] 1998/09/04
Religion and racism : Thomas Merton's insights for the twenty-first century [Audio] Phelps, Jamie T. (Jamie Therese), 1941-2011
The religious intuition [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
The religious meaning of chastity [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Religious obedience as freedom. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/04/15
Religious obedience. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/08/01
Religious principles of Greek tragedy [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Religious renewal. Comments on book by Brian Wicker. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/06/17
Religious renovation following the religious schema. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/02/07
Religious schema. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/01/31
Religious Silence. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/12/14
Religious virginity. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/11/15
Remarks on Cistercian Studies L.S.T. #8 Lactantius (cont.) [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962/07
Remarks on coming changes. Patrologia: St. Ephrem. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
Remembering Thomas Merton : the man, the mystic, the social activist [Audio] 2006
Renewal. Camus - realist humanism. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967
Renunciation and contemplation [Audio] Merton, Thomas2004
Renunciation and contemplation [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Renunciation of desire and will [Audio] Merton, Thomas1988
Repentance and conversion throughout the spiritual life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/07/16
Resurrection service in "The Sound and the Fury." [The Sound and the Fury: Resurrection.] [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/03/19
Retreat (day of recollection) given to the sisters at Anchorage. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1968/09
A retreat with Thomas Merton : Becoming who we are [Audio] Padovano, Anthony T.2001
Rev. Dan Berrigan S.J. "Poverty" concluded [Audio] Berrigan, Daniel1962/08
Rev. Dan Berrigan S.J. "Poverty" [Audio] Berrigan, Daniel1962/08
Revelation as dialogue. Poetry - Blake. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/02/18
Revelation of Justice - Revolution of Love / Christianity: a living and perpetual revolution. [Audio] Hobday, José, Sr., O.S.F.2005
Review of "Thomas Merton, Monk." Spalding College book review series, November 18, 1975. [Audio] Crews, Clyde F.1975
Revision of life and its place in monasticism.Revision of life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/04/05
Revision of life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/04/19
Revisiting the Interactive Self [Video] Sobocinski, Michael2006/03/04
Richard Bassett interview / Interviewed by Robert E. Daggy and Rusty Moe. [Video] 1992/08/02
Richard Bassett interview / Interviewed by Robert E. Daggy and Rusty Moe. [Video] 1992/08/02
Rilke - "Inseeing". [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/11/14
Rilke - poetry and imagination. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/11/14
Rilke and his search for God. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1966/02/06
Rilke: The simple things of life. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1966/03/20
Rilke. Duino Elegies. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1966/02/20
Rilke. Duino Elegies. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1966/02/27
Rilke's spiritual influence. "The Panther", "The Unicorn". [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/11/21
Rites for the ejection of a leper. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/04/22
Rites for the extrusion of a leper. (Finished version.) [Audio] Merton, Thomas1967/05/29
Rivalry between Citeaux and Cluny. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/09/28
Robert Giroux interview / Interviews by Dick Cavett and Jonathan Montaldo [Video] Giroux, Robert2003
Robert Grip (Mobile, Alabama) Interview with Henri Nouwen [Video] 1994
Robert Grip (Mobile, Alabama) Interview with Henri Nouwen [Video] 1994
Role of memory in the early Cistercians and St. Augustine. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1964/04/26
Romero / a John Duigan film ; Paulist Pictures. [Video] 2000
Roundtable discussion : Merton and the east [Audio] 2003
Roundtable discussion : the Merton journals. (From the Springs of Compassion). [Audio] Bochen, Christine M.1997
Ruby Sales : Episcopalian seminarian and SNCC organizer / producers, Rachel Elizabeth Harding, Sudarshan Kapur. [Video] 2000
Rule: sharing joys and sorrows and being real with our brothers. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/03/17
Run to the mountain [Audio] Merton, Thomas1997
Run to the mountain / Read by Michael Toms [Audio] Merton, Thomas1997
Rundown on Christian-Marxist relations. Basic Marxist concepts. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1966/09/25
Russian monks, monasticism and prayer. Christmas decorations. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1962
Russian monks. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/01
Russian monks; the startzi. Leonid, Marcarius, Gogal, Ambrose. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1963/01/13
Ruysbroeck. [Audio] Merton, Thomas1965/03/28

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