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Details: Recent Correspondence Additions


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#NameRecSeriesDateFirst LinesLink
1.Bonazzi, Robert, 1942-20201997/March/31 (#02)ELIZABETH GRIFFIN-BOlink
2.Bonazzi, Robert, 1942-20201997/March/31 (#01)Thanks so much for tlink
3.Bonazzi, Robert, 1942-20201997/April/30 Thanks so much for ylink
4.Douglass, James Wilson, 1937-1965/October/24 (#02)David John Miller relink
5.Geist, Peter, III11965/October/05 The layout: is realllink
6.Geist, Peter, III11965/July/15 We are planning to plink
7.Geist, Peter, III11965/July/23 I would be extremelylink
8.Geist, Peter, III11965/August/04 In answer to your qulink
9.Geist, Peter, III11965/September/25 (#01)Many thanks for yourlink
10.Geist, Peter, III11966/October/03 Enclosed is the pictlink
11.Geist, Peter, III11966/May/13 When I came back frolink
12.Geist, Peter, III11966/June/24 It was good talking link
13.Geist, Peter, III11966/June/28 The book finally sholink
14.Geist, Peter, III11966/July/28 Container Corporatiolink
15.Geist, Peter, III11966/July/29 Thanks for your lastlink
16.Geist, Peter, III11966/July/04 I had B. Raphael typlink
17.Geist, Peter, III11966/August/10 (#02)Thank you for the sulink
18.Geist, Peter, III11966/August/10 (#01)Printed Matter [-] Nlink
19.Geist, Peter, III11967/January/25 This is in the naturlink
20.Geist, Peter, III11967/February/13 Thank you for your llink
21.Geist, Peter, III11968/January/01 Christmas mail was alink
22.Geist, Peter, III21966/March/no-day NOTE. The following link
23.Geist, Peter, III21966/April/no-day This is not going tolink
24.Geist, Peter, III21966/April/no-day I lie on my hospitallink
25.Geist, Peter, III21966/July/11 This variant of a cllink
26.Geist, Peter, III3undated/no-month/no-day (#01)This is quite fascinlink
27.Geist, Peter, III3undated/no-month/no-day (#02)4 .. could have donelink
28.Geist, Peter, III3undated/no-month/no-day (#03)My Lord God, I have link
29.Geist, Peter, III41959/no-month/no-day ON THE OCCASION OF Tlink
30.Geist, Peter, III41962/no-month/no-day Peter Geist Designslink
31.Geist, Peter, III41965/no-month/no-day ENCOUNTER AND QUESTIlink
32.Geist, Peter, III41967/February/27 Firms are Placing Grlink
33.Geist, Peter, III42020/March/26 I was sent the contelink
34.Geist, Peter, III42020/April/08 I just came across tlink
35.Glover, Thomas (also, Tommy or Br. Joshua, O.C.S.O.)1960/October/no-day THE JAZZ MUSICIAN WHlink
36.Hart, Patrick, Br., O.C.S.O., 1925-20191954/June/06 Has litteras perlegelink
37.James, Bruno Scott, Msgr., 1906-1984undated/no-month/no-day This is quite fascinlink
38.McDermott, Barry, Fr.1966/October/18 I just read your artlink
39.O'Connell, Gabriel, Fr., O.C.S.O.1950/May/21 There has been sometlink
40.Thompson, August Louis, Fr., 1926-20191997/May/08 (#01)It is my wish and prlink
41.Thompson, August Louis, Fr., 1926-20191997/May/08 (#02)Fr. August Thompson link
42.Thompson, August Louis, Fr., 1926-20191997/May/08 (#03)BiOGRAPHICAL SKETCH link
43.Weisskopf, Walter A., d. 19911991/April/12 Private services havlink

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