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Recent Manuscript Additions to the Merton Center Collections

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#MANUSCRIPT & PUBLISHED copies of the following titles:# added
1.Advice to a young prophet [Poem]1
2.Chant to be used in processions around a site with furnaces [Poem]2
3.Columbia poetry 1939 [Book]1
4.Dancing in the water of life : seeking peace in the hermitage / Thomas Merton; edited by Robert E. Daggy [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
5.Entering the silence : becoming a monk and writer / Thomas Merton; edited by Jonathan Montaldo [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
6.From the legend of St. Clement [Poem]1
7.Gloss on the sin of Ixion [Mimeographed Poem]1
8.Jester of Columbia University []1
9.Juvenilia : copies of early writings from numerous sources [Article (Essay)]1
10.Learning to love : exploring solitude and freedom / Thomas Merton; edited by Christine M. Bochen [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
11.Neither Caliban nor Uncle Tom [Comment on article]1
12.No man is an island. Vietnamese. (Khong ai là mot hòn dáo). Translated into Vietnamese by Thanh-Bang. [Mimeographed Preface or Introduction]1
13.Other side of the mountain, The : the end of the journey / Thomas Merton; edited by Patrick Hart [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
14.Passivity and abuse of authority [Mimeographed Review]1
15.Picture of Lee Ying [Poem]1
16.Practical program for monks, A [Poem]1
17.Run to the mountain : the story of a vocation / Thomas Merton; edited by Patrick Hart [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
18.Search for solitude, A : pursuing the monk's true life / Thomas Merton; edited by Lawrence S. Cunningham [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
19.Soldiers of peace, by Clement of Alexandria ; translation by Thomas Merton [Translation of Poetry]1
20.Song : If you seek a heavenly light [Poem]1
21.Spiritual roots of protest, The. Retreat, November 1964. Notes. [Miscellaneous]3
22.Sponge full of vinegar, The [Poem]1
23.Thoughts on violence [Article (Essay)]1
24.Three poems by Thomas Merton (Fugitive; The Ohio River: Louisville; and After the night office: Gethsemani Abbey) [Poem]1
25.Turning toward the world : the pivotal years / Thomas Merton; edited by Victor A. Kramer [Book (signed or inscribed)]1