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Details: Recent Correspondence Additions


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#NameRecSeriesDateFirst LinesLink
1.Chaves, Maria Braz, 1934-1966/November/29 Thank you for your clink
2.Chaves, Maria Braz, 1934-1969/June/10 Paz! O ano passado, link
3.Chaves, Maria Braz, 1934-1969/June/07 como uma homenagem plink
4.Gosho, Louise1967/June/no-day Mother and Daughterslink
5.Gosho, Louise1967/August/18 (#03)link
6.Lewis, John, 1940-20201965/February/no-day With a deep sense oflink
7.Lois, Sr., O.S.U.1964/January/15 Sister Bernadette halink
8.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641948/October/21 For a long time I halink
9.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641948/October/25 Your letter of Octoblink
10.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641948/November/08 Many thanks for yourlink
11.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641948/December/01 The essay on contemplink
12.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641948/December/14 The booklets just arlink
13.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641949/October/14 At last I can greet link
14.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641949/October/no-day? Many thanks for yourlink
15.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641949/January/03 The holidays are devlink
16.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641949/February/15 Reverend Father givelink
17.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641949/May/02 The special edition link
18.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641949/June/17 For some time I havelink
19.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641949/August/24 At last I can greet link
20.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641949/September/03 First, I remember I link
21.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641950/February/04 This is to acknowledlink
22.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641950/June/03 This is a belated nolink
23.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641951/October/24 Some days ago a copylink
24.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641953/July/03 It has been a long tlink
25.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641962/November/28 Your text, Peace link
26.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641962/November/07 On my return to my olink
27.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641962/March/09 (#02)Yes, the notes are mlink
28.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641963/May/31 Your manuscripts camlink
29.Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-19641963/June/28 I am sorry to be suclink
30.Monastic file from Gethsemani Abbey1947/March/19 (#02)Nos, Frater Maria Frlink
31.Mumford, Lewis, 1895-19901962/January/02 Many thanks for yourlink
32.Schlesinger, Bruno Paul1962/January/15 I have received yourlink
33.Schlesinger, Bruno Paul1962/February/23 Thank you for your llink
34.Schlesinger, Bruno Paul1967/August/17 (#03)CONJECTURES OF A GUIlink
35.Schlesinger, Bruno Paul1968/September/13 I enclose the list olink
36.Stone, Naomi Burton, 1911-20041957/March/01 Bob Giroux has sent link
37.Unidentified Priests and Monks (filed at the end of the sequence)1952/March/13 Many thanks for the link
38.Upson, Wilfred, Dom, O.S.B., 1880-19631957/December/14 I thank you very muclink

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