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Sub-Section D.3

Article (Essay),  Musical Score,  Poem,  Translation of Poetry, 

And so goodbye to cities
And the children of Birmingham
Ash Wednesday (poem)
Aubade – Harlem
Candlemas procession
Captives – a psalm, The
Ceremony for Edward Dahlberg
Chant to be used in processions around a site with furnaces
CHEE$E, by Joyce Killer-Diller : A Christmas Card for Brother Cellarer
Dirge for the city of Miami
Drake in the Southern Sea, poem by Ernesto Cardenal, translated from Spanish to English by Thomas Merton
Dramas of the evening
Eight freedom songs
Elegy for Father Stephen (also titled "Elegy for a Trappist")
Elegy for five old ladies, An
Elegy for James Thurber
Elegy for the monastery barn
Elias - variations on a theme
Epitaph for a public servant (In memoriam - Adolf Eichmann)
Ermine street
Evening: Zero weather
Fall '66 (Arturumque etiam sub terris bella moventem)
Fall, The
Fighting cock, The. Excerpt from The way of Chuang Tzu.
First lesson about man
Five limericks for Father Raymond languishing in St. Joseph's Infirmary
Five poems (PAX #4, 1957)
Flight into Egypt
For my brother : reported Missing in Action, 1943
For the Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez
Found macaronic antipoem (A trans. from an elementary reader, Augsburg, 1514)
Four poems of Cesar Vallejo, translated by Thomas Merton
From the legend of St. Clement
Gloss on the sin of Ixion
Great men of former times, The
Hagia Sophia
Harmonies of excess, The
Holy communion : the city
Hopeless and felons
Hymn for the feast of Duns Scotus
In silence
Landfall, The
Landscape, prophet, and wild dog
Lent in a year of war [published in magazine VIEW, slight variant from book version]
Letter to my friends (On entering the Monastery of Our Lady of Gethsemani)
Love winter when the plant says nothing
Macarius and the pony
Moslems' Angel of Death : Algeria, 1961
Natural history
Night of destiny
Night-flowering cactus
Niles-Merton song cycles
Notes for a new liturgy. Section of The geography of Lograire.
Old Uncle Tom; poem by Thomas Merton with a note by Robert E. Daggy.
On a day in August
On the anniversary of my baptism
Original child bomb
Originators, The
Paper cranes (The Hibakusha come to Gethsemani)
Picture of a black child with a white doll (Carole Denise McNair, killed in Birmingham, Sept. 1963)
Picture of Lee Ying
Poems from the books "The strange islands" and "A man in the divided sea." Russian translation by Regina Derieva.
Poetry 1931
Practical program for monks, A
Prayer to St. Anatole
Psalm, A
Quickening of St. John the Baptist, The
Regret, The
René Char : seven poems from Retour amont, translated by Thomas Merton and with an introduction by Jacques Brault
Rilke's epitaph
Rites for the extrusion of a leper
Roman nocturnes, translation of poem by Rafael Alberti
Round and a hope for Smith girls, A
Saint Jerome
Saint Maedoc - Fragment of an Ikon
Saint Malachy
Secret, Le
Secular signs
Six poems (Sewanee Review, 1967)
Slowly slowly comes Christ through the garden. Section of Cables to the ace, #80.
Song : If you seek a heavenly light
Song for nobody, A
Song for the death of Averroës (from Ibn Al Arabi, after the Spanish version of Asin Palacios)
Song from Crossportion's Pastoral
Sports without blood : A letter to Dylan Thomas
Studies of man's friendly competitor the rat have shown
This holy time (A pastorale) / Nancy Telfer; texts by Thomas Merton and Howard Thurman
Three postcards from the Monastery
To Alfonso Cortés
To sons: not to be numb
To the Immaculate Virgin, on a winter night
Trappists, Working
Twelve poems of Fernando Pessoa; tr. with an introd. by Thomas Merton
Two poems by Alfonso Cortés, translated by Thomas Merton
Two poems by Carlos Drummond de Andrade, translated from the Portuguese by Thomas Merton
Useless tree, The. Excerpt from The way of Chuang Tzu.
Western fellow students salute with calypso anthems : The movie career of Robert Lax
What to think when it rains blood (After a letter of Fulbert of Chartres to King Robert, --XI Cent.)
What troubles I have seen in birdlegged spring
Why some look up to planets and heroes. Poem by Thomas Merton.
Winter's night, The
With the world in my blood stream

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