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Sub-Section C.2

Manuscript of Book/Pamphlet,  Manuscript of Book/Pamphlet (Essay from),  Manuscript of Book/Pamphlet (Poetry),  Manuscript Section of Book/Pamphlet,  Miscellaneous,  Notes,  Photographs,  Preface or Introduction, 

Albert Camus' The plague; introduction and commentary
Anthology c. 1940 [compiled by Thomas Merton of poems by others].
Art and worship (notes on art and worship)
Ascent to truth, The
Barth's dream and other conjectures
Behavior of titans, The
Bread in the wilderness
Cables to the ace; or, Familiar liturgies of misunderstanding
Cargo theology. Transcription from tape, 1968.
Carta caritatis
Cassian and the Fathers
Catch of anti-letters, A; by Thomas Merton and Robert Lax
Christian life of prayer, The
Christian worship and social reform
Climate of monastic prayer, The
Cloud and the fire, The
Cold war and Black revolution
Conferences on St. Bernard of Clairvaux
Conjectures of a guilty bystander
Day of a stranger
Day of a stranger and Woods, Shore, Desert
Disputed questions
Early poems, 1940-42
Edifying cables
Exile ends in glory; the life of a Trappistine, Mother M. Berchmans, O.C.S.O.
Existential communion
Faith and violence : Christian teaching and Christian practice
Figures for an apocalypse
Fitzgerald file (from Msgr. Richard F. Fitzgerald)
Foreign prefaces of Thomas Merton
Gandhi on non-violence. Edited, with an introd., by Thomas Merton
Geography of Lograire, The
Grammar of perfection, A
Inner experience, The
Interesting era, An
Introduction to Christian mysticism, An (from the Apostolic Fathers to the Council of Trent)
Introduction to Cistercian theology, An
Introduction to the life of the vows, An
Journal of my escape from the Nazis
Labyrinth, The
Last of the fathers, The : Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and the encyclical letter, Doctor Mellifluus
Life and holiness
Life, works, and doctrine of St. Bernard, The
Liturgical feasts and seasons. Conferences given in the Choir Novitiate, Gethsemani Abbey.
Liturgical year, The
Living bread, The
Love and living
Man in the sycamore tree, The. Novel by Thomas Merton.
Martha, Mary and Lazarus : Action and Contemplation in Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
Monastic orientation
Monks pond
Mount Olivet retreat house, a proposal for; by Arthur N. BecVar
My argument with the Gestapo; a macaronic journal
Mystics and Zen masters
New Man, The
Our monastic observances
Peace in the post-Christian era
Prayer as worship and experience
Redeeming the time : the Catholic church after Vatican II
Rule of St. Benedict, The
Sanctity in the epistles of St. Paul. Scriptural course, Abbey of Gethsemani.
School of charity, The : Thomas Merton on monasticism
School of the spirit, The
Seasons of celebration
Secular journal of Thomas Merton, The
Seeds of contemplation
Seeds of destruction
Selected poems of Thomas Merton, The
Sensation time at the home and other new poems
Sign of Jonas, The
Silence in heaven : a book of the monastic life / text by Thomas Merton; with ninety photographs and many texts from religious writings
Straits of Dover
Strange islands, The : poems
Supereminent life, The: Selections from the third part of Benet of Canfield's Rule of perfection of the essential will of God practiced in the life supereminent
Suzuki project
Tears of the blind lions, The
Thirty-seven meditations
Thomas Merton on peace
Thoughts in solitude
Vow of conversation, A : journals, 1964-1965
Way of Chuang Tzu, The
What are these wounds? : The life of a Cistercian mystic, Saint Lutgarde of Aywières

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