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Recent Manuscript Additions to the Merton Center Collections

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#MANUSCRIPT & PUBLISHED copies of the following titles:# added
1.Albert Camus' The plague; introduction and commentary [Article (Essay)]1
2.Ascent to truth, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
3.Breakthrough to peace : twelve views on the threat of thermonuclear extermination. Edited with an introduction by Thomas Merton. [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
4.Cables to the ace; or, Familiar liturgies of misunderstanding [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
5.Disputed questions [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
6.Lent in a year of war [published in magazine VIEW, slight variant from book version] [Poem]1
7.Monastic peace [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
8.New seeds of contemplation [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
9.No man is an island [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
10.Secular journal of Thomas Merton, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
11.Seeds of destruction [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
12.Sign of Jonas, The [Book (signed or inscribed)]1
13.Waters of Siloe, The [Galley / Other proof]1