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Details: Recent Correspondence Additions


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#NameRecSeriesDateFirst LinesLink
1.Barry, Colman J., Fr., O.S.B., 1921-19941964/May/25 Since I received youlink
2.Bolshakoff, Serge (Sergius) Nikolaevich, 1901-19901964/May/25 Since I received youlink
3.Collins, Bernard, Fr., O.C.S.O. (Br. Brendan Collins)2022/April/23 While going through link
4.Collins, Bernard, Fr., O.C.S.O. (Br. Brendan Collins)undated/no-month/no-day This is someone you link
5.Dickey, Terrell, 1904-19621961/October/18? Brother Giles just tlink
6.Dickey, Terrell, 1904-1962undated/no-month/no-day Terrell Dickey Referlink
7.Dickey, Terrell, 1904-1962undated/no-month/no-day link
8.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021950/April/04 Our threat to write link
9.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021955/March/01 A brief Lenten note link
10.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021955/May/20 I want to thank you link
11.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021958/November/17 Could you be persuadlink
12.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021959/January/17 Your letter took a llink
13.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021959/January/03 A long time ago I prlink
14.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021959/January/09 My sincere thanks tolink
15.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021960/January/29 I thank both you andlink
16.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021960/January/07 It seems to me that link
17.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021960/February/24 You now have the onllink
18.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021960/February/29 Here are the proofs.link
19.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021960/March/23 Herewith several pholink
20.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021960/June/11 Here is your articlelink
21.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021960/June/07 My best thanks to yolink
22.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021962/October/16 Me again. I think thlink
23.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021962/August/27 Thanks for your goodlink
24.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021962/September/10 Would you consider alink
25.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021962/September/26 Here is the Powers rlink
26.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021963/December/30 First, the business link
27.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021963/May/13 I have thought of yolink
28.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021963/June/18 I am happy that you link
29.Diekmann, Godfrey Leo, Fr., O.S.B., 1908-20021963/June/26 Friday, June 21, waslink
30.FBI Materials and CIA Materials51968/January/no-day Individuals Against link
31.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198729undated/no-month/no-day 70 items - see separlink
32.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-1987301956/May/24 Your letter of the 2link
33.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-1987301956/May/26 We received your verlink
34.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-1987301956/June/04 I was happy to receilink
35.Genealogical and vital records documents for Merton/Jenkins family1921/October/03 Borough of Manhattanlink
36.Genealogical and vital records documents for Merton/Jenkins family1936/October/27 Borough of Queens Nolink
37.Genealogical and vital records documents for Merton/Jenkins family1937/August/13 Borough of Queens Nolink
38.Keating, Edward Michael, 1925-20031968/January/no-day Individuals Against link
39.McDonnell, Kilian, Fr., O.S.B., 1921-1958/December/04 Thank you very kindllink
40.McDonnell, Kilian, Fr., O.S.B., 1921-1958/June/18 I am sending off a plink
41.McDonnell, Kilian, Fr., O.S.B., 1921-1959/October/14 I want to thank you link
42.McDonnell, Kilian, Fr., O.S.B., 1921-1959/November/05 I am delighted to gelink
43.McDonnell, Kilian, Fr., O.S.B., 1921-1959/December/04 Here are the proofs.link
44.McDonnell, Kilian, Fr., O.S.B., 1921-1959/December/08 I ran across a very link
45.McDonnell, Kilian, Fr., O.S.B., 1921-1959/March/07 Greetings from sunnylink
46.McDonnell, Kilian, Fr., O.S.B., 1921-1959/August/26 This is to acknowledlink
47.McDonnell, Kilian, Fr., O.S.B., 1921-1960/January/05 Under separate coverlink
48.Peloquin, C. Alexander (Charles Alexander), 1918-19971965/April/28 Thomas Merton to Wrilink
49.Peloquin, C. Alexander (Charles Alexander), 1918-19971965/April/30 Monk, Composer Collalink
50.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1956/November/24 We received your kinlink
51.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1956/January/18 Dr. Zilboorg has wrilink
52.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1956/December/04 Thanks very much forlink
53.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1956/May/16 This is a confidentilink
54.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1956/May/25 Father Abbot was haplink
55.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1956/June/13 Your letter with thelink
56.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1956/June/26 This is my last weeklink
57.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1956/July/10 With the beginning olink
58.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1956/July/17 We received your kinlink
59.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1956/July/19 We will make arrangelink
60.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1956/September/25 Dom James, the Abbotlink
61.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1957/October/10 Last time I wrote tolink
62.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1957/October/29 Your letter of Octoblink
63.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1957/January/08 Last summer I had thlink
64.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1957/February/28 This is a very belatlink
65.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1957/April/11 (#02)When the enclosed folink
66.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1957/April/11 (#01)Answering your Janualink
67.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1957/September/24 We have received a glink
68.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1957/September/28 Thank you for your Slink
69.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1958/February/06 Your last letter (oflink
70.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1958/March/13 Last September I wrolink
71.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1958/July/25 Here it is almost thlink
72.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1959/March/10 We are offering a selink
73.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1959/April/20 My, my, here before link
74.Portz, Alexius, Fr., O.S.B.1960/April/30 We are very gratefullink
75.Roloff, Ronald, Fr., O.S.B., 1922-1956/August/06 As I settle down onclink
76.Roloff, Ronald, Fr., O.S.B., 1922-1962/October/21 (#01)Thanks for your verylink
77.Roloff, Ronald, Fr., O.S.B., 1922-1962/November/13 (#02)It is really intereslink
78.Roloff, Ronald, Fr., O.S.B., 1922-1964/February/18 In my own thinking alink
79.Roloff, Ronald, Fr., O.S.B., 1922-1964/March/17 I have meant to writlink
80.Vyhlídka, Vladimír, Msgr., 1925-20111960/January/18 Bart Murphy sent me link
81.Vyhlídka, Vladimír, Msgr., 1925-20111960/December/14 I was horrified whenlink
82.Vyhlídka, Vladimír, Msgr., 1925-20111960/May/20 yes, I received yourlink
83.Vyhlídka, Vladimír, Msgr., 1925-20111961/February/24 thank you for your vlink
84.Vyhlídka, Vladimír, Msgr., 1925-20111962/October/16? How are you? I am selink
85.Vyhlídka, Vladimír, Msgr., 1925-20111962/January/15 I received two postclink
86.Vyhlídka, Vladimír, Msgr., 1925-20111963/November/29 I think of you oftenlink
87.Vyhlídka, Vladimír, Msgr., 1925-2011undated/no-month/no-day (#01)Hora sedmi stupňů (Slink
88.Vyhlídka, Vladimír, Msgr., 1925-2011undated/no-month/no-day (#02)Milý přítel, Bart Mulink
89.Vyhlídka, Vladimír, Msgr., 1925-2011undated/no-month/no-day (#03)APPENDICES The writilink
90.Williams, Robert Lawrence1965/April/28 Thomas Merton to Wrilink
91.Williams, Robert Lawrence1965/April/30 Monk, Composer Collalink

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