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The Merton Seasonal

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201944:4 “Merton among the Doctors."  Rev. of Thomas Merton on Augustine, Jerome, and Ambrose: The Philosophy of the Great Latin Fathers [CDs] by Thomas Merton. Allard, John E., OP.
201944:4 “One of ‘Tom’s Guardian Angels’."  Rev. of Called To Serve: The Untold Story of Father Irenaeus Herscher, OFM by Kathy Petersen Cecala. Spencer, Thomas.
201944:4 “A Link between Beings."  Rev. of Tendrel: A Memoir of New York and the Buddhist Himalayas by Harold Talbott. Thurston, Bonnie B.
201944:3 “The Reality of Personal Relationships Saves Everything Presidential Address – ITMS Sixteenth General Meeting.”     Meade, Mark C.
201944:3 “A Class Act."  Rev. of Medieval Cistercian History by Thomas Merton, edited by Patrick F. O’Connell. Weber, Richard (Columban), OCSO.
201944:3 “An Anniversary Feast."  Rev. of The Merton Annual, Volume 31 edited by Deborah Pope Kehoe and Joseph Quinn Raab. Orberson, David.
201944:3 "Prodigious Ponderer."  Rev. of An Elemental Life: Mystery and Mercy in the Work of Father Matthew Kelty, OCSO by Louis A. Ruprecht. Weis, Monica, SSJ.
201944:1 “Cherishing the Stillness.”  Rev. of Silence, Joy by Thomas Merton, edited by Christopher Wait. Simsic, Wayne.
201944:1 “A Lively Pas de Deux.”  Rev. of Superabundantly Alive: Thomas Merton’s Dance with the Feminine by Susan McCaslin and J. S. Porter. Dart, Ron.
201944:1 “Sacred Disrupters as Spiritual Guides.”  Rev. of Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen: Spiritual Guides for the 21st Century [CDs] by Michael W. Higgins. Matthews, Gray.
201944:1 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201843:4 “Always Right There."  Rev. of Cistercian Fathers and Forefathers: Essays and Conferences by Thomas Merton. Slater, Isaac, OCSO.
201843:4 “The Poisoned Arrow and the Koan of Job."  Rev. of Thomas Merton – Evil and Why We Suffer by David E. Orberson. Raab, Joseph Quinn.
201843:4 “A Challenge to the Standard Account."  Rev. of The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigation by Hugh Turley and David Martin. Dekar, Paul R.
201843:4 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201843:3 “The Times They Are A’Makin’.”  Rev. of The Monk's Record Player: Thomas Merton, Bob Dylan, and the Perilous Summer of 1966 by Robert Hudson. Kerr, Aaron K.
201843:3 “An Anthology for Praying.”  Rev. of The Art of Thomas Merton: A Divine Passion in Word and Vision edited and compiled by John Moses. Kothe, Sarah.
201843:3 “Witness to Freedom.”  Rev. of In Praise of the Useless Life: A Monk’s Memoir by Paul Quenon. Hillis, Gregory K.
201843:3 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201843:2 "Simply Cistercian – Chautard and Merton."  Rev. of The Spirit of Simplicity by Jean-Baptiste Chautard and Thomas Merton. Snyder, Thomas.
201843:2 "What Am I Reading For?"  Rev. of What I Am Living For: Lessons from the Life and Writings of Thomas Merton edited by Jon M. Sweeney. Ryan, Gregory J.
201843:2 "The Quality of Mercy Revisited."  Rev. of The Merton Annual, Volume 30 edited by Deborah Pope Kehoe and Joseph Quinn Raab. Fazio, Jamie
201843:2 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201843:1 “True North.”  Rev. of We Are All Poets Here: Thomas Merton’s 1968 Journey to Alaska by Kathleen Witkowska Tarr. Dart, Ron.
201843:1 "Merton Our Contemporary."  Rev. of Thomas Merton for Our Time [CDs] by Daniel P. Horan, OFM. Hall, Cassidy.
201843:1 “Guidance for Contemporary Pilgrims.”  Rev. of Spiritual Guides: Pathfinders in the Desert by Fred Dallmayr. Gustafson, Hans.
201843:1 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201742:4 "Two Continents in Dialogue."  Rev. of From the Monastery to the World: The Letters of Thomas Merton and Ernesto Cardenal translated and edited by Jessie Sandoval. Poks, Malgorzata.
201742:4 "Merton Distilled and Applied."  Rev. of 30 Days with Thomas Merton – Words of Contemplation and Hope selected and edited by Connie Clark. Brennan, Michael.
201742:4 "The Book of the Prophet Daniel Review."  Rev. of At Play in The Lions’ Den: A Biography and Memoir of Daniel Berrigan by Jim Forest. Berger, Rose Marie.
201742:4 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201742:3 "Light in a Darkening Landscape Presidential Address—ITMS Fifteenth General Meeting."     Higgins, Michael W.
201742:3 "Witness to Mercy: Thomas Merton’s Vocation as Letter Writer."     Apel, William.
201742:3 "Meeting the Mystics with Merton."  Rev. of A Course in Christian Mysticism by Thomas Merton, edited by Jon Sweeney. Snyder, Thomas.
201742:3 "The Thick and Thin of It."  Rev. of The Merton Annual, Volume 29.  Cannon, Nass.
201742:3 "Walking the Bible."  Rev. of Thomas Merton on Pilgrimage to the Holy Land [3 CDs] by Thomas Merton. Sunderman, Marilyn, RSM.
201742:3 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201742:2 "Mind the Light: Quaker Spirituality and the Wisdom of Thomas Merton."     Kolp, Alan.
201742:2 "Ecumenical Bridge to an Integrated Life."  Rev. of Merton and the Protestant Tradition edited by William Oliver Paulsell. Apel, William.
201742:2 "Beyond the Divide with Merton."  Rev. of Thomas Merton's Poetics of Self-Dissolution by Sonia Petisco. Kehoe, Deborah Pope.
201742:2 "Spelling Out Merton for a New Generation."  Rev. of The ABCs of Thomas Merton: A Monk at the Heart of the World by Gregory and Elizabeth Ryan. Scruggs, Jani and Ryan.
201742:2 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201742:1 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201641:4 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201641:3 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201641:2 "The Idolatry of the Marketplace: Flannery O'Connor and Thomas Merton."     Collins, John P.
201641:2 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201641:1 "A Message from the Horizon from Two Striving Towards Being."     Belcastro, David Joseph.
201641:1 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201540:3 "Dear Beneficiaries of Merton’s Legacy: Presidential Address – ITMS Fourteenth General Meeting."     Belcastro, David Joseph.
201540:1 "A Voice for Racial Justice."     Pearson, Paul M.
201439:4 “Thomas Merton Comes to Prison.”     Collins, John P., Joe Labriola, Shawn Fisher, and Timothy J. Muise.
201439:3 “Cosmopolitan: Thomas Merton’s Urbane Spirituality.”     Deignan, Kathleen, CND.
201439:2 “‘An Absolute Duty to Rebel’: Thomas Merton, Religious Women and the Challenges of Vatican II.”     Thurston, Bonnie B.
201439:2 "To Be or Not to Be - Identity Formation in a Post-Human World."     Loughrey, Glenn.
201439:1 “From Cloister to Classroom: Thomas Merton and Today’s College Student.”     Kolp, Alan.
201338:4 “Searching for Merton - In Death and in Life.”     Sellner, Edward C.
201338:3 “Dreaming Together with Wisdom.”     Deignan, Kathleen, CND.
201338:3 "Camus, Catholicism and the Death Penalty" introduced and transcribed by Mark C. Meade.     Merton, Thomas.
201338:3 “Selection of Substance.”  Rev. of Selected Essays by Thomas Merton, edited by Patrick F. O’Connell. Greene, Dana.
201338:2 “Rhinoceritis - Thomas Merton on Being Human."     Loughrey, Glenn.
201237:2 “Homily for the Funeral of Msgr. William H. Shannon.”     Curran, Charles E.
201136:4 "Seeds of De(con)struction: Insights from Merton for a Postmodern World."     Horan, Daniel P., OFM.
201136:3 “Engaged Encounter.”   Rev. of A Silent Action: Engagements With Thomas Merton by Rowan Williams. Grayston, Donald.
201136:3 "An Integrated Vision."   Rev. of Thomas Merton - Contemplation and Political Action by Mario I. Aguilar. Dekar, Paul R.
201136:1 "Rebels in a Death-Wish Culture: Opposition to the Death Penalty in the Writings of Thomas Merton and Albert Camus."     Meade, Mark C.
201035:4 "Final Integration of a Bibliographical Puzzle."     Burton, Patricia A.
201035:3 "'I Spoke Most of Prayer': Thomas Merton on the West Coast (September 11 - October 15, 1968)."     Thurston, Bonnie B.
201035:2 "Discovering Cuba - A Merton Pilgrimage."     Du Moulin, Susan.
200934:4 " A Novice and His Master."     De Trinis, Randall.
200934:3 "Monastic in His Own Way: Thomas Merton and Leonard Cohen."     Grayston, Donald.
200934:3 "Corpus Christi 2009: Closing Homily of the ITMS Eleventh General Meeting June 14, 2009 ."     Shannon, William H.
200934:2 "A Passionist Friendship: Barnabas Ahern and Thomas Merton."     Collins, John P.
200934:2 "A Common Ground of Simplicity."  Rev. of A Meeting of Angels: The Correspondence of Thomas Merton and Edward Deming and Faith Andrews edited with an introduction by Paul M. Pearson. Deignan, Kathleen, CND.
200934:1 "Joan Baez, Ira Sandperl, and Thomas Merton's Non-Violent Activism."     Spencer, Thomas.
200833:4 "The Future of Thomas Merton: A Progress Report."     Shannon, William H.
200833:4 "In the Footsteps of Thomas Merton: Alaska."     Dart, Ron.
200833:4 "In the Footsteps of Thomas Merton: Asia."     Grayston, Donald.
200833:3 "Jacob's War."     Merton, Thomas.
200833:3 "The Art of Pilgrimage: Rome and Thomas Merton."     Ross, Sheilagh A.
200833:3 "Encountering the Word: A Dialogue Between Merton and Barth on the Bible."     Scruggs, Ryan.
200833:2 "Thomas Merton's Italian Vision Revisited."     Shaw, Mark.
200833:2 "'The Bystander Effect': Thomas Merton and Social Psychology."     Gelsheimer, Ann.
200833:2 "Incarcerated Prophets: Crisis Letters of Thomas Merton and Martin Luther King, Jr."     Kaplan, Edward K.
200833:2 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
200833:1 "Thomas Merton and the PAX Peace Prize."     Collins, John P.
200833:1 "Two Falling Blossoms: Merton, Meister Eckhart and Zen."     Eastman, Patrick.
200833:1 "The Parish Desert and My Ordinary Self."     Mangrum, William L.
200732:4 "Builders of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth: The Transforming Power of Agape Love in King and Merton."     Serrán-Pagán y Fuentes, Cristóbal.
200732:4 "Contemplative Citizenship: Thomas Merton and Responsible Political Freedom."     Millies, Steven P.
200732:4 "Thomas Merton, Leslie Dewart, George Grant and the 1963 Federal Election in Canada."     Dart, Ron.
200732:3 "Wide Open to Heaven and Earth: Contemplation, Community, Culture: Presidential Address - ITMS Tenth General Meeting, Memphis, TN.     Pearson, Paul M.
200732:3 "Thomas Merton and the Body of Christ: Closing Homily - ITMS Tenth General Meeting. Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Tennessee. June 7, 2007 ."     Conner, James, OCSO.
200732:3 "Silence - The Promised     Flynn, Joanne.
200732:2 "Remembering Luke: An Interview with Jane Marie Richardson, SL" conducted by Mary Frances Lottes, SL, with Mary Swain, SL.     Richardson, Jane Marie, SL.
200732:2 "More Than a Footnote: The Footprints of Mary Luke Tobin at Vatican     McCloskey, Elizabeth.
200732:2 "Well Done." [poem]     Thurston, Bonnie B.
200732:2 "A Creative Exchange: The Friendship of Thomas Merton and Mary Luke Tobin."     Liddell, Rose Annette, SL.
200732:1 "Spiritual Direction."     Merton, Thomas.
200732:1 "Merton's Secular Book Houses."     McDonald, Joan C.
200732:1 "A Vocation of Unity."   Rev. of Signs of Peace: The Interfaith Letters of Thomas Merton by William Apel. Pramuk, Christopher.
200631:4 "'The Patient Architecture of Peace': Spirituality in Light of 9/11 - A Fifth-Anniversary Reflection."     Deignan, Kathleen, CND.
200631:4 "'And God's Forgiveness": Frank Kowalski and Merton's Prayer for Peace."     Spencer, Thomas.
200631:4 "Thomas Merton, Gandhi, the "Uprising" of Youth in the '60s, and Building Non-Violent Movements Today."     Dekar, Paul R.
200631:3 "Postface to Grazias Haus: Gedichte."     Balthasar, Hans Urs von.
200631:3 Basil, OCSO. "Four Reflections on Thomas Merton."     Pennington, M. Basil, OCSO.
200631:3 "Deep Ecumenism in the Mystical Thought of D. T. Suzuki and Thomas Merton."     Serrán-Pagán y Fuentes, Cristóbal.
200631:2 "A Finger Pointing at the Moon: Zen and the Photography of Thomas Merton."     Sunderman, Marilyn, RSM.
200631:2 "Caregivers Revisit: Merton's Waters of Siloam."     Flynn, Joanne.
200631:2 "Thomas Merton and E. Glenn Hinson: The Aggiornamento of Spiritual Formation among Progressive Baptists."     Allen, William Loyd.
200631:1 "Remembering Father Flavian at Gethsemani: A Reflection at the Memorial Mass for Fr. Flavian Burns, OCSO, October 20, 2005 ."     Casagram, Michael, OCSO.
200631:1 "Two Conferences on Monastic Prayer."     Burns, Flavian, OCSO.
200631:1 "Remembering Father Flavian at Berryville: Homily at the Funeral Mass for Fr. Flavian Burns, OCSO, October 17, 2005 ."     Barnes, Abbot Robert, OCSO.
200530:4 "Nine-Tenths Pilgrimage and One-Tenth Vacation."     Goodwin-O'Neal, Beth.
200530:4 "A Poem by René Char: Translated by Thomas Merton."      
200530:4 "Spiritual Connectedness: Thomas Merton's Path to World Peace."     Ostenburg, John A.
200530:4 "A Mertonian Critique of the Iraq War: An Offshoot of Fear and a Chasm in the Hidden Ground of Love."     Peach, Robert K.
200530:3 "A New World Being Born: Loving in a New Way: Presidential Address - ITMS Ninth General Meeting. University of San Diego. June     Paguio, Erlinda G.
200530:3 "Come, Little Children, Come to Zion': A Merton Letter to a Rector's Wife."     Chura, Walt, SFO.
200530:3 "Erasmus and Merton: Soul Friends."     Dart, Ron.
200530:2 "Thomas Merton and Ulfert Wilke: The Friendship of Artists."     Lipsey, Roger.
200530:2 "'Though Art That': Merton as Contemplative Photographer."     Del Prete, Thomas.
200530:2 "Jonathan Daniels and Thomas Merton: A Meditation."     Goodson, Bill.
200530:1 "Remembering Naomi Burton Stone: A View from Manhattan."     McCormick, Anne H.
200530:1 "Remembering Naomi Burton Stone: A View from Gethsemani."     Hart, Patrick, OCSO.
200530:1 "Remembering Naomi Remembering Tom: An Interview with Naomi Burton Stone."     Wilkes, Paul.
200429:4 "Islam in Alaska: Sufi Material in Thomas Merton in Alaska."     Thurston, Bonnie B.
200429:4 "Christ and the Birds of Appetite: Breathing Life and Beauty into the Body of Faith."     Pramuk, Christopher.
200429:4 "A Merton Pamphlet in Multiple Versions: From Come to the Mountain to Cistercian Life."     King, John E.
200429:4 "A Timely Time Capsule."   Rev. of Peace in the Post-Christian Era by Thomas Merton, edited by Patricia A. Burton. Del Prete, Thomas.
200429:4 "Uniting Divided Worlds in Christ."   Rev. of The World in My Bloodstream: Thomas Merton's Universal Embrace edited by Angus Stuart. Raab, Joseph Quinn.
200429:3 "'Life in the Damned Thing:' The Letters of Thomas Merton to Reginald Marsh" introduced by Paul M. Pearson.     Merton, Thomas.
200429:3 "Thomas Merton and Friends in the 1940s."     Harford, James.
200429:3 "Memories of Robert Lax."     Lagouvardos, Moschos.
200429:3 "An Astonishing Variety."   Rev. of Owen Merton: Expatriate Painter by Roger Collins. Simpson, John.
200429:2 "Thomas Merton: A Parable for Our Time."     Reiser, William, SJ.
200429:2 "Thomas Merton as Public Intellectual."     Porter, J. S.
200429:2 "Thomas Merton and Leo Szilard: A Brief Meeting at the Intersection of Science and Religion."     Thompson, Phillip M.
200429:1 "Hunting the Unicorn: Thomas Merton's New York."     Rosen, Sheila.
200429:1 "The Tiny House."     Merton, Ruth.
200429:1 "Found Poetry in Thomas Merton's The Seven Storey Mountain."     Aitken, Mary.
200429:1 "The Tree of Life for the Healing of the Nations."   Rev. of Seeking Paradise: The Spirit of the Shakers by Thomas Merton, edited by Paul M. Pearson. Chura, Walt, SFO.
200429:1 "Graced by Passion and Compassion."  Rev. of Thomas Merton and Judaism: Holiness in Words - Recognition, Repentance, and Renewal edited by Beatrice Bruteau. Sherwin, Richard E.
200328:4 "Father Joseph Cassant, OCSO."     Merton, Thomas.
200328:4 "Three Poems" by Miguel Hernandez, translated by Thomas Merton.     Merton, Thomas.
200328:4 "The Last Days of Thomas Merton."     de la Croix, Mere Marie, OCSO.
200328:4 "Summer of '68: A Brief Encounter and a Brief Note."     Mishler, William; William Manning; and Thomas Merton.
200328:3 "'Going Home to Where I Have Never Been'. Thomas Merton's Flight Toward Joy."     Montaldo, Jonathan.
200328:3 "Two Poems" by Miguel Hernandez, translated by Thomas Merton.     Merton, Thomas.
200328:3 "Thomas Merton's Ecumenical Landscape."     Paulsell, William O.
200328:3 "Desert Magnificat of La Soledad."     Callahan, Annice, RSCJ.
200328:3 "The Merton-Aziz Letters: An Interfaith Journey Toward Unity."     Apel, William.
200328:2 "Rambling with Merton."     Weis, Monica, SSJ.
200328:2 "Two Poems" by Miguel Hernandez, translated by Thomas Merton.     Merton, Thomas.
200328:2 "Rediscovering the True Self Through the Life and Writings of Thomas Merton."     Odorisio, David.
200328:2 "Two English Diarists/Reviewers and Thomas Merton."     Waldron, Robert G.
200328:1 "Prodigals in a Distant Land: Reflections on Evil in New Seeds of Contemplation."     Collins, John P.
200328:1 "Recovering Paradise: The Self and the Problem of Evil."     Del Prete, Thomas.
200328:1 "Damaged Goods: A Monk's Public 'Inner Work'."     Montaldo, Jonathan.
200227:4 "The Road Ahead: The Church and the 'Godless World' - 6 ."     Merton, Thomas.
200227:4 "The Christian Center of Thomas Merton's Thought."     Thurston, Bonnie B.
200227:4 "Pax Intrantibus: The Search for Peace in the Poetry of Thomas Merton."     Smock, Frederick.
200227:3 "The Protest of Vitalism: The Church and the 'Godless World' - 4 ."     Merton, Thomas.
200227:3 "The Merton I Knew."     Knight, Jim.
200227:3 "Plight of the Peregrinatus."     Cooper, Jeffrey A., CSC.
200227:2 "God and the World: The Church and the 'Godless World' - 3 ."     Merton, Thomas.
200227:2 "Beautiful, Simple and Solid: Owen Merton's House in Saint Antonin."     Collins, Roger.
200227:2 "Merton in Love."     Bourgeault, Cynthia.
200227:1 "The 'World' the Church and the 'Godless World' - 1 ."     Merton, Thomas.
200227:1 "Thomas Merton's Critique of Language."     Daggy, Robert E.
200227:1 "Reinventing the Wheel: Thomas Merton and the Christ of the Cross."     Staggs, John.
200126:4 "Pilgrimage to Prades."     Bear, Virginia.
200126:4 "Ed Rice: A Remembrance."     Harford, James.
200126:4 "The Ascent to Truth: A Fifty-Year Retrospective."     Belcastro, David Joseph.
200126:3 "'Mercy within Mercy within Mercy': Presidential Address - ITMS Seventh General Meeting June 7, 2001 ."     Bochen, Christine M.
200126:3 "Merton and Masterpiece Making."     O'Hare, Padraic.
200126:3 "A Small Window on a Complex Life: Notes of Thomas Merton to Marice Gaither."     King, John E.
200126:2 "Guide to Blake: An Uncollected Early Review."     Merton, Thomas.
200126:2 "Fronting up to the American Public: Owen Merton's Exhibitions in the United States."     Collins, Roger.
200126:2 "'Tom's Guardian Angels': Merton's Franciscan Mentors."     Spencer, Thomas.
200126:2 "Merton as Forester - The Results."     Phillips, Paschal, OCSO.
200126:1 "Robert Lax - Coming Home."     Kelly, Jack.
200126:1 "The Friendship of Robert Lax and Thomas Merton."     Biddle, Arthur W.
200126:1 "Writing for Writing's Sake: An Interview with Paul Spaeth."     Higgins, Michael W.
200126:1 "Likes and Motorbikes."     Beer, John.
200126:1 "A Winter with Bob Lax."     Cornell, Tom.
200126:1 "An Extraordinary Consistency."     Emery, Judith.
200126:1 "Learning to Re-Lax."     Harford, Jennifer.
200126:1 "First and Lasting Impressions."     Hart, Patrick, OCSO.
200126:1 "In Good Company."     Knight, Jim.
200126:1 "Writing a Spiritual Life."     Kostelanetz, Richard.
200126:1 "After the Circus Goes By."     McGregor, Michael.
200126:1 "Meetings and Messages."     Mott, Michael.
200126:1 "Visiting a Desert Father."     Nienkirchen, Charles.
200126:1 "Reading Lax: A Brief Overview of Literature By and About Robert Lax."     Georgiou, S.T.
200126:1 "Matchless Friendship, Matchless Candor."   Rev. of When Prophecy Still Had a Voice: The Letters of Thomas Merton and Robert Lax edited by Arthur W. Biddle. Harford, James.
200025:4 "Meditations, December 23-30, 1941 ."     Merton, Thomas.
200025:4 "'Testimony' to a Vision Shared."     Kartholl, Leslie Ann.
200025:4 "Pacific Dreams: Meditating Merton at the Redwoods."     Ledbetter, J.T.
200025:4 "In Memoriam: Robert Lax (1915-2000)."      
200025:3 "A Seasonal Pilgrimage."     Burton, Patricia A.
200025:3 "Early Days at the Merton Center and the Founding of The Merton Seasonal."     Crews, Clyde F.
200025:3 "Deep Conflict: Thomas Merton and William Carlos Williams' In the American Grain.     Daggy, Robert E.
200025:3 "Thomas Merton's Literary Estate: What Is Left to Be Published?"     Hart, Patrick, OCSO.
200025:3 "Thomas Merton's Projected Anthology of Religious Poetry."     O'Connell, Patrick F.
200025:2 "Font of Grace Revisited: The Corpus Christi Baptistry."     Rafferty, Raymond M.
200025:2 "The Eight Conversions of Thomas Merton."     Padovano, Anthony T.
200025:2 "Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen: Living With God in Modern America."     Bamberger, John Eudes, OCSO.
200025:1 "Signs of God in Our Midst: Homily Commemorating the Anniversary of the Death of Thomas Merton."     Kelly, Timothy, OCSO.
200025:1 "'Full of Firecrackers': Jacques Ellul and the Technological Critique of Thomas Merton."     Thompson, Phillip M.
200025:1 "Striving for Spiritual Community: The Example of Thomas Merton."     Rhodes, Robert.
199924:4 "A Great Voyage." Introduced and Transcribed by Paul M. Pearson.     Merton, Thomas.
199924:4 "Ishi Means Man: Book Reviews that Critique Society."     Weis, Monica, SSJ.
199924:4 "Entering Merton's 'Friendly Communion of Silence'."     Schiffhorst, Gerald J.
199924:4 "Reaping the Whirlwind."   Rev. of Thomas Merton: Poet, Monk, Prophet edited by Paul M. Pearson, Danny Sullivan and Ian Thomson. Belcastro, David Joseph.
199924:3 "The Geography of Nowhere: Living Beyond Boundaries."     Del Prete, Thomas.
199924:3 "A Country Whose Center is Everywhere: Merton at the Mim Tea Estate."     Paguio, Erlinda G.
199924:3 "New Seeds of Contemplation and John Keats' 'Vale of Soul-Making'."     Noffsinger, John.
199924:2 "Bystander at the Abyss: A Contemplative's Vision of Liberation."     Ligo, Vivian.
199924:2 "Inseeing and Outgazing: The Shared Vision of Thomas Merton and Rainer Maria Rilke."     Pearson, Paul M.
199924:2 "The Paradox of Solitude: Jack Kerouac and Thomas Merton."     Ginn, Robert.
199924:1 "Starting a Magazine: A Guide for the Courageous - The Short, Happy Life of Jubilee."     Rice, Edward.
199924:1 "The Death of a Holy Terror: The Strange Story of Frere Pascal."     Merton, Thomas.
199924:1 "Touched by Fire: An Anniversary Homily."     Kelty, Matthew, OCSO.
199924:1 "Mapping Merton Through Blake."   Rev. of Heretic Blood: The Spiritual Geography of Thomas Merton by Michael Higgins. Keeler, Robert F.
199823:4 "Bangkok Diary - December 1968 ."     D'Silva, Sister Teresita, OSB.
199823:4 "Beyond Bangkok: A Pilgrimage to Rawasengeng."     McHargue, Tim, MSC.
199823:4 "The Solitude of Thomas Merton: An Asian Perspective."     Ali, Zakaria.
199823:3 "The Seven Storey Mountain: Fifty Years Old!"     Shannon, William H.
199823:3 "The Solitude of Lograire."     Koch, William.
199823:3 "Poets of Pilgrimage: Thomas Merton (1915-1968) and Denise Levertov (1923-1997)."     Waldron, Robert G.
199823:2 "'Who Stands Fast?' Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Thomas Merton on Obedience."     Apel, William.
199823:2 "Five Limericks for Father Raymond."     Merton, Thomas.
199823:2 "The Flowering of Natural Contemplation: Some Notes on Theoria Physike in Thomas Merton's Unpublished An Introduction to Christian Mysticism."     St. John, Donald P.
199823:2 "Piggybacking on Merton."     Porter, J. S.
199823:1 "Bellarmine College Dedicates New Merton Center (with remarks by Timothy Kelly, OCSO, Robert Giroux, and Joseph J. McGowan, Jr.)      
199823:1 "Thomas Merton - Computer Hacker (A Cyber Fantasy)."     Ryan, Gregory J.
199823:1 "Thomas Merton's Call to Contemplation and Action."     Nouwen, Henri J M.
199823:1 "Beyond the Shadow and the Disguise: 'Spots of Time' in Thomas Merton's Spiritual Development."     Weis, Monica, SSJ.
199722:4 "In Memoriam: Robert E. Daggy (1940-1997)."      
199722:4 "Thomas Merton's New Seeds of Contemplation: Revolutionary Happiness, Contemplation, and Solitude."     Mahoney, Timothy.
199722:4 "Thomas Merton and the Psalms."     Paguio, Erlinda G.
199722:4 "Finding the Merton Bibliographies: Identifying the Source Documents."     King, John E.
199722:3 "Merton on the Eve of the Third Millennium."     O'Connell, Patrick F.
199722:3 "The Seeds of Thomas Merton: On Staying Put and Changing Your Life."     Chura, Walt, SFO.
199722:3 "Thomas Merton: Strategies of a Master Teacher of Poetry."     Lewis, Gloria Kitto.
199722:2 "My Visits to the Secular Bookhouse."     Merton, Thomas.
199722:2 "'Kindred Spirits': Boris Pasternak and Thomas Merton."     Ryan, Gregory J.
199722:2 "Henry David Thoreau and Thomas Merton: The Transformation of Individual Experience into Universal Myth."     Henken, Ted.
199722:1 "The Angel and the Machine."     Merton, Thomas.
199722:1 "Thomas Merton and the Shakers."     Flournoy, Judith.
199722:1 "Can One be a Contemplative in a Technological Society?"     Shannon, William H.
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19761:3 "Thomas Merton Studies Center and Thomas Merton Collection Have Moved to a New Location on Campus."      
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19761:1 "Center for Community Education Presents the Following Non-Credit Courses in Cooperation with the Thomas Merton Studies Center."