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Recent Manuscript Additions to the Merton Center Collections

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#MANUSCRIPT & PUBLISHED copies of the following titles:# added
1.Art and worship (notes on art and worship) [Galley / Other proof]1
2.Articles du procès informatif de béatification et canonisation du serviteur de Dieu, Marie-Joseph Cassant : moine et prêtre de l'Abbaye Cistercienne Sainte-Marie du Désert, … [Article (Essay)]1
3.Ascent to truth, The [Galley / Other proof]4
4.Attente dans le silence, L' : le père Marie-Joseph Cassant, O. Cist. S. O., by Etienne Chenevière. Preface. [Notes]4
5.Book list - titles [Miscellaneous]1
6.Bread in the wilderness [Preface or Introduction]1
7.Cargo theology. Transcription from tape, 1968. [Mimeographed Article (Essay)]1
8.Centenary celebrations, June 1949 : Gethsemani [Article (Essay)]1
9.Christian life of prayer, The [Manuscript of Book/Pamphlet]1
10.Christmas sermons of Bl. Guerric of Igny, The [Article (Essay)]1
11.Dream at Arles on the night of the mistral, A [Article (Essay)]1
12.Elegy for five old ladies, An [Poem]1
13.Excerpts from various thinkers: Buber, Gill, Mumford, Suzuki, Gandhi, Haessle, Jewish spirituality, etc. [Notes]13
14.Five poems (PAX #4, 1957) [Article (Essay)]1
15.For my brother : reported Missing in Action, 1943 [Poem]1
16.Grammar of perfection, A [Manuscript of Book/Pamphlet]2
17.Holy child's song, The [Poem]1
18.Holy communion : the city [Poem]1
19.Homily at the Mass for Father M. Louis (Thomas Merton) [Mimeographed Article (Essay)]1
20.Homily of Father Louis, O.C.S.O., on the occasion of his concelebrated Mass with Father Dan Walsh at Carmel, Louisville. Pentecost Tuesday, May 16, 1967. [Article (Essay)]1
21.How long we wait [Poem]1
22.Isaias [notes on the Book of Isaiah] [Notes]2
23.Last words of Thomas Merton, The; excerpts from The Asian journal with a foreword by Br. Patrick Hart. [Article (Essay)]1
24.Life and holiness [Manuscript Section of Book/Pamphlet]1
25.Life free from care, A; transcription of a taped conference on the occasion of Merton's retirement to the Hermitage, 20 August 1965 [Article (Essay)]1
26.List of books by Thomas Merton [Miscellaneous]3
27.Liturgy notes (choir novitiate) [Notes]5
28.Lookout tower agreement or lease [Fire tower] [Miscellaneous]1
29.Mariale of Adam of Perseigne, The : Our Lady and the hidden life [Notes]1
30.Meyer, Dennis, Fr., O.C.S.O. Notes for a eulogy. [Notes]2
31.Monastic formation and novitiate programs [Notes]8
32.Monastic life, The [conference] [Notes]1
33.More volans aquilae, verbo petit astra Ioannes [woodcut of quote from C. Sedulius (5th cen.)] [Miscellaneous]1
34.Mystery of the church in St. Ignatius of Antioch, The [Article (Essay)]1
35.Nada [note and drawing] [Notes]1
36.New Man, The [Manuscript of Book/Pamphlet]8
37.Notes on Fr. Vincent de Paul Merle and the Abbey of Petit Clairvaux, Nova Scotia [Notes]1
38.Notes on the Lord's Prayer, by Raïssa Omansoff Maritain. Foreword. [Preface or Introduction]1
39.Origen [Poem]1
40.Original child bomb [Poem]4
41.Perpetual daily adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament among the secular priests, The [Miscellaneous]20
42.Prayer from The New Man. [Miscellaneous]1
43.Project for a hermitage. Fall 1964. [Mimeographed Article (Essay)]1
44.Proposal for improving the theological curriculum, Gethsemani Seminary - 1950 [Miscellaneous]5
45.Readings on the modern world : compiled for novice masters, O.C.S.O. [Notes]1
46.Remarks on silence and recollection [Notes]1
47.Saint Bernard, monk and apostle [Article (Essay)]2
48.Seminar conferences, translations, etc. [Miscellaneous]9
49.Seven Storey Mountain, The / Excerpts (verso of preface) [Manuscript Section of Book/Pamphlet]1
50.Sign of Jonas, The [Miscellaneous]2
51.Signed confession of crimes against the state, A [Article (Essay)]1
52.Silent life, The [Galley / Other proof]1
53.Slowly slowly comes Christ through the garden. Section of Cables to the ace, #80. [Poem]1
54.Solitary life, The. Transcription of a tape made for the Savannah Carmel. [Mimeographed Article (Essay)]1
55.St. Agnes : a responsory [Poem]1
56.Supereminent life, The: Selections from the third part of Benet of Canfield's Rule of perfection of the essential will of God practiced in the life supereminent [Manuscript Section of Book/Pamphlet]22
57.Tower of Babel [Poem]1
58.Vatican Pavilion : New York World's Fair, 1964-1965 [Miscellaneous]1
59.Vie érémitique d'après la doctrine du bienheureux Paul Giustiniani, La ; Seul avec Dieu. Préf. de Thomas Merton [par Dom Jean Leclercq]. [Preface or Introduction]1
60.Widow of Naim, The [Poem]1
61.Wisdom in emptiness : a dialogue between Daisetz T. Suzuki and Thomas Merton [Article (Essay)]5