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The Merton Seasonal

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201742:1 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201641:4 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201641:3 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201641:2 "The Idolatry of the Marketplace: Flannery O'Connor and Thomas Merton."     Collins, John P.
201641:2 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201641:1 "A Message from the Horizon from Two Striving Towards Being."     Belcastro, David Joseph.
201641:1 Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton.     Pearson, Paul M.
201540:3 "Dear Beneficiaries of Merton’s Legacy: Presidential Address – ITMS Fourteenth General Meeting."     Belcastro, David Joseph.
201439:4 “Thomas Merton Comes to Prison.”     Collins, John P., Joe Labriola, Shawn Fisher, and Timothy J. Muise.
201439:3 “Cosmopolitan: Thomas Merton’s Urbane Spirituality.”     Deignan, Kathleen, CND.
201439:2 "To Be or Not to Be - Identity Formation in a Post-Human World."     Loughrey, Glenn.
201338:4 “Searching for Merton - In Death and in Life.”     Sellner, Edward C.
201338:3 “Dreaming Together with Wisdom.”     Deignan, Kathleen, CND.
201338:3 "Camus, Catholicism and the Death Penalty" introduced and transcribed by Mark C. Meade.     Merton, Thomas.
201338:3 “Selection of Substance.”  Rev. of Selected Essays by Thomas Merton, edited by Patrick F. O’Connell. Greene, Dana.
201237:2 “Homily for the Funeral of Msgr. William H. Shannon.”     Curran, Charles E.
201136:3 “Engaged Encounter.”   Rev. of A Silent Action: Engagements With Thomas Merton by Rowan Williams. Grayston, Donald.
201136:3 "An Integrated Vision."   Rev. of Thomas Merton - Contemplation and Political Action by Mario I. Aguilar. Dekar, Paul R.
201136:1 "Rebels in a Death-Wish Culture: Opposition to the Death Penalty in the Writings of Thomas Merton and Albert Camus."     Meade, Mark C.
200934:4 " A Novice and His Master."     De Trinis, Randall.
200934:3 "Monastic in His Own Way: Thomas Merton and Leonard Cohen."     Grayston, Donald.
200934:3 "Corpus Christi 2009: Closing Homily of the ITMS Eleventh General Meeting June 14, 2009 ."     Shannon, William H.
200732:3 "Wide Open to Heaven and Earth: Contemplation, Community, Culture: Presidential Address - ITMS Tenth General Meeting, Memphis, TN.     Pearson, Paul M.
200530:3 "A New World Being Born: Loving in a New Way: Presidential Address - ITMS Ninth General Meeting. University of San Diego. June     Paguio, Erlinda G.
200328:3 "'Going Home to Where I Have Never Been'. Thomas Merton's Flight Toward Joy."     Montaldo, Jonathan.
200126:3 "'Mercy within Mercy within Mercy': Presidential Address - ITMS Seventh General Meeting June 7, 2001 ."     Bochen, Christine M.
200126:2 "Merton as Forester - The Results."     Phillips, Paschal, OCSO.
199924:3 "The Geography of Nowhere: Living Beyond Boundaries."     Del Prete, Thomas.
199722:3 "Merton on the Eve of the Third Millennium."     O'Connell, Patrick F.
199520:4 "Editorial: First of the Last?: The Publication of Thomas Merton's 'Personal Journals' and the Death of a Friend."     Daggy, Robert E.
199520:4 "Run to the Mountain: Four More Journal Entries." Editor's Note by Patrick Hart, OCSO.     Merton, Thomas.
199520:4 "Rehearsing Style and Theme."  Rev. of Run to the Mountain: The Story of a Vocation. The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume 1: 1939-1941 by Thomas Merton, edited by Patrick Hart, OCSO. Biddle, Arthur W.
199520:4 "Giving Up Everything."  Rev. of Run to the Mountain: The Story of a Vocation. The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume 1: 1939-1941 by Thomas Merton, edited by Patrick Hart, OCSO. Kelly, Jack.
199520:4 "Dealing with Texts."  Rev. of Run to the Mountain: The Story of a Vocation. The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume 1: 1939-1941 by Thomas Merton, edited by Patrick Hart, OCSO. Spaeth, Paul J.
199520:4 "Death of a 'Mertoniac': An Appreciation of W. H. 'Ping' Ferry."     Ryan, Gregory J.
199520:3 "After Bonaventure: Keeping Peace in Our Hearts."     Daggy, Robert E.
199520:3 "A Prophet for the 21st Century."     Conner, James, OCSO.
199520:3 "Merton at Bonaventure: Some Student Recollections."     Del Prete, Thomas.
199520:3 "Thich Nhat Hanh Then and Now."     Adams, Daniel J.
199520:3 "Merton's Dilemma: The Search for Meaning in Modern Times."     Mathis, Rick.
199520:2 "Editorial: Merton, The Movies, and 'The Image'."     Daggy, Robert E.
199520:2 "Thomas Merton and the Quiz Show Scandal: 'America's Loss of Innocence?'"     Daggy, Robert E.
199520:2 "Anthony Padovano's Image of Thomas Merton."     Steinmacher, Michael.
199520:2 "Plays About Thomas Merton."      
199520:1 "'Playing Before God': Wisdom, Freedom, and Thomas Merton."     Daggy, Robert E.
199520:1 "'The Tradition of Wisdom and Spirit': Wisdom in Thomas Merton's Mature Thought."     Thurston, Bonnie B.
199520:1 "The Hidden Paradise: Thomas Merton and the Wisdom of Genesis."     Short, Brent.
199520:1 "'New Horizons for an Old Journey': No Man is an Island, A Review Forty Years Later."     Shannon, William H.
199419:4 "Editorial: Anti-This and Anti-That: Thomas Merton's Experimentation and Protest."     Daggy, Robert E.
199419:4 "Reinhardt Slips Into His Painting: An Excerpt From A Catch of Anti-Letters."     Merton, Thomas; and Robert Lax.
199419:4 "The Logic of Mass Destruction: Modern Knowledge, Kafka, and Thomas Merton's     Henken, Ted.
199419:4 "Contemplative Prayer is Subversive: Reading the Gospel - and Merton - in Jail."     Dear, John.
199419:3 "Editorial: After Summer Talk of Hogs, Irises, and First Day Covers, Why Not Some More Merton Anniversaries, Books and Annuals?"     Daggy, Robert E.
199419:3 "Barry Ulanov: 'I Remember Tom with Great Fondness'."     Finley, Mitch.
199419:3 "Huxley's Ends and Means Revisited."     McCormick, Chalmers.
199419:3 "Thirty Poems after Fifty Years."     O'Connell, Patrick F.
199419:3 "Sunday, Up at Louie's Place: Reflections on an Epiphany."     Fullerton, Timothy.
199419:2 "Editorial: Thomas Merton: Connections East and West More than Twenty-FiveYears After His Death."     Daggy, Robert E.
199419:2 "A Song for Tom."     Wu, John, Jr.
199419:2 "The Dalai Lama Descends on Gethsemani: In Memory of Thomas Merton."     Hart, Patrick, OCSO.
199419:2 "In Seach for Brahmachari."     Buchanan, William.
199419:2 "Thomas Merton's The Geography of Lograire: A Poem of Psychotherapy."     Behara, Guru Charan.
199419:1 "Editorial: Discoveries and Rediscoveries Twenty-Five Years After Thomas Merton's Death."     Daggy, Robert E.
199419:1 "Some of the Treasures of a Sunday Afternoon."     Hempstead-Milton, Sheila M.
199419:1 "The Haunted Castle."     Merton, Thomas.
199419:1 "Another Stop on 'The Road to Joy': A Letter."     Merton, Thomas.
199419:1 "Teaching Thomas Merton in China."     Cunningham, Lawrence S.
199419:1 "The Formation of the Thomas Merton Society (of Great Britain and Ireland)."     Pearson, Paul M.
199419:1 "Sermon Preached on Sunday 12th December in St. Lawrence's Church, Winchester, England. (Thomas Merton Conference)."     Allchin, A. M.
199419:1 "Homily for the 25th Anniversary of the Death of Fr. Louis Merton. Abbey of Gethsemani, December 10, 1993 ."     Conner, James, OCSO.
199419:1 "Thomas Merton and Steven Spielberg: Some Parallels."     McDonald, Patrick J.
199318:3-4 "Reflections on a Portrait of Thomas Merton."     Bonazzi, Robert.
199318:3-4 "'Already One, Becoming What We Are' - The Way to Go."     Eastman, Patrick.
199318:3-4 "'The Heresy of Individualism'."     Thurston, Bonnie B.
199318:3-4 "Thomas Merton: Prayer as Breath, Or the Beyond Within Solitude and Society."     Beltrán Llavador, Fernando.
199318:3-4 "After Twenty-Five Years."     van der Laar, Sister Henrilena.
199318:3-4 "Thomas Merton and Bangkok: A Few Reminiscences 8 - 15 December 1968 ."     Smeyers, Sister Bernadette M.
199318:3-4 "Thomas Merton on Death: Our Life-Long Journey."     Ryan, Gregory J.
199318:3-4 "The Journals of Thomas Merton: A Preview."     Hart, Patrick, OCSO.
199318:3-4 "The Gift of Thomas Merton Remembered: On the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of His Passing."     Tuoti, Frank X.
199318:2 "Editorial: Merton: Christ and the Desert."     Daggy, Robert E.
199318:2 "In God's Desert."     Merton, Thomas.
199318:2 "Thomas Merton: The Desert Call."     Daggy, Robert E.
199318:2 "Merton and Christ: Demonstrating the Medieval Speculum."     Albert, John, OCSO.
199318:2 "'Amor Ipse Intellectus Est': A Speculum in Verse."     Albert, John, OCSO.
199318:1 "Editorial: Is Thomas Merton Au Courant?: A Reflection."     Daggy, Robert E.
199318:1 "My Lord God - Bwana Munga Wangu."     Merton, Thomas.
199318:1 "Grief Transfigured: Merton's Elegy on His Brother."     O'Connell, Patrick F.
199318:1 "Merton's Bells: A Clarion Call to Wholeness."     Waldron, Robert G.
199217:4 "Editorial: Water, Woods and Walnuts: Traveling (with Merton in Tow) in the Beauty of the Natural World."     Daggy, Robert E.
199217:4 "Living Beings Call Us to Reflective Living: Mary Austin, Thomas Merton and Contemporary Nature Writers."     Weis, Monica, SSJ.
199217:4 "Thinking of Louie: My Personal Reflections of Thomas Merton, A Man I Never Met."     Corrigan, Gregory M.
199217:4 "A Merton Journey."     Judge, Maria S.
199217:3 "Editorial: Turning on the 'Lamp': More Glimpses of the Life of Thomas Merton."     Daggy, Robert E.
199217:3 "An Unusual Discovery in a Second-Hand Bookstore in England."     Shannon, William H.
199217:3 "Saint Anne's, Soho: A Photo Essay."     Pearson, Paul M.
199217:3 "Prades: A Photo Essay."     Voiles, Kenneth M.
199217:2 "Editorial: Merton the Writer (With Some Animadversions by the Writer Himself)."     Daggy, Robert E.
199217:2 "Thomas Merton: Poet of the Sacred."     Altany, Alan.
199217:2 "Aristotle Meets the Spiritual Classics: The Rhetoric of Thomas Merton."     Murray, Mary.
199217:2 "Thomas Merton and Wendell Berry: A Brief Study in Tone."     Porter, J. S.
199217:1 "Editorial: Merton and the Feminine (Again!) (With Asides About General Meetings and Polish Poets."     Daggy, Robert E.
199217:1 "'I Never Had A Sister': Merton's Friendships with Women."     Thurston, Bonnie B.
199217:1 "Thomas Merton and Sexual Wholeness."     Nugent, Robert, SDS.
199217:1 "The Love Poems of Thomas Merton: On Being a Hermit in Love."     Koch, William.
199116:4 "Editorial: Of Merton and Dreams."     Daggy, Robert E.
199116:4 "Mozart, Merton and Karl Barth: A Sermon Delivered at King's Chapel, Boston, Massachusetts. July 1991     Scovel, Carl.
199116:4 "A Codicil to the Pasternak-Merton Exchange: From a Letter and a Journal Entry."     Thibodeau, Philippe.
199116:4 "Merton's Dreams: A Jungian Analysis."     Waldron, Robert G.
199116:3 "Editorial: Merton and His Friends."     Daggy, Robert E.
199116:3 "Conversation with Robert Lax."     Kelly, Marcia and Jack.
199116:3 "Thomas Merton in Las Vegas."     Porter, J. S.
199116:3 "To the Members of the ITMS: Reflections on the Second General Meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society."     Robarge, Geoffrey M.
199116:3 "Choirs of Millions: Thomas Merton and God's Creatures."     Daggy, Robert E.
199116:3 "Two Homilies: A Life Without Care."     Shannon, William H.
199116:3 "Two Homilies: Homily 11th Sunday."     Bamberger, John Eudes, OCSO.
199116:2 "Editorial: Merton: The Desert and the Traveler."     Daggy, Robert E.
199116:2 "The Timelessness of Merton: Thoughts on Desert Storm."     Neal, Marianne Kane.
199116:2 "Thomas Merton and Aldous Huxley: The Springboard of Ends and Means."     Anderholm, Judith.
199116:2 "Thomas Merton and Joseph Campbell: Conversion and the Hero's Departure."     Brown, Devin.
199116:2 "Thomas Merton and Walt Whitman: Seekers of the 'Passage to India'."     Koch, William.
199116:1 "Editorial: Merton and Initiation: Being 'Educated' and Educating."     Daggy, Robert E.
199116:1 "The Jenkins House and Zion Episcopal Church in 1990 Douglaston, Long Island, New York. A Photo Essay."     Cohen, Ingrid.
199116:1 "Pop's Office: A Reminiscence. Interview with Helen Kelly Phares."     Grip, Robert.
199116:1 "Two Letters About Thomas Merton (1 of 2)."     Merton, John J.
199116:1 "Two Letters About Thomas Merton (2 of 2)."     Winser, Andrew.
199116:1 "Two Merton Schools: Learning about Merton High."     Grip, Robert.
199116:1 "Two Merton Schools: The Thomas Merton Academy."     Young, Gary, CR.
199116:1 "Thomas Merton on Mark Van Doren:A Portrait of Teaching and Spiritual Growth."     Del Prete, Thomas.
199116:1 "Thomas Merton in Panama: A Commentary on Tobias Diaz Blaitry's Cuatro Poemas de Thomas Merton."     Baciu, Stefan.
199116:1 "Thomas Merton in Belgium: A Report to the ITMS."     Daggy, Robert E.
199015:4 "Editorial: Merton Connections: The Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Bobbie K. Owens, Least Heat Moon, and The Fourteen Carat Molehill."     Daggy, Robert E.
199015:4 "A Visit to Holy Spirit Monastery: Excerpts from Blue Highways: A Journey into America."     Moon, William Least Heat.
199015:4 "A Tribute to Thomas Merton." [poem]     Brand, Edmund, OCSO.
199015:4 "Merton's Life As 'Monastic     Albert, John, OCSO.
199015:4 "A Call for Additional Oral History: Merton, The Guestmaster, 'The Fat Boy,' and Monasticism."     Kramer, Victor A.
199015:4 "Collecting Merton."     Irish, Marc.
199015:3 "Editorial: Thomas Merton and the East: A Reflection."     Daggy, Robert E.
199015:3 "Merton's Reflections on Sufism."     Thurston, Burton B.
199015:3 "Journey to Sri Lanka and Three Poems."     Pearson, Paul M.
199015:3 "Merton's Words in China."     Merton, Thomas.
199015:3 "Merton's Bell Rings Out in Thailand."     Pennington, M. Basil, OCSO.
199015:3 "Thomas Merton and Eastern Religions: A Bibliography."     Thurston, Bonnie B.
199015:3 "Of Merton and the East: A Letter to the ITMS."     Villasana, Ana.
199015:2 "Editorial: Thomas Merton's 'Muse of Fire'."     Daggy, Robert E.
199015:2 "The Significance of the Firewatch Quilt."     Sisto, Richard; interviewing Fred Hicks.
199015:2 "Thomas Merton: Firewatcher."     Cunningham, Lawrence S.
199015:2 "Giving Voice to the Fire: A Commentary on Thomas Brooks' A Moment of Love."     Moe, Rusty C.
199015:2 "The Colorization of Thomas Merton: An Open Letter to the ITMS."     Voiles, Kenneth M.
199015:1 "Editorial: Women and Merton - ITMS General Meeting Reflections."     Daggy, Robert E.
199015:1 "Merton and the Feminine: A Reflection."     Lauridson, James R.
199015:1 "'The Woman Thing'."     Ledbetter, J.T.
199015:1 "A Letter from George Bush."      
199015:1 "The Meaning of The Seven Storey Mountain."     Malits, Elena, CSC.
199015:1 "Musings on Mystical, Musical Merton, Maker of World Community: After the First General Meeting."     LoGrasso, Beverly Anne, OSU.
198914:3 "The Farmer from Nelson County."     Shannon, William H.
198611:4 "Seeing Through Language: Thomas Merton's Contemplation of Hidden Wholeness With a Perspective from Ludwig Wittgenstein."     Yarran, Willie.