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Nuclear warfare

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Merton Manuscript Collections Results

Boom!!! Poema de Ludovico Silva. Prólogo de Thomas Merton.
Breakthrough to peace : twelve views on the threat of thermonuclear extermination. Edited with an introduction by Thomas Merton.
Christian action in world crisis
Christian ethics and nuclear war
Christianity : post-Hiroshima. Outline.
Christianity and defense in the nuclear age : notes for a conference to an ecumenical group
Commonweal, to the editors of the
Cuba project [letter to the editors of Liberation]
Devout meditation in memory of Adolf Eichmann, A
Ethics and war : a footnote
Herman's ladder. Notes.
Human way out, The. Preface.
Machine gun in the fallout shelter, The
Merton on faith and violence. Excerpt from various writings.
Merton plea on nukes: 'Avoid fine moral distinctions.'
Modern war : letter to the editor
Nuclear war and Christian responsibility
Original child bomb
Peace in the post-Christian era
Peril of nuclear hell spurs peace seekers
Race—peace and rights (miscellaneous papers 1963-1967)
Red or dead : the anatomy of a cliché
Religion and the bomb
Schema XIII : an open letter to the American hierarchy
Shelter ethic, The
Target equals city
Thomas Merton / 1915-1968 : excerpts from Commonweal - Contemplative life; Art; Nuclear war; The world.
Thomas Merton on peace


Other Merton-Related Collection Results

D.7Periodicals, Journals, Pamphlets used by Merton (some with marginalia)Series 29:  Frank, Jerome D. "Breaking the Thought Barrier: Psychological Challenges of the Nuclear Age," reprinted from Psychiatry: Journal for the study of interpersonal processes, 23.3 (August 1960).
D.7Periodicals, Journals, Pamphlets used by Merton (some with marginalia)Series 58:  Mohan, Robert P., S.S. "Thermonuclear War and the Christian: Does Traditional Moral Theory Allow a Pre-emptive First Strike?" Worldview 4.12 (December 1961), 3-7.