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Active and contemplative orders
Adaptation of the monastic life : some personal observations
Address to the Special General Chapter, Sisters of Loretto, August 1967
As man to man
Ascetic life, experience of God and freedom, The. Two tape-recorded conference transcribed by Robert MacGregor.
Basic principles of monastic spirituality
Benedictine rule and active presence in the world, by Jean Leclercq. Translated from the Italian by Thomas Merton.
Benedictines, The. Review of The Benedictines; a digest for moderns, by David Knowles, O.S.B.
Between work and prayer, prayer and work. Excerpt from The waters of Siloe.
Calling of the monk, The. "De boodschap van de monnik."
Canon law. Comment on "Proposed canon on monastic life," by Louis Meyer, O.S.B. American Benedictine Review 17 (1966).
Cause of our joy, The
Cell, The
Cells. Notes.
Cistercians and study
Climate of monastic prayer, The
Come to the mountain : new ways and living traditions in the monastic life
Community. Notes.
Conference on prayer for Conference of Religious of India, Feast of Christ the King, 1968 (Calcutta).
Contemplative life, The : its meaning and necessity
Contemplative life, The. Plan. [outline for a book] (1950)
Contemplatives and the crisis of faith [by J.-B. Porion, André Louf, and Thomas Merton]
Council and monasticism, The
Council and religious life, The
Dans le desert de Dieu
Day of a stranger
Death of a Trappist
Dialog with Buddhism. Notes.
Dialogue and renewal in the contemplative life
Dom Vital at Gethsemani
Early monasticism [Theoria physike / Theoria physica, "Notes and Sentences," and Return to Paradise]
Ecumenism and monastic renewal
Events and pseudo-events : letter to a Southern churchman
Exchange of letters on monastic questions, An; by Br. M. Louis, O.C.S.O. (Thomas Merton) and Ronald Roloff, O.S.B.
Father Louis' talk to the Novice Masters, 1968
Feast of freedom : monastic formation according to Adam of Perseigne
Final conference to novices
Final integration : toward a monastic therapy
Fire watch, July 4, 1952 [translations]
Focus on religious life, General chapter, August 1967
For a renewal of eremitism in the monastic state
Function of a monastic review, The
Gethsemani customs (dormitory rules, clothing and supplies, bathing and shaving)
Good news of the nativity : a monastic reading of the Christmas gospels
Holy camp. Review of Monks, nuns, and monasteries, by Sacheverell Sitwell.
House of prayer, The. Notes.
Humanity of Christ in monastic prayer, The
I have chosen you. Excerpt from Monastic peace.
I will be your monk. Unpublished material from the original manuscript of The seven storey mountain.
Identity crisis and monastic vocation
In the monastic community. Unpublished excerpt from The seven storey mountain.
Introduction to the life of the vows, An
Is the contemplative life finished? Notes from a taped conference.
Letter on solitude and community, A; [to Dom André Louf]
Letter on the hermit life, A (to Dom Anthony Chassagne, O.C.S.O., Mepkin Abbey)
Letter to a priest [regarding "The monk in the diaspora"]
Life free from care, A; transcription of a taped conference on the occasion of Merton's retirement to the Hermitage, 20 August 1965
Mariale of Adam of Perseigne, The : Our Lady and the hidden life
Marxist theory and monastic theoria. Conference delivered at Bangkok, December 10, 1968.
Material for retreat conferences : profession, minor orders, major orders. Given at the Scholasticate, Abbey of Gethsemani, 1951-1955.
Meditation in the woods
Memorandum on monastic theology, A
Merton view of monasticism : seeking God through total love is goal. Extemporaneous talk delivered at Spritiual Summit Conference, Calcutta, India, 22-26 October 1968.
Message from contemplative monks to the synod of bishops on the possibility of man's entering into dialogue with the ineffable God, A
Message of contemplatives to the modern world
Message of monastic spirituality, The; by André Louf, et al.
Miscellaneous notes, 1961.
Monachisme en Islam et chretienté, Le; by Jean Leclercq.
Monasterios y monjes en los 'Diarios' de Jovellanos, by Ildefonso M. Gomez. Yermo 4 (1966) 107-213.
Monasterium-carcer, by Gregorio Penco. Studia Monastica 8 (1966).
Monastery at midnight. Excerpts from The sign of Jonas.
Monastic attitudes : a matter of choice
Monastic Christianity encounters spirit of Zen
Monastic courtesy
Monastic experience and the East-West dialogue : notes for a paper delivered at Calcutta, October 1968
Monastic formation according to Adam of Perseigne
Monastic formation and novitiate programs
Monastic formation; junior professed choir monks. A memorandum.
Monastic formation; suggestions for experimental project
Monastic introduction to sacred scripture, A
Monastic journey, The
Monastic life at Gethsemani
Monastic life, The [conference]
Monastic orientation
Monastic peace
Monastic reform : a memorandum
Monastic renewal : problems and prospects (for Ed Rice)
Monastic rule. Notes.
Monastic situation, The. Notes.
Monastic spirituality. Notes.
Monastic theology : a note
Monastic theology of St. Aelred, The
Monastic vocation and modern man
Monastic vocation and modern thought
Monastic vocation and the background of modern secular thought
Monastic vows : a memorandum
Monasticism in a revolutionary world. Notes.
Monk and sacred art, The
Monk as a slave
Monk as marginal man, The
Monk in the diaspora, The
Monk today, The
Mount Athos
Neurotic personality in the monastic life, The
Notes for Bangkok talk
Notes from an ex novice. Preface to "A memo from monasticism's separated brethren," by Jack O'Neill
Notes from meeting of contemplatives (notes taken by a nun from Thomas Merton's talk, December 1967)
Notes on the future of monasticism
Novitiate reading list. 1963.
Openness and cloister
Orientation : back to Paradise
Our monastic observances
Place of obedience in monastic renewal, The
Poor Clares. Notes [for a conference]
Problems and orientations of monachism, by Dom Jean Leclercq, O.S.B. [Etudes, May 1964]. Translated into English by Thomas Merton.
Protestant monasticism. Review of Die Monastische Gedanke, by Friedrich Parpert.
Regain the old monastic charism : letter to the editors
Remarks on silence and recollection
Renewal and discipline : afterthoughts
Renewal and discipline in the monastic life
Renewal in monastic education
Renewal in the contemplative life
Renewal of hermit life within the religious state. Notes.
Reply to Dom Kucera
Saint Benedict and the contemplative life
Saint Bernard et l'Amérique [from Aux sources du silence, French version of The waters of Siloe]
Salve Regina. Accompaniment, musical and historical notes; with a meditation on the text by Thomas Merton
Schedule of work days, Sundays, and feast days at Gethsemani Abbey choir noviate (ca. 1963)
School of charity, The : Thomas Merton on monasticism
Seeking God
Silent life, The
Solitary life in the shadow of a Cistercian monastery
Solitary life, The. Transcription of a tape made for the Savannah Carmel.
Sonship and espousals
Spiritual direction in the monastic setting
Talk of Father Louis to novices and postulants. Loretto. May 15, 1963. Transcribed from a tape.
Theological basis of the monastic ideal. Notes.
Three founders of Cîteaux, The
Two letters of the late Thomas Merton : On the future of monasticism; Buddhist monasticism and meditation
Unamuno. Comment on Unamuno y la vida monástica, by Jesus Alvarez Arroyo. Yermo 4 (1966) 1-50.
Vision of peace, The : some reflections on the monastic way of life
Vita monastica = vita apostolica. Conference notes.
Ways of love, The. Excerpt from The seven storey mountain
What think you of Carmel?
Zen Buddhist monasticism