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Novitiate Conferences

Beginning in April 1962 Thomas Merton's lectures to the novices, and then later to the community, were recorded. All of the following recordings, over 700 conferences, totaling more than 400 hours, are housed in the archives of the Thomas Merton Center.

The recordings were originally made on reel-to-reel tapes. Through financial assistance from the Merton Legacy Trust all of the recordings have been remastered onto compact discs and are available to researchers and visitors of the Merton Center. A number of these recordings were made available through various publishers over the years. The first company to publish the recordings was Electronic Paperbacks. The project was continued by Credence Cassettes, formerly the audio tape division of the National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company. Publication continued under an independent company named Credence Communications until 2007.

A growing number of the recordings are currently available through Learn25. Unlike the earlier published recordings, the source material for the CD's and mp3's published by Now You Know uses the newly remastered recordings for improved quality. Use the links on the column to the right to navigate to a library catalog record corresponding to the published version of a talk by Merton.

The majority of the titles used were those assigned by the monks who recorded the conferences. Frequently Merton would cover a number of different topics so the titles are not always a good indication of the content of a particular tape. Some of the titles have been slightly amended.

Those listed under "Published Link" as "MT-[number]" are available through the following subscription service:

TapeDateLengthTitlePublished Link
001 Tr-1 1962/04/2728:36Conversion of manners

001 Tr-2 1962/04/2824:17On Cassian oversize+0057

001 Tr-3 1962/04/0116:15Feast of St. Robert (partial)

001 Tr-4 1962/05/0428:35Conversion of manners: goodness

002 Tr-1 1962/05/0831:38Conversion of manners: discretion

002 Tr-2 1962/05/0931:10Introduction to the Church Fathers

002 Tr-3 1962/05/1230:19Nuclear testing

002 Tr-4 1962/05/1429:41Conversion of manners: salvation, monastic laws

003 Tr-1 1962/05/1332:41The Prophets

003 Tr-2 1962/05/1425:09On Cassian: belief oversize+0057

003 Tr-3 1962/05/1629:22The Church fathers: early Christian spirituality

003 Tr-4 1962/05/1730:30Conversion of manners

004 Tr-1 1962/05/1930:16Cassian on prayer: ecumenism oversize+0057

004 Tr-2 1962/05/2131:27Conversion of manners: the spirit of the conversion of manners

004 Tr-3 1962/05/23?30:12Catechesis: the Didache

004 Tr-4 1962/0530:54Conversion of manners: the passions

005 Tr-1 1962/05/2052:28Prophets.Prophetic life, spiritual trifling.

005 Tr-2 1962/05/2740:54Prophets. Sin and judgement.

005 Tr-3 1962/0549:29Holy Ghost: Pentecost. Faith in the world today.

005 Tr-4 1962/06/2930:00Fathers: Sacred Heart: African Fathers. Classical Roman Literature.

006 Tr-1 1962/05/2630:26Cassian on prayer. Four Kinds of prayer. Meditation. oversize+0057

006 Tr-2 1962/05/2809:53Origin of vow of Chastity: marital chastity. Fragment of conference.

006 Tr-3 1962/05/3020:58Early Christian apologetics. Other literary forms in the early church.

006 Tr-4 1962/06/0129:42On chastity. Sublimation. St. Therese of Liseux.

007 Tr-1 1962/06/0229:47Cassian on prayer. Disposition to prayer. oversize+0057

007 Tr-2 1962/06/0428:45On chastity. Renunciation of human surrender.

007 Tr-3 1962/06/0631:09Second Century apologist (Tertullian)

007 Tr-4 1962/06/0731:37On chastity: Christian virginity

008 Tr-1 1962/06/0831:22Cassian on prayer. Four kinds of prayer. oversize+0057

008 Tr-2 1962/06/13?32:24Early church - apocrypha

008 Tr-3 1962/0630:02Cassian on the Our Father oversize+0057

008 Tr-4 1962/06/1529:18Vis cogitativa

009 Tr-1 1962/06/1929:40Virtues: temperance.

009 Tr-2 1962/06/2031:24Fr. Adam Schall. Carthage - the Punic Wars.

009 Tr-3 1962/06/2430:20Patrology: the Our Father. oversize+0057

009 Tr-4 1962/0630:12Virtue of temperance.

010 Tr-1 1962/0732:56Insert L.S.T. 4 Chastity. Temperance.

010 Tr-2 1962/07/0231:45Tertullian

010 Tr-3 1962/07/0431:43Chastity: Definition of St. Thomas

010 Tr-4 1962/07/0630:27Patrology. Ancient monastic rules

011 Tr-1 1962/07/1119:29Tertullian: the pater noster, spiritual nourishment

011 Tr-2 1962/07/0932:01Chastity, continued.

011 Tr-3 1962/07/1131:20Holy rule oversize+0056

011 Tr-4 1962/07/1328:53On chastity

012 Tr-1 1962/0731:04The Our Father continued: forgive us our trespasses oversize+0057

012 Tr-2 1962/07/1831:14On chastity

012 Tr-3 1962/07/2031:12On humility in the monastic life oversize+0056

012 Tr-4 1962/0732:01On cassian, the Our Father. Perfect prayer. Highest degree of prayer. oversize+0057

013 Tr-1 1962/07/2631:05Particular friendship.

013 Tr-3 1962/0731:09Holy rule, humility, conversion of manners, 4th degree oversize+0056

013 Tr-4 1962/07/2830:35Cassian on prayer. Does God hear? oversize+0057

014 Tr-1 1962/07/2331:23Particular friendships: their treatment

014 Tr-2 1962/07/2531:56On humility oversize+0056

014 Tr-3 1962/0731:05Our vows: their significance

014 Tr-4 1962/0725:13On prayer - Cassian oversize+0057

015 Tr-2 1962/0829:46Particular friendships: types of

015 Tr-3 1962/08/0130:26Chastity: A martyrdom

015 Tr-4 1962/08/1131:23The monastic fathers

016 Tr-1 1962/07/0853:30The veil of the Virgin - face of the virgin. Cyprian, Tertullian.

016 Tr-2 1962/07/15?49:54Patrology - "Lactantius"

016 Tr-3 1962/07/2235:50The origins of monastic rules, St. Basil, feast of St. Stephen

016 Tr-4 1962/0753:36Remarks on Cistercian Studies L.S.T. #8 Lactantius (cont.)

017 Tr-1 1962/07/29?56:05L.S.T. #3 Christian learning. Background of monastic living. Augustine. oversize+0098

018 Tr-4 1962/08/18?31:08Gnosis Alexandrian spirituality. Clement.

019 Tr-1 1962/08/2031:12The Fathers: St. Augustine oversize+0098

019 Tr-2 1962/0821:29Devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary / Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 7, Benedictine Humility

019 Tr-3 1962/08/2421:37Temptations of thought oversize+0098

019 Tr-4 1962/08/2531:02Consolations of the choir novitiate. Early monasticism, Lerins. Origen.

020 Tr-1 1962/08/2731:40Chastity: mortification of the senses

020 Tr-2 1962/08/2831:26Benedictine humility oversize+0056

020 Tr-3 1962/08/2931:35Origen: his spiritual doctrine

021 Tr-1 1962/0930:59Our relation to God: The quality of our response

021 Tr-2 1962/09/0731:05The beginnings of Benedictine monasticism #1 oversize+0079

021 Tr-3 1962/0929:42The vow of chastity: the spirit of purity

021 Tr-4 1962/09/0730:12Holy rule: 1st degree of humility oversize+0056

022 Tr-1 1962/0929:35Beginnings of European monasticism oversize+0079

022 Tr-2 1962/09/15?17:49Patrology: St. Chrysostom

022 Tr-3 1962/0931:10Chastity: sacra virginitas

022 Tr-4 1962/0932:10The holy rule (cont'd): degrees of humility. Augustinian. oversize+0056

023 Tr-1 1962/08/1946:55St Augustine: de doctrina Christiana oversize+0098

023 Tr-2 1962/08/26?55:55Patrology: humanism and virginity. St. Ambrose oversize+0098

023 Tr-3 196262:03Discussion with a group of Baptist ministers

023 Tr-4 196204:57Discussion with a group of Baptist ministers, concluded

024 Tr-1 1962/09/0954:18L.S.T. philo-Greek philosopher

024 Tr-2 1962/09/1657:32Beginnings of European monasticism. Boethius, Cassiodorus

024 Tr-3 1962/09/2356:02Liberal arts in the middle ages. Origin of books. Cassiodorus.

024 Tr-4 1962/09/3053:59The liberal arts good or bad? Cassiodorus cf Bp Hurley. John XXIII

025 Tr-1 196226:44Beginnings of European monasticism (cont'd) Dunstan. oversize+0079

025 Tr-2 1962/09/22?32:08Continuation of above: St. Chrysostom.

025 Tr-3 196232:41Poverty. Problem areas. Poverty equals efficiency.

025 Tr-4 196230:52Humility: the 4th degree. Psychological aspects of heroic humility. oversize+0056

026 Tr-1 1962/09/2928:14St. Chrysostom; 10th century patrology

026 Tr-2 1962/10/0132:01Our vow of poverty - private property. Separation of "church" and "priest."

026 Tr-3 1962/1030:00Humility - 4th degree.

026 Tr-4 1962/1032:01English monasticism - 10th century; ritual and customs. oversize+0079

027 Tr-1 1962/10/0631:15Remarks on coming changes. Patrologia: St. Ephrem.

027 Tr-2 196232:53Poverty for the novice. Rules. Legal aspect.

027 Tr-3 196231:15Holy rule: 5th degree of humility. Interior openness with superiors. oversize+0056

027 Tr-4 196231:09Early European monasticism: Cluny 10th - 12th centuries. oversize+0079

028 Tr-1 1962/10/13?32:03Early eastern monasticism. Thodret. Syrian. Indian. Russian.

028 Tr-2 1962/1031:43Vow of poverty: ownership. oversize+0056

028 Tr-3 1962/1030:28Spiritual direction. Personal, particular perfection.

028 Tr-4 1962/1031:19Norman monasticism XI century. oversize+0079

029 Tr-1 1962/10/2031:42Syrian monasticism: Theodoret on spiritual life. Hilarion. Traditions.

029 Tr-2 1962/1030:43Vow of poverty. (Cont.)

029 Tr-3 1962/1031:09Poverty: community/personal in the sixth degree of humility. oversize+0056

029 Tr-4 1962/1129:15Early cistercian days, XI century, Molesme, Citeaux. oversize+0080

030 Tr-1 1962/10/2723:02Syrian monasticism, 5th and 6th century, Dionysius.

030 Tr-2 1962/1031:21Vow of poverty, technical details.

030 Tr-3 1962/11/0330:56Dionysius - St. John Climacus.

030 Tr-4 1962/1021:06Vow of poverty, ornamentation and beauty.

031 Tr-1 1962/1130:25Vow of poverty: proprietorship.

031 Tr-2 1962/11/0729:52Interpreting the holy rule. oversize+0056

031 Tr-3 1962/1130:34Early Cistercian history: Citeaux and St. Robert. Reasons for foundation. oversize+0080

031 Tr-4 1962/11/1030:08Meaning of "Trappist"; St. Climacus; De Rance and drama.

032 Tr-1 196230:40Sixth degree of humility: Disrespect of others, real or imagined. oversize+0056

032 Tr-2 196232:26St. Robert of Molesme; Citeaux. History reinterpreted in later writings. oversize+0080

032 Tr-3 1962/11/17?32:41Early monastic fathers; St. Jerome, a personal introduction.

032 Tr-4 196231:25Vow of poverty, sins against.

033 Tr-1 196227:26Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; evaluation of feasts/traditions.

033 Tr-2 196232:03Sanctity of St. Alberic; Molsmes vs. Citeaux; borthers. oversize+0080

033 Tr-3 1962/11/24? (12/01?)31:22St. Jerome; writings.

033 Tr-4 196229:10Vow of poverty; interior and exterior characteristics.

034 Tr-1 196230:16Humility, 7th degree; self-degradation. oversize+0056

034 Tr-2 196220:16Vow of poverty; little exordium.

034 Tr-3 196231:00Vow of poverty; distribution of goods.

034 Tr-4 196229:20Early Cistercian history - two exordia. oversize+0080

035 Tr-1 1962/1231:32Vow of poverty; attachments. Sociological, psychological, patrological view.

035 Tr-2 1962/12/1931:27Degrees of humility; interior peace, laughter. View of Christmas decorating. oversize+0056

035 Tr-3 1962/1226:35Monastic spirituality at founding of Citeaux. oversize+0080

035 Tr-4 1962/12/2231:31Patrology; St. Gregory the Great; love of God and neighbor.

036 Tr-1 1962/10/1456:53Patrology; Cassiodorus.

036 Tr-2 196254:20History of Cistercian order.

036 Tr-3 196254:46Early Cistercian history; 12th century; active period.

036 Tr-4 196251:08Cistercians in 12th century England.Problems all economic.

037 Tr-1 1962/12/1531:45Patrology continued; St. Jerome; prayer and solitude.

037 Tr-2 196232:09Vow of poverty; community and individual views.

037 Tr-3 196231:50Spirit of St. Stephen Harding, 12th century England. oversize+0080

037 Tr-4 196231:47Four exterior degrees of humility. (8-12) oversize+0056

038 Tr-1 1963/01/0730:35The vows. Remarks on renewal problems.

038 Tr-2 1963/01/0532:06St. Bernard.

038 Tr-3 1963/01/0732:12Monastic spirituality.

038 Tr-4 1963/0131:15St. Bernard.

039 Tr-1 196355:38Cistercian history; 12th and 13th centuries. Why and how of collapse.

039 Tr-2 196358:06Early Cistercian history; the college of St. Bernard.Pro and Con.

039 Tr-3 196351:11Early Cistercian saints. Inquisition attitudes.

039 Tr-4 196356:17Early Cistercian history; Stephen of Lexington (saint or oddball?).

040 Tr-1 196249:18Large view of early European Cistercians.

040 Tr-2 196257:29Theology, medieval times and now. (Superstitions and other "realities").

040 Tr-3 196222:15Sermon: Feast of Immaculate Conception. 1962. "The Light." oversize+0053

040 Tr-4 196256:22Russian monks, monasticism and prayer. Christmas decorations.

041 Tr-1 1963/01/1430:44The vows; religious profession.

041 Tr-2 1963/01/1629:48Monastic spirituality; life as a journey. oversize+0054
041 Tr-3 1963/01/2932:18The vows; idea of community.

041 Tr-4 1963/01/3031:09Monastic spirituality; the way.

042 Tr-1 1963/0154:09Russian monks.

042 Tr-2 1963/01/0154:58Introduction of novice brothers to classes.

042 Tr-3 1963/01/1355:09Russian monks; the startzi. Leonid, Marcarius, Gogal, Ambrose.

043 Tr-1 1963/02/0236:19St. Bernard, Mariology. What it means to be loved by Mary.

043 Tr-2 1963/02/0429:50Vows. Community life; respect; unity of purpose.

043 Tr-3 1963/02/0629:33Monastic spirituality, it's meaning.

043 Tr-4 1963/02/0930:58St. Bernard; Cistercian theology of love.

044 Tr-1 1963/02/1131:52Vows; real meaning of vows.

044 Tr-2 1963/02/1331:21The spiritual combat; illusions of self.

044 Tr-3 1963/02/1626:39Bernard; three types of love. (Attraction, reconcilliation, fullfillment).

044 Tr-4 1963/02/1820:30Vows; positive view of vows.

045 Tr-1 1963/02/0352:54Background to St. Benedict's rule; early monasticism, St. Paulinus of Nola.

045 Tr-2 1963/02/1755:15Background of Rule: St. Martin of Tours and St. Anthony.

045 Tr-3 1963/02/2440:57Background of rule; Desert Fathers as sources.

045 Tr-4 1963/03/0355:30Desert Fathers. Showing Christ to the world.

046 Tr-1 1963/02/2031:19Monastic spirituality; true and false self in St. Paul.

046 Tr-2 1963/02/2331:29St. Bernard; man made in image of God; thirst for living water.

046 Tr-3 1963/02/2330:24Vows: the mutual obligations involved.

046 Tr-4 1963/03/0230:52St. Bernard: Guigo the Carthusian's meditations on truth as a weapon.

047 Tr-1 1963/03/0431:47Vows: different acts of will.

047 Tr-2 1963/03/0632:08Imitating God according to St. Thomas; likeness versus imitation. oversize+0081

047 Tr-3 1963/03/0930:15St. Bernard: Guigo the Carthusian and truth, happiness.

047 Tr-4 1963/03/1132:11Vows: certainty in regard to making vows.

048 Tr-1 1963/03/1755:18Rule: sharing joys and sorrows and being real with our brothers.

048 Tr-3 1963/03/2451:26Desert fathers; prayer according to John of Lycopolis; Egyptian Cenobium.

048 Tr-4 1963/04/0752:27Easter homily of Blessed Guerric.

049 Tr-1 1963/03/1332:11St. Thomas; goodness of all beings. oversize+0081

049 Tr-2 1963/03/1632:15Monastic spirituality; love overcoming evil.

049 Tr-4 1963/03/2030:52St. Thomas; thoughts on the justice of God. oversize+0081

050 Tr-1 1963/03/2330:51Guigo, the Carthusian: on love.

050 Tr-2 1963/03/2733:37St. Thomas; the goodness of God and forgiveness of others and penance. Refers to Adolf Eichmann trial and Arendt's work. oversize+0081

050 Tr-3 1963/03/3032:07Guigo on celebrating the sabbath; fear and desire versus love and freedom.

050 Tr-4 1963/04/0131:11Vows: effects of will, importance of consent; place of hope in life.

051 Tr-1 1963/04/0332:09St. Thomas: importance of every created thing in God's eye. oversize+0081

051 Tr-2 1963/04/0630:44Palm Sunday liturgy; Easter homily of Bl. Guerric of Igny.

051 Tr-3 1963/04/0830:36Explanation of Holy Thursday.

051 Tr-4 1963/04/1032:04Explanation of Good Friday. Section on mental illness.

052 Tr-1 1963/04/1733:16Vows; fidelity on the psychological and theological plane.

052 Tr-2 1963/04/2031:55St. Bernard; his letter to Guigo the Carthusian.

052 Tr-3 1963/04/2230:27Some background to reading the bible.

052 Tr-4 1963/04/2432:18Some points on Father Alphonse and comments on visitation and study.

053 Tr-2 1963/04/2731:46Purity and degrees of love according to Bernard and William of Thierry.

053 Tr-3 1963/04/2932:36Bible - the name of Yahweh.

053 Tr-4 1963/05/0429:30St. Bernard on perfect love.

054 Tr-1 1963/05/0630:59Bible - Yahwism in the Old Testament.

054 Tr-2 1963/05/0832:06Vows; poverty.

054 Tr-3 1963/05/1131:32St. Bernard: purity of heart.

054 Tr-4 1963/05/1331:38Yahwism - the desert ideal.

055 Tr-1-1 1963/04/2153:25Self assertion and Cassian - conference 14. (Christian philosophy).

055 Tr-1-2 1963/04/2701:11Self assertion and Cassian - conference 14. (Christian philosophy) continued.

055 Tr-2 1963/04/2852:16Cassian and monastic theology - active life and mobility of mind.

055 Tr-3 1963/05/1255:16Cassian 3 - renunciation which leads to contemplation.

055 Tr-4 1963/05/1958:37Cassian on prayer. oversize+0054
056 Tr-1 1963/05/1531:07Poverty according to the Cistercian ideal.

056 Tr-2 1963/05/1829:58St. Bernard: letter II on love being the law of God.

056 Tr-3 1963/05/2430:53Poverty according to the Cistercians - place of brothers in our life.

056 Tr-4 1963/05/2529:45St. Bernard's "De Diligendo Deo" - on the love of God.

057 Tr-1 1963/05/2342:14Cassian on the humanity of Christ in prayer.

057 Tr-2 1963/06/0251:05Pentecost and Holy Spirit. Prayer, the person of Christ. St. Pachomius.

057 Tr-3 1963/06/1651:54Bourges cathedral and its stained glass windows. St. Pachomius.

057 Tr-4 1963/06/2351:19St. Pachomius - danger of neglect in monastic life.

058 Tr-1 1963/05/2923:05Simplicity of early Cistercians. Poverty in life of prayer and common life.

058 Tr-2 1963/06/1531:27St. Bernard's "De Diligendo Deo" dignitas, sirentra and virtus.

058 Tr-3 1963/06/2231:16St. Bernard's "De Diligendo Deo" - reasons for loving God.

058 Tr-4 1963/06/2433:18St. Anselm and the ontological argument for God.

059 Tr-1 1963/06/2630:57Poverty in work.

059 Tr-2 1963/07/1031:16Poverty in clothes and food.

060 Tr-1 1963/07/0631:32Discussion of the Yogi.

060 Tr-2 1963/07/1328:58St. Bernard on the love of God. Signs.

060 Tr-3 1963/07/2030:32St. Bernard on the love of God - God's grace in man.

060 Tr-4 1963/07/2430:50Summing up of the essence of Christian life - some aspects of poverty.

061 Tr-1 1963/07/2730:43Grace.

061 Tr-2 1963/07/3130:33Poverty in regards to culture and exceptions in monastic life.

061 Tr-4 1963/08/0330:10Continuation of the discussion of St. John of the Cross.

062 Tr-1 1963/06/3055:37St.Pachomius - the monk and the world.

062 Tr-2 1963/07/1455:18St.Pachomius - the monk, the world and last judgement.

062 Tr-3 1963/07/2157:46St.Pachomius and cenobitism.

062 Tr-4 1963/07/2855:57World affairs. Explanation of a picture of Pope John. St.Pachomius.

064 Tr-2 1963/08/2833:03Vow of stability - perseverance.

064 Tr-3 1963/08/3132:44St. Bernard's degrees of love.

064 Tr-4 1963/09/0430:54Vow of stability.

065a Tr-2 1963/07/1635:35St. Anselm.

065a Tr-4 1963/08/2633:21St. Bernard.

065b Tr-3 1963/08/1156:53Discussion of some of Dom Adrien Nocent's points. Monasticism of Pachomius.

065b Tr-4 1963/08/1550:03Mary's message from the angel. Grace. Heaven according to St. Anselm.

066 Tr-1 1963/08/1856:54St. Pachomius and the Shenoute

066 Tr-4 1963/08/2553:43Natural experience of God - St. Basil.

067 Tr-1 1963/09/0850:40History of the examination of conscience and its use in monastic life.

067 Tr-4 1963/09/2941:50Angels, St. Basil and his rule.

073 Tr-1 1963/09/2831:56Rivalry between Citeaux and Cluny.

073 Tr-2 1963/10/0531:19Discussion of St. Bernard's letter to his nephew Robert.

073 Tr-3 1963/10/0929:12Discussion of morning Gospel - stability and love in community.

073 Tr-4 1963/10/1231:13Letter of St. Bernard to Robert. Peter the Venerable's letter of defence.

075 Tr-1 1963/10/1354:55Discussion: apostolate of the contemplative. Suenen's book Nun in the World

075 Tr-2 1963/10/2053:29Race situation. St. Basil, ascetical discourse.

075 Tr-3 1963/10/2752:42Beards. Refectory reading. Liturgy. Peace, chastity and prayer.

075 Tr-4 1963/11/0354:47Palladius of Galatia, Lausiac History, and the Syriac desert fathers. De Rance and Mabillon.

076 Tr-1 1963/11/1753:57Dom Gabriel. St. Jerome and a letter against vigilantius.

076 Tr-2 1963/11/2452:14Peter of Celles and monastic silence.

076 Tr-3 1963/12/0157:38St. Emilie Rodat of France. St. Jerome.

076 Tr-4 1963/12/0853:08St. Anselm's letter on stability. Selections from Mahalia Jackson.

077 Tr-1 1963/12/2252:02Communications schema of Vatican Council. St.Anselm's idea of stability. oversize+0061

077 Tr-2 1963/12/2657:37Part of a record on the Shakers. "The singing nun."

077 Tr-3 1963/12/2957:30St. Melanie of Jerusalem. New directory and its treatment of stability.

077 Tr-4 1964/01/0149:26Feast of the circumcision. The new directory how to determine God's will.

080 Tr-1 1963/10/1631:14Theology of the vow of stability. Some aspects of a foundation.

080 Tr-2 1963/10/1932:10Nuclear test ban. Peter the Venerable's reply concerning Benedictine life.

080 Tr-3 1963/10/2332:49Vow of stability.

080 Tr-4 1963/10/2630:47Points concerning feud between Cistercians and Benedictines of the 12th C.

083 Tr-1 1963/10/3031:28Dom De Rance and his conversion.

083 Tr-2 1963/11/0631:15Discussion of a chant week in a daughter house. Vow of stability.

083 Tr-3 1963/11/0930:42Current events - Vietnam. St. Berndard's apologia for Cistercians.

083 Tr-4 1963/11/2127:55Feast of the Presentation - oriental tenents.

086 Tr-1 1963/11/2321:07President's death. St. Bernard's apologia.

086 Tr-2 1963/11/2730:44Vow of stability. Cases of sickness or greater spiritual good.

086 Tr-3 1963/12/0731:18Vow of stability.

086 Tr-4 1963/12/0430:52Silence and making signs. The interior word behind speech.

089 Tr-1 1963/12/1131:32Some points on silence. Advent thoughts. Sins against stability.

089 Tr-2 1963/12/1431:02Religious Silence. oversize+0054
089 Tr-3 1963/12/1631:03Liturgical schema of the Vatican council. oversize+0061

089 Tr-4 1963/12/1831:17Continuation of the liturgy schema explanation. oversize+0061

090 Tr-1 1963/12/2031:43Liturgical constitution of the Vatican council. oversize+0061

090 Tr-2 1963/12/2836:09Some points about the new directory. Xenitera.

090 Tr-3 1964/01/0429:57St. Bernard's epiphany sermon - wedding at Cana.

090 Tr-4 1964/01/0633:24Karl Jaspers and ideas on God's existence. Aetheria's Pilgrimage. oversize+0094

092 Tr-1 1964/01/0829:34Discussion of general chapter and abbot general's election.

092 Tr-2 1964/01/1130:53Background to St. Bernard's "de conversione" to Paris Students.

092 Tr-3 1964/01/1531:31Conference on abbot general's election.

092 Tr-4 1964/01/1830:49Abelard and Heloise

094 Tr-1 1964/01/2831:35Prayer and meditation on the meaning of life. oversize+0054
094 Tr-2 1964/02/0130:10World events. Abelard and the problem of meaning.

094 Tr-4 1964/02/0529:42Vow of obedience and the change of habit.

096 Tr-1 1964/02/0831:02Abelard and the question of freedom.

096 Tr-2 1964/02/1529:42Morality of human acts.

096 Tr-3 1964/02/1930:11Life of the early cistercian brothers.

096 Tr-4 1964/02/2231:01Lenten fast. Abelard's theology.

098 Tr-1 1964/02/2631:16Vow of obedience. Lee Oswald.

098 Tr-2 1964/02/2931:29Abelard and his lack of spiritual insight. William of St.Thierry.

098 Tr-3 1964/03/0429:44Some propositions on obedience.

098 Tr-4 1964/03/0730:56Some English recluses. Abelard.

099 Tr-1 1964/01/0550:50Unity in the community and love of the brethren.

099 Tr-2 1964/01/1255:11Bultmann: his essays on Christianity and humanism. Aetheria's pilgrimage. oversize+0094

099 Tr-3 1964/01/1940:05Silence and its importance for the retreat.

099 Tr-4 1964/02/0253:26Aetheria's pilgrimage. oversize+0094

100 Tr-1 1964/02/1655:49Abbot Ammonas and the grief in a monk's life

100 Tr-2 1964/02/2355:27Dreams. Doctrine of Abbot Ammonas continued

100 Tr-4 1964/03/1553:53Real meaning of holy week liturgy. Abbot Ammonas.

101 Tr-1 1964/03/2252:19Place of a spiritual father in the life of a monk. Preparation for death.

101 Tr-2 1964/03/2953:46Thoughts on Eastern monastic history of the tenth century.

101 Tr-3 1964/04/0552:44Revision of life and its place in monasticism.Revision of life.

101 Tr-4 1964/04/1927:03Revision of life.

102 Tr-1 1964/04/2629:38Role of memory in the early Cistercians and St. Augustine.

102 Tr-2 1964/05/1033:08Thoughts in a monk's life.

102 Tr-3 1964/05/1730:27Origins of Celtic monasticism.

102 Tr-4 1964/05/2430:01Gregory of Nyssa and the origin of our thoughts.

105 Tr-1 1964/05/2030:56Vow of obedience.

105 Tr-2 1964/05/2331:28St. Bernard and De Conversione.

105 Tr-3 1964/05/3029:20St. Bernard's De Conversione.

105 Tr-4 1964/06/0329:19Vow of obedience.

106 Tr-1 1964/05/3131:21Some aspects of the cenobitic life.

106 Tr-2 1964/06/1434:51Distractions in prayer and the desert fathers' remedy. Irish monasticism. oversize+0077

106 Tr-3 1964/06/2133:44Syrian monasticism. oversize+0093

106 Tr-4 1964/06/2827:55Syrian monasticism. oversize+0093

110 Tr-1 1964/03/1128:26Library change. Gospel of the man born blind. Religious obedience.

110 Tr-2 1964/03/1431:45Morning mass text - Saturday before passion Sunday.Abelard and Bernard.

110 Tr-3 1964/03/1831:20Commentary on Dom Eusebius' talk. Reasons for vow of obedience.

110 Tr-4 1964/03/2531:37Vow of obedience likened to Christ's obedience in his passion.

114 Tr-1 1964/05/0730:22St. Aelred and the memory of God.

114 Tr-2 1964/05/0931:52Abelard and the offices of the monastery.

114 Tr-3 1964/05/1331:46Vow of obedience.

114 Tr-4 1964/05/1625:37St. Bernard's "De Conversione".

115 Tr-1 1964/04/1529:21Religious obedience as freedom.

115 Tr-2 1964/04/1831:39Monastic doctrine of Abelard.Vow of obedience.

115 Tr-3 1964/04/2231:15Vow of obedience.

115 Tr-4 1964/05/0230:56Doctrine of Abelard.

116 Tr-1 1964/04/0127:10Vow of obedience - obedience not of a slave or child.

116 Tr-2 1964/04/0431:18Announcements, visitations. Abelard.

116 Tr-4 1964/04/1130:47Abelard and obedience.

118 Tr-1 1964/06/1029:39Some points from the Birmingham non-violence movement.

118 Tr-2 1964/06/1330:53St. Bernard and the purification of the memory.

118 Tr-3 1964/06/2030:36St. Bernard's life according to William of St. Thiery.

118 Tr-4 1964/06/2731:20St. Bernard's conversion to the monastic life.

119 Tr-1 1964/07/0132:22Vow of obedience.

119 Tr-2 1964/07/0431:24Early monastic signs of Cluny.

119 Tr-3 1964/07/0830:50Vow of obedience.

119 Tr-4 1964/07/1131:39Early monastic rites for monks in danger of death.

120 Tr-1 1964/07/1234:25Syrian monks. oversize+0093

120 Tr-2 1964/07/1532:03Sins against the vow of obedience.

120 Tr-3 1964/07/1832:03Modern ascetism as contrasted with that in St. Bernard's time.

120 Tr-4 1964/07/1933:48Syrian monastic traditions. oversize+0093

121 Tr-1 1964/07/2224:38Work. (Shaker precepts.)

121 Tr-2 1964/07/2631:09Julian Sabbas, Syrian monk and liturgical prayer. Discovery of America. oversize+0093

121 Tr-3 1964/07/2932:00Vow of obedience.

121 Tr-4 1964/08/0131:26Religious obedience.

122 Tr-1 1964/08/0532:17Some problems of obedience.

122 Tr-2 1964/08/0830:44St. Bernard's letters.

122 Tr-3 1964/08/0933:56Syrian monks. oversize+0093

122 Tr-4 1964/08/1232:21Beauty and art 0200
123 Tr-1 1964/08/1633:01Aphraates and Syrian spirituality. oversize+0093

123 Tr-2 1964/08/1919:18Vow of conversion of manners.

123 Tr-3 1964/08/2231:16Art and beauty. 0200
123 Tr-4 1964/08/2334:19Ancient monastic text of prayer and ascetic life. oversize+0093

124 Tr-1 1964/08/2628:47Vow of conversion of manners.

124 Tr-2 1964/09/0528:46Early Celtic art. Machine age and monastic culture.

124 Tr-3 1964/08/3032:58Aphraates and monasticism.

124 Tr-4 1964/09/0228:15Vow of conversion of manners.

125 Tr-1 1964/09/1228:31Early Irish monastic art.

125 Tr-2 1964/09/1332:55Reform of Benedict of Aniane.

125 Tr-3 1964/09/1629:10Vow of conversion of manners.

125 Tr-4 1964/09/1930:35Irish art.

126 Tr-1 1964/09/2029:54St. Ephrem.

126 Tr-3 1964/09/2718:23Applying effort in monastic life the right way.

126 Tr-4 1964/10/1134:02Comments on the abbots conference and St. Ephrem's poems.

128 Tr-1 1964/10/1430:19Vow of conversion of manners.

128 Tr-2 1964/10/1730:31Origin of the book, history of the written manuscript and the printing press

128 Tr-3 1964/10/1829:11St. Ephrem.

128 Tr-4 1964/10/2130:54Penance and fasting.

129 Tr-1 1964/10/2535:19St. Ephrem and prayer.

129 Tr-2 1964/10/2830:09Vow of conversion of manners.

129 Tr-3 1964/10/3129:41Poetry. oversize+0071

129 Tr-4 1964/11/0128:33Early eastern monastic spirituality.

131 Tr-1 1964/11/0731:08Lyric Poetry oversize+0071

131 Tr-2 1964/11/1130:12Conversion of manners and what makes a monk.

131 Tr-4 1964/11/1530:45Religious virginity.

132 Tr-1 1964/11/2235:09Maturity in religious life

132 Tr-2 1964/11/2533:07Vow of conversion of manners - conversio and conversation.

132 Tr-3 1964/11/2830:54Poetry. (Peguey's Poem of Pilgrimage to Chartres) oversize+0071

132 Tr-4 1964/11/2932:37Crumbs from St. Ephrem.

134 Tr-1 1964/11/3030:48Advent sermons of Bl. Guerric.

134 Tr-2 1964/12/0229:45Conversion of manners.

134 Tr-3 1964/12/0530:15Analysis of a poem. John Donne - "Nocturnal on St. Lucy's Day."

134 Tr-4 1964/12/0731:03Advent sermons of Bl. Guerric. oversize+0071

135 Tr-1 1964/12/0931:17Conversion of manners - what it means to renounce the world.

135 Tr-2 1964/12/1230:59Poetry - John Donne. oversize+0071

135 Tr-3 1964/12/1334:43Mississippi racial problems. St. Ephrem.

135 Tr-4 1964/12/1432:33Advent sermons of Blessed Guerric.

136 Tr-1 1964/12/2036:15St. Ephrem.

136 Tr-2 1964/12/2721:14Water conservation. Poetry. Hindu divine.

136 Tr-3 1965/01/0333:53St. Ephrem's View of Paradise

136 Tr-4 1965/01/0730:26Poetry. 16th century love poem - "Go, lovely rose." Edmund Waller. oversize+0071

137 Tr-1 1965/01/1430:36Poetry. Theodore Roethke. Continuation of "Go, lovely rose." Dante Gabriel Rossetti - "Sudden Light." oversize+0071

137 Tr-2 1965/01/1732:24Council's schema on religious. oversize+0061

137 Tr-3 1965/01/2930:54Poetry. Songs. William Blake. Emily Dickinson. oversize+0071

137 Tr-4 1965/01/3134:33Religious schema. oversize+0061

138 Tr-1 1965/02/0431:38Poetry. (Auden and Blake.) oversize+0071

138 Tr-2 1965/02/0736:49Religious renovation following the religious schema. oversize+0061

138 Tr-3 1965/02/1129:20Poetry. (W. H. Auden and Blake.) oversize+0071

138 Tr-4 1965/02/1435:02St. Ephrem.

139 Tr-1 1965/02/1829:54Revelation as dialogue. Poetry - Blake. oversize+0071

139 Tr-2 1965/02/2134:05Desert hospitality.

139 Tr-3 1965/02/2530:34Poems of Blake.

139 Tr-4 1965/03/0430:28Simone Weil. oversize+0071

141 Tr-1 1965/03/0737:13Benedictine schema on religious life. St. Ephrem on virginity and marriage.

141 Tr-2 1965/03/1129:54Symbolism in poetry. oversize+0071

141 Tr-3 1965/03/1436:21Monastic tradition.

141 Tr-4 1965/03/1830:45Liturgy. Blake's poetry. oversize+0071

142 Tr-1 1965/03/2135:07Philoxenus and degrees of Christian life. oversize+0053

142 Tr-2 1965/03/2832:56Ruysbroeck.

142 Tr-3 1965/04/0828:22Prose and poetry on the passion. oversize+0071

142 Tr-4 1965/04/1134:51Angela of Foligno. (Philoxenus.)

144 Tr-1 1965/04/2230:51T.S. Eliot.

144 Tr-2 1965/04/2534:15What is a church? (Architecture) Philoxenus.

144 Tr-3 1965/05/0330:54Vow of conversion of manners.

144 Tr-4 1965/05/0629:32T.S. Eliot. (Eliot the man.)

145 Tr-1 1965/05/0935:00Concept of vocation in Philoxenus.

145 Tr-2 1965/05/1026:01Conversion of manners.

145 Tr-3 1965/05/1429:48T.S. Eliot.

145 Tr-4 1965/05/1735:57Architecture - Philoxenus and simplicity.

147 Tr-1 1965/05/1732:50Conversion of manners.

147 Tr-2 1965/05/2030:41Gerard Manley Hopkins. oversize+0071

147 Tr-4 1965/05/2731:31Philoxenus and simplicity.

148 Tr-1 1965/05/3131:56Conversion of manners.

148 Tr-2 1965/06/0331:04Greek tragedy. oversize+0066

148 Tr-3 1965/06/0730:33Philoxenus.

148 Tr-4 1965/06/1031:14Chinese thought. oversize+0066

149 Tr-1 1965/06/2037:13Time. Philoxenus.

149 Tr-2 1965/06/2122:24Chastity.

149 Tr-3 1965/06/2736:13African monasticism. Philoxenus and vocation.

149 Tr-4 1965/06/2830:17Chastity.

150 Tr-1 1965/07/0131:35Chinese symbol of Chung.

150 Tr-2 1965/07/0530:11Vow of chastity.

150 Tr-3 1965/07/0830:53Chinese landscape painting.

150 Tr-4 1965/07/1135:50Bantu philosophy.

151 Tr-1 1965/07/1215:35Chastity - real and particular friendships.

151 Tr-2 1965/07/1531:51Chinese philosophy and Greek tragedy.

151 Tr-3 1965/07/1834:29Philoxenus and Lot's wife.

151 Tr-4 1965/07/1932:36Friendship in the monastery - particular friendships.

152 Tr-1 1965/07/2331:30Greek Tragedy.

152 Tr-2 1965/07/2530:57Philoxenus. Advice to novices. Lot's wife.

152 Tr-3 1965/07/2632:09Friendship.

152 Tr-4 1965/07/2933:14Greek tragedy.

153 Tr-1 1965/08/0835:16Philoxenus on chastity.

153 Tr-2 1965/08/0929:32Vow of chastity.

153 Tr-3 1965/08/1230:06Greek tragedy.

153 Tr-4 1965/08/1529:32Philoxenus: the monk, church and the world.

154 Tr-1 1965/08/1630:36Vow of chastity.

154 Tr-2 1965/08/1929:45Greek tragedy.

154 Tr-3 1965/08/2031:56Solitary life - life without care. (Departing address.) Listen to an excerpt. oversize+0077

155 Tr-1 1965/10/2432:26Prayer of Jesus.

155 Tr-2 1965/09/1233:24Irenaeus, redemption and resurrection. The essence of Christian theology.

156 Tr-1 1965/09/1935:52God's love, dynamic in our lives.

156 Tr-2 1965/11/1735:09Isaac of Stella on hesychastic prayer.

156 Tr-3 1965/09/2634:56Idealization, an obstacle to God. Love in concrete.

156 Tr-4 1965/11/1035:42Celebration, an aspect of the church in the world.

158 Tr-1 1965/10/3124:28All saints - sanctity.

158 Tr-2 1965/11/1429:04Rilke - poetry and imagination. oversize+0069

158 Tr-3 1965/11/2134:48Rilke's spiritual influence. "The Panther", "The Unicorn". oversize+0069

158 Tr-4 1965/11/1435:12Rilke - "Inseeing". oversize+0069

159 Tr-1 1965/12/1233:02Asceticism and gluttony. oversize+0069

159 Tr-2 1965/12/1935:38Freedom and spontaneity. oversize+0069

159 Tr-3 1965/12/2633:11Freedom in Epictetus. Rilke - "The Donators". oversize+0069

159 Tr-4 1966/01/0229:46Freedom in Sartre vs Christian freedom in Marcel. oversize+0069

160 Tr-1 1966/02/2734:31Rilke. Duino Elegies. oversize+0069

160 Tr-2 1966/02/2029:18Rilke. Duino Elegies. oversize+0069

160 Tr-3 1966/02/1333:51German poets after world war II and hagiography.

160 Tr-4 1966/01/3035:08Eleventh century hermits.

161 Tr-1 1966/06/1935:24Over population.

161 Tr-2 1966/03/2033:35Rilke: The simple things of life. oversize+0069

161 Tr-3 1966/06/0534:40Dom Vital. Technological society.

161 Tr-4 1966/06/2634:53Computers - Marxism. The "no-dialogue" kind.

162 Tr-1 1966/02/0631:48Rilke and his search for God. oversize+0069

162 Tr-2 1966/07/0335:18Dialogue with Marxism.

162 Tr-3 1966/07/1735:52Marxism and the monk - church decrees on Marxism.

162 Tr-4 1966/07/2434:50Hromadka: a Christian theologian under communism.

163 Tr-1 1966/07/3136:39Hromadka, God is dead theology. Forms of dialectical thought.

163 Tr-2 1966/08/0433:45Hegel's criticism of interiority.

163 Tr-3 1966/08/2135:27Christianity and communism.

163 Tr-4 1966/09/0434:50God is dead theology - theology in its last gasp. Marxism and its aim toward action and revolution.

164 Tr-1 1966/05/0148:01Love for the world.

164 Tr-2 1966/05/2235:38Mass communication.

164 Tr-3 1966/05/2935:58Description of a Buddhist monk visiting from Vietnam.

164 Tr-4 1966/05/1533:07The Christian in the world. Discussion of LSD.

165 Tr-1 1966/09/1836:00Christian hope and relatedness.

165 Tr-2 1966/09/2538:40Rundown on Christian-Marxist relations. Basic Marxist concepts.

165 Tr-3 1966/10/0235:44Edmund Muir: metaphysical intuition in poetry. oversize+0099

165 Tr-4 1966/10/1638:59Father Stephen. Muir: Mythical imagination. oversize+0099

166 Tr-1 1966/10/2337:21Anti-poetry - some by Fr. Louis ("Hopeless and Felons" and #20a, 32, 42, 48, 70, and 82 from Cables to the Ace). [The Present State of Poetry.] Bob Dylan and The Beatles. oversize+0074
166 Tr-2 1966/10/3036:59Discussion on a visiting Sufi. Classicism. Albert Camus - rebel as classicist. John Milton.

166 Tr-3 1966/11/1336:02Classicism. [A Classical Consciousness.] oversize+0074
166 Tr-4 1966/11/2035:47Eliot's definition of the classical. [Eliot on Milton: What Is a Classic?] oversize+0074
167 Tr-1 1967/01/2737:07Cosmic order is a dance. Romanticism and classicism contrasted. [The Classical Outlook.] oversize+0074
167 Tr-2 1967/01/1536:18Faulkner: Classical values in Faulkner. oversize+0074
167 Tr-3a 1967/01/0135:17The Bear: A pattern of development in hunting and in the spiritual life. [Faulkner's "The Bear": Spiritual Formation and Mystical Union.] oversize+0074
167 Tr-3b 1967/01/0101:18End of a previously recorded conference [Faulkner's "The Bear": Spiritual Formation and Mystical Union continued.] oversize+0074
167 Tr-4 1967/01/2238:04The Wild Palms: Theme of the deluge. [The Wild Palms: Man Against Destiny.] oversize+0074
168 Tr-1 1967/01/2936:49Readings: Faulkner. "The Deluge" and "The Wild Palms." [The Wild Palms: Theological Reflections.] oversize+0074
168 Tr-2 1967/03/0536:52Is monasticism Christian? - A lay theologian's attack. Time in "The Sound and the Fury." [The Sound and the Fury: The Sense of Time.] oversize+0074
168 Tr-3 1967/03/1932:36Resurrection service in "The Sound and the Fury." [The Sound and the Fury: Resurrection.] oversize+0074
168 Tr-4 1967/03/2741:02Community life.

169 Tr-1 1967/05/1436:07Sufism: God in creation. oversize+0055
169 Tr-2 1967/04/2335:56Sufism: Introduction. Various branches of Islam and Muslim society. oversize+0078

169 Tr-3 1967/04/1636:39Community life. LSD and youth culture. Marshall McLuhan.

169 Tr-4 1967/04/3035:46Sufism: Knowledge of God. oversize+0055
170 Tr-1 1967/05/2135:24The Straight way - Sufism. oversize+0055
170 Tr-2 1967/07/1637:34Repentance and conversion throughout the spiritual life. oversize+0078

170 Tr-3 1967/06/1834:23Sufi principles for a time of change. oversize+0078

170 Tr-4 1967/07/0233:50Satisfaction, the end of the ascetical life. oversize+0078

171 Tr-1 1967/09/1036:08Private cells: finding a place in spiritual life. oversize+0078

171 Tr-2 1967/09/1737:15Theology of dialogue. Sufi: poverty. oversize+0078

171 Tr-3 1967/10/0834:23Sufi: patience. oversize+0055
171 Tr-4 1967/10/1535:31Sufi - sense of loss in one's way, in one's identity. oversize+0055
172 Tr-1 1967/10/2936:00Jewish Hasidism - mysticism, existentialism. (Tension.)

172 Tr-2 1967/11/1236:30Sufism - mystical life. oversize+0055
172 Tr-3 1967/11/1935:46Sufism - mystic life, also Christian mysticism. Things interfering with prayer. Awareness. oversize+0055
172 Tr-4 1967/12/0337:02Sufism - love of God. oversize+0055

173 Tr-1 1967/12/1735:53Abbatial election. Sufism - heart. oversize+0055

173 Tr-2 1968/01/0134:19Sufism - heart. Love speaks in creatures. oversize+0055

173 Tr-3 1968/01/0734:26Abbot. Pasternak's letters.

173 Tr-4 1968/01/1436:25Reflections on Dom Flavians election.

174 Tr-1 1968/01/2835:31Hermits: Breaking the heart. N.C.R.

174 Tr-2 1968/02/0435:52Serious life of prayer. Sufi psychoanalysis. oversize+0055

174 Tr-3 1968/01/1136:29Mystic self annihilation. 0201
174 Tr-4 1968/02/1835:39Growing up in society (beyond the social world). Tree of life. Loss of self. 0201
175 Tr-1 1968/02/2536:26Mystic life.

175 Tr-2 1968/03/1035:51Irish monks. Points on the mystic life in the Far East, Nirvana.

175 Tr-3 1968/03/2429:28Irish monks on mystic life.

175 Tr-4 1968/04/0735:58Death of Martin Luther King. The mystic life in Cleveland, Ohio. Zen. Spiritual points for Easter time. The monastic vision as seen in Hebrews 1-5.

175a Tr-1 1967/06/0305:01Poems for hospital.

175a Tr-2 1967/06/0338:47Readings from journals about Niels Bohr, genetics, evolution, war, Nietzsche.

175a Tr-3 1967/06/0419:20Need of modern man to be "turned on". LSD.

175b Tr-1 1967/06/0400:51Continues from Merton archive tape 175a.

176 Tr-1 1968/04/1535:50Sufism: Awareness of love in an awake heart. (Remarks on Martin Luther King funeral.) oversize+0055

176 Tr-2 1968/06/0935:51Prayer - our free time and what we do with it.

176 Tr-4 1968/06/1636:27Contemplation and the modern man. [Christlikeness. Sufism: proper attitude toward life.] oversize+0055

177 Tr-1 1968/03/0339:52Introduction: return to the source: St. Jerome.

177 Tr-2 1968/03/2437:43Cassian.

177 Tr-3 1968/05/0534:42Conversion of manners and early monks.

177 Tr-4 1968/07/0737:23Redwoods. Cassian: renunciation of our own desires and own will.

178 Tr-1 1968/06/2336:12Prayer and spiritual direction.

178 Tr-2 1968/06/3014:08Spiritual direction: growth and development.

178 Tr-3 1968/07/2134:23Literature and theology. James Joyce. oversize+0070

178 Tr-4 1968/07/1435:40Gurus and Jesus.

179 Tr-1 1968/08/0435:50Pentecostalism. Cassian. (Why come to the monastery.) Purity of heart

180 Tr-1 1968/07/2837:01Joyce - Dubliners. oversize+0070

180 Tr-2 196833:21Joyce - Introduction - Aesthetics. oversize+0070

180 Tr-3 196836:08Joyce - Dubliners. Three possible directions for future monasticism. oversize+0070

181 Tr-1a 1967/12/0043:22Gethsemani meetings: silence - peace movements. Part 1 of 2. oversize+0060

181 Tr-1b 1967/12/0053:06Gethsemani meetings: silence - peace movements. Part 2 of 2. oversize+0060

181 Tr-2a 1967/12/0064:43Gethsemani meetings: peace movements continued. Community life and renewal, hermits. Part 1 of 2. oversize+0060

181 Tr-3a 1967/12/0023:50Gethsemani meetings: Contemplative life and the resurrection. Non violence. Part 1 of 2. oversize+0060

181 Tr-3b 1967/12/0073:29Gethsemani meetings: Contemplative life and the resurrection. Non violence. Part 2 of 2. oversize+0060

181 Tr-4a 1967/12/0042:37Gethsemani meetings: Prophetic life. Part 1 of 2. oversize+0060

181 Tr-4b 1967/12/0055:19Gethsemani meetings: Prophetic life. Part 2 of 2. oversize+0060

182 Tr-1a 1967/12/0031:12Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 1 of 2. oversize+0060

182 Tr-1b 1967/12/0066:15Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 2 of 2. oversize+0060

182 Tr-2a 1967/12/0056:52Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 1 of 2. oversize+0060

182 Tr-2b 1967/12/0040:22Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 2 of 2. oversize+0060

182 Tr-3a 1967/12/0038:35Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 1 of 2. oversize+0060

182 Tr-3b-1 1967/12/0044:26Gethsemani meetings: Renewal and contemporary issues. Part 2 of 2. oversize+0060

182 Tr-3b-2 1967/12/0015:13Merton's reflections on the meetings. oversize+0060

182 Tr-4a 1967/12/0049:31Gethsemani meetings: Thoughts and reflections. Part 1 of 2. oversize+0060

182 Tr-4b 1967/12/0045:46Gethsemani meetings: Thoughts and reflections. Part 2 of 2. oversize+0060

183 Tr-1 196841:01Message to Loretto nuns on life of prayer centered on God - Balance and grace oversize+0065
183 Tr-2 196832:09Continuation from #1 and imagination in the life of prayer - Religious Virginity and Communal Love - The Institutionalized Church oversize+0065

183 Tr-3 196840:02Thoughts on the contemplative life.

183 Tr-4 196823:20Continuation of #1: thoughts on the contemplative life.

185 Tr-1a 1967/09/1349:24Contemplative life today. Part 1 of 2.

185 Tr-1b 1967/09/1341:31Contemplative life today. Part 2 of 2.

185 Tr-2-1 1967/09/1547:42Contemplative life today.

185 Tr-2-2 1967/09/1618:12Continuation of #1: Contemplative life today.

185 Tr-3a 1967/09/2564:15Contemplative life today. Part 1 of 2. Monasticism and Contemplation. oversize+0065

185 Tr-3b 1967/09/2627:43Contemplative life today. Part 2 of 2.

185 Tr-4 1967/09/2663:37Contemplative life today. The Contemplative Life So-Called. oversize+0065

186 Tr-1 1967/11/1162:43Cargo movements. (cults)

186 Tr-2 1967/11/1162:42Cargo movements. (cults)

186 Tr-3 1967/1159:19Cargo movements. (cults)

186 Tr-4a 1967/1140:58Message of contemplatives to modern men. "Man to man." Part 1 of 2. oversize+0067

186 Tr-4b 1967/1155:52Message of contemplatives to modern men. "Man to man." Part 2 of 2. oversize+0067

187 Tr-1a-1 1967/0931:38Contemplative life today. Poverty continued. oversize+0068

187 Tr-1a-2 1967/0942:06Contemplative life today. Poverty continued from the library. oversize+0068

187 Tr-1b 1967/0919:25Contemplative life today. Poverty continued from the library. oversize+0068

187 Tr-2a-1 1967/0916:50Poverty. oversize+0068

187 Tr-2a-2 1967/0933:55Poverty. Eschatological movement. oversize+0068

187 Tr-2a-3 1967/0921:48Easter homily. oversize+0053
187 Tr-2b 1967/0920:28Poverty. Eschatological movement. Cloistered living. oversize+0068

187 Tr-3 1967/0913:16Monastic education. Prayers - letters. oversize+0068

187 Tr-4 1967/0931:54Continuation of renewal and prayer. oversize+0068

188 Tr-1-1 196732:32Renewal. Camus - realist humanism.

188 Tr-1-2 196719:22Poetry.

188 Tr-2 196763:32Dedication in the religious life.

188 Tr-3a 1967/10/1578:07Reading from Geography of Lograire: The Ranters and Their Pleads (London); Fragments from South (Mexico) [8 min mark]; Fragments from East (South Seas), Cargo Cults [17]; Prologue to Boom! [52]; new poems [57]; Cables to the Ace Prologue-#22 [65 min-].

188 Tr-3band4 1967/10/1522:35Reading from Reading from Cables to the Ace continued: #30, 32, 35-69 (French), 74, 85.

189 Tr-1and3a 1964/10/0468:08Abbot meeting.

189 Tr-1and3b 1964/10/0426:42Abbot meeting (morning) continued.

189 Tr-2and4a 1964/10/0465:07Abbot meeting (afternoon).

189 Tr-2and4b 1964/10/0466:59Abbot meeting (afternoon) continued.

189 Tr-2and4c 1964/10/0462:59Abbot meeting (afternoon) continued.

190 Tr-1 1968/10/0303:28Introductory remarks by W. H. Ferry (see Thomas Merton speaks of his upcoming trip to Asia).

190 Tr-2 1968/10/0340:05Thomas Merton speaks of his upcoming trip to Asia.

190 Tr-3 1968/10/0348:07Monastic renewal. Introduction by W. H. Ferry, followed by Merton's talk and discussion. Unedited version of #190 tracks 1 and 2.

190 Tr-4 1968/10/0325:42Thomas Merton speaks of his upcoming trip to Asia. (Continued from track #1: 190-Tr-2.)

191 Tr-1and3-01 1967/09/2201:11Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-02 1967/09/2202:34Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-03 1967/09/2200:59Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-04 1967/09/2201:46Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-05 1967/09/2202:31Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-06 1967/09/2202:38Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-07 1967/09/2202:48Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-08 1967/09/2204:52Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-09 1967/09/2202:41Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-10 1967/09/2204:25Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-11 1967/09/2202:03Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-12 1967/09/2200:59Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-13 1967/09/2201:39Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-14 1967/09/2204:09Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-15 1967/09/2201:58Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-16 1967/09/2201:43Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-17 1967/09/2201:27Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-18 1967/09/2202:17Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-19 1967/09/2201:43Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-20 1967/09/2202:00Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-21 1967/09/2202:06Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-22 1967/09/2202:46Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-23 1967/09/2200:25Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-24 1967/09/2200:28Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-25 1967/09/2200:22Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-1and3-26 1967/09/2200:33Merton sings Gregorian chant.

191 Tr-2 1967/09/2235:54Readings on monastic life.

191 Tr-4 1967/09/2210:55Poem in cargo movement.

192 Tr-1 1967/08/2016:27Readings from The Geography of Lograire: "Notes for a New Liturgy" and selections from "Queens Tunnel" (draft of Part I, 1-30).

192 Tr-2 1967/08/2005:56Readings from The Geography of Lograire continued: Selections from "Queens Tunnel" (draft of Part I, 31-50).

193and195 Tr-1 1968/11/2537:49Theology of prayer.

193and195 Tr-2 1968/11/2548:26Theology of prayer.

193and195 Tr-3 1968/11/2514:25Continuation of theology of prayer.

194 Tr-1 1968/10/2308:24Extemporaneous remarks speaking of monks at the first spiritual summit conference in Calcutta.

194 Tr-2 1968/10/2602:33Closing prayer at the first spiritual summit conference in Calcutta.

200 Tr-1-1 1968/0917:49Part 3 of Workshop at Precious Blood Monastery.

200 Tr-1-2 1968/0929:22Dialog on prayer.

200 Tr-1-3 1968/0913:04Building community.

200 Tr-2-1 1968/0929:48Workshop at Precious Blood Monastery continued.

200 Tr-2-2 1968/0933:40Monastic community.

201 Tr-1 1968/0963:34Workshop at Precious Blood Monastery, part 3.

201 Tr-2-1 1968/0904:30Conclusion of workshop at Precious Blood Monastery, part 3, part 2 of 2.

201 Tr-2-2 1968/0961:46Retreat (day of recollection) given to the sisters at Anchorage.

202 Tr-1 196851:21Carmelites in Louisville.

202 Tr-2 196812:35Side 2 of original tape.

202 Tr-3 196840:41Carmelites in Louisville, continued.

202 Tr-4 1968/0205:39Fire side chat, February 2, 1968.

203 Tr-1 196859:26Prophetic vision. Part 1 of 2. oversize+0059

203 Tr-2 196837:46Prophetic vision. Part 2 of 2. oversize+0059

203 Tr-3 196853:33Women in the church: the prophetic vision continued. 1 of 2 oversize+0059

203 Tr-4 196843:30Women in the church: the prophetic vision continued. 2 of 2 oversize+0059

203 Tr-5 196848:44Zen, Hassidism: the prophetic vision continued. 1 of 2. oversize+0059

203 Tr-6 196849:46Zen, Hassidism: the prophetic vision continued. 2 of 2. oversize+0059

203 Tr-7 196819:26Hassidism: the prophetic vision continued. oversize+0059

203 Tr-8 196831:32Yoga: the prophetic vision continued. 1 of 2. oversize+0059

203 Tr-9 196848:41Yoga: the prophetic vision continued. 2 of 2. oversize+0059

204 Tr-1 1968/06/1863:42Crisis of monasticism. Talk to novice masters at Gethsemani, June 18, 1968.

204 Tr-2 1968/06/1833:15Crisis of monasticism. Talk to novice masters at Gethsemani, June 18, 1968, continued. (Comment on effects of technology.)

204 Tr-3 1968/06/1821:01Crisis of monasticism. Talk to novice masters at Gethsemani, June 18, 1968, continued.

205 Tr-1 196868:47Time and prayer, vocation. The Redwoods conference. oversize+0066

205 Tr-2 196803:18Time and prayer, vocation. The Redwoods conference, continued.

205 Tr-3 196842:48French lecture with interpreter.

206 Tr-1 1968/09/2962:37Day of recollection for sisters Anchorage, Alaska.

206 Tr-2 1968/09/2962:23Day of recollection for sisters Anchorage, Alaska, continued.

207 Tr-1 none79:17Imagination in the life of prayer.

207 Tr-2 none52:40Idolatry.

208 Tr-1 196836:00Community. Eberhard Arnold.

208 Tr-2 196809:56Theology of prayer.

208 Tr-3 196811:12Conscience and Prayer.

209 Tr-1 196830:42Workshop - contemplative life.

209 Tr-2 196818:09Monastic community.

209 Tr-3 196816:18Jewish book on unity - Martin Buber's The Way of Man.

210 Tr-1 196846:19Day of recollection. (Alaska - see 206)

210 Tr-2 196816:16Dialog on prayer.

210 Tr-3 196857:08Dialog on prayer, continued.

211 Tr-1 1968/12/1334:24Compline - 7.30 pm

211 Tr-2 1968/12/1721:12Reception of Thomas Merton's body in the community cloister - 1.15 pm, 12/17/1968.

211 Tr-3 1968/12/1763:40Vespers and funeral mass of Thomas Merton - 3:30 pm, 12/17/1968.

211 Tr-4 1968/12/1755:35Vespers and funeral mass of Thomas Merton - 3:30 pm, 12/17/1968, continued.

211 Tr-5 1968/12/1713:36Burial service of Thomas Merton, monks cemetery, Gethsemani.

212 Tr-1 1967/04/222:39Short segment of talk by Thomas Merton.

212 Tr-3 1967/05/0352:04Baptized in life (Ibn Al Arabi). Madness and civilization. Camus and Augustine.

213 Tr-01 1967/04/2208:50Merton reads his own poetry - The Originators; A Round and a Hope for Smith Girls; A Carol; What Troubles I have Seen in Birdlegged Spring.

213 Tr-02 1967/04/2218:15Merton sings Eastertide chants.

213 Tr-03 1967/04/2215:10Experimental jazz meditation.

213 Tr-04 1967/04/2208:11Rites for the ejection of a leper.

213 Tr-05 1967/04/2317:14Notes on Sufi Ibn Al Arabi.

213 Tr-06 1967/04/2305:09Notes on Sufi Ibn Al Arabi and Shoshonean Indians.

213 Tr-07 1967/04/2407:03Ideas on use of audio tape.

213 Tr-08 1967/04/2416:52Merton on birds. Experimental reading - Samuel Beckett. Reads some of his own new poetry.

213 Tr-09 1967/04/3042:59Relation of God to nature in Ibn Al Arabi. Union with God. Masao Abe and the dialogue between Buddhists and Christians. Martin Buber.

213 Tr-10 1967/05/0211:02Madness and civilization.(Repeats tape #212:3)

213 Tr-11 1967/05/0338:28Camus and Augustine. (Repeats tape #212:3)

214 Tr-01 1967/05/2910:16Rites for the extrusion of a leper. (Finished version.)

214 Tr-02 1967/05/2923:16Asceticism, celibacy and eschatology.

214 Tr-03 1967/06/0305:00Poems for hospital. (Repeats tape #175a:1)

214 Tr-04 1967/06/0325:53Readings from journals about Niels Bohr, genetics, evolution, war, Nietzsche. (Repeats tape #175a:2)

214 Tr-05 1967/06/03-0432:59Comments on Nietzsche.

214 Tr-06 1967/05/1417:19Reads from his journal for May 14, 1967 - Pentecost Sunday - and May 18. Eschatology.

214 Tr-07 1967/05/1415:35Creation of man in Ibn Al Arabi.

214 Tr-08 1967/05/1918:16Madness and civilization by Michel Foucault. Cargo cults.

214 Tr-09 1967/05/2020:02Secular Signs, Ceremony for Edward Dahlberg and other poems. Thoughts for Trinity Sunday sermon. Listen to an excerpt.

214 Tr-10 1967/05/2123:22Trinity Sunday thoughts continued.

214 Tr-12 1967/05/2151:28Trinity Sunday sermon by Thomas Merton. Mass continues. oversize+0053

215 Tr-1 1967/06/0351:13Chastity and celibacy. (First 6 minutes) Poems for hospital. (Repeats tape #175a:1) Readings from journals about Niels Bohr, genetics, evolution, war, Nietzsche. (Repeats tape #175a:2)

215 Tr-2 1967/06/0420:36Continuation from track #1.

216 Tr-1 1967/07/2943:10Address to Sisters of Loretto about the religious life following on from discussions. Part 1 of 4. oversize+0065

216 Tr-2 1967/07/2950:24Address to Sisters of Loretto about the religious life following on from discussions. Part 2 of 4. oversize+0065

216 Tr-3 1967/07/2946:57Address to Sisters of Loretto about the religious life following on from discussions (Includes section on Camus). Part 3 of 4. oversize+0065

216 Tr-4 1967/07/2924:07Address to Sisters of Loretto about the religious life following on from discussions. Part 4 of 4.

216 Tr-5 1967/07/2919:37Merton reads his poetry from the prologue to The Geography of Lograire - The Endless Description - and from the North Canto - Queens Tunnel.

217 Tr-1 1967/06/1238:53Monastic renewal, monastic reform. Taize.

217 Tr-2 1967/06/1523:59Ideas on virginity. The Castle by Kafka.

217 Tr-3 1967/06/1735:12Comments of general chapter.

217 Tr-4 1967/06/1733:31Religious renewal. Comments on book by Brian Wicker, Toward a Contemporary Christianity.

217 Tr-5 1967/06/1762:53Camus and Kafka. Comments on general chapter. Second part repeats 217:4 - Comments on book by Brian Wicker, Toward a Contemporary Christianity.

217 Tr-6 1967/06/2122:40More on Kafka.

217 Tr-7 1967/06/2215:46Notes on Brian Wicker and on Leslie Dewart's book The Future of Belief

217 Tr-8 1967/06/2323:02Decision in the religious life and in the Christian life.

218 Tr-1 none62:07Spontaneity, Community, Religion. Cruelty in the community life. Contemplation.

218 Tr-2 none50:04Art and Artists. Relationship between nuns and monks. Dominican nuns. Humility and peace.

218 Tr-3 none12:52Life of prayer. Opportunities for self sufficiency in the cloistered community.


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Recordings of Visiting Speakers

Thomas Merton would frequently ask those coming to visit him at Gethsemani to address his novices and these talks were also recorded. The following lectures by such visitors are held in the archives of the Thomas Merton Center but the intellectual property belongs to the speaker or his estate.

013 Tr-2 Englesicvich, Ivan1962/0731:23Guest speaker, orthodox Ivan Englesicvich, fugate?
015 Tr-1 Kelty, Matthew1962/08/0531:03Fr. Matthew Kelty
017 Tr-2 Schachter, Zalman1962/0861:30Zalman Schachter and Rabbi L. Silberman
017 Tr-3 Berrigan, Daniel1962/0862:23Rev. Dan Berrigan S.J. "Poverty"
017 Tr-4 Berrigan, Daniel1962/0810:59Rev. Dan Berrigan S.J. "Poverty" concluded
018 Tr-1 Berrigan, Daniel1962/08/1331:51Fr. Dan Berrigan first talk to choir novices
018 Tr-2 Silberman, Lou H.1962/0830:42Rabbi L. Silberman Dead Sea Scrolls
018 Tr-3 Walsh, Anthony1962/08/1630:57Mr. Tony Walsh choir novitiate
020 Tr-4 Berrigan, Daniel1962/08/2826:54Fr. Dan Berrigan's last talk to the novices
042 Tr-4 W. Miller; Paul Peachy1963/01/2761:56Non-violence. Bettelheim, non-violent behavior in concentration camps.
048 Tr-2 Silberman, Lou H.1963/03/1955:12Qumran community.
049 Tr-3 Silberman, Lou H.1963/03/1832:18The Psalms.
053 Tr-1 Bissey, Colomban1963/04/2425:05Dom Colomban to novices and juniors.
059 Tr-3 Hindu Swami1963/07/0328:59Swami in yoga teaching.
059 Tr-4 Hindu Swami1963/07/0432:32Swami in yoga teaching.
061 Tr-3 Werblowsky, R. J. Zwi1963/08/0229:21R.J. Zwi Werblowsky on St. John of the Cross.
064 Tr-1 Bamberger, John Eudes1963/07/3024:03Fr. Eudes.
065a Tr-1 Hindu Swami1963/07/0236:38Talk on yoga by the Swami.
065a Tr-3 Bamberger, John Eudes1963/08/0539:11Fr. Eudes.
065b Tr-1 Nocent, Adrien1963/08/0952:35Dom Adrien Nocent from Maredsous on the liturgy.
065b Tr-2 Nocent, Adrien1963/08/1035:07Dom Adrien Nocent from Maredsous - talk in novitiate on the liturgy.
066 Tr-2 Griffiths, Bede1963/08/2338:42Dom Bede Griffiths - novitiate talk.
066 Tr-3 Griffiths, Bede1963/08/2435:13Dom Bede Griffiths in chapter.
067 Tr-2 Bamberger, John Eudes1963/09/1555:28St. Basil.
067 Tr-3 Bamberger, John Eudes1963/09/2248:18St. Basil's "moralia" as a rule for both ascetics and lay people.
094 Tr-3 Borgstedt, Gregory1964/02/0336:58Father Gregory Borgstedt, O.S.B. Novice master at Mount Saviour
100 Tr-3 Graham, Aelred1964/03/0853:17Dom Aelred Graham
116 Tr-3 Bissey, Colomban1964/04/0826:49Talk to novices and juniors by Dom Colomban. (Gaps.)
126 Tr-2 Connor, James1963/09/2330:23St. Gregory the Great.
131 Tr-3 Br. Antoninus1964/11/1427:02Br. Antoninus on poetry. William Everson.
147 Tr-3 Schachter, Zalman1965/05/2337:07Zalman M. Schachter.
175b Tr-2 Walsh, Dannone53:47Lecture by Dan Walsh.
211 Tr-6 Walsh, Dan1968/12/2549:19Christmas Day mass at Merton's hermitage. Celebrant Fr. Dan Walsh.
212 Tr-2 Walsh, Dan1967/04/2249:21Origin of philosophy in the West. Lecture by Dan Walsh.
214 Tr-11 Walsh, Dan1967/05/2118:03Trinity Sunday high mass at Gethsemani - Dan Walsh celebrant.

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