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Details: Recent Correspondence Additions


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#NameRecSeriesDateFirst LinesLink
1.Ahern, Barnabas Mary, Fr., C.P., 1915-19951950/December/19 (#02)Senses of Scripture link
2.Bamberger, John Eudes, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1926-2020No.000a11966/August/no-day Our talk yesterday hlink
3.Bamberger, John Eudes, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1926-2020No.000b11966/August/03 Thanks for your notelink
4.Bamberger, John Eudes, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1926-2020No.000c11966/August/no-day I am really very gralink
5.Barton, Robert Joyce, 1935-1967/September/25 (#02)One thing I have beelink
6.Berrigan, Daniel J., Fr., S.J., 1921-20161979/September/17 I would like to refllink
7.Bissey, Colomban, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1912-1967/January/24 (#01)Vous n'êtes pas sanslink
8.Bissey, Colomban, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1912-1967/January/24 (#02)Vous savez déjà par link
9.Bissey, Colomban, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1912-1967/January/24 (#03)What about it? How alink
10.Bissey, Colomban, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1912-1967/February/01 (#02)I presume that you clink
11.Bissey, Colomban, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1912-1967/February/01 (#01)I would not want youlink
12.Bucher, Vitus, Fr., O.S.B., 1912-19961953/no-month/no-day? to Fathe Vitus of thlink
13.Burns, Ethel M.undated/no-month/no-day (#07)+ to Ethel M. Burns link
14.Burns, Flavian, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1931-20051968/December/13 Thank you for your tlink
15.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20201undated/no-month/no-day (#03)Un infante original link
16.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20201undated/no-month/no-day (#04)DRAKE IN THE SOUTHERlink
17.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20201undated/no-month/no-day (#02)+for Ernesto Cardenalink
18.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20201undated/no-month/no-day (#06)LA MONTANA DEL BUEY link
19.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20201undated/no-month/no-day (#05)UNA PREGUNTA AL MONJlink
20.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021947/December/31 Te escribo esta brevlink
21.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021956/no-month/no-day Enclosed you will filink
22.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021956/August/23 We received you verylink
23.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021957/June/02 Mi hermoso domingo elink
24.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021958/December/25? Recibimos LA PRENSA link
25.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021958/April/10 Me tiene muy intrigalink
26.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021958/May/19 El P. Louis me ha dalink
27.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021959/October/29 Recibí tu carta con link
28.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021959/December/11 Thank you for your llink
29.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021960/May/13 al lado izquierdo telink
30.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021961/October/12 I feel most ashamed link
31.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021961/November/15 Thank you so much folink
32.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021961/November/19 Thanks very much forlink
33.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021961/April/27 He estado todo este link
34.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021961/April/08 estoy sumamente preolink
35.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021962/May/20 Thank you for your llink
36.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021962/May/20 Thank you for your llink
37.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021962/June/06 Tu carta me alegró mlink
38.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021962/September/25 I'm afraid I have belink
39.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021963/November/27 Me he portado un poclink
40.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021963/June/27 I hope that this letlink
41.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021963/July/17 Vuelo, poco tiempo, link
42.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021964/January/15 Un abrazo- Muy compllink
43.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021964/January/06 I am pleased to repolink
44.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021968/December/13 No doubt you will halink
45.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021968/December/16 Ja se imagina cómo mlink
46.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021968/December/18 Su carta en que melink
47.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021969/April/25 Thank you for your dlink
48.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021969/August/16 I'm to be in Honduralink
49.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021969/September/04 I must indeed apologlink
50.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021971/June/03 I want to thank you link
51.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021972/June/07 I do hope that this link
52.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021974/November/08 Please forgive this link
53.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021975/June/03 Greetings from anothlink
54.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202021981/April/18 Tus buenas líneas y link
55.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/January/18 Perdone que no le halink
56.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/no-month/no-day (#11)Father Merton had selink
57.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/no-month/no-day (#10)I am looking forwardlink
58.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/no-month/no-day (#02)te escribo ante todolink
59.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/no-month/no-day (#01)estoy sumamente preolink
60.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/no-month/no-day (#03)Aprovecho el viaje dlink
61.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/no-month/no-day (#04)estoy llegando de Eulink
62.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/no-month/no-day (#05)José Coronel me mandlink
63.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/no-month/no-day (#06)Le remite para su arlink
64.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/no-month/no-day (#07)Por medio de Toto Lalink
65.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/no-month/no-day (#09)Tus buenas líneas y link
66.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-20202undated/no-month/no-day (#08)Por alguna razon quelink
67.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031957/December/27 Muy felices Pascuas link
68.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031957/May/16 Querida mamá: Este elink
69.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031957/May/09 No pueden imaginarselink
70.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031957/June/12 Querida mamá: Hoy selink
71.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031957/June/24 El P. Louis [..] ha link
72.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031957/August/15 Esta mañana en el delink
73.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031958/November/16 Hasta ahora de venirlink
74.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031958/April/07 Hasta how Lunes de Plink
75.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031958/August/15 Comienzo a escribirllink
76.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031958/September/12 El P. Louis me dio llink
77.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031959/March/30 Acabo de leer las calink
78.Cardenal, Ernesto, 1925-202031959/August/09 Estoy recien llegadolink
79.Carey, Arthur Graham, 1892-19841961/February/09 Your good letter camlink
80.Carruth, Hayden, 1921-1967/October/20 (#02)I have given your lelink
81.Casper, Alice Kathryn1962/no-month/no-day + for Alice Kathryn link
82.Casper, Alice Kathryn1965/December/25? + for Alice Kathryn link
83.Casper, Alice Kathrynundated/no-month/no-day (#13)+ to Alice Casper - link
84.Casper, Alice Kathrynundated/no-month/no-day (#11)+for Alice K. Casperlink
85.Casper, Alice Kathrynundated/no-month/no-day (#12)+ for Alice Kathryn link
86.Coronel Urtecho, José, 1906-1964/April/17 (#02)The other day a copylink
87.Coronel Urtecho, José, 1906-1965/June/30 (#02)Thank you for your wlink
88.Davenport, Guy Mattison, 1927-1967/December/28 (#02)I'vebeen [sic] lost link
89.Davenport, Guy Mattison, 1927-1967/February/20 (#02)Thanks for your lettlink
90.Davenport, Guy Mattison, 1927-1967/February/20 (#03)This is the piece I link
91.Davenport, Guy Mattison, 1927-1967/June/11 (#02)The book on Bohr thalink
92.Davenport, Guy Mattison, 1927-1967/June/11 (#03)Note: These "rites",link
93.Davenport, Guy Mattison, 1927-1968/March/11 (#02)Here at last is the link
94.Davenport, Guy Mattison, 1927-1968/March/11 (#03)Here at last is the link
95.Davenport, Guy Mattison, 1927-1968/March/02 (#02)Herakleitos got crowlink
96.Deseille, Placide, Fr., O.C.S.O.1961/December/11 Since I understand ylink
97.Deseille, Placide, Fr., O.C.S.O.1963/December/30 Je suis en train de link
98.Deseille, Placide, Fr., O.C.S.O.1973/December/no-day This is not much of link
99.Doctors' reports (health records)1944/March/04 Chest [-] Novice Loulink
100.Doctors' reports (health records)1944/May/05 Conclusions: Chest Xlink
101.Doctors' reports (health records)1944/September/04 CHEST [-] Negative flink
102.Doctors' reports (health records)1946/January/12 CHEST, Dr. Oscar O. link
103.Doctors' reports (health records)1947/January/22 CHEST, Dr. O.O. Milllink
104.Doctors' reports (health records)1947/May/01 Conclusion: Negativelink
105.Doctors' reports (health records)1948/October/18 Chest: Dr. O.O. Milllink
106.Doctors' reports (health records)1948/March/09 Chest, O.O. Miller, link
107.Doctors' reports (health records)1952/May/28 The cardiovascular slink
108.Doctors' reports (health records)1959/July/28 Thorough examintion,link
109.Doctors' reports (health records)1967/December/23 Will you please sendlink
110.Doctors' reports (health records)1967/May/25 Rev. Thomas Merton, link
111.Doctors' reports (health records)1967/May/30 The serum was reservlink
112.Doctors' reports (health records)1968/November/21 I have had a busy anlink
113.Doctors' reports (health records)1968/June/03 The new shots seem tlink
114.Doctors' reports (health records)1968/July/14 I am going to take alink
115.Doctors' reports (health records)1970/September/15 Thank you with all mlink
116.Doctors' reports (health records)1970/September/15 Rev. Thomas Merton wlink
117.Doctors' reports (health records)undated/no-month/no-day (#02)As I indicated, whenlink
118.Doctors' reports (health records)undated/no-month/no-day (#01)Will you please let link
119.Dunne, Frederic, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1874-1948undated/no-month/no-day As the end of my novlink
120.Edson, Russell, 1935-1968/February/29 (#02)Thanks so much for slink
121.Edson, Russell, 1935-1970/July/20 Here is a photocopy link
122.Eliasoph, Paula (Rubin), 1895-19831970/July/20 My friendship with Tlink
123.Floersh, John Alexander, Archbishop, 1886-1968undated/no-month/no-day (#05)+ to his Excellency link
124.Floersh, John Alexander, Archbishop, 1886-1968undated/no-month/no-day (#04)+ to the Most Rev Arlink
125.Floersh, John Alexander, Archbishop, 1886-1968undated/no-month/no-day (#02)+ JHS [-] to His Exclink
126.Floersh, John Alexander, Archbishop, 1886-1968undated/no-month/no-day (#03)+ JHS [-] to His Exclink
127.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198711956/February/no-day Welcome home! Don'tlink
128.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198711967/January/31 To-day-- how thankfulink
129.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198711967/July/13 Here is a magazine alink
130.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198711967/August/02 I recently received link
131.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198711967/August/03 I received your lettlink
132.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198711967/August/07 (#02)Father Louis receivelink
133.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198711967/August/07 (#01)It has been brought,link
134.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198731967/January/24 (#03)What about it? How alink
135.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198731967/January/24 (#02)Vous savez déjà par link
136.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198731967/January/24 (#01)Vous n'êtes pas sanslink
137.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198731967/February/01 (#01)I would not want youlink
138.Fox, James, Dom, O.C.S.O., 1896-198731967/February/01 (#02)I presume that you clink
139.Fox, Robert J., Msgr., d. 19841967/July/13 Here is a magazine alink
140.Friedrich, Richard L., Fr.undated/no-month/no-day (#05)+ for Fr R Friedrichlink
141.Friedrich, Richard L., Fr.undated/no-month/no-day (#06)+ for F. R Friedrichlink
142.Gershwin, Ira, 1896-19831954/November/29 Fr Matthew tells me link
143.Gershwin, Ira, 1896-19831997/December/01 (#02)One year he requestelink
144.Gershwin, Ira, 1896-19831997/December/01 (#01)As I was reading thelink
145.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011962/December/29 Our mutual friend, Jlink
146.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011962/December/31 This letter may or mlink
147.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011962/January/04 Thank you so much folink
148.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/October/29 (#02)I leave later in thelink
149.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/March/10 A note in haste. I hlink
150.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/March/22 Thanks for the card link
151.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/April/15 Another brief note. link
152.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/April/03 The pictures arrivedlink
153.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/May/15 (#01)First I want to thanlink
154.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/May/15 (#02)And the children of link
155.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/June/10 P.D. East has just slink
156.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/July/12 Thanks for letting mlink
157.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/July/15 In great haste. Thanlink
158.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/July/20 Thank you for these link
159.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/August/18 This piece by Illtudlink
160.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/August/30 Am just in this aftelink
161.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/August/07 I talked with Ed Kealink
162.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011963/September/19 I heard the awful nelink
163.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011964/February/07? Good thing you did nlink
164.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011965/February/26 Thanks for your notelink
165.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011965/February/03 I thought I had sentlink
166.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011965/April/28? I asked the Sister alink
167.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011966/November/27 Thanks for both lettlink
168.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011966/December/no-day? Many thanks for the link
169.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011966/March/22 Will pray for le 4link
170.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011966/April/08 Father Abbot has givlink
171.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011966/August/15 Thanks for your notelink
172.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011966/September/05 Glad to hear you arelink
173.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011967/October/01 (#02)I marked the contactlink
174.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011967/October/03 (#04)Thanks for the two plink
175.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011967/December/01? This year has gone blink
176.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011967/December/no-day? Love and joy to all link
177.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011967/February/02 Jacques wrote the otlink
178.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011967/April/05? OK the pictures onlylink
179.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011967/September/12 God bless you and Grlink
180.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/November/09 Today I am sending olink
181.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/December/11 WE REGRET TO INFORM link
182.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/December/07 Japan airlines hit mlink
183.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/February/03 Did Greg ever get a link
184.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/March/15 Your letter came in link
185.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/March/03 Just a word to thanklink
186.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/April/16 Pix and letter arrivlink
187.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/May/15 Just leaving for Newlink
188.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/May/24 Many thanks for the link
189.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/May/04 Picture is fine. Go link
190.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/June/20 Thanks so much for tlink
191.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/July/01 Many thanks for all link
192.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/July/17 Happy to get your lelink
193.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/August/15 The calligraphy tooklink
194.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/August/21 Really distressing alink
195.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/August/28 Many, many thanks folink
196.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/August/31? Many, many thanks folink
197.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011968/September/14 Two rolls will be colink
198.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011969/September/18 Thank you for your llink
199.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011970/July/20 My friendship with Tlink
200.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011970/August/10 The box of 30 color link
201.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011971/December/03 Brother Pat has passlink
202.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011971/July/13 This lettter represelink
203.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011971/August/20 (#01)Thank you for your llink
204.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011971/August/20 (#02)A note in haste aboulink
205.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011971/August/28 I received your charlink
206.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198011975/October/21 Forgive me if I did link
207.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-19801undated/no-month/no-day (#01)(Please make all link
208.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-19801undated/May/27 I just got back; laslink
209.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198021962/December/25? Bení soit votre chèrlink
210.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198021964/September/04? Je reçois ce matin vlink
211.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198021965/April/21 Enfin des marvelles link
212.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198021966/November/22 Merci de tu chère lelink
213.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198021966/February/11 Votre chère et admirlink
214.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198021966/August/15 Comme je suis heureulink
215.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198021968/December/26 Merci de tout coeur link
216.Griffin, John Howard, 1920-198021970/July/18 Merci de m'avois écrlink
217.Grimes, William1965/March/27 Thanks for the lettelink
218.Grimes, William1965/July/29 Thanks for your lettlink
219.Grimes, William1965/August/25 Thanks for your goodlink
220.Grimes, William1966/December/29 Congratulations on ylink
221.Grimes, William1967/May/22 Yes, I did get the slink
222.Grimes, William1968/January/01 Hi! Belssings and jolink
223.Grimes, William1968/November/10 Your can't imagine hlink
224.Grimes, William1968/May/no-day? Glad to hear you're link
225.Grimes, Williamundated/no-month/no-day Your Gift: SPIRIT OFlink
226.Gullick, Etta1963/January/22 (#01)Have you read the arlink
227.Gullick, Etta1963/January/22 (#02)Henry Herp or Harphilink
228.Habich, William, 1908-19801949/December/no-day? (#03)To Bill Habich - witlink
229.Habich, William, 1908-1980undated/no-month/no-day (#01)+ to Bill Habich witlink
230.Habich, William, 1908-1980undated/no-month/no-day (#02)+ jhs. To William Halink
231.Hewitt, Geoffrey, 1943-1968/February/01 (#02)Thanks for the new plink
232.Hewitt, Geoffrey, 1943-1970/October/15 Here, at last, is a link
233.Horrigan, Alfred Frederick, Msgr., 1914-2005undated/no-month/no-day (#03)for Mons. Alfred Horlink
234.Horrigan, Alfred Frederick, Msgr., 1914-2005undated/no-month/no-day (#02)+for Msg Horrigan [-link
235.Jenkins, Harold Brewster, 1889-19721968/December/13 Thank you for your tlink
236.Kneller, John William, 1916-1967/April/23 (#02)I am indeed gratefullink
237.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711948/October/15 The way to get here link
238.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711948/no-month/no-day? This is a poem I woulink
239.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711949/September/no-day I have been having flink
240.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711950/June/21 About the annual. Flink
241.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711953/October/27 Your letter was, as link
242.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711956/September/25 Good news! I just halink
243.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711960/June/28 Here are the poems olink
244.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711962/May/22 Do you know this wonlink
245.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711962/May/28 The proofs of "Clemelink
246.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711965/April/28 I just heard from thlink
247.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711966/February/23 I am returning the plink
248.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711966/March/29 I imagine this will link
249.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711966/June/no-day? Thinking of you at alink
250.Laughlin, James, 1914-199711966/September/21 I am sorry to reportlink
251.Laughlin, James, 1914-19971undated/no-month/no-day (#04)O cross more splink
252.Laughlin, James, 1914-19971undated/no-month/no-day (#05)J. This is the one Ilink
253.Laughlin, James, 1914-19971undated/no-month/no-day (#06)Here is a piece I halink
254.Laughlin, James, 1914-199721966/October/18? DF [-] URGENT [-] Thlink
255.Laughlin, James, 1914-199721969/June/07 Some time ago Naomi link
256.Laughlin, James, 1914-199721984/July/21 Concern has been explink
257.Levertov, Denise, 1923-19971993/no-month/no-day? On a Theme by Thomaslink
258.Levertov, Denise, 1923-19971994/May/no-day SOME THESES ABOUT COlink
259.Levertov, Denise, 1923-19971997/October/28? Good to hear from yolink
260.Levertov, Denise, 1923-19971997/March/12? Greetings. I was juslink
261.Levertov, Denise, 1923-19971997/July/29? Midsummer greetings link
262.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741952/April/no-day Here are the galleyslink
263.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741952/May/02 Here is another new link
264.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741952/May/21 Here are the correctlink
265.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741952/May/30 Here, in haste, are link
266.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741952/June/06 Well, I have rewrittlink
267.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741952/August/26 Here are the proofs link
268.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741952/September/06 This is a hasty answlink
269.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741953/May/15 Mr. Kyrill Schabert,link
270.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741953/June/20 If there is anythinglink
271.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741953/June/27 Still mulling over ilink
272.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741953/August/13 I'm sorry not to havlink
273.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741957/October/28 Forgive me for havinlink
274.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741959/October/13? (#02)+These are the best link
275.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741959/October/06 (#02)As I expected, in cllink
276.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741962/July/26 My letters these daylink
277.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741963/February/12 I evidently overlooklink
278.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741963/July/02 J tells me that you link
279.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741966/April/26 Thanks much for yourlink
280.MacGregor, Robert M., d. 19741966/May/06 In answering Marie Tlink
281.Maloney, Charles Garrett, Bishop, 1912-20061967/July/14 In the absence of Arlink
282.Maloney, Charles Garrett, Bishop, 1912-20061967/August/02 I recently received link
283.Maloney, Charles Garrett, Bishop, 1912-20061967/August/03 I received your lettlink
284.Maritain, Jacques, 1882-19731962/December/25? Bení soit votre chèrlink
285.Maritain, Jacques, 1882-19731964/September/04? Je reçois ce matin vlink
286.Maritain, Jacques, 1882-19731965/April/21 Enfin des marvelles link
287.Maritain, Jacques, 1882-19731966/November/22 Merci de tu chère lelink
288.Maritain, Jacques, 1882-19731966/February/11 Votre chère et admirlink
289.Maritain, Jacques, 1882-19731966/August/15 Comme je suis heureulink
290.Maritain, Jacques, 1882-19731968/December/26 Merci de tout coeur link
291.Maritain, Jacques, 1882-19731970/July/18 Merci de m'avois écrlink
292.Maury, Rita, Sr., S.S.J. (Sr. Frances Therese)1963/November/20 It is true that I lilink
293.Maury, Rita, Sr., S.S.J. (Sr. Frances Therese)2016/December/21 With apologies for tlink
294.Maury, Rita, Sr., S.S.J. (Sr. Frances Therese)undated/no-month/no-day Remember when I wrotlink
295.McDonough, Thomas Joseph, Archbishop, 1911-19981967/July/06 Fairfield Universitylink
296.McInnes, William C., Fr., S.J., 1923-20091967/July/14 In the absence of Arlink
297.McInnes, William C., Fr., S.J., 1923-20091967/July/06 Fairfield Universitylink
298.Meer de Walcheren, Petrus Balthazar Albertus van der, Dom, O.S.B., 1880-19701961/August/09 Quelle joie de bien link
299.Meer de Walcheren, Petrus Balthazar Albertus van der, Dom, O.S.B., 1880-19701965/September/19 Merci, merci de toutlink
300.Meer de Walcheren, Xristine Anne Marie van der, Sr., O.S.B.1961/August/09 Mon Père vous auraitlink
301.Meer de Walcheren, Xristine Anne Marie van der, Sr., O.S.B.1962/February/01 Nous recevoir ces jolink
302.Meer de Walcheren, Xristine Anne Marie van der, Sr., O.S.B.1965/September/19 Un grand merci pour link
303.Mejía Sánchez, Ernesto, 1923-19851959/December/14 (#02)Le agradezco muchísilink
304.Merton, Owen, 1887-193111909/December/15 We do not often writlink
305.Merton, Owen, 1887-193111910/February/02 Many thank for your link
306.Merton, Owen, 1887-193111911/December/10 I can give myself solink
307.Merton, Owen, 1887-193111911/March/24 I am just writing a link
308.Merton, Owen, 1887-193111912/November/21 This won't get you blink
309.Merton, Owen, 1887-193111913/May/07 I will go on writinglink
310.Merton, Owen, 1887-193121909/December/14 This is only a very link
311.Merton, Owen, 1887-193121910/November/17 I cannot get used tolink
312.Merton, Owen, 1887-193121910/June/15 I got your letter yelink
313.Merton, Owen, 1887-19312undated/no-month/no-day I am afraid I don't link
314.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/January/19 Your last letter gavlink
315.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/January/25 Thanks also for anotlink
316.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/January/08 A very welcome lettelink
317.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/February/11 I hardly know how tolink
318.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/February/15 Your letter came on link
319.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/February/08 The mail got in earllink
320.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/March/22 I was glad to have ylink
321.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/March/29 Thanks so much for alink
322.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/March/31 I have a [..] half [link
323.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/April/19 Your last letter haslink
324.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/April/24 I am writing to you link
325.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/April/05 Last mail thought welink
326.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/May/12 Today having been velink
327.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/May/15 Your letters got to link
328.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/May/24 Letter came this morlink
329.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/May/29 It was a very welcomlink
330.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/May/03 I am just writing thlink
331.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/May/31 I am just adding a slink
332.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/June/14 I think you so much link
333.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/June/02 I am here now, and vlink
334.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/June/23 I have only time to link
335.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/June/26 I am back here - andlink
336.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/June/29 I am just writing nolink
337.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/July/06 I am in Ealing till link
338.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/July/08 I just write today Ilink
339.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131910/August/31 We have got here tonlink
340.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/December/28 It is already mail dlink
341.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/February/30 I got back last nighlink
342.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/March/12 You must be wanting link
343.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/March/29 Apologies are useleslink
344.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/March/08 Only can I send you link
345.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/April/11 I am here as you seelink
346.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/April/19 Just a line to say Ilink
347.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/June/27 By a mischance I letlink
348.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/July/17 Last week again you link
349.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/August/02 It seems to me that link
350.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/August/28 I think this is onlylink
351.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/August/no-day (#01)Here when all is goilink
352.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/August/no-day (#02)Now I have had what link
353.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131912/September/05 I write now on the mlink
354.Merton, Owen, 1887-193131913/April/30 I have been wonderinlink
355.Merton, Owen, 1887-19313undated/no-month/no-day (#01)Your last letter camlink
356.Merton, Owen, 1887-19313undated/no-month/no-day (#02)Your last letter camlink
357.Merton, Owen, 1887-193141922/August/02 I have been wonderinlink
358.Merton, Owen, 1887-193141923/April/25 SO HAPPY BLESS YOU Llink
359.Merton, Owen, 1887-193141923/June/26 Well your letter madlink
360.Merton, Owen, 1887-193141926/October/19 Do you know - in alllink
361.Merton, Owen, 1887-193141926/September/06 Forgot today some thlink
362.Merton, Owen, 1887-19314undated/no-month/no-day (#01)I have taken Narcisslink
363.Merton, Owen, 1887-19314undated/no-month/no-day (#02)I have just finishedlink
364.Merton, Owen, 1887-19314undated/no-month/no-day (#03)I just had your lettlink
365.Merton, Owen, 1887-19314undated/April/02 Evelyn don't please link
366.Merton, Owen, 1887-193151909/June/03 Many thanks for all link
367.Merton, Owen, 1887-193151910/September/28 I fancy we are aboutlink
368.Merton, Owen, 1887-193151911/October/17 Here are so many mailink
369.Merton, Owen, 1887-193151911/March/14 Thank you so very mulink
370.Merton, Owen, 1887-193151913/May/21 Mother's letter has link
371.Merton, Owen, 1887-19315undated/no-month/no-day (#02)I have not a moment link
372.Merton, Owen, 1887-19315undated/no-month/no-day (#01)Got a short note frolink
373.Merton, Owen, 1887-193161910/December/12 I must write at oncelink
374.Merton, Owen, 1887-193161911/June/25 Your letter arrived link
375.Merton, Owen, 1887-193161920/June/03 Mr. Randall has sentlink
376.Merton, Owen, 1887-193161923/April/12 My mothers and I havlink
377.Mims, Samra Hicks1964/no-month/no-day? To Miss Hicks [-] Nalink
378.Mims, Samra Hicksundated/no-month/no-day Locked away in a darlink
379.Monastic file from Gethsemani Abbey1942/March/12 (#02)Your kind letter reflink
380.Naturalization Correspondence1961/February/10 Le trente un janvierlink
381.Parra, Nicanor, 1914-201811966/June/no-day? Tenemos que volver vlink
382.Paul VI, Pope, 1897-1978undated/no-month/no-day (#02)This letter will be link
383.Peifer, Claude J., Fr., O.S.B., 1927-20141965/April/29 I have just read youlink
384.Peifer, Claude J., Fr., O.S.B., 1927-20141965/May/29 The Collectanea is dlink
385.Peifer, Claude J., Fr., O.S.B., 1927-20141965/May/05 Many thanks for the link
386.Peifer, Claude J., Fr., O.S.B., 1927-20141965/August/04 Sorry about my delaylink
387.Ross, Nancy Wilson, 1901-19861967/November/29 Tom Merton has jumpelink
388.Ross, Nancy Wilson, 1901-19861967/May/06 Dear Brownie: If youlink
389.Ross, Nancy Wilson, 1901-19861967/June/27 The review in next Slink
390.Ross, Nancy Wilson, 1901-19861984/February/10 At our annual board link
391.Ross, Nancy Wilson, 1901-1986undated/no-month/no-day (#04)"Telephane" is correlink
392.Ross, Nancy Wilson, 1901-1986undated/no-month/no-day (#03)for Nancy Wilson Roslink
393.Ross, Nancy Wilson, 1901-1986undated/no-month/no-day (#02)This is just the nuclink
394.Ross, Nancy Wilson, 1901-1986undated/no-month/no-day (#01)best wishes [-] T Melink
395.Soedjatmoko, 1922-19891968/November/25 Your letter of Nov 7link
396.Soedjatmoko, 1922-19891968/August/15 Thanks for your kindlink
397.Soedjatmoko, 1922-19891968/August/08 I have just receivedlink
398.Unidentified First Names (filed at the end of the sequence)1966/December/15 I plan to offer Masslink
399.Unidentified First Names (filed at the end of the sequence)1967/May/06 (#01)Many thanks for yourlink
400.Unidentified First Names (filed at the end of the sequence)1967/May/06 (#02)ANNOUNCING THE OPENIlink
401.Von Selle, Margaretundated/no-month/no-day (#01)+ for Margaret Von Slink
402.Von Selle, Margaretundated/no-month/no-day (#02)+ to Margaret Von Selink
403.Waugh, Evelyn, 1903-1966undated/no-month/no-day (#04)to Evelyn Waugh withlink
404.Waugh, Evelyn, 1903-1966undated/no-month/no-day (#01)+for Evelyn Waugh [-link
405.Waugh, Evelyn, 1903-1966undated/no-month/no-day (#02)As an expression of link
406.Waugh, Evelyn, 1903-1966undated/no-month/no-day (#03)to Evelyn Waugh - inlink
407.Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-19781967/December/28 Thanks for the lettelink
408.Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-19781967/February/21 (#02)Happily only publishlink
409.Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-19781967/February/27 It was very good to link
410.Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-19781967/March/11 (#02)Many thanks for yourlink
411.Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-19781967/March/11 (#03)Children the time oflink
412.Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-19781967/April/15 (#02)Thanks for your wondlink
413.Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-19781967/June/23 (#02)I don't know if I anlink
414.Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-19781967/August/30 (#02)Shouts from Kentuckylink
415.Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-19781968/February/02 (#02)I know what you meanlink
416.Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-19781970/July/06 As you may know, I alink
417.Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-19781970/July/09 To answer your of thlink

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