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Details: Recent Correspondence Additions


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#NameRecSeriesDateFirst LinesLink
1.Cornell, Thomas Charles, 1934-20221966/August/no-day Here are a few copielink
2.Cornell, Thomas Charles, 1934-20221967/January/07 (#02)Just wrote to Local link
3.D├ęchanet, Jean-Marie, Fr., O.S.B., 1906-19921950/August/08 (#02)I don't believe thatlink
4.D├ęchanet, Jean-Marie, Fr., O.S.B., 1906-19921961/March/12 (#02)I don't believe thatlink
5.Douglass, James Wilson, 1937-1965/August/16 I hope you will recalink
6.Douglass, James Wilson, 1937-1967/August/08 Thanks for your lettlink
7.Forest, James H., 1941-20221962/December/08 (#03)Letters .. . Cuba Prlink
8.Forest, James H., 1941-20221963/no-month/no-day Found this in my fillink
9.Forest, James H., 1941-20221963/April/26 (#03)The Caliban piece islink
10.Forest, James H., 1941-20221967/November/02 (#03)The following signatlink
11.Forest, James H., 1941-20221967/November/02 (#02)POLITICS OR PEACE? "link
12.Forest, James H., 1941-20221967/November/02 (#01)Enclosed is a statemlink
13.Forest, James H., 1941-20221967/February/08 (#02)The Mystical West Pulink
14.Forest, James H., 1941-20221967/August/08 Thanks for your lettlink
15.Forest, James H., 1941-20221967/September/27 Thought I haven't aslink
16.Gagner, Gary A.1967/July/20 NC NEWS SERVICE (Domlink
17.Gould, Raphael1967/January/27 (#02)I am sorry I am so llink
18.Gould, Raphael1967/January/27 (#03)Mailing List: MIMEOGlink
19.Hughes, Catherine1962/February/07 Forgive my delay in link
20.Larsson, Raymond Ellsworth, 1901-19911946/June/04 Do you remember thatlink
21.Larsson, Raymond Ellsworth, 1901-19911946/September/09 Yes, Rago [sp?] wrotlink
22.Muste, A. J. (Abraham John), 1885-19671963/no-month/no-day Found this in my fillink
23.O'Gara, James, 1918-20031967/September/27 Thought I haven't aslink
24.Sheed, F. J. (Francis Joseph), 1897-19811960/no-month/no-day? The Resurrection<link
25.Sheed, F. J. (Francis Joseph), 1897-19811966/August/22 I have more than lailink
26.Shelly, Maynard, 1925-20091961/November/14 We are using your polink
27.Shelly, Maynard, 1925-20091961/November/21 Chant to be Used in link
28.Shelly, Maynard, 1925-20091961/November/27 (#02)Thank you for your klink
29.Shelly, Maynard, 1925-20091961/August/28 The Catholic Worker link
30.Shelly, Maynard, 1925-20091962/January/16 Thank you so much folink
31.Shelly, Maynard, 1925-20091962/July/25 In making my plans flink
32.Shelly, Maynard, 1925-20091962/September/22 It was so good to belink
33.Shelly, Maynard, 1925-20091963/April/23 (#01)Enclosed is a copy olink
34.Shelly, Maynard, 1925-20091963/April/23 (#02)EDITORIAL [-] Last slink
35.Thompson, August Louis, Fr., 1926-20192019/August/12 FATHER AUGUST LOUIS link
36.Walsh, Daniel, Fr., 1907-197531967/April/26 (#02)NC NEWS SERVICE (Domlink
37.Weakland, Rembert, Archbishop, O.S.B., 1927-20221968/December/10 I, Dr. Laksana Nakvalink
38.Weakland, Rembert, Archbishop, O.S.B., 1927-20222019/April/23 I have enclosed for link
39.Weakland, Rembert, Archbishop, O.S.B., 1927-2022undated/no-month/no-day (#02)"December 10, 1968, link
40.Weakland, Rembert, Archbishop, O.S.B., 1927-2022undated/no-month/no-day (#01)[documents in Thai alink
41.Zahn, Gordon Charles, 1918-20071962/April/22 First of all I have link
42.Zahn, Gordon Charles, 1918-20071962/June/13 Congratulations on tlink
43.Zahn, Gordon Charles, 1918-20071962/September/23 Your letter of Decemlink
44.Zahn, Gordon Charles, 1918-20071962/September/23 I have been barricadlink
45.Zahn, Gordon Charles, 1918-20071963/July/29 Visiting some friendlink
46.Zahn, Gordon Charles, 1918-20071966/June/16 Belated thanks for ylink

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