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Recent Manuscript Additions to the Merton Center Collections

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#MANUSCRIPT & PUBLISHED copies of the following titles:# added
1.Behavior of titans, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]2
2.Cables to the ace; or, Familiar liturgies of misunderstanding [Book (signed or inscribed)]2
3.Catholic and creativity, The [Article (signed or inscribed)]2
4.Christian and the world, The. Conferences, Abbey of Gethsemani, 1966. [Mimeographed Article (Essay)]2
5.Christmas sermons of Bl. Guerric of Igny, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
6.Christmas sermons of Bl. Guerric of Igny, The [Article (signed or inscribed)]1
7.Cold War letters [Mimeograph (signed or inscribed)]1
8.Come to the mountain : new ways and living traditions in the monastic life [Miscellaneous]1
9.Concerning the Catholic Peace Fellowship : three letters and a statement [Article (Essay)]1
10.Concerning the collection in Bellarmine College Library [Mimeograph (signed or inscribed)]4
11.Conjectures of a guilty bystander [Manuscript Section of Book/Pamphlet]1
12.Contemplative life, The. Plan. [outline for a book] (1950) [Manuscript of Book/Pamphlet]1
13.Death of Roger LaPorte (copies from the Catholic Peace Fellowship records) [Miscellaneous]1
14.Disputed questions [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
15.Exchange of letters on monastic questions, An; by Br. M. Louis, O.C.S.O. (Thomas Merton) and Ronald Roloff, O.S.B. [Mimeograph (signed or inscribed)]2
16.Exercises to help bring the body under control of the spirit [Miscellaneous]1
17.Five important books for Catholic book annual. Reviews. [Review]1
18.Forty-three signatures : an exhibit of drawings [Article (Essay)]1
19.Genesis. Notes. [Notes]1
20.Genesis. Notes. [Mimeographed Notes (signed or inscribed)]1
21.Harmonies of excess, The [Poem]1
22.Humanity of Christ in monastic prayer, The [Article (Essay)]1
23.I will be your monk. Unpublished material from the original manuscript of The seven storey mountain. [Selection/Excerpt from Book]1
24.Identity crisis and monastic vocation [Mimeographed Article (Essay)]3
25.Is the world a problem? [Article (Essay)]1
26.Jesuits in China, The : The case of the Chinese rites and the vernacular [Article (Essay)]1
27.Jesus in the Lenten Gospels [Article (Essay)]2
28.Letter to Pablo Antonio Cuadra concerning giants, A [Article (Essay)]1
29.Love and need : is love a package or a message? [Article (Essay)]2
30.Monastery of Christ in the Desert [Article (Essay)]1
31.Monastic peace [Book (signed or inscribed)]2
32.Monk in the diaspora, The [Comment on book]1
33.Nativity kerygma [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
34.Notes on art and worship [Mimeograph (signed or inscribed)]1
35.Notes on sacred art [Mimeograph (signed or inscribed)]1
36.Original child bomb [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
37.Orthodoxy and the world. Review of "Ultimate questions" and "Sacraments and orthodoxy," by Alexander Schmemann. [Review]1
38.Pasternak affair in perspective, The . [The Pasternak affair, Part III.] [Article (signed or inscribed)]1
39.Peace : Christian duties and perspectives [Mimeograph (signed or inscribed)]2
40.Peace and protest : a statement [Mimeograph (signed or inscribed)]1
41.Peace in the post-Christian era [Mimeograph (signed or inscribed)]1
42.Poemas [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
43.Praying the Psalms [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
44.Praying the Psalms [Selection/Excerpt from Book]1
45.Primacy of contemplation, The [Article (Essay)]1
46.Primitive Carmelite ideal, The [Mimeographed Article (Essay)]1
47.Raids on the unspeakable [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
48.Rites for the extrusion of a leper [Poem]1
49.Saint Benedict and the contemplative life [Article (Essay)]1
50.Seeds of contemplation. Dutch. [Ter overweging] [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
51.Seeds of destruction [Book (signed or inscribed)]2
52.Seven words (for Ned O'Gorman) [Article (Essay)]1
53.Sign of Jonas, The [Miscellaneous]1
54.Sincerity (omnis homo mendax) [Article (Essay)]1
55.Statement for Catholic Peace Fellowship (CPF) [Article (Essay)]1
56.Thoughts in an airliner [Poem]1
57.Thoughts in solitude [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
58.Thoughts in solitude. French. [Les chemins de la joie] [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
59.Todo y nada : writing and contemplation. Previously unpublished material from a manuscript of The seven storey mountain. [Selection/Excerpt from Book]2
60.Universe as Epiphany, The : the spirituality of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin [Mimeograph (signed or inscribed)]1
61.Way of perfection, The; and The Church's questionnaire on perfection [Article (Essay)]2
62.What are these wounds? : The life of a Cistercian mystic, Saint Lutgarde of Aywi√®res [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
63.Whether there is enjoyment in bitterness [Poem]1
64.Zukofsky : the paradise ear [Review]1