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Miscellaneous Merton Center Collections

Sub-Section C.6: Contracts for books and articles by Merton, foreign and domestic

This Sub-Section includes publishing contracts for books, including agreements stipulating foreign publication rights and translation rights. There is a small portion of related correspondence, but not much with Thomas Merton. Most correspondence is between Dom James Fox, Abbot of Gethsemani Abbey, and publishers or literary agents. See also "Contracts" and the "Curtis Brown, Ltd." files in Section A, Correspondence.

This sub-group is divided into series based on contracts for a specific title of a written work of Thomas Merton. A small number are of miscellaneous works grouped together. Each series is contained in one folder herein and arranged in their original order.

1 Seven Storey Mountain
2 Seeds of Contemplation
3 Ascent to Truth
4 Waters of Siloe
5 Tears of the Blind Lions, A Man in the Divided Sea, and Figures for an Apocalypse
6 Exile Ends in Glory
7 No Man Is an Island (also Ascent to Truth and two cancelled projects); change of publisher
8 Sign of Jonas (in contract as "The Wall and the Ivy")
9 What Are These Wounds?
10 Time-Life Illustrated Bible
11 Clement of Alexandria
12 Martha, Mary and Lazarus
13 Monastic Vocation and the Modern Mentality
14 Selections from the Poetry of Thomas Merton
15 Miscellaneous Articles ("St. John of the Cross" and "Saint Bernard, Monk and Apostle")
16 Monasticism in Crisis [unpublished]
17 Collected Prose Works of Father M. Louis (Obras Completas)
18 Reprint rights situation for Thomas Merton Books
19 Life and Holiness
20 Redeeming the Time
21 A Balanced Life of Prayer [et al., Spanish, La senda de la contemplación]
22 Way of Chuang Tzu
23 Cables to the Ace
24 School of Charity and The Monastic Journey
25 Seeds of Destruction (Redeeming the Time)
26 New Man
27 What Is Contemplation?
28 Spanish and Portuguese contracts (various)
29 Miscellaneous foreign contracts
30 No Man Is an Island
31 Living Bread
32 Bread in the Wilderness
33 Selected Poems
34 New Seeds of Contemplation
35 Wisdom of the Desert
36 Silent Life
37 Thoughts in Solitude
38 Sign of Jonas
39 Spiritual Direction and Meditation
40 Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander
41 Zen and the Birds of Appetite
42 Disputed Questions
43 Basic Principles of Monastic Spirituality
44 Miscellaneous royalty agreements with New Directions
45 Praying the Psalms, Opening the Bible, Ishi Means Man, and Contemplation in a World of Action
46 Soul of the Apostolate
47 Behavior of Titans
48 Tower of Babel
49 Emblems of a Season of Fury
50 The Strange Islands
51 Raids on the Unspeakable
52 Original Child Bomb
53 Seasons of Celebration
54 Black Revolution
55 Thomas Merton Reader
56 Gandhi on Non-Violence
57 Last of the Fathers
58 Faith and Violence
59 Prayer as Worship and Experience (published posthumously as "The Climate of Monastic Prayer")
60 Mystics and Zen Masters