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Merton Manuscript Collections Results

Breakthrough to peace : twelve views on the threat of thermonuclear extermination. Edited with an introduction by Thomas Merton.
Challenge of responsibility, The
Comment on War within man, by Erich Fromm
Devout meditation in memory of Adolf Eichmann, A
Essays by Thomas Merton : a Pax Christi reprint
Faith and violence : Christian teaching and Christian practice
Fall '66 (Arturumque etiam sub terris bella moventem)
Great men of former times, The
Hopeless and felons
Merton on faith and violence. Excerpt from various writings.
Merton plea on nukes: 'Avoid fine moral distinctions.'
Modern war : letter to the editor
My reasons for asking exemption from combatant duty in the army, Under Selective Service law of 1940
Psychological causes of war, The; by Erich Fromm. Comment.
Race—peace and rights (miscellaneous papers 1963-1967)
Root of war, The
Schema XIII : an open letter to the American hierarchy
Shelter ethic, The
Target equals city
Thomas Merton on peace
Vietnam and pacifism: letter to the editors [of Commonweal]
Vietnam war: an overwhelming atrocity, The
War and the crisis of language
War and the prayer for peace. Excerpt from A Thomas Merton reader.


Other Merton-Related Collection Results

D.7Periodicals, Journals, Pamphlets used by Merton (some with marginalia)Series 58:  Mohan, Robert P., S.S. "Thermonuclear War and the Christian: Does Traditional Moral Theory Allow a Pre-emptive First Strike?" Worldview 4.12 (December 1961), 3-7.
D.7Periodicals, Journals, Pamphlets used by Merton (some with marginalia)Series 83:  Thomas, Trevor. "A Harvest of Thorns.", Memorandum, (June 7, 1965).